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Wii u emulator android reddit

Crysis, 2007 . 15. Hone your skills enough and maybe you'll  Cemu, a Wii U emulator released two years ago, has been making waves for the level of performance emulating it's Unfortunately, Cemu uses opengl as it's graphics engine which lowers AMD GPU performance . What do we have playable/emulated on Wii U right now? NES SNES GB(C) N64 GBA GCN NDS Wii PSP What else? Is there a good PS1 emulator? I'd totally hook that up with Gran Turismo, MGS and Tekken. NoticeWeekly Cemu Troubleshooting Thread - August 08 2019 . تنزيل cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows تنزيل مجانًا You have landed on this post that means you are aware with Cemu Wii U Emulator, but we would like to share some quick info about cemu wii u with all those who don’t know what is cemu emulator and this post is specially created for “Cemu Breath of the Wild” because on our social media handles cemu lovers want to know more about cemu breath How to use our Wii ISOs. The WiiU has proven itself versatile with so many capabilities that only the Wii U can give you. Filed Gamecube/Wii: Dolphin is the only emulator in this category, but it’s a great program. Mar 22, 2017 Reddit believes this new feature will be 'helpful' for users but reaction about the Breath of the Wild Already Runs Well in Wii U Emulator  Jul 14, 2019 3 Virtual Console games in Dolphin; 4 References N64 emulation on Wii is not very good, and it is recommended to stick It presently remains confined to Windows, though work is underway to port it to Android and Linux. Mar 29, 2019 This wikiHow teaches you how to use a Gamecube Controller on a PC. Here is a quick guide to Fix Stutter in CEMU running The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild or other Wii U games. The windows version seems to be unmaintained right These titles are uploaded by our forum members to file hosting services. Someone please port cemu to android so we can enjoy the  Emulator discussion however is completely fine. 7. This is the only somewhat decent GameCube and Wii emulator on Android. Learn More. Here is a long list of Android games that should work with X-Arcade. and that's even cheaper and get Reicast (Android Dreamcast Emulator) on it. Logitech Gaming Software. . Official website of Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii emulator. descargar cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows descargar gratis Handy Wii U emulator. Before I upgraded my rig I had a 2500k with a 1070 and 16gb of 2133mhz ddr3. But I've come to a fork in the road, what should I use to run my emulators on? As teams continue work on emulators for the Xbox 360 and PS3, a big breakthrough has been made by those trying to play Wii U games on a PC. Adapter Not Detected. Some great examples are the classic Mario Kart Wii and the slightly more mature Super Smash Bros Brawl. We are aware that the listed games were supported on both iOS and Android. It is available both as a download, as well as on the Game of the Year Edition CD-ROM. Question Pokémon Battle Revolution Wii (self. Playstation: There are a lot of options here, but PCSX-Reloaded is my favorite. More Reports All Games > PS4 Xbox One PC Switch Wii U 3DS PS Vita iOS  Jan 14, 2019 There are risks involved though, with the worst-case scenario leaving you with a very expensive paperweight. ;). By softmodding your Wii, you can then run homebrew software and even emulators such as MAME, Atari 2600, NES, and others. Doing the math: on Cemu there are 4% Perfect games (15) and other 16% are Playable games so 60. exe. 0 release is finally here! After nearly a year of bug-hunting and handling the release process, everything has come together for our biggest release yet! The three previous releases followed a very distinct pattern: sacrifice performance, hacks, and features in exchange Nintendo Wii U Emulator is the best gaming solution without the device. com's Nintendo Wii emulators section. If you went to find the Reddit link then, you must try out our link. 2 Can Run Zelda Breath Of The Wild At You can use an android phone as a motion control for that part (not  The games that cemu runs well will run fine on a 2500k. As the Wii U is a recent console, you will need a decent PC gaming system to use Cemu. Windows 7 (x64) or above OpenGL 4. If you have ever wanted to play the Wii U games without purchasing the actual console, then you can do so using a Wii U emulator. Enjoy Gamecube and Wii games on your This tutorial will explain how to softmod your Nintendo Wii running 4. . Changelog Xenoblade Chronicles WII ISO ROM Free Download For Dolphin emulator you can play this game on Android Mobile and PC Laptop Use Dolphin Emulator for pc Free apk android,Xenoblade Chronicles hack cheats codes unlock,Xenoblade Chronicles apk android walkthrough Xenoblade Chronicles is a Action RPG game published by Nintendo released on April 6 Dolphin is an open-source Nintendo GameCube and Wii Emulator for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X (Intel-based). Experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC. The Wii games we have available for download include a ton of multiplayer and party games. ARM emulation is pretty mature. This is the (unofficial) subreddit. Mario Kart WII ISO ROM Free Download For Dolphin emulator. Recently, it would found out by @FIX94 that overclocking the vWii side of Wii U to the max clock speed is now possible. Google has rendered no useful  You might be expecting too much, I don't think it'll ever be playable Android hardware is just not in a place where Wii emulation is viable yet. Cemu has bigger percentages because the Wii U library is smaller. x64. C. Dolphin Android discussion and support. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. 6 is used if available) RAM: 4 GB minimum, 8 GB or more recommended Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 X64 Redistributable: vc_redist. It's time to have a look at what changed during that 1 month and what the current situation is. Over time, MAME (originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) absorbed the sister-project MESS (Multi Emulator Super System), so MAME now documents a wide variety of (mostly vintage) computers, video game consoles and calculators, in addition to the arcade video games that were its initial focus. Version 1. Gamesmountain. -A device with minimum 1GB of RAM is recommended to run the app. Cemu is the world's first Wii U emulator. Mario Kart Wii is a Racing game published by Nintendo released on April 10, 2008, for the Nintendo Wii. 0-10607. Cemu - Wii U emulator . Kulannder Wii Remote Battery Charger(Free USB Wall Charger+Lengthened Cord) Dual Charging Station Dock with Two Rechargeable Capacity Increased Batteries for Wii/Wii U Game Remote Controller (White) Enter custom DNS settings on your Wii U to prevent automatic updates. Chinese Nvidia Shield TV with Nintendo games may actually be running a GameCube/Wii Emulator. Cemu - Wii U Emulator. And while the Switch doesn’t come out until next year, H The Nintendo Switch looks amazing. Could I hack my WiiU and play Galaxy at 1080p? Nov 10, 2018 The newest version of Cemu fixes the shader caches, AMD GPUs run . A user who goes by “Exzap” and hangs around gaming forum GBATemp released a Wii U emulator for PC. 000 Downloads! Download Dolphin Emulator 5. The hot-plug properties are also removed. This emulator is still in development and has limited compatibility with games. The Wii U Homebrew Channel is a good alternative to the old Nintendo Wii Twilight Hack. NA, Crytek, In 2016 Crytek released their engine as pay-what- you-want including the source code to the public. unduh cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows unduh gratis Reddit /r/uptodown . Roms Isos PSX, PS1, PS2, PSP, Arcade, NDS, 3DS, Wii, Gamecube, Snes, Mega drive, Nintendo 64, GBA, Dreamcast download via torrent ) One such well-built emulator is known as Cemu; you have probably heard of it. Showing off what happens when you boot up Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Wii U using the Cemu emulator and go online with it. Although it is a very capable emulator for experiencing Nintendo Wii U games, anyone who has used Dolphin is an emulator for running GameCube and Wii games on Windows, Linux, macOS, and recent Android devices. From WiiBrew. It provides extreme performance and superb experience, supports various system configurations and most of the popular apps and games. Emulator semua aplikasi i̇ndir cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows i̇ndir ücretsiz While that means Wii U game releases will be sparse, you can now play existing games at higher resolutions with the Cemu emulator. It has been a little while, a lot of work must be done but in the long run it paid out. This list is automatically updated based on the various Master Lists that our moderators maintain at epforums. For instance, you can enable dual core option and even connect a controller to the device. If you want to play BotW, you can get the Wii U emulator, Cemu. However it isn’t facilitate you for every game because of it’s recent conversion of setup from the PC version, as it was designed originally for PCs. 1. adapter works (afaik), and you can even use an Android phone as a  r/wiiu: Reddit's source for news, pictures, reviews, videos, community insight, Also way cheaper and with more quality in emulation than anything else out  Hi guys, what are your purposes/wish for new year in the emulation world. System requirements. Oct 13, 2015 Cemu's Official Subreddit. As of now, Cemu can run the majority of the Wii U's major AAA games and a few of its less notable titles, many of them lacking emulation caused major bugs or  I never got to play it because I didn't get a wii u. This app aims to recreate the UI of the Wii U directly on your Android device! Using it you can experience the home menu, settings, album and many other apps! The app is currently in Alpha, so more support is being added in each update. 1 minimum (4. Search for: Search ALL GAMES; PC Games; PS3 Games; XBOX 360 Games; nintendo The Nintendo Switch looks amazing. Games are playable at HD quality, with 1080p and 4K. Here are all the best emulators for Android for all of your old favorites. You can surely get the best one. In addition to the content from the Wii U version, there are new features like a revamped battle mode and new characters like Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy from Splatoon, King Boo, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr. Cemu The files are hosted externally so if any of these are offline please tell us in the comments below or get in contact with us here thanks!. A Wii U emulator that works like a dream . On the traditional Breath of the Wild Already Runs Well in Wii U Emulator After just a few weeks of work the game is running at 30fps in the Cemu Wii U Emulator on a PC. com. Robust Android The Wii U emulator gives you the opportunity to go through the World Wide Web and enjoy vlogs and videos just like any other computer would. One of the best ways to extend the enjoyment of your Nintendo device is to hack in the The long awaited Dolphin 5. Wii U USB Helper is a free tool which allows you to easily backup your 3DS and Wii U games. Doesn't have sound. Written in 8H00 as coding meme demo. Wii U: Cemu emulator after a month It's been a month since we presented you Exzap's “world’s first Wii U emulator capable of running and rendering commercial games" (it really sounds cool). This emulator software is still a bit of work in progress. 6 is used if Cemu is a highly experimental, Proprietary (not open-source) Wii U emulator. May 18, 2018 There are Cemu settings that change graphics so that it'll run . In this extensive guide of best iOS emulator for PC , you will be able to find out . Permite a los jugadores de PC disfrutar de juegos para estas dos consolas en Full HD con varias mejoras como compatibilidad con todos los controladores de PC, velocidad de turbo, multijugador en red y mucho más. The source code of these . SteamVR aside, installing the Oculus store and using a fictional Vive emulator is very  Jan 22, 2019 The OnePlus 6T is the latest flagship Android smartphone from OnePlus, PUBG and Fortnite on the rise and emulators like Dolphin Emulator being Brawl from the Nintendo Wii on the OnePlus 6T and it runs pretty much perfectly. Basically Wii U Gamepad works same as Wireless Xbox 360 Gamepad on Shield TV. Dolphin emulator offers the necessary touchscreen controls with extra features that lets you configure every aspect of the program. All Nintendo Wii U Emulator Cemu resources and links in one location so you do not have to wonder around Github, Reddit, forums and random websites looking for the pieces of information. I spend a lot of time on Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Reddit. You can now relive the glory with the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android! Reddit /r/uptodown . They should help! Hope i helped! Can You try to make a wii u REAL EMULATOR WITH ALL these included Bug xda-developers nVidia Shield Android TV Shield Android TV General Dolphin (Wii / Gamecube) Emulator by cheeto XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. In this article, you will find 11 of our hand-picked PC emulators to emulate Android on your computer. Apps recommended for you A Wii U emulator that Follow the official Uptodown communities to keep up with all the new Android apps and games. So without further ado, here are the best Wii U emulator for PC. In recent years, though, it’s been more willing to The Wii U version added a leaderboard function for speedrunners - on other consoles, you have to record this info yourself - and you can always see the map on the Wii U GamePad. Download the latest version (5. 5 windows, cemu - wii u emulator 1. 00 of the Cemu emulator has just been released Cemu - Wii U Emulator 1. From FAQ: Can I download a Wii U emulator Mac? The Cemu is the only working WiiU emu and at his time it has not been ported to Mac OS X. If your Gamecube controller adapter has a switch, switch to Wii U mode Install APK Files on Android Disable NSFW Reddit Content on iPhone or iPad. on a Gamecube or Wii emulator like Dolphin, you will need a special driver. Nintendo is known for being a family-friendly company and the Nintendo Wii takes this even further. This emulator can run all commercial games meant to be executed on the Nintendo Wii U gaming console. 10 Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC. Main reason I bought my Wii U is emulation, since it is the only console that can properly play Wii U, Wii, GameCube, and N64 games. with the proprietary wireless standard needed for the Wii u gamepad? Cemu is a highly experimental, Proprietary (not open-source) Wii U emulator. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wii U emulator update: When will Cemu 1. Top 11 PC Emulator for Android. Not to mention ARM  Jan 29, 2013 Another day, another Android gaming console/handheld. Brienj: Thread Okay I got my Wii U all set up, got CBHC running the Haxchi version of Mocha, and got Wii U "backups" working. List of homebrew emulators. We can now announce that this Wii U Emulator for PC will be released very shortly. Researching Wii U emulation. Playing Okami on Dolphin? Jan 1, 2018 /r/EmulationOnAndroid - Android emulation and troubleshooting . We have some really very good and exciting reports. Team Cemu . It's worth noting that only the first instance of Dolphin Emulator will detect the adapter. To wrap it up, if you're looking for a quick way to play Wii U games on your computer, you might want to try Cemu - Wii U Emulator, as it packs various relevant tools. Many popular games seem to work already though sometimes with glitches. Title Description Author Thread Source Gacubeboy Emulator with IOSU Hack A Gacubeboy gameboy emulator. Download the highest rated and most compatible emulator here. WiiU Emu the best Emulator Downloads and mods. The entire console appears to have been shrunken down to the size of the Wii U’s GamePad controller. Nice! I've still got my Wii U hooked to clear out my backlog and then keep it as my retro machine. Dolphin is a free and open-source video game console emulator for the GameCube and Wii that runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. 15 Responses to “Bios files” Mario Kart Wii iso is now available to free download via mega and UploadEv links, Which is 100% safe and secure method. 6 is used if WII U ISOs LOADIINE / WUD GAMES - FREE DOWNLOAD Direct Links - Playable Games List - Cemu Full Build Patreon Crack . There are two Wii u emulators in the market Cemu and Decaf. Effectively 75 Playable games, whereas on RPCS3 you have 121, excluding some entries that are the same game but different media (psn/disc) or region you'll get around ~110. It is recommended to run the emulator from the root Dolphin is a Gamecube and Wii emulator. It's licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later (GPLv2+). The Nintendo DS was one of the best handheld consoles ever released. The GameCube and Wii emulator has been around for more than a decade now, which is a long time for an emulator to be in active development. com/r/ShieldAndroidTV/comments/3mwg3l/ . However, emulating the Nintendo DS poses a considerable challenge in terms of speed and accuracy, due to the difference in architecture with the Wii U. Home made games apps and software for unlocked / jailbroken Nintendo Wii U consoles. It isn't an alpha or even a beta, but experimental. But here is the thing. With Nintendo Wii u emulator one can play all Wii u games on P. 400. You'll want to prevent your Wii U from connecting to the automatic update servers, as updates from Nintendo may break your ability to use the homebrew channel. what is the quality of a wii u emulator like? how does it compare to actual gameplay on wii Oct 1, 2014 This might be the ultimate emulation device if it comes to life. That should be it. Enjoy Gamecube and Wii games on your Android. They released the console in November 2012. For a game about Something remarkable is happening with Dolphin. Minecraft and Emulators) - Pokken Tournament Controller (USB) - X-Arcade (2 Player version) Yes,  This is a list of commercial video games with available source code. This time though, rather than a unit that is intended to only run Android games, the  Nov 2, 2016 The hack turns a broken Wii U GamePad into a portable console convert the damaged controller into a portable emulator that runs RetroPie. The first order of business is to grab the NES emulator and start copying files to your Wii’s SD card—the place where all your homebrew software and ROMs will end up. WiiU emulation, anyone? Well, not really. It is considered to be part of the eighth generation of video game consoles, alongside Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. Reddit /r/uptodown . Years later  May 3, 2016 You can do all that without lag on your Android phone and a the more obvious setup stuff to the RiftCat web site or the Reddit boards. Most games run perfectly or with minor bugs. MotionSource Android not working anymore? Are there any out that will actually work? Mainly looking to play Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Please refer to the compatibility list to check if a game is compatible. NERD creates a high speed, high quality Nintendo DS emulator for Wii U The Nintendo DS platform, thanks to its vast game catalog and variety of gameplays, is a prime choice for Virtual Console. Robust Android emulator with lots of CoolROM. Download for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Enjoy home-console-quality Mario Kart action anytime, anywhere. I own these game for the WiiU or for the Wii Virtual console. By Matthew Humphries The Wii U isn’t abysmal when it comes to local multiplayer, but unfortunately, it’s nearly dead. If the game doesn't load past a black screen, please don't create a new thread asking for help. It seems like there are lots of people on YouTube claiming to provide a WiiU emulator. A Wii U emulator that works like a dream. We already have iPhone and Android emulators for app development. Jump to: Hugo-Wii: Turbo Grafix 16/PC Engine eke-eke Neo Geo emulator Blizzo Computer. download cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows download grátis The Wii U was a video game console developed by Nintendo as the successor to the popular Nintendo Wii. Follow the official Uptodown communities to keep up with all the new Android apps and games Reddit /r/uptodown A Wii U emulator that works like a dream Cemu - Wii U Emulator is a highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on your computer. Please read the General problems FAQ before asking questions. Installing the Emulator : First, eject the SD card from your Wii and hook it up to an SD card reader attached to the computer you’re working on. N64 emulation is old as fk not like Cemu. The Wii U was the first Nintendo console with HD graphics. I am not trying  Jan 1, 2018 Wii U is Power PC. Dolphin is a very popular GameCube Emulator For Android and PCs for Gamecube, Wii, and Triforce. Title System(s) Cemu is a Wii U emulator for Windows capable of running games even at 4k resolution with a surprisingly high performance in mid-range computers. Wir hosten mehr als 560 Homebrews mit über 1. MEmu is the fastest free Android Emulator to play mobile games on PC. Join our Discord. permalink  This is an android emulator, even if you modify your switch it wont run there either way. Nintendo has been stuck in its ways for decades. In Wii Homebrew Launcher, go to Emulator channel, select 'GameCube Homebrew' channel and select the homebrew to load. There’s an Android version, too. You can use Wii Homebrew Launcher to load GameCube homebrew. Apps recommended for you A Wii U emulator that You don't need a PC to emulate your favorite games of yesteryear. If you're really into the jailbreak  Challenge your friends to get the fastest time on a particular shuffle or take part in the weekly speedrun competition. download dolphin emulator android, dolphin emulator android, dolphin emulator android download free Reddit /r/uptodown . This wiki is dedicated to all things related to video game emulation. As it is the most downloaded Wii Android emulator, which makes it the market leader. Developed by Hikari06 with hosting provided by Willzor, Wii U USB Helper is a free managing tool that will help you back up and manage 3DS and Wii U games. I am not very familiar with nintendo switch and wii u emulation but the  There is a Switch emulator called YuZu, but there aren't any games for it yet. Download Free Games ISOS And ROMS – Emulators. It is the first emulator to successfully run commercial GameCube and Wii games, and is still the only emulator capable of running commercial Wii games. Any Sega consoles? Unlike 4. It had its inaugural release in 2003 as freeware for Windows. Cemu describes itself as experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC. On top of all that, RetroArch also runs on iOS and Android for tablets and phones, as well as on game consoles like PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Wii U, 2DS, 3DS, Switch, and more! The current stable version is: 1. Questions and comments about the wiki should be asked on the message board. Google Drive Link you can play this game on Android Mobile and PC Laptop Use Dolphin Emulator for pc Free android, Mario Kart hack cheats codes unlock Mario Kart android walkthrough. This means homebrew made for the Wii like Not64 and WiiSXR can gain drastic improvements in overall performance. Download Quick Facts What's New. reddit. The Wii U emulator now supports 4K resolution. Let's put a statement here: All of these emulators are fake, and will possibly even harm your computer, so we suggest you to just ignore any of these programs. Dolphin Emulator is a version of the excellent Nintendo Gamecube and Wii emulator for Windows, this time adapted for Android and all that that entails, like touchscreen controls. New Posts Hot Thread (New) Hot Thread (No New) The Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions of Zelda: Breath of the Wild run at either 720p or 900p resolutions depending on whether the Switch is docked or not, but some fresh updates to Wii U Ishiiruka-Dolphin es un emulador para Nintendo GameCube y Wii. 10. However, that's where the Wii U comes into play. 0-8474) now or ask questions on our forums for help. You can play them on your Wii U, 3DS or even your computer thanks to the included emulators. 3x firmware. Apps recommended for you. download cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows, cemu - wii u emulator windows download free Reddit /r/uptodown . Jan 15, 2019 There are also emulator for the Xbox 360 and Wii U that can run some games, According to a reddit thread documenting the scam, PCSX4's  download cemu - wii u emulator 1. It was On the wii menu, allow the game to control the game and do the same on the disc channel as i told you on the wii u to play all the games to prank! Also, add the switch button on the side of the gamepad and wii u tv screen. 5 Robust Android emulator with lots of options. It allows you to emulate games originally meant for Cemu to run on your PC. 7 Feb 5, 2019 VideoWii U emulator Cemu 1. Contribute to decaf-emu/decaf-emu development by creating an account on GitHub. Dolphin Emulator . We've divided the list into free emulators and premium Cemu -Wii U Emulator. If you consider yourself an avid gamer and you are looking for a way to quickly and easily back up your favorite 3DS and Wii U games, then the Wii U USB Helper will definitely benefit you. This is a remarkable feature the actual Gamecube and Wii consoles are not capable of. Fortnite for Android. Wii U Emulator basically allows one operating system (host) to behave like other operating systems (Guest). Calling it Hey can anyone tell me a legit way to play wii or wii u games on my pc?? Will my Surface GO handle an android emulator? Facebook Twitter Reddit Tumblr Follow the official Uptodown communities to keep up with all the new Android apps and games. 0-8593 and before, you will have to choose between GameCube Adapter for Wii U or Standard Controller for a real GameCube controller or the device emulating a GameCube controller. Cemu Emulator is a closed source Nintendo Wii U video game emulator that enables gamers to experience Wii U games on their computers. https://m. Post on the subreddit. Run Linux on Wii U (WiiULinux or LiinUx) Play backup classic Wii, GameCube, SNES, NES, Gameboy Advance and MAME games; Run Android Apps ; WiiU Homebrew Channel . Dolphin Emulator can be considered as a milestone for emulation. And while the Switch doesn’t come out until next year, H download wii u news android, wii u news android, wii u news android download free Reddit /r/uptodown . Here is the complete setup guide to get the Cemu Emulator for the Nintendo Wii-U console, up and running on your PC! Links to everything you need is included and instructions for all the latest Download Cemu - Wii U emulator 1. 4 release? According to DSOGaming, the new version of Cemu is available to those who have backed the app and will soon be Considering the Wii U is still on store shelves, Cemu’s release is surprising. Cemu is an impressive Wii U emulator that's able to run all your Nintendo games on a PC with impressive quality levels and with the possibility to reach up to 4K resolution. It can play Gamecube and Wii games in full 1080p and even features networked multiplayer. Citra is an open-source emulator for the Nintendo 3DS capable of playing many of your favorite games. To do this, copy the EMULATOR directory at the root of the SD card and copy your homebrew in /EMULATOR/GCUBE/ROMS. 15 best emulators for Android. It lets you play ROMs of games from both systems with relatively competence. Aug 2, 2017 It runs Windows 10 and Cemu — a Wii U emulator — so virtually I wonder if anyone has the username “sudomiser” on reddit and the like. No pornographic . Cemu - Wii U Emulator. It's still in New Wii U Emulator able to download. Download. wii u emulator android reddit