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  • bloghaunt. He is a really young debut, still being a high schooler when NCT finally launched. . 'like a disney movie' is an adorable fanfiction that takes place in an amusement park. You frown and go to get some blankets and pillows. Asianfanfics is a digital publishing and crowdfunding platform for works centered around Asian entertainment Ren, surprised, and happy, quickly wiped away his tears before Jason could see them as the rest of his members came to the front door to greet him. Seungri's body remained paper-thin and ghastly pale and he hadn't forgiven himself. BTS World’s premise could have been lifted out of a self-insert fanfiction. For the Quarter Quell, a shocking twist is added to the Hunger Games: It will be Capitol children who are reaped. May 14, 2016 Yoongi was firm but his eyes made it clear that he was worried about the maknae . And I sure don't wanna be the one for making her reject him. When Jason entered Ren’s room after greeting the others, he saw that Ren’s puffy eyes and pink nose, but knew not to talk about it. Tbh, I was considering deactivating this Napa County California . Past, Present, Future. Even though Taehyung makes it clear that he won’t miss their maknae at all, this may be a lie. With tensions between the younger member and the leader growing high Infinite is falling apart. BigHit, who started taking female trainees again in recent years, decides to debut a new female group with five members. Don’t worry, I’ll still work on the requests I haven’t done yet, but I won’t be taking new ones. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Top 10 Maknaes of Kpop Groups Halliekyu Maknae is the youngest member in the one Kpop group, whether boy band or girl band. Mafia!BTS Reaction: You Know Their Secret (Maknae Line) Hyung Line | MasterList A/N: Finally Part 2!!!! Thanks everyone for your patience, and I hope you enjoy!!! (V x suga x reader x JungKook fanfic) ️ Movie Posters Movies 2016 Movies Films Popcorn Posters Film Posters Movie Theater Film Poster Film I read a book called kik on wattpad and I liked it so this is my vers… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Something is wrong with Infinite’s Maknae. It’s been announced that Block B’s maknae P. “You have a Migraine,” Baekho told his Maknae, running his large, warm  YOU ARE READING. When the members get back home, each boy is about to go their separate ways and do their own thing until Namjoon notices Seokjin letting out slow, deep breaths while massaging his forehead. He’d glance around the dark room a few times, seeing that Jungkook was nowhere to be seen and god, it hurt Jimin a little bit. Everything happened like a whirlwind and at some point, he was no longer the object of screaming fangirls. A young, nubile heroine sees a hideous monster (or alien or gorilla) coming towards her and she faints, usually into the approaching monster/alien/gorilla's arms. Since Goku's death, Vegeta hasn't been the same, but he likes to make the boys work. I didn't even dare to looked at her eyes . In this fanfiction, mischievous co-workers/ friends Luhan and Baekhyun do stupid and annoying things to voiceless Kyungsoo. ” Park Jimim Lee Min Ho Kpop Guys Boyfriend Material Maknae Of Bts Jungkook Oppa Kim Namjoon Bts Miembros Kim Taehyung 181128 AAA - #181128 #AAA We Love Our Bangtan A simple 22 year old girl doesn’t know that one of her close friends likes her… (posting part2 tomor Kim Kibum who is currently inactive in the group Super Junior is the "Original Maknae". "Don't let him die until I say I told you so!" he kept saying. Looking at her, boy, she is gorgeous. You Faint (Hoseok and Namjoon)–A, F. He had finished and flushed the toilet. Yang Jeongin, the maknae. This is a Disney-themed Kaisoo fanfiction written by Sohee (Ivy), a half-korean girl, that also goes by the pen name: kiwi_ism . [42] [SHINee] [JjongKeyTae] g_odalisque13 – Curiosity Killed the Maknae’s Innocence Posted on 19/08/2011 | Leave a comment Title : Curiosity Killed the Maknae’s Innocence Jungkook vaguely registers that he is literally on fire because of course but before the panic or actually the relief considering that being burnt to ashes would at least save him from the embarrassment can set in the fire goes our with a faint hiss. More Than A Maknae (BTS Fanfiction) Fanfiction. “Nobody knew that the reason why Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Golden Maknae was so Golden was because he wasn’t exactly human. Mar 7, 2016 Somehow this whole 'rebellious maknae' had gotten out of hand during the If You Do era and now everyone used any given opportunity to  Nov 11, 2017 Hyungwon only ignores his surprise holds a gentle hand against the maknae's forehead, his frown only worsening. He might end up having to change a few thin Jungkook was sprawled out on the floor at the base of the staircase; Jin had expressed worry that the maknae might get trod on, but the youngest had insisted that the lighting was best there for his drawing and wouldn't be persuaded. But,the evil maknae does not give up although he has meet more than 30 girls just to find a suitable one. 19 Canada | Arroyo Municipality Puerto Rico | Sweden Sotenas | Williamson County Tennessee | Reeves County Texas | Fairfield County Connecticut | Keewatin Canada | Marshall County Alabama | Bryan County Oklahoma | Bayfield County Wisconsin | Lorient France | Roosevelt County New Frederick County | Virginia. Jungkook is tired of being the inferior member in the group. bts. 17 de fev de 2019- camisss encontrou este Pin. Images , videos and stories in instagram about jungkookimagines Park Jihoon had always loved the freedom of the skies. He spends all his free time in the dance studio, and he is fighting with Sunggyu a lot, and he isn’t smiling anymore. They helped the maknae to sit and made sure he wasn't feeling dizzy anymore. Kyuhyun,without hesitating accept the challenge without realising he's troubling himself. I rushed over to Kevin. With their loud temper tantrums and constantly jumping around all over the place pranking all their hyungs, they can get into A LOT of trouble. He just lunged at the maknae and wrapped his arms around him. This bean along with the rest of maknae line would be the most flustered pieces of fluff balls ever. Mafia!BTS Reaction: You Know Their Secret (Maknae Line) Hyung Line | MasterList A/N: Finally Part 2!!!! Thanks everyone for your patience, and I hope you enjoy!!! Maknae ah, anh không ngủ được, để anh ôm em ngủ. Namjoon smiled, he didn't think they were close enough, although if he listened he could still hear the faint chanting of their BTS slogan. only because the Bacl Rose Dragon card had a kiss in the middle of the pic. maknaeline, kimseokjin, korean. >>38428 You're forgetting that they're from a very conservative, hierarchical country where elders are to be respected. I will tell her youre gay!! He laughed evilly, going inside the house. #wattpad #fanfiction A mermaid awakens after a year. He’d stop what he’s doing and come to your aid. Loading Unsubscribe from Kpop Jaj? Got7 Yugyeom evil maknae compilation (Compilation #6) - Duration: 9:06. I'm willing to bet that their troon fans are mostly TiFs that self-insert themselves into their gay fanfics. He was shirtless and had on a pair of sweatpants. Encontre (e salve!) seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. Pos tentang FanFics yang ditulis oleh Ninndd. The people of the world have turned their backs against me. Jan 13, 2015 Manager answered, “The doctor says it may take awhile for the medicine to take affect, so we have to watch for signs of fatigue and fainting for  Dec 22, 2013 “Shh, shh Ren just relax, you fainted, just keep calm you're okay. Apr 13th, 2015 Maknae line teases you because of your crush on Namjoon (you are younger than Jungkook) Husband Namjoon is a little bit overprotective of your teenage daughter You and Roommate!Jungkook watched a horror movie and Bf!Namjoon is coming to soothe you Hello shawols and ninjas~ It's raining_bubble As promised, here come my second fanfic about our favourite couple. Park Y/n is a girl who debuted with 7 brother-like boys who she loves very much. lot more of me soon~). Always echoing in his mind when he had almost fallen asleep and yet right after the maknae of the group finished his phrase, Jimin would be knocked out of his nearly there slumber. If I pass that wall I could see…. Yoongi remained silent, holding Jungkook's hand as the maknae sobbed. And then he opens his stupid big mouth and asks for "PICS". Sungjong was still pale as death. (Jin x Reader, Fluff) “It was when I was at my worst that Kim Seokjin came into my life, like a beaming ray of sunshine after an eternity of thunderstorms. Sungjong peeked from under the soft baby blue fabric of his blanket, the only thing that was protecting him from what went bump in the night. "Gohan, that is none of your concern!" He stormed, but Gohan felt like TEXTS KIM SEOKJIN • Cheers you up after a hard day (+ Jungkook) • Cuddles • Pranking Jin with lyrics MIN YOONGI / SUGA • Yoongi confesion • Yoongi comforts you for your height • Teasing each other (+ You Faint (Seokjin and Yoongi)–A, F. The maknae had somehow squeezed between him and Jimin and was burying his head into Jin’s chest. You Faint (Maknae Line)–A, F. No one could believe why he fainted. Even after The Monster Faint: Refers to a special subset of fainting that is rarely played straight these days, but was a big staple of '50s era monster/alien movies. Fanfiction. FANFICTION: Royal Flush. Enjoy! If you know of a good fiction to add PM to if you wish. and Sungyeol getting soft-hearted towards the maknae, ITS JUST TOO SWEET! Apr 21, 2015 2 -i wrote this because i cant seem to find any BTS Maknae angst which just focuses on the bromance aspect of BTS ( if you know any hook me  Mar 27, 2019 His dark brown eyes that held some much pain now closed, his deadly pale skin now gray. ” Images on instagram about jungkookimagines. When the oldest member in group band will be the leader, the youngest member band will be loved by the other members. Although he's the adorable and loveable Golden Maknae, it seems like no one listens to him, especially the one he looks up to most, Rap Monster. Ever since she was little, it was all she ever talked about. “Baby, you have to be more careful. She loved to sing and dance - she could even play a few instruments. Jimin, and Taehyung were struggling to stay awake themselves. I reacted immediately and lifted her up . Just who won't fall in love with his smile. Park Jimin: Jimin stepped out of the bathroom just as you got ready for bed. warnings: whole maknae line is whipped for the reader, artist!tae, model!jimin, photographer!jk, sadists vmin are very masochistic, voyeurism!, exhibitionism duhh, dirty talk, degradation, humiliation, rough sex, dom taekook, gagging, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex w tae, name-calling, oral sex, spanking, marking, orgasm denial This app is actually worth checking out. The maknae doesn’t say anything to Seokjin, and he knows that the rest of the group shares the same amount of worry. textgot7 answered: I can’t tell from the request if you want the “reader” to be included so I’m just going to do a bromance thing. The Capitol Games is a Fan Fiction written by 'Vividly Visceral' of fanfiction. com ~~Heyyy :D Backk ~~~ 1- WHAT DID U THINK OF SHINEE'S NEW SONG???? 2- Who would be your perfect kpop dream guy/girl? 3- OKay say you were stuck on an island with 6 kpop stars? I was about to ask Jonghyun who should I bring along with me until the door clicked open and Minho walked into the house, loudly announcing, ‘I’M HOME!’ and then dumping his bag onto the couch, followed by taking off his shirt with a sigh of relief and walking into the bathroom, slamming the door with a big ‘BANG!’, making me flinch at the loud sound. Ridiculous, isn't it?-----i officialy think this fanfic is better than mine, it is very good Charleroi | Belgium A scenario when Got7 were doing a concert/showcase and Mark fainted on stage in the middle of performance, and it was something serious that he need to go to the hospital quickly. Yoongi stood and yanked the blankets off the younger man. Maknae of Super Junior,Cho Kyuhyun is challenged by his hyungs to find a girl that can fall in love with him in just three months. The members love him as like a real dongsaeng. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Seeing that the Maknae relaxed slightly, Baekho stood, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. In order of that, he'd never show any of his sad face to his hyungs. ” Maknae Of Bts Jungkook Oppa Original Version I Know Bts Kakashi Dear Crush Jung Kook Fanfiction Crafts Read You Start Showing from the story BTS Pregnancy Series (Maknae Line) by Mrs_BTSxx ( Cait-BTS ) with 10,352 reads. (BTS) Chan-ri's lifelong dream has always been to become an idol. Sep 17, 2016 He was the maknae. I realized it’s going this way for a while, and so I decided to close any sort of requests on my account. With Cell gone, the Z-Fighters have been resting assured-or as assured as Vegeta allows. It wasn't the first time someone among them fainted. O has been hospitalized for shock earlier today. The Female Maknae (BTS 8th Member). Leo rapidly called for help. The group of girls gave worried eyes, but Jin just smiled, they were just tired. Aug 7, 2012 Are you dizzy? Nauseous?” Siwon asked while putting the ice pack on Kyuhyun's forehead, near the nose bridge. You Have a Fever–F. He loves his hyungs too. ”We'll get some take-out once we get home, these are good for now,” Seokjin said and they all agreed. He never left his side; when Jeongguk had left for the bathroom, Jimin had stayed outside and waited for him. The maknae looks up with sad eyes. (Oneshot- Chap 3) Posted on April 26, 2016 May 11, 2016 by daldal2704 Chap 3: Just because people are unkind to you doesn’t mean you have to be unkind back. He didn't want the members worried about him. [asianfanfics] Most fanfiction produced at this stage is in the form of drabbles, fanfics which are less than a hundred words long because at this age even fantards are forced by their cruel parents to hold down jobs (except Meele, who is a not-for-profit stalker). They’d all been so shaken when Ren had thrown up and almost fainted into the pile, it had only been due to JR’s quick reflexes that he’d been caught before the whole situation had become much messier. I hope you'll enjoy it as the first one! This one is dedicated to my lovelies followers on twitter! <3 Title Attention, please! Mark is a member of NCT U. I got out from the restaurant followed by the other . Middle-Aged Fantard This hold Eddie and Jamie Fan Fictions from Blood Bloods with the Rare Danny and Maria Fan fiction. He speaks both English and Korean. The Soulmate Series: Heechul This is an incredibly lame oneshot, but yeah, It’s two AM over here, and I’m procrastinating by writing instead of paying atention to the pile of antropology notes I Damn Siwon !! How dare he spilled out the story . They bring her happiness But sometime wha *Previously know as Bangtan's Maknae Jeon Jungkook* On stage, the maknae line can be the cutest and most innocent but as soon as they get off stage, they can turn into devils. ~~~~~ Inspired by Legend Of The Blue Sea. He’d be continually asking you how you’re feeling and stuffing food in your mouth and not to mention his endless supply of cuddles. Harlan County Kentucky | Denmark Nordfyn | Dunklin County Missouri | Division No. After a moment , she fainted and lying on floor . . Deciding it was time for a . “Hyung~” Jungkook whined. Cậu thôi cựa quậy, nằm úp mặt vào tường, co ro làm gối ôm cho anh một cách cam chịu. Nightmares didn’t tend to bother the maknae, but paralyzing fear and panic surged through his body as he heard the light breathing of a dark shadow that slowly crept its way to the edge of the boy’s bed. “Noona!“I exclaimed. I ran as fast as I could to that place. He made his debut on April 9th and April 10th of 2016. "You were right Seunghyun scowled, after speaking to the maknae for so long, no response? It then occurred to him that maybe Seungri’s unresponsiveness was because of his recovery from the flu, so he sighed softly and said “ Seung-ssi, let’s leave it at that, maybe you should go lie down, you don’t look too well and your eyes have gone all red. The greatest pain to me, Is the fact that you became the same as them. We were all just worried when you fainted. he hangs there quietly and all 6 boys knew they will  Jul 27, 2009 “He just fainted,” the manager says quickly, sounding out of breath. Though, the members . The maknae carefully shook  Jul 17, 2009 He'd failed his maknae and he hadn't forgiven himself. Koulikoro, Mali / Saltillo, Mexico / Anjo, Japan / Kingston, Canada / Florianopolis, Brazil Jikook coming out Williamson County Tennessee . Apr 19, 2016 Astro reacts to when their maknae is sick/hurt Hiii! :D I wasn't sure if you want a written or gif reaction so i will go with gif reaction if that's okay. He began to get dizzy very quickly. Tags Fanfiction Sad Fanfic Angst 8years Jimin Jungkook Jikook 31days For a straight eight years, Jimin had followed Jeongguk around and cared for him the whole time. But recently things has going hard for him to keep smiling while forcing a wall of problems Browse maknae fanfics and stories. com After being so anxious, she must have been exhausted after that last statement since she fainted on the spot. Although they're is also Ryeowook who is 2 months older than Kibum, has the title of "Eternal Maknae" as he Summary: BTS takes a break and while they focus on improving their skills, Jungkook goes back to America to practice dancing. Checking out boys be like | allkpop Meme Center So, hey, hi. Namjoon smiled; Yoongi had been concerned about the maknae, and had moved up in case the fans managed a second approach before they managed to board. (BTS pairing + prompt requests are encouraged!). net and is based on the young adult trilogy The Hunger Games. The rapper’s annoyed expression quickly softened into concern when he saw the state Jungkook was actually in; without the blankets to hide under, it was obvious that something was [Gri-fanfic] Maknae ah. What were they supposed to do, smack him and risk their careers? GitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. “ Jungkook has successfully kept his condition under control for many years, until a certain someone’s scent suddenly becomes too overwhelming for him to ignore. The Female Maknae (BTS 8th Member) Fanfiction •Started: Dec 27, 2017• •°•Girl•°• This book includes: Texting, Instagram/Twitter, Daily Life, Scenarios, And Imagines. Otherwise, I think Kevin's plan would have failed him badly. I haven’t done anything much on here lately because I’ve been busy with school, and working on fanfics on my other accounts. •Started : Dec 27, 2017• •°•Girl•°• This book includes: Texting, Instagram/Twitter, Daily  Nov 10, 2011 It was pale and his eyes seemed unfocused. Sudenlly Yusei fainted and hit the ground. Whitley County Indiana | Spain Girona | Page County Virginia | Pinellas County Florida | Beaver County Oklahoma | Hancock County Indiana | Meade County Kansas | Payne County Oklahoma | Floyd County Texas | Australia Gladstone–Tannum Sands | Benton County Iowa | Sweden Kinda | Netherlands Sittard-Geleen | Douglas County Wisconsin | Sheridan County Montana | Napa Budapest | Hungary. Tags: !fanfic. “It’s not your fault, hyung. Just then , I saw her cried in pain while holding her head . "Vegeta, what's wrong?" Gohan bravely asks him one day. Come on Minnie, its nothing! Were just kidding with each other, like friends! He hugged the maknae, ruffling his hair. ” “Yeah, don’t scare us like that ever again. “Hyung, Kkungie has a  Nov 19, 2010 To Minho the question only proved the maknae had yet to grow up. You sighed as you let yourself fall on the bed. It was just around the corner. Instead of yelling at him, he felt someone hugging him tightly. Recently, Block B has been under scrutiny for its controversial interview in Thailand. apps app free iOS android iphone fun. The right moment where she finds her true love. bts fanfic dump ♡ home message Tags Rules Masterlist Seventeen Fanfic Dump A side-blog created to fill shipper hearts with happiness one fanfic at a time. Taemin's skin was pale and clammy, he looked terrible, they all did. Đừng hyong, có máy quay. “Acting cute is not working this  Oct 11, 2014 The maknae doesn't say anything to Seokjin, and he knows that the rest of the group shares the same amount of “I'm just a bit dizzy, that's all. The leader is just as confused as everyone else. He put his head back in the toilet and his body lurched as he gagged and spit up bile. Namjoon gave the water bottle to Jungkook and he drank it carefully before eating the chips Taehyung had gotten somewhere. ” The maknae had soiled his other one when he got sick. RT @damnitstrue: people who smile at you when you make eye contact with An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. “You'll still be maknae no matter how hard you try to outpace us. Maknae ah, em đáng yêu quá,, anh muốn hôn em. Oconto County Wisconsin; Day County South Dakota; Netherlands Mook en Middelaar Jungkook POV. You just lost all respect from me. Jonghyun turned at him with a glare and wanted to smack that small head due to the fury, but then he remembered his situation and just played along with Taemin. Fate has it,Kyuhyun meets a girl,but Jin gently rocked the maknae who was standing asleep. A visual novel-esque game produced by Netmarble, BTS World sets you to manage the South Korean boy band BTS in its The maknae didn’t budge, even when Yoongi shook him a little harder or spoke louder, closer to his ear. You Flinch in a Fight–A. Cậu né tránh cái hôn của anh. The only sound that remained were the faint noises of morning traffic from 10 floors beneath you, and of course, the slow breaths of Jungkook right in your face. Sehun shook from shivers as you took his shirt off him. Sorry for any grammar errors and typos See more My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 5 - Morning Confession] 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. He was made to fly and light up the sky, as it was his nature as a dragon, his majestic wings retracted against his back for a free fall that made his heart race and a laugh form at the back of his throat; and ten thousand miles up in the clouds he also experienced peace: no one could give him the icy look of disappointment along with the rm. He appreciated the back-up though. Will he love her back or stay the same. Luckily she was light enough to carry into the car. Yet he is a Human. Hii!! Today is my bday and I was just wondering if you could write me a bday scenario for either tae, kooks, jimin, or Yoongi? :) you can choose whomever you'd like! ^^ I'd be happy with any length and any type of scenario, so long as there's fluff involved hehe Cx and my name is Sydney if you use real names, but if not Im completely cool with reader insert! :) please and thank you so much!! Yandere BTS! Reaction to your pregnancy cravings/mood swings (Maknae Line) Requested by @harryhooklover here’s the maknae line part. ”. YUGYEOM FAINTED - FLY IN GUANGZHOU GOT7 Kpop Jaj. maknae fainted fanfics