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This is just my opinion. May 25, 2017 But if you're not into K-dramas but you love K-Pop and BTS, then V . in order to better protect him; Yoongi took Jeongguk drinking when he came  Nov 6, 2017 As All Kpop pointed out, it all started when CupcakKe opened up on Twitter about She wrote in one tweet, "If he tweeted I want to f*ck cupcakKe, why would I get mad?" have possibly been started by Cupcakke fans trying to protect her from the legacy. Not like he can make you appreciate everything. He didn’t like when others were curt with you, let alone came even the slightest bit of close to you so when someone did, he made sure to pull them roughly aside by their arm and remind them who they were talking to. He also protects his members in many ways from sasaengs. He’s so used to you being affectionate towards him, but still his heart skips a beat when you reach out The rest of the group only can go so far with Yoongi, but he still protects them if someone dares to test any of them. Touched by what Taeyang did. ” Park Jimin. He would find your intelligence intriguing and always want to pick your brain on the odd philosophical topics that he reads about or comes up with in the shower. Does this video even make sense. "The best thing in the small place!" true bros tell each other how they’d ho - hes p much like youre mom. Being your best friend for over a decade, he has learned how to let your simple actions of affection become the normalcy. he always protects you - lots of “are you ok?” “did you eat yet?” “do i need to do anything for you?” - he always cooks for you bc taeyong is an amAZING chef - you dont really do any chores bc by the time you come home everything is clean and neat already bc of taeyong [imagine REQUEST] he saves you from being abused (author’s note: to anyone reading this, if you are dealing with abuse of ANY kind - physical, emotional, mental, verbal, sexual - PLEASE seek help. "It's not like you ever had the intention of seeing me as beautiful" Actress Ha Jae Sook Responds to Comments of "Glamorizing Obesity" + Netizens React 7 hours ago 19 23,017 Welcome to somanyscenarios (click on the paperclip to see my stories) (18+ content sometimes) Scenarios. I was in a state where I was constantly worrying about my boyfriend Sehun. _____ Luhan is such a cutie. Taking care of him till the very end until he’s healthy again. I look over at him, my bottom lip quivering as tears start to form in my eyes. He’ll tell you he loves you; He’ll let you listen in on the music he makes for the boys and would be very eager to hear your thoughts on them; Lazy days with namjoon?! You resting on his chest while he reads you his favorite book, possibly even lulling you to sleep, stroking your hair and laughing a little when you actually do fall asleep He’d look around to assess the situation and realize you were having a nightmare. We will protect you both and ARMY will, too. I hope you like it :D ——————————– Two months ago, I auditioned for SM, and luckily got in. He is soft and fluffy. Jinhwan: cooks for you, cares for you, protects you, loves you, cuddles you to sleep aka perfect husband material yep, i’m actually alive. He was tough work, but you loyally stayed by his side. He also blocks quite well on the right side pin, he protects the line very well allowing Setter!Changkyun to release faster. Baekhyun felt cold run through his body as he realized he had made the exact same promise to you, years ago, when you first met. Jul 10, 2016 Protect Me Pairing - Reader x Jungkook Genre - Angst Word Count - 1987 He knew you had a boyfriend, everyone knew because you were  Mar 19, 2017 Taehyung scenario- Protect you [Part 1] genre- Fluff, angst Warnings- non Word count- He could hear you sniffing and was obviously crying. Skip to content; Skip to primary sidebar; Skip to footer; Bts Reaction To You Burning Yourself Most of the off-speed shots on the team come from him. I will end you. pairing: bts x reader michelle | 22 | kpop reader imagines | requests are closed. I got placed into a group of 5 and my position is the rapper. suga, xiumin, exo. You couldn’t face him. i have to protect you. P. ” “What do you mean?” “Jimin is the only person who knows me. IN ASTRO I SHIP YOU WITH: MOONBIN . When he notices it’s just you and he sighs in relief “Hey y/n” And you awkwardly stand there like what; But he looks really tired; Like this is not ok; And you watch as he sort of falls ; And you catch his head right as he falls asleep in your arms; DON’T PANIC ; You sort of half drag him down the tower to the infirmary “I HAVE A Stardust 1 - Jimin Look at the skies, look at him, look at him in the sky. I’ve been training and staying back to practice. Jul 20, 2019- Explore Rowan King's board "Kpop" on Pinterest. seungri, gdragon, bigbang. You were cuddled up by Luhan’s side with his arm holding you close to him. He expects that you will let him know what you’re doing in case he needs you or wants to talk. Someone has to take care of him. And soon after, he had asked you to be his girlfriend, which of course, you accepted. He violently pushed you against the hallway door. but they ship you guys together because you make MoonBin smile so much. Luhan wiped your tears and gave you a kiss. Winwin: • reminds you that he’ll always be here • flashes you his heartwarming smile. You just smiled, took the bouquet of roses in your hands as you motioned for him to sit on the chair you sat. “The only language we need, is the language of love~. You weren’t really sure about it but you just hadn’t been feeling G Dragon: I believe he is a Merman full of wonder and tried his best to find out problems. . Oct 11, 2018 @spacememe Asked: Hey I love reading your little scenarios so I was wondering if you . Bobby: he will eat whatever you’re cooking or what you’re not cooking aka you. And who knows how to handle each of me. He’ll spoil you as well. ” You frown in confusion but he continues speaking before you can say anything. He kneels down placing his hands on my knees. Jaehyun. - even if he can’t physically be there he still finds a way to comfort you - when he’s sure you’re the one he’ll introduce you to his parents. • tries to distract you • plays music, sings for you, gets you a snack, • or just holds you, not leaving your side until you feel okay • protects you from things that make you anxious, never wanting you to feel like this again. Apr 18, 2017 EXO's Reaction to their 5 year old protecting you in an argument EXO Scenarios and Reactions are this way! AS OF *It's hard to imagine Minseok yelling at you in anger but if he did, his daughter knew it wasn't good. And ofc he would’t mind if you stole his clothes. When he saw you he was happy but it fell when he saw who you were with. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. To have a friend like Jiyong tell you that your boyfriend is anything but faithful is too much to bear. He protects you, loves you and cherishes you with his whole life, making you the most happiest woman on the planet. Protects the water as much as he can and would swim until he couldn’t anymore. and if you haven’t eaten, he’d tell you off but he’d cook something for you. I mostly do . He even forgot your anniversary. '. ” Protects his baby girls from Wonwoo’s monster triplets with his life. - they’d love you instantly - just from the way they see Jackson look at you - they approve of your relationship More or less, you refuse to believe it. “Tell me his secret. He just looked at you and walked out of the room. Jungkook will rage. Jul 11, 2018 BTS reacting to you asking them to protect you from yourself. “Jungkook I hate you, I hate you so much! Today of all days! You couldn’t just leave me alone on this day!” the door sung open then to reveal a jungkook with tearful eyes. You knew he had a tender heart and you also knew he would never give up on you. Apr 1, 2018 he hadn't realized that as soon as you made it outside, fans crowded over you. CLOUDS. thanks S2 He’d also feel very appreciated when you let him be involved on your thoughts when making decisions for student council. Sometimes if he is drunk enough, he will cry. -- scenarios you want with your best friend come true-- best friend is extremely strong-- best friend protects you from any danger Kpop Vines/Videos that will make your hair grow faster Or! Just Add Those Cliché Scenarios When It’s Proper, Like Some Dramas Add A Cliché Scenario And It Just Makes The Audience Cringe. He is kinda shy too so just the rest of the member just cringe when MoonBin tells them how was you guys first talk. He literally stares at the person and puts himself in front of the member and gives them this look of “you better delete that picture and walk away before I have someone tackle you to the ground’l Summary: Sehun is always the one who protects you from everything, but after a particularly rough day, you end up giving him some special treatment. admin kain fanfic fanfiction kpop fanfic kpop fanfiction. He had killed you before Minseok got a chance to protect you. Different from before. You banged on the door yelling at him to let you out. “I will end you. In your eyes, however, he is the most precious and beautiful man you’ve ever met in your life. He talks to you and he’s excited and all but he just…. See more ideas about Bts bangtan boy, Bts boys and Bts memes. Like you didn't even have to finish your sentence, he immediately put the knives  Mar 30, 2014 I'll protect you >> Suga This was requested by an anon “Can you do a gangster scenario or story with BTS with Suga as your bf?” i'll do my best to make it She went to her boyfriend to tell him what you have done to her , he was so angry . Secretly, he also sees it as a chance to talk to you. What’s up, y’all? Needless to say, it’s been a million years since this blog was active, so I’m sure a lot of you have already forgotten this neighborhood unnie ;^; but for those of you who remember the good ol’ days, I appreciate you, and I appreciate all of our followers who supported our writing since this blog was created 5 years ago. But than he noticed that it’s too much heavy for her. And It You’re Interested On Checking Out My 1st Example Of A Cliché Scenarios Check Out This Post [“richBoyXpoorGirl Cliché Drama Hanbin: might be busy 90% of the time but he can totally make it up for you ;-)). You Can Now Order Your BTS Bias in Doll Form. Pulling you into his arms he’d have you lay on his chest and he’d try to diffuse any more dreams psychologically by stating you were safe in his arms and he’d never let anything hurt SEVENTEEN on a cute date with their s/o A/N I do not own any of the gifs and to the requester if this wasn’t what you meant you can of course request again. Some episodes and a documentary on meerkats later, you got sleepier and sleepier. He will cover your ears when Youngjae laughs so that they won’t bleed. He also would remind you that he loves you every single day and mean it with all his heart. “Where are you?” You don’t answer him, but he can hear you cry somewhere near. As he sat down, he pulled you towards him, causing you to land on his lap. Jiyong is the last person that you want to hear it from. He didn’t thought so deep for the moment when he pay the money in Tiffany’s shop, just thought it looks very good on her. ”you were still looking at the ground. Plot: You and Namjoon have been friends for a really long time and he protects you from danger. He likes you, but he treasures his friendship a lot and he is not that confident in make you fall in love with him if the other members are his rivals. Being the gentleman he is, he walks up to you and protects you from the rain with his umbrella. GD~You we Scenario - You are Jin's girlfriend and in college. “Oh no” Hakyeon is the first one to notice. Watch the moon, watch him float, watching him float to the moon. You. kpop-perfect-illusion. How could you . . Ji-han is just so sweet towards Taehyung, and he protects him like his  Apr 14, 2018 It now seems that Rap Monster, or RM (as he renamed himself last year), K- pop star Jimin of BTS: the singer-dancer's rise to the top and his By registering for these newsletters you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy. thank you for watching 시청 해주셔서 감사합니다 He felt guilty that he couldn’t protect you even tough he promised he would. We were assigned a group to help us a little more with our roles. THE KPOP STAR MC. - always there for you when you need to talk or you’re having a rough day. Ken Good Morning Second Person (Request) Fluffy morning with Jaehwan Nap Second Person Fluffy drabble Ravi Graffiti First Person A first kiss scenario Tired First Person Ravi wants to hang out with his girlfriend even though he’s tired Hyuk "/kpop/ - K-pop" is a board about South Korean pop music (케이팝) and its idols on 8chan. When he rotates into the back, he would utilize the jump float. Your ex was so  Updated Jul 11, 2018 · Upvoted by Quora User, Bts and Kpop fan for 4 years and counting Hoseok used to wear braces (if you ever wondered why he has such . Then after we ate you told me you wanted to take a walk along the beach so we went there》 You looked at him, waiting for him to go on. He’s always supportive and ready to hold your hand if you Soft!Yandere!Mafia!BTS reaction to an innocent and affectionate S/O @kpopgirlbtssvt here you go lovely. You wouldn’t have to worry about bullies, because he would be constantly protecting you. How he protects you: He never really got physical, but more so he threatened others with his icy stare, and words. Namjoon wasn’t very protective to you because he knew that you hate being caged so he gave you one of his men to guard you. mymisstina said: Hi! Can I request a scenario when you and Mark are lost in a forest after escaping from a bear and have stay there for a night although you're afraid of wolves' howls and he protects Luhan - Someone breaks into your house and he protects you. He quickly stands up making his way in front of me. No, it came in a form of a person. There isn’t enough room for the both of you, but he doesn’t mind getting soaked when you could get a cold otherwise. His powers are very strong. I don’t think he would try to hide his relationship and I think he’d be very kpop scenarios. loves when you fall asleep on him, esp since he can take sneaky pics of you & send them to the members like “wow, I’m such a great person that anyone could fall asleep on me” your relationship is very good & strong. Protects the people around me. The bottle drops from his hands as his arms wrap around you as he begs you not to leave him. He had sworn to you that he would always protect you. He protects the younger ones with his life and that is so adorable. He was so scared that one of them would not brake fast enough and end up hitting you. It’s a way of showing how much he cares when he’s gone for work. He already spoils his band mates, so you will be no exception. And he protects what is his. With happy ending pweaseee. “(Y/N)?” he asks. The sky looks like a different sky when he lays next to you in the gras. He loved your hugs. One day you guys run into  Jul 24, 2017 I feel like it gets progressively worse as you go down, this isn't my best writing, He was upset he couldn't be there to help you and protect you. There you were, pouting in front of him because you wanted him to play in your hair. He will find you *Little did you know, that Youngmin was working at that restaurant. Like he’d wear an apron and stuff. You had just got out of your last and favorite class of the day, Classic Literature. He will. Might upset himself and you’ll come home to find him wrapped in a few blankets just staring into the distance ; He calls it a Burrito of Sadness™ And will just need you to sit next to him until he feels okay enough to talk ; calls you just to hear each other if he’s on schedule or just unable to see you He lets you take care of things yourself, knowing you are capable of if, but he will act if he needs to. He protects you from the harsh rays of the sun, and is pure and simple in his own ways. See more ideas about Big bang kpop, Big bang scenarios and Daesung. At first he was free but since you were busy he went to help boyfriend spread their publicity. Requests are open: Please read the rules/guidelines before requesting! You guys can request reactions, imagines, scenarios, one-shots, mtl’s, mood boards, kpop ships (who I ship you with from certain BTS REACTION: Their S/O being stalked. Cheeky/Flirtatious one; Doesn’t care for your or anyone else’s personal space Vampire!Day6 as your BoyfriendsJae : • Met you at the local Cafe and became intrigued by you • Always jokes around with you • Teases you about your little quirks • But he secretly loves them • If The rest of the group only can go so far with Yoongi, but he still protects them if someone dares to test any of them. And he broke that promise. ” He always want you to tell Namjoon’s weakness and forced you until he beat you up. Now getting really worried, he opens the bathroom door and sees you bawling your eyes out on the floor. But don't be afraid to ask for other groups if I can't I'll tell you. Please try again later. Despite having a double bed the sides were rarely touched. See the light, see him disappear, see his shadow pierce Stardust 1 - Jimin Look at the skies, look at him, look at him in the sky. ♥ Thanks for the request ♥ masterlist SeokJin:You’d randomly bring it up on day during dinner. This evil wasn’t your typical darkness we all know. 3. Parent tags (more general): No Fandom; This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on He’s Rude (Chanyeol) Here is your scenario anon. In return, you’ll always know where he is. “Don’t tell him that you met me. You are his. he will kill them for taking you. How he protects you: Believe it or not, I see Yandere! Jan 17, 2018 BTS Scenario 6: The members defending you in a live interview But Taehyung's family still takes top priority for him, even though he is successful and dedicated to you now. Originally posted by being-salty He reaches out for you but he’s too late, you already made your decision and you fall, fingers grazing along his as you hurtle towards the deep, dark river below. “No!” His eyes glow a smouldering gold as he jumps after you, his wings tucked in and giving him more speed to catch you. This feature is not available right now. See the light, see him disappear, see his shadow pierce Got7 Reaction to their childhood friend/secret crush getting dressed in front of them Requested by anonymous Scenario: You’ve been friends since you were kids and are having a sleepover, as you The human that he protects on earth. They may not always go down, but it provides a good break in the speed to catch the other team off guard. He is truly a sight and a delicate piece of art and deserves to be treated that way. S. scenarioslovers  Sep 24, 2016 How have you been Y/N?”he asked you. How he acts with you in front of fans- In the case that you end up in front of BamBam’s fans, he makes sure that he shows you off, while still giving the fans attention Kpop Scenarios (Request are open) I will do reactions and scenarios for bigbang, vixx, got7, monstax, bap and bts groups I know really well. “Is the ground so interesting?”he laughed and so did his  Apr 13, 2016 *Trigger warning* You are harassed by your ex, but Namjoon is there to protect you. “Good. but instead he loves you 2. I found that news out recently. You smiled faintly as he put his arms around you once again. Based on (Blood Sweat & Tears) MV. The story goes that the Gargoyle that protects the church–oh, he was a vicious one, and if you were to encounter him, dare it to be against your luck to happen at night, you’d better count your last blessing. Quickly he’d rouse you completely and tell you it’s just a bad dream. Tae. You know if you ever need his help he is only a call or text away, and he has no problem dragging the guys along knowing the five of them are a tad more intimidating than just him. You could see the he was boiling inside but he couldn't do much because they were going live… or that's what  Feb 19, 2016 I hope you like it. By working at the restaurant. 20 signs of Typical Kpop Scenarios pt2 1. Coups- Descendants of the sun • Imagine leader-nim in uniform • Serious and a rational leader Soup Second Person Leo makes you soup when you’re sick. While he may seem to be all about those dad jokes, Jin is also a determined person, and I strongly believe he would be the one to believe in you even when everyone else doesn’t. He burst out laughing, but don’t get me wrong, he didn’t laugh at you, he laughed because you were way too cute. Also I see him like one of the closest to you, so he is going to teññ himself that is better is he steps back and protects your friendship. kpop-khh-writer-trash liked this. With That Said, Here’s My Second Example Of A Cliché Scenario. Before today, you had never appreciated the skies like this. Your brother, Rapmo Read He Protects You From Your Boss from the story Big Bang Scenarios by themasqueradecharm (MASQUERADE) with 1,553 reads. Boy, was he a sweet guy. cannot process that the MC he’s developed strong feelings for is also the famous star MC -You’re waiting for him at his home while he brings back some snacks for the two of you and he bursts through his own front door -“HOLY SHIT YOU’RE MC. A person who claimed he loved you, but really, all he did was break your heart night after night. He took you in his arms and threw you on the bed still laughing. '' -© A werewolf au Jungkook looks like he’s trying to signal to any guy or girl to stay away from his man I told u vkook is real! porque a jungkook le ponen un monton de microfonos para que hable I'm sorry but literally kill me now. You can handle your other friends telling you but Jiyong is different. JinJin loved your kisses. His manager tells you to break up with him. Please don’t get mad if you happen to disagree! (Don’t own the gif) (Still taking requests) ^^^^^ When it comes to Jongin protecting his girlfriend from his celebrity, I think the main thing he would do is be completely honest. He comes to pick you up from your last class of the day and sees a group of guys bullying/harassing you. Jan 15, 2017 to protect you Group/Member: BTS // Jungkook Genre: Angst, Bodyguard!AU Word Count: You were Jungkook's only friend, as was he to you. You were so shock. Dec 28, 2012 Hoya Scenario - When he saves you One of the more intense things I've written. Dresses them up in Frozen outfits while he wears a Kristoff costume (because he secretly wants to) Goes to the mart to buy a shit-ton of snacks for his kids and ends up eating all of it “Mingyu, why the heck are you eating baby mush?” “What, it tastes good. He just needed a little push. Read [BTS V] I'll Protect You from the story KPOP TRAGIC IMAGINES SCENARIOS by nekomusumechan (☆ ㅂㅌㅅ☆) with 8,567 reads. Hugging his son tighter, Baekhyun was ready to do anything to ensure he never broke any more of his promises ever again. You being a traniee in his company and him pretending to hate you. Hoseok. Awww really you both would be so cute :D tagged » bts · bts scenarios · bts imagines · bangtan · bangtan boys · bangtan boys scenarios · bangtan boys imagines · bangtan sonyeondan · ship me with bts · ship me with bangtan The Boyz As: Boyfriends! Juyeon• Your song • You guys would be • Interestingly cinematic • To say the least • He’d take you out dancing for the first dance • And it’d be one of those movie moments • The lone church that was on the edge of the twin, just across from your lighthouse, held folklore that the children would whisper about. Old Scenarios ( Pre - 2014 ) New Scenarios ( 2014 owards - ) Rated Scenarios Sehun scenario (highschool) when he is a badboy and has a huge crush on you but you have a boyfriend (xiumin pls?😇) and he is kind of a nerd so sehun gets jealous and starts bully xiumin and when you confront sehun about it he confesses? Werewolf Suho Au Part 5 masterlist Part one Part two Part Three Part four There’s smut in this part “Suho, an I talk to you?” I asked him in the evening when he was back from work. Acting on pure instinct he threw his body over yours to protect you. “You have gotten bigger since the last time we saw you” Sanghyuk chimes in. In your heart you hoped he would change for the better this time. YOU’RE FAMOUS. Originally posted by sosjimin. you Bts Reaction To You Burning Yourself. Though sometimes he would want to walk on the earth he knew it was best not too. He would slowly help you to start talking again with baby steps and comforting encouraging words The bed is empty though he could have sworn you were there just seconds ago. How dare you kidnap them. Enjoy~ Sorry I'm a new Kpop scenario blog. hope you all have a good day, love youuuu xx → masterlist → commissions & bts scenario: they finger you thank you for your request! i have a bts hand kink so i love this so much xx → masterlist → commissions & donations jin: jin’s fingers slowly traced the inside of your As you ran across the street you heard cars honking as you and the squeal of tires as drivers swerved to avoid you. You decided on the latter, and shifted to get comfortable as the episode began to play. Taehyung (BTS) scenario: Him protecting you. You flinch during Hello :p may i please request a scenario when sehun has ben ignoring you cuz his old friend who is a girl came back and she has not been nice with you but you are afraid to say. Frowning, he gets up and heads towards the bathroom. jongin sehun reactions EXO reactions EXO reacts Kpop Kpop reactions Kpop reacts. Hi could you do an imagine where you hear them call you clingy behind your back so you try to change and be more distant? Have a nice day! Here you go :) Sorry if it’s shit, but I’ve been spray painting for most of the day and I swear I’m a little high off of the fumes lol Bts as a Dating Simulator Game/Anime. You see, when we grew up and reached adulthood, that’s when all this evil decided to come your way. “I’m sorry jagi, this was never supposed to happen. You know it would be best for you to leave him but, you can’t convince yourself to leave him. He needs to catch you. Kdrama Leads! Seventeen (Plus you as the love interest) (Warning: mild spoilers for well-known kdramas) S. ” Luhan. Who knows every one of me. Hope you all enjoy it. (Hot lines)(Information) Anyways, I hope you enjoy this scenario <3 He grunted in his sleep, reaching out for you like you were reaching out for your phone. He never lies and always protects you. bts scenario: you flinch during a fight hope you enjoy this scenario! angsty scenarios like this are my favorite. not a day goes by where he doesn’t mention you or how much he adores you; Originally posted by nikaiv. ” Jungkook. He’s made a lot of enemies in his life and he’s isn’t afraid of a single one. He always brings you food and drinks and protects you from the tornado of energy that is Jackson Wang. Behind you, Kai felt his heart jump to his throat as he watched you dodge car after car. However if you can’t go with him, he’ll call you and FaceTime you a lot Jackson is such a puppy I swear Protects you and hates if someone hits on you If he gets jealous, he gets a little bit clingy and petty But that’s because he doesn’t wanna lose you But it doesn’t happen often Doesn’t like fighting with you but sometimes he can [ o n g o i n g ]° highest ranking in and '' My wolf may like you but I don't. Youngmin glared at you two making a conversation and laughing. He loves to cook which you could see in the cook off he has with Zuho and Inseong. 'i can't let you get hurt, babe. He is your closest friend. And when he was stressed out, you would try your best to calm him down and make him relax. You heard a lock click, again he had locked you alone in a room. May 6, 2018 Can I request a EXO mafia au but angsty, where y/n dies protecting their child. He will… he will abandon me if he knows that I know about you. And he thought once, he should give that on Valentine’s day. He then laid beside you and complied to your request, letting out some giggles He’s also someone you can be a bit crazy with, like a best friend, and you can’t convince me he isn’t into chick-flicks. He was more angry with himself than those who actually did it because never before did he realize in how much danger he’s putting you. He’s so used to you being affectionate towards him, but still his heart skips a beat when you reach out He drips with the water of a fresh rain and glistens as the beads slowly glide down the soft flower. #i've done more research on this post than any school project rip #kpop #kpop funny #kpop meme #kpop scenarios #kpop reactions #super the-valkyrie-that-protects It was February when he bought that necklace. I don’t see him as the clingy type with their partner, I think he’d be shy. He’s very protective of you while you’re pregnant and he gets teased (INFINITE) Sunggyu: -it was brought during an interview about it and when he tried to defend himself the others began teasing him 《I dreamt of you》 he said, and your heart skipped a beat 《So, basically you took me on a trip to the beach》 he said 《You spoiled me rotted, bringing me to this luxurious hotel, and treating me to lunch. He also looks a little mean at first so you two could have He stayed quiet, letting you choose, as he sat down next to you, leaving a little space, acting as if he moved too fast or was too close you’d break. And the way he loves you when he does, it’s too good not to leave. He didn’t know that his man was from a rival gang which joined as a spy. - Controls water - Protects the ocean - Saves sea creatures all about Big Bang, My Sweeties. You just covered your face. Originally posted by Rowoon is Mr Mummy, like he looks after all his members and takes care of them. He would pretend to be angry though, but he’d think you look cute. Poly crawls onto your lap while Jimin explains the stars, the constellations, his brothers. “Where is he? May 14, 2017 In here you will find scenarios in which your BTS boy protects you, and Hit found out about your past and started bullying you he protects you. In most people’s eyes, he is a bad guy, murdering without thinking, dealing without knowing, a bad influence for the world. “Eunsu, Sanghyuk didn’t mean what he But jin, he is a smart and loving guy, he would hate seeing you cry so he would do everything to make you happy. He will punish his subordinates for not taking a proper eye on you. When he was sick, you’d be there for him. Aug 18, 2015 I'll protect you Hey everybody!~ Here's a scenario requested by anon. He will kill any member of the rival gang that had any take in your kidnapping. kpop scenarios when he protects you