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. It was working with previous router. Wireless connection problems . I am using the Fix Internet Connection Issues in Windows 10 Having trouble with your computer internet connection? want to reset network settings? these commands below can resolve a lot of internet connection Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for iFit Wifi Module w/ 1 Year iFit Membership (Model: EXIF12) at Amazon. App store is a trademark of Apple If you are having problems connecting to an. When you join iFit, you have quick and easy access to endless training opportunities right on your equipment, including custom-built workouts, automatic tracking, and routes powered by Google Maps™. ifit free download - iFit Coach, Ifit Club, iFit Outside, and many more programs. Incline Problems With Proform Treadmills. download the iFit Bluetooth® app). Uninstall and re-install the Fitbit app. So we wanted to give you the ability to export your iFit workout data, in case you want to upload it elsewhere. An exciting feature is the iFIT Coach. 11 standards. Also for: Ntl15010. With the same revolutionary run-feel and instant access to speed, incline, and decline, the REFLEX™ t11. 99/month. (If located outside of the U. com. I am having problems with the connection of my IFit module. With 50% fewer parts in the range, the modular system is more versatile than conventional installation systems. Troubleshoot Connection Issues for iFit Sleep HR Sensor. I would get messages on the screen telling me that it cannot connect with  Mar 19, 2014 Thinking of getting a treadmill that has IFIT does anyone know if my fitbit will through ifit and still havent been able to figure out how to connect with fitbit. The easiest problem to fix, and probably the most common, is a that your treadmill is just not plugged in. For some reason for me the connection and/or re-connection of my Fitbit Aria Scale to my Wi-Fi network always gives me a headache. In addition, from a live tracking perspective, it appears your iFit-equipped console will only display incline, calories burned, time elapsed, distance, power (averaged using an algorithm—not direct), and speed. 1. shows up in the Pairing, but when I hit Connect it doesn't do anything. Built with the latest iFit® technology that allows you to run anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home, the ProForm® Power 1295i Treadmill offers 34 built-in workouts for various levels of intensity as you train. speakers, mice, and keyboards). 3. I explained to her that I had full connection and could access internet (google, etc) but not get on iFit. I am not the one to write a manual on this whole thing, but the basic outline is like this: Get your iFIT Console online, and update the firmware. ) If this size also does not fit comfortably, iFit Act users have found the clip-on accessory sold with iFit’s other 3-in-1 tracker, the iFit Active, more wearable. iFit Coach is a premium subscription service that is required to use the iFit - Smart Cardio Equipment app. Blaze is attempting to connect to mobile device but results in a failed connection. tcx file and have no problems. Our team is currently investigating and we hope to have it resolved soon. Running, walking, cycling, swimming, skiing, triathlons – no matter how you move, you can record your active lifestyle on Garmin Connect. When you create your own maps, you can have iFit. iFit Bluetooth® enabled elliptical, treadmill, incline treadmill, or stationary bike. Bluetooth on Windows 10 allows you to quickly connect a large array of wireless devices to your computer (e. ProForm® SMART equipment, like the SMART Strider 895 CSE elliptical, brings out your strong side with an included 1-year membership to iFit® Coach. iFit Compatible: An iFit membership makes the most of a ProForm bike. Get a clearer picture of your health with Fitbit Aria 2—an easy to use Wi-Fi smart scale that measures weight, body fat percentage and BMI all in one step. If Method 1 for configuring the iFit Module does not work, see the instructions for Method 2 on page 3. com for assistance. io/2188a, then tap GO to start the download. Get help for your Fitbit device. com to find a local retailer. The innovative joining technology and modular system make iFIT fast, simple and cost-effective. * Register your profile at iFIT website and you will download workouts to match your personal details. ProForm X-Bike Elite Folding Upright with iFit & 2 lb. Just send me a PM. English Manual. The Nordictrack Fusion includes a years iFit Coach membership with a purchase. iFit. This allows low inventories with maximum flexibility. For screen reader problems with this How To Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect Or Pair With Bluetooth Bluetooth technology isn’t new. iFit LIVE consoles with a built-in color screen do not need a WiFi module. The final step in the process is to download or create workouts and sync them to the iFit Wifi Module installed in the treadmill. 5 Fitbit Troubleshooting Solutions How do I set up my Fitbit? Enter your fitness goals into the NordicTrack iFit Coach app, and it will create custom workout schedules and personalized meal plans, as well as provide activity and sleep tracking. Thus, it is a good idea to learn about Proform treadmill troubleshooting. Because theh language issue and all the problems that people seems to have with IFit, I will stay away from that brand. WhisperQuiet deck. Before I got my laptop my PC had no trouble at all. g. ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. Many a time, even for small problems, one ends up calling the repairman or the customer services and ends up paying a bomb for a condition which could have been easily solved by oneself. iFit is a weight loss app intended to serve as a fitness tracker that also comes with a support team who offer guidance to achieve your fitness goals. Unlike a lot of other folks who have been posting about this bike since v1 I haven’t had any mechanical problems with the bike, to date, but then again we’ve only put around 200 miles on this trainer in the two years we’ve had it. Incln Train X11i Intera Treadmill Treadmill pdf manual download. This will temporarily stop the Bluetooth connection which will force it to reconnect and could help the problem. For use with iFit-enabled fitness equipment. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Find the iFIT Activation Code in your Pro-Form TDF Trainer Safety keys for the treadmill are easily lost, so we have replacement treadmill keys available. com * A treadmill produced by ICON Health & Fitness compatible with the iFIT LIVE Module * After you connect the iFIT Module to the PC with the USB cable go to the web address they recommend. The AP/router and client must use compatible 802. It stops streaming Google maps even when there is a strong wi-fi. The latest Tweets from iFit (@iFit). App Store is a trademark of Apple sons with pre-existing health problems. * A decent Internet connection * A subscription on iFIT. I have tried every single step in the troubleshooting for notifications\bluetooth, several times over, and I still can't get a connection. For the first few days of use, no problems at all--quick to connect, rock solid signal , and compelling, night-long sleep data comes out the other end. If the device has an Ethernet port, then Powerline adapters would be the most reliable. If you have questions after following these instructions, go to support. o 1 Check the connection cablebetween the Pro-Form device and the home stereo, computer, television or VCR ifthe iFit program is not working. If anybody is interested, I will send description of what it contains, and how to read/write it. When you join iFit, you have quick and easy access to endless training opportunities right on your equipment, including Connected Tracking. To maximize your equipment experience, connect it to the iFit Cardio app through your phone or ta. Treadmill Doctor will soon offer iFit and iFit Live accessories for your fitness equipment, as well. Make sure your treadmill is plugged into an electrified electrical outlet and that the prongs on the treadmill's power plug are not bent or distorted in any way. The site is especially helpful if you have an android-based 7 or 10 inch display on your equipment. It's common for the app to disconnect when it's not in use. Starting from the top, for 2019 the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 has an attractive console with 10” HD touchscreen. It’s the only online community created specifically for Garmin devices. 8 CHP motor drives a 20" x 60" tread belt with the shock absorption provided by the "Runners Flex" Adjustable Cushioning system. Treadmill parts may need to be completely replaced before the machine can be used again. 1 Professional, Cisco VPN Client Fix for Windows 8. 0 to 3. The Pro-Form Tour De France Trainer has been in my home for just over a week, and I am absolutely loving the iFIT LIVE features of the system. 3 Treadmill is one of the most requested treadmills on the market today. If problems arise, manufacturer support will be slow due to the large customer base. There you will find step-by-step instructions with pictures. The iFit wifi module has been tested on a large number of network configurations, but due to the sheer number of routers and access point devices available to the consumer, we cannot guarantee that your network will work with our wifi module. 99/year Payment will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. After you’ve completed this, follow these steps: Join iFit by visiting www iFit is a smart fitness technology available on ProForm® treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. My internet connections never timed out. Built in web browser. However, while devices should automatically reconnect when they’re in range, Bluetooth isn’t perfect and sometimes you’ll come across connectivity problems. The iFIT cannot capture brain waves, eye movements, blood oxygen, or snoring. ” Share your favorite workouts, get support, swap recipes, exchange fitness tips, and communicate with fellow fitness and weight loss enthusiasts. Memberships cost $99/year or $9. Check for problems at the connection to the power source. Https://ifit. The iFIT represents a giant step towards raising some questions you might pursue or offering some evidence that you’re on the right track. 2. Everything has worked very well for the past year with no connection problems. If you are having problems connecting to an encrypted network, make sure that your password is correct. Dead Battery: If the iFit Act does not turn on when the button is pressed, you may need I was actually thinking that I might have connection issues with my tablet in the basement where my treadmill is too, but wasn't going to do too much about it if the  Welcome to iFit. com if the Hacking the ProForm Tour de France (part 1) I have the version 2 of ProForm’s Le Tour De France bike trainer . How to use iFit, Download iFit Maps, What is iFit, iFit Live Workouts, How to draw using the app that doesn't show all the workouts or having connection issues  PROFORM is a registered trademark of ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. ifit for windows 8. Technician's Assistant: Have you tried having password ***** directions emailed to you? I have changed my password ***** it still says unsuccessful. 0 with several major changes and improvements. 99/month $179. Network connection problems and possible solutions . manual how to enter and proceed for easy diagnose, troubleshooting, and fix it. iFit is unable to be used effectively without support. Weight Set Turn any space into your own workout area with this compact exercise bike. We have put together tutorials to help you save money and fix these problems easily. Look for a difficult-to-read display or one that is displaying abnormal characters. Use the treadmill only as If an iFit module is connected, you may also. There are several reasons that the iFit Setup utility may be unable to connect you to your wireless network. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Running Efficiency ,iFit ,iFit Sleep ,iFit—Smart Cardio Equipment ,iFit Coach ,iFit Outside), brings iFit-Track with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. I just got a new Proform Performance 1450 treadmill, which has a 10" android tablet integrated. Since we started repairing fitness equipment in 1998 we have seen all the problems you can imagine. Try turning your iPhone off and on again. Initially i thought it’s hardware problem. Below you will find several categories of complications that we've seen over the years along with helpful information on how to fix these problems. 0) of the iFit Learn how to export your workout data from your workout history. iFit-Track app has been update to version 1. Problems With the iFit Live Module Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images The iFit Live system gives you the ability to plan a route to run (or bike or hike) using Google Maps and have the little module connect to your workout equipment to simulate the route. Also for: Inclnine trainer x11i, Ntl24013. -Wirelessly sync your iFITNESS via Bluetooth connection -Track daily, weekly and monthly goals for steps and sleep (iFITNESS must be worn to track steps/sleep data) -Track walks or run… Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn I am an avid fitbit users and recently tried to reconnect my Aria Scale. It is android 2. This feature allows you to travel virtual tracks all over the world as you watch the passing scenery on your console screen. Adjustable resistance and hand weights help you maximize the exercise benefits, and the vertical seat adjustment makes this machine perfect for any height. iFIT is the most innovative pipeline system for bathroom/WC and heating installations. Poking around on the filesystem, there are a few scripts that indicate all the comms is done via SOAP back to iFit. Next, download the iFit Smart Cardio tablet app. We provide iFit—NordicTrack Fusion CST apk 0. They advertise that a I am trying to Configure my ifit module, I am an ifit member but when i go to the setup part to login it says I am unscessful. As you progress throughout the day, the app constantly adapts to your activities and adjusts, based on your calorie burn and intake. Should you choose to subscribe to the iFit Coach membership, we offer two auto-renewing subscription options: $14. When connecting the power cord (see page. Please note the following: Internal Information: 417-49-82567956 Quick, personalized training can be yours with this handy iFit® Wifi module! The wireless adapter is compatible with any fitness equipment that has an iFit port on the console, connecting it to your online iFit account and a vast library of programs. com is the iFit site for support. While the problems mentioned above are common problems associated with treadmill machines, the solution is not always easy. Problems with the display on your elliptical trainer are most readily identified visually. TABLE OF CONTENTS. A broadband connection is recommended; performance depends on connection speed. Designed for iFit compatible machines, this iFit Wifi Module allows you to access workouts from your fitness equipment. Does ProForm Tour De France Studio Bike Come With Solid Customer Reviews? FiTech EFI is dedicated to bringing the most advanced fuel injection systems on the planet supporting engines with up to 1200hp, 2X4, nitrous, boosted, and E85. I have a desktop (running XP) connected to a DSL modem and a laptop (running Vista) that is on a wireless connection. If the app doesn't automatically conn iFit Vue User's Manual *Important Update* The manual for your Vue may direct you to download the iFit app. 1 and 10, and many more programs Fix the connection problems with Cisco VPN View and Download NordicTrack Incline Trainer X7i Treadmill manual online. One of the things that may solve the problem when Bluetooth not connecting is to forget a device and pair again. Here is what you need to do: Go to Settings. It looks like the iFit module only has wireless "b", I know some old wireless "g" devices have problems connecting to the TG582n wireless "n" routers. IFIT is a registered trademark of ICON If you are having problems connecting to an. Since I got my laptop and set up my wireless router to be encrypted I now have problems with my laptop and PC both timing out. Now restart the phone and try connecting/pairing your Mi band 2 with your phone. Incline Trainer X7i Treadmill Treadmill pdf manual download. NordicTrack Commercial 2150 Treadmill Review This is a space saver (folding) treadmill with many advanced features. Nothing too exotic. ‎If you do not own an iFITNESS Activity Tracker, please visit https://ifitnesstracker. Ensure that both the Pro-Form device and thestereo device are both turned on in order to function properly. God bless . This old faithful trick can sometimes snap your phone back to reality and fix mysterious problems. o 2 Connect the Pro-Form deviceto the computer prior to logging onto the website iFit. Now it won't connect to Bluetooth. Tired of wires and corded devices, we were quick to jump at the chance of devices that got rid of cords and worked wirelessly. ”From an article featured in . Kick start the inner athlete in you. Read on to learn how to fix the five most common problems. 1 free download - Windows 8. Cons: While this machine might be foldable, it’s not particularly portable with a weight of 315 lbs. We know that you may use other online fitness platforms to track your workouts (like Strava, TrainingPeaks, or MyFitnessPal). Choosing the “connect to iFit Live” option (sign in with user name and the lack of connectivity with the bike computer and the iFitLive/Google Maps problems. I called iFit and got "customer service" person that said it was a problem with my connection and not their problem. com is not responding; asks if I want to (get off the treadmill interrupting my workout) recover the webpage. Getting this message: 'We are currently unable. I can get past the iFit overlay by holding down the Menu button during startup. This is my first one, and here in Montreal (Canada) they seems to push alot Nordictrack. Need help? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Proform Ifit Module at Amazon. 0). them into my Garmin account (Garmin connect website & APP). Note: If you lose internet connection, the installation stalls The WiFi module adds a wireless connection to the Internet to compatible equipment that does not have that feature built it. A big trend in fitness these days is bringing the gym to your home so you don't have to ─ you get to live stream Fusion Studio Classes to the included tablet where the iFit Coach can adjust real-time your machines resistance to match the workout - your're literally in a class, never Nordictrack Freestride Trainer. iFit is a smart fitness technology available on ProForm® treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. The cycle continues from there. Nordictrack has recently come out with a new twist on the elliptical trainer – the Nordictrack Freestride Trainer. Step 5: Wireless-specific connection problems. Before you perform major surgery on your machine, you should determine what minor maintenance procedures you can do yourself to prevent problems, and what serious issues might require the assistance of a certified technician. This technology allows the home user to set their exercise goals online and track the results of each workout automatically. I called iFit on Monday, 1/28/13, to voice my concerns as the longest I could get the Live Street View to work on my PC or TV was 11 seconds. The screen lets you access a web browser, a built-in program menu and a connection to iFit Coach. It is a lot simpler than it may sound. 0. Note: The iFit Live mode supports unsecured and secured (WEP, WPA, and WPA2) authentication protocols. How to Remove the Treadmill Console on a Nordic Track C900. . 5. Most of the latest Fitbit devices come with a feature called Quick View, which allows you to simply raise your wrist to wake the display. Learn how to configure the iFit Live Module and learn how to create a Map with iFit Live web site "Google Map" learn how to use the iFit Live Module with your iFit Live equipment. Com open and actually see street views of the road! On January 8th, I tried several times to log in through treadmill and iFit kept saying that user name/password are incorrect. ICON also sells Freemotion® and NordicTrack® health club equipment. WiFi™ connection. Jan 21, 2011 The iFit Live system gives you the ability to plan a route to run (or bike or hike) using Google Maps and have the little module connect to your  iFit Act won't turn on: When the button is pressed, nothing happens. 1 and 8. PROFORM and IFIT are registered trademarks of ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. iFit Coach enabled for unlimited workouts. Completely refurbished to meet the highest standards, the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Freemotion t11. Editor's review. 10), plug the  iFIT is the most innovative pipeline system for bathroom/WC and heating installations. S. Got my Versa today, worked fine for a bit after setting it up. We are aware that Android users may not be able to log in or sync data. But before you throw your device out the window, try these Fitbit troubleshooting tips. This site is It is common to run into some problems when learning how to fix a treadmill. When I have time, I’ll attempt to MiTM the connection and see what pops up. This feature requires an internet connection, and subscription to iFIT Coach which is supplied for the first year. Technician's Assistant: What happened right before this popped up? ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. This model is also iFit ready and comes with a wireless chest strap for hands-free heart rate monitoring. Run anywhere in the world, track your fitness, and get nutritional recommendations with iFit. While it is not possible to cover every treadmill troubleshooting issue in one article, many common problems can be taken care of in a matter of minutes. Last week, I clicked on an automatic update for my Norton software (upgrade from version 2. iFit update: Any iFit users who are seeing the ‘connection timed out’ error need to download and install the latest version (v 1. iFit uses your home Internet connection to provide immersive workout or Tour de France series with heavy flywheels has been plagued with other problems. The connection works most of the time but not always. The website for the app claims that it provides a variety of experts to offer you “”unique plans”” that are designed for you based on your own personal goals and body type. But every technology has its shortcomings and Bluetooth may have a few HI All, I had the same wifi adapter issue on both my new Lenovo and HP laptop with windows 8. iFit-enabled treadmills typically have miniature screens as well, and these can be used to simulate a run along the most popular places of US and Canada. The NordicTrack Commercial 2150 has a powerful 3. Go to phone settings Some models of NordicTrack treadmills come equipped with support for special modules capable of networking with the company's “iFit Live” service. If your Android Wi-Fi client still cannot connect, get a valid IP address or ping any other system connected to the same subnet, it's time to look for wireless-specific problems. Also, I was upset of the IFit problems reported above, and have hacked the proprietary wpl code. Our exciting iFit Community will help and encourage you to meet your fitness goals while your on your pathway to better health! Reinstall iFit Software: Repair Tool enter ifit. My personal experience, however, does match what iFIT is showing me. iFit Live Module won't connect to router and I need to be able to port forward?? Some smart TV have problems connecting to the plusnet router via wifi when the TV Original review: April 18, 2019. , is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of home fitness equipment. performance depends on connection speed). If equipped with a computer and Internet connection, you can also connect to iFit's website and ask for the guidance of a real, human personal trainer. iFit accessories allow you to simulate the terrain of real trails from all over the world in the comfort of your living room. Now my laptop is connected via a wireless connection but my PC is not and yet I have the same timing out issues on both computers. Competitive warranty. 0+ (Lollipop) and later, as well as other devices such as Windows devices, Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, iFit—NordicTrack Fusion CST is a free Android health & fitness apps, and has been developed by iFit. Just days after the Fitbit Ionic is out in the market, some of the issues that has been brought up by users is the problem with WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, users are complaining about the connection as well as the synchronization. That app has iFit Axis HR Owners Manual “[iFit’s] immersive screens, virtual coaches, and connected tech are putting an end to the tedium of running on a treadmill. Find your fit with Fitbit's family of fitness products that help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep. It’s available on iOS® and Android™. No matter which iPhone or iPad you own, you may experience Bluetooth connection issues. If you are not certain if your equipment is compatible with iFit LIVE click here. The innovative joining technology and modular system make iFIT fast,  Aug 14, 2015 Create a Customized Workout with iFit® Coach™ Ready and 1-yr membership included The NordicTrack C950i treadmill makes the most out of  PROFORM and IFIT are registered trademarks of ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. ICON sells home fitness equipment under the following brand names: Gold's Gym® Home Fitness, HealthRider®, NordicTrack®, ProForm®, Weider®, and Weslo®. iFit uses your home Internet connection to provide immersive workout experiences with interactive video, daily downloads, data tracking and more. zendesk. View and Download NordicTrack Incln Train X11i Intera Treadmill manual online. Treadmill Reviews“Home treadmills with iFit Coach are among the most popular we review. It’s what you do next. On/off cushioning. I can no longer get notifications. Before connecting your smartwatch to your smartphone double check that Bluetooth setting is "ON". To use the iFit Module, see your fitness equipment user’s manual or go to support. With iFit in charge, your machine automatically adjusts speed, incline or resistance throughout workouts based on your fitness goals. I need some help on this one. This allows me to pull down the notification bar, which breaks the startup sequence and reveals the android home page. For non-tech people, all of this may be a little much. And that’s a good thing. Bluetooth for heart rate monitoring. iFit®  5. Tap each device and choose "Forget This Device" / "Unpair", to remove and delete the connection information history. If you have a color screen, click here. It seems to be over SSL, but I have my doubts about the cert checking. In the support documentation for iFit Live (in particular for the wireless module), the manufacturer highlights a known issue with the installation not completing upon using the device for the first time. (Clearing Bluetooth connection records/devices on iOS) (Clearing Bluetooth connection records/devices on Android) Get help for your Fitbit device. 3 REFLEX™ Treadmill is the smartest alternative to new. with pre-existing health problems. Log in here to access your membership. It's the iFit software end where I have a lot of problems. 1, Windows 8. The clip offers you the option of wearing the iFit Act on your waistband or pocket. NordicTrack, ProForm, and other related Names from the parent company Icon use iFit programs for treadmills, ellipticals, and such. file for Strava for example i use a . iFit Module HOW TO CONFIGURE YOUR IFIT MODULE The iFit program is mostly easy and straightforward although there are ways that I think it could be easier. iFit 1 Year Premium Membership. It’s running BusyBox Linux on an ARM processor. If you think the display is giving incorrect feedback on your workout, stop exercising and start a new program. Features include a 10″ full-color touch screen display with full internet capabilities, access to HD workout videos, full audio offerings, a 4” cooling fan and over 40 built-in workout programs with 4 individual user Ids. 6. The button for iFit live does not appear until you start a workout on a real map. Every reviews that I read about nordictrack were so good that make me believe that it was the treadmill for me. There’s also space to rest your own mobile device. Problem #4 – Problems with Quick View and tap recognition. (My windows 7 had no problem at all). Want the latest news? Top (The iFit Act is sold in packages that include a Small/Medium and Large/XLarge-sized wristband. After all this, the iFit Wifi Module still needs to connect to the iFit website (every time it is used) where workout(s) are stored. So, what is the solution on this common problem with Fitbit Ionic? You should find plenty of information on these pages. 188 file for Android 5. Get the latest tips on diet, exercise and healthy  Their iFit coaching membership offers world-class training with elite coaches to . Smartwatch is not connecting to Bluetooth device, in this case most likely your smartphone. It is not intuitive or user-friendly. Jan 5, 2019 Hi- Have you attempted to update the console's firmware?? Sometimes if there is a new firmware out there, and your machine never managed  Mar 24, 2016 No problem to export activities from iFIT in various formats (GPX, TCX, CSV, . Note: Passwords are case-sensitive. Instead of you adapting to the machine (and the machine’s stride length), the machine adapts to you – and whatever stride length you want to use. MAINTENANCE AND TROUBLESHOOTING . Note: The iFit® Module supports unsecured and secured (WEP, WPA, and WPA2) encryption. Note: If you lose internet connection, the installation stalls for more than 20 minutes or you get an error message, unplug your machine for 30 seconds, then plug  Are you not sure how to connect your iFit to your Bluetooth equipment? We break down each step, so you can be well on your way to getting healthier. We said at the beginning that Bluetooth problems are common. For that  try to RUN the software calibration, see your instr. Then it says iFit. ifit connection problems

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