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  • 350-800 words, include a do follow link along with 2 contextual links. If you really want to write for a specific blog, then you need to understand what their style is. If you are writing Guest Post then keep one thing in the mind that your article should be high-quality. After all, even I was thinking about making the guest post to be on the topic of writing of course, will give you a more specific outline once I get some free time on my hands. Maintain a consistent tone of voice that matches your brand and speaks strongly to your I was thinking about making the guest post to be on the topic of writing of course, will give you a more specific outline once I get some free time on my hands. At the same time, Sean Hopwood, CEO and President of Day Translations, Inc. Build confidence and join a community. Typically there are three main goals for guest blogging. Thursday, August 1 2019. Articles should be unique, relevant to the readers and useful. You need to choose right website for posting a guest post related to the appropriate topic. If you want guest bloggers for your blog, you must write 4-5 posts on Ileane’s blog each month. A guest post should funnel people to an outcome, not a home page. If you’re a freelance writer, it can be hard to make a name for yourself. Do you like writing? These 7 tips for writing a successful guest post to get more traffic is written just for you. The actual totally product or service is created through the use of unique things in which somewhat have got good and also vogue. It sounds cool in theory, but in practice takes time  Nov 16, 2018 Are you looking to do more guest posting on blogs? If so, here are four sites that allow you to republish your existing content on their sites! Jan 17, 2018 If you're interested in contributing to the Outbrain blog, please read the . Follow these tips: Before we begin, your first task is to decide what your goal for guest blogging is. If your guest post is about characterization, you could write in your bio “Learn to create mesmerizing characters with her free ebook 20 Great Creative Writing Tricks (download here). The tricky bit of the process is pitching a guest post and getting it accepted by an editor. Writing the guest post before you pitch me. You’ll get some side benefits, but as guest blogger, you’re a guest. Often, your bio is the commonality between guest posts, the line of similarity between the guest post and your own site, and the one major piece of off-site branding you’re able to control. Don’t ask. Find and read their guest post guidelines. If the post you are making is a promotional post, then finances will be discussed but for the time being, you can compensate us in ways other than money, the include Giving us a DO Follow link on your site etc. If you write a guest post on a website it will benefit both you and that website. 5. When writing a guest post, it is important to write in simple terms that are easy to understand and read. Home/Digital Marketing/ Why Should I Start Writing Guest Posts? After which on the net a broad choice of products it’s possible acquire. As well as I RECENTLY passionately propose the idea. Positioning yourself as an authority and well-known name in the industry. A guest post should mention big bloggers in your niche. A guest post should be aimed at 10 years of How to Write Your Post To Match An Editor’s Style Standards. COM. It is very common to read guest blog posts that have been badly written, mostly less than 400 words and barely relevant to the blog topic. Skim through the past 2-3 months of posts. Writing a guest post can expose you  Submit your guest post for technologyend. The results of guest posting have been so  Feb 5, 2018 In a nutshell, guest posting is when you submit an article to another website to be Writing a guest post and finding bloggers who are open to  Jul 17, 2018 Learn how to create a fantastic guest post that will be accepted by the site owner and people will want to read. Once you feel comfortable with That Blog’s writing style and authorship base, Start with a story. Including your affiliate links. They help in gaining exposure for your product and help out in the substantial following. 8. Guest blogging is when you post a write-up to someone else’s blog. Start a list of the blogs you’re interested in guest posting for. Follow up. . If you have a full schedule and your own blog to keep up with, you now need to find the time to write  Apr 18, 2019 Guest posting is one of the BEST ways out there to grow your email list. They accept queries for guest posts that discuss the freelance writing life, from publishing trends to a day in the life of a writer. Polish Up Your Guest Post. Very famous and well-known brands don’t charge for publishing but they ask for quality and only accept content from established authors. If you’re writing about cooking, you might quote Julia Child. Are you ready to create an exceptional guest post? 5 April 2017 How to Write the Perfect Guest Post Pitch. Jun 30, 2017 But before we talk about guest posting strategy, here is my story: I remember when I first started writing articles for other websites. Your Keyword “write for us”. In addition, you should also provide a few attractive titles to indicate how capable and creative you are. Work in Sports. * Does your article show skills in you Writing. How To Write An Irresistible Guest Post Read The Guest Post Guidelines. Your Keyword “contributing writer”. BasicBlogTips has a brilliant community. You get a backlink to your website. ” If anyone says guest posting is NOT working, they are wrong. Guest post is the best way to boost our online identity. Guest posting is not an upgraded form of article spinning. Build authority and credibility as a writer. All posts must be well-written, original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere. 4. Guest Post: How to Write an introduction This post is part of the Guest Post Giveaway at the blog Unready and Willing . That is why I am writing this article on the perfect guest post pitch. But actually put some work into your pitch. Now it's time to write an absolutely killer post. Write the post—and don't advertise. Just do it. Bookmark the guidelines. A quality guest post not only brings high authority backlinks to our website, it also brings subscribers, readers, traffic and of course more revenue. The main concept is you write a post and get it published on a website. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for someone and you want it be awesome, here’s how to do it. Start Writing. Write Guest post for Tech blog. So, what is the secret formula? Well, the secret formula doesn't exist. So here are my thoughts on writing a guest post for Free Money Finance: 1. Craft. It takes Sean & I anywhere from 20-40 hours to write one piece of  May 27, 2011 This is a guest post by Jeff Goins. Add links to your social media profiles and your website. post. They are posted for one reason - linkbuilding. You should write a post in such a way that a newbie writer also gets some idea to cultivate something new. Step 6: Write an exceptional guest post. I take submissions/post from everyone. July 17th, 2018 Posted by Ben Ratkey Blogging, Guest Blog 0 comments on “How to Write High-Quality Guest Posts” We get pitched on guest posts all the time on our site. Say that you would like to write a guest post for them, your topic and then a sentence or two about your writing experience or your experience with the topic. Pitch It – And Do It Right. To get the most of your guest blogging, look for a blog with an audience If you manage to write a top-quality post, expect traffic to start flowing. The quality of your post is determined by many norms. We all know writing guest posts for biggest publications is never an easy task. 1. Failing to meet an editor’s expectations can result in posts being rejected or requiring heavy editing. com SEO article writing is what you need to practice if you want your articles to be found on Google. Do some research to understand the subject and voice of Contact the blogger. The actual process of writing a guest post is the easy bit – as you’ll base it on a topic that you’re an expert on. Mainly because I  Feb 21, 2019 But, when Paul Andrews from The Code To Riches approached me to write a guest post about questions to ask your significant other, I was  Wondering if guest blogging is worth your precious time? Yes! Yes! Yes! The benefits of guest blogging are widespread -- especially if you love to write. Knowing this goal ahead of time is key in determining the right kind of blogs to submit guest posts to. Otherwise, your article will not be accepted by any blogger. However, most bloggers have high standards, so you’ll want to make sure you’re producing your best work to increase the chances that your post will be published. Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post Check the guidelines. Exposure for any product can be achieved by associating with blogger outreach services too. But before you  Sep 12, 2018 Problem was, when I thought about writing my own blog, it was always in the back of my mind that I would be wasting my time. Dec 30, 2011 Listen: guest posting is not easy work. A great way to learn how to write good intros is to try out all of the eleven ways above in turn. 2. But many new bloggers are kinda confused about it and do not have an idea that “How to write a guest post that will be accepted”. If you want to contribute to a blog, then you need to take the time to understand their style. You don't spin articles. Some blogs welcome free guest post and some charge for publishing your article. 3. This way you will be able to save your time. A pitch that will make the person that we don't know to open our email and even do us a favor. Guest posting is important to raise your blog popularity as  Dec 18, 2015 The owner of buffer put his entire content marketing effort on guest posting. Please send me multiple story ideas, with bullet-pointed sub-points, and let me suggest the best one for my audience. I’m a somewhat smart marketer thanks to my background in the advertising industry, but drawing up marketing plans for a worldwide logistics company and for truckload and freight carriers isn’t Here are the 40 search strings that Brian Dean recommends you try out. We will promote the post with our blog articles on our social media accounts. When it comes to keeping the reader engaged, flow is what makes your post stick. 6. I came to the first conclusion after scoring a few measly views for each post on my blog, during the first 6 At present, guest blogging is considered to be the “in” thing, and it has started gaining popularity among new as well as old bloggers. This didn’t happen because I tripped over these sites — it happened because I’ve been writing professionally about social media, branding, and book marketing since 2009, I submitted my work repeatedly (and faced […] Guest blogging, or writing a blog post for another website, is often seen as a win-win situation. Writing your first guest post can be quite the intimidating task! Guest posting can be extremely beneficial to you as a new blogger trying to get your name out there and grow a new audience. Host blogs invite guest bloggers to post on their blogs because they would like to bring a new point of view, maybe some more humor or maybe a bit more straight or controversial writing. The posts on WriteHacked. Guest Posting Guidelines. All were instrumental in helping me grow my business. Find the right sites to pitch. Suggest a few topics that would clearly be valuable 4. Your Keyword “guest post”. If you read blogs at all you've certainly seen posts by authors  Would you like to write for Security Ninja blog? Sure, we do accept guest posts, and we would be more than happy to consider your contribution. There should not be any spellings and grammatical mistakes. I get guest bloggers for my blog just writing guest posts for iTechCode, TechTricksWorld, BasicBlogTips and ProBloggingSuccess. Writing a guest post is another way of getting exposure for your website or social media page. You may think that it’s common knowledge how to write a good introduction, but about 60% of all guest posts that land on my desk lack an introduction. Guest posting is so important  I've written on LifeHacker, Four Hour Workweek, & The New York Times. Pitch a guest post that fits the site. We are glad to include one backlink on a guest post, but additional links within the text of the post itself are not allowed. Here are some questions to get you started: What is something you do in your own writing that sets you apart? What have you learned about the craft that you can pass on to others? Guest Post: When we write a post on a website as a guest, the post is called guest post. And you write proper guest posts to build  Nov 8, 2018 At the same time, it can be smart to write content that's intended to be published elsewhere too. They can educate you on the mechanics of blogging,  Well, because when you have low visitor numbers, writing for your own blog is like shouting in a vacuum – no one can hear you. To do this right, you would need to take care of few things. Try to think of a catchy title that describes your content well. Get to the Point Quickly. Spend some time on their blog to learn what topics they cover, how they write, and how in-depth their posts are. Write If you’re a writer and want to help other writers improve their craft, why not guest post for the Write Practice? Guest posting helps you by getting your name out there (see my friend Jeff’s post about how guest posting can help you). Guest Blog Writing Key #3: Let It Flow. Get it right the first time. When you create a guest post, you write an article specifically for a  Hi, First off, Kerala is awesome :) We loved our stay in Kovalam Beach in 2013. How to write great guest posts. Guest blogging Hence, I How to Write a Guest Post Read the feed. Then, get free examples and templates to help you  You can find other blogs here: the ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts. May 15, 2019 In simple terms, guest blogging is writing blog posts for publication on other blogs . Write a guest post for us using these guidelines. Have a creative outlet. Okay – now that you know why you want to write a guest post, you need to figure out who you’re going to pitch your post to. The Ultimate List of Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts shows the hottest health blogs on the Internet you could apply to write for and extend your brand. That said, a recommendation from a current author would be more ideal (if they can get it). Test out your writing skills to discover if blogging is right for you. says it is crucial that the content you write can be easily translated into several languages. Email is probably best. How to Write Guest Post Emails That Get Answered Check and Follow Submission Guidelines. You have to know where you want to guest post before you start reaching out to people. Done right, these strategies will get you  This 2500-word guide will walk you through everything you need to know to write a badass guest post pitch that gets accepted (+3 templates that WORK)! Dec 5, 2016 This year, I discovered two things about blogging I wish I knew a year ago. Hence, I would wish to share some recommendations on writing a top quality guest post that may be welcome by bloggers. Your post should be polished and faultless. Write Your Article (Guest Post) On WTFUPDATES. The editor will usually respond with whether the idea is a good fit, or let you know that they aren't accepting guest posts at the moment. You should include a brief biography to introduce yourself to The Money Mix readers. If you want to guest post here, I’m happy to serve up relevant, on-target content for my readers, so long as you adhere to the following guidelines: Length. This isn’t a traditional introduction, but it’s very effective when writing for the web. Follow Their Guest Post Guidelines. Please include one link you consider to be relevant in your biography. Of course the links would be related to the overall guest post. A guest post should be followed up by sister posts. Size, audience, tone, existing content There’s a lot 2. Find the best outlet: A guest post is the best way to expand your business or brand awareness for different users. The goal of a guest post is twofold. Wrap it Up Right. If you’re writing about the future of technology, for example, you might quote Bill Gates. ” But if your guest post is on dialogue, your bio would read “Learn to craft stunning dialogue with his free ebook 20 Great Creative Writing Tricks (download To be successful as a Guest blogging, you should write content that is of high quality and specialization or business is targeted to your particular area. You can read his blog and  What are a few ways that a guest author can stand out in a blog that publishes a lot of guest posts? Any particular strategies in writing an enticing byline? Sounds like a cool concept, but why would you use up time to write on someone's blog instead of your own? Well, let's talk about it. Plus, get found through organic  Mar 14, 2017 Most of the guest bloggers intend to write for getting backlinks. Even if I'm  Here's your chance to boost user engagement and earn a higher ROI by guest blogging in the AMP stories format that lets you create immersive experiences for   Sep 24, 2013 While guest posting may seem like a simple concept in theory (All I have to do is write a little something and get someone to post it — easy!)  Apr 24, 2016 Here are 6 Tips to Write and Submit Guest Post that Will Get Accepted Immediately. However, guest posts could serve as a platform even if you often write for other people. How to Write a Guest Post Now you can become An Author of WTFUPDATES. You don’t want to limit your options by tailoring the content in your pitch to the particular blog you’re pitching. Even if you want to save your time you can simply hire a freelance content writer and ask them to write the guest post on your behalf. […] The better I know the person making the recommendation, the more likely I’ll be open to a guest post, but reader recommendations do carry weight and can make a difference. These tips will help you write a post that will WOW readers That is why I am writing this article on the perfect guest post pitch. That means the article is attributed to you as an author. Guest blogging is still one of the most powerful ways to increase your traffic, brand, and authority as a blogger. However, your writing must be high-quality. Apart from adding a link, add a Gravatar at the top which will help the guest author to showcase his brand, thus offering him more exposure. You can write the guest post yourself too. In the end, all you have to do is start writing the post. You don’t need to write an essay, but we’re not interested in “news”-type posts that don’t give specific advice. After going through your site and profiles, it will encourage the moderators to accept your guest post request. Every Write Practice post has two sections. Make your titles brief, punchy and those which you think will grab attention. But that's the easy part. In keeping with the spirit of this series, I here offer my own opinion, based on my own experience as someone who has written and read quite a few such reports. The website gets a free post and you get a backlink. 7 Crucial Tactics for Writing a Wildly Successful Guest Post 1. I want to write a guest post your website that helps me promoted to  May 10, 2016 Today's post is from online marketing expert Beth Hayden (@BethJHayden). Different websites have their own set of rules that need to be followed in order for your guest Drafting and Writing a guest post: Now the real work begins, drafting a guest post is the lengthiest work and it takes a lot of time. But here’s the thing: write guest posts for authority sites. But your content should be of 800-1000 words with High-Quality. Guest posting is one of those things that everybody thinks they probably should be doing more of…but the whole process of putting a guest post pitch together can seem daunting. These guidelines will help you decide if Writers Write is the correct platform for you. Have a great day ahead. You build a natural link profile. If you write a guest post blog, then you make a right outlet to writing a blog on another website. May 6, 2019 Once you receive a reply and an invite to guest post in their blog, you need to write the article – and write it well. To learn more, read their submission guidelines. It’s not a difficult skill to learn; it just takes practice. We want you to write for us. The good news is that it doesn't have to be difficult, all you need are a few  Our guest posters get great FB shares, tweets, backlinks, brand-development and signups to their lists. And don’t overlook the guest post pitch guidelines. Guest post is the best way to get a backlink. In order to do that, you need to do some keyword research, using free tools at the very least. That’s because many clients insist the writers act as ghostwriters, and thereby never claim rights to the work. There’s really no need to tailor the content you're pitching to the blog’s target audience. The article has to be original and unique to our site. Visit your favorite A-list blog and read their guest posting guidelines. Different blogs have different style standards and expectations. It helps us by teaching us all something we didn’t know. Agar ap Bhi Apna Knowledge Share karna chahte hai or logo ki maadad karna chate hai to apka Welcome hai. Congratulations! You've successfully landed a guest post on a high-profile blog. Research keywords. There are two ways to go about creating a guest post. For this purpose, I will suggest to use a Word Processor like Microsoft Word, Libreoffice Writer (or even a blog dashboard rectify spell mistakes and grammatical errors. Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for us. Once it's done, you can start searching for the blogs to guest post on. ” But if your guest post is on dialogue, your bio would read “Learn to craft stunning dialogue with his free ebook 20 Great Creative Writing Tricks (download here). Benefits of Guest Posting for Non -Bloggers: Get exposure to a big audience. A good guest post is beneficial to both your website and the blog owner. For this, you need to provide high-quality unique content that is free from grammatical errors and gives a clear message to the reader. They pay $50 per guest post; however, if they are “particularly impressed” with a post, they’ll pay $200. These two elements will spur engagement for both you and your host. To make blogger outreach successful, the first challenge we need to overcome is to know how to write a perfect guest post pitch. OK, if you want to guest post on other blogs: * build friendships  Apr 21, 2016 Niche guest blogging can be a great way to boost traffic and grow your Even if you write the most interesting, compelling post there, people  Sep 25, 2015 And reaching those subscribers costs no more than the resources it takes to write a great blog post. How to Write a Guest Post that the Blogger Can’t Refuse Guest blogging is good for the blog's owner and a guest blogger only if it's done properly. Follow this detailed guide with two free templates and one checklist. Make sure you are writing a guest post related to your blog post and the website. Sep 6, 2012 In this post I am going to show you the seven crucial tactics for writing a radically successful guest post. 10 Proven Steps to Snag a Guest Post on an A-List Blog 1. I can’t get enough organic traffic just by writing on my blog alone. You get a byline. Let’s go over an example. Guest-posting can be one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to get some highly-targeted traffic to your site. Your Keyword “this is a guest post by”. May 9, 2019 Are you currently writing guest posts? I see this problem all too often when I'm consulting various businesses and bloggers. Write The Blog Post Before You Pitch – Or At Least Outline It. Don’t just read the posts from the last week. The pitches are often terrible and so are the submissions. Love, Love, and Love. I write many guest posts and articles which are shared on big-name sites like Huffington Post, Good Men Project, Feminine Collective, and IndieReader. You know how it goes. The post word count must be at least 1000 words, and no profanity is allowed. Remember that guest posts are a great advertisement to your writing skills. This helps you build your brand and create a portfolio of published work. Siggiblog As an author posting guest posts on other blogs I, of course, give the chance for others to write guest posts in my own blog. xhtml can be a preferent select most of us. Today I'm going to show you  Are you a travel blogger, or someone who has a skill for imparting information in a humorous and informative way? How'd you like to publish a guest post on  Dec 4, 2018 Fed up with your guest post pitches being ignored by fellow bloggers? Here's how to craft the perfect pitch so you can build backlinks. Your Keyword “guest article”. Even if you're an expert on the subject matter it's still a methodical, multiphase process. Making him do additional work. Provide them with a list of past guest posts that you’ve written and are live. To write a guest post you need to contact with blog sites which accepts articles from guest authors. Anyone can do it -- readers of the blog, other bloggers, etc. Jun 12, 2017 We're sharing the 10 keys to writing amazing guest blogs that actually get accepted and Guest Blog Writing Key #1: Read the Guidelines. This year, I discovered two things about blogging I wish I knew a year ago. Show your Expertise Through Your Writing. I’m going to walk you through how to write a guest post pitch, based on years of experience. Be Complete and Specific. You only want to pitch to blogs that cover your topic, and you only want to submit an article that will benefit their blog. Yesterday we heard from Gillian French about techniques for building suspense. If you suggest a unique topic, make sure you can cover it to a high level. They’re there for a reason. Study the focus of their content and the target audience of the blog. Write what a blog’s audience wants to read. Second, to provide an article that’s relevant to the blog. Generally speaking, the blogs you guest post on should have a similar audience as yours. You can benefit significantly from publishing  Writing your first blog post can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. Each guest posting opportunity presents a challenge to find the right balance of story, data, and example, so make sure to communicate with your editor or point of contact to ensure clear expectations. ) Guest Post Overview: Your guest post should be an evergreen post so that people find it interesting for years. Once accepted to write for a publication, email the editor and the post itself, it's critical that you study and stick to the writing and  Does your writing style match what the blog's audience is looking for? Sep 25, 2015 The upside to guest posting on these types of sites, however, is that the The quality of your writing: Subject matter aside, is your writing free  Jul 15, 2019 Are your blog posts not converting as well as you would like them to? Want to know the secrets of how to write a blog post that converts? In this  Guest posting on reputable writing blogs will definitely boost your business and possibly earn you more clients. Jun 13, 2018 Google's warning in 2017 did not mention anything about stopping writing guest posts altogether. If you want the site owner to accept your pitch, then your post has to add SEO value to his or her site. This is a list of top writing blogs that accept guest posts. In the message, get right to the point. I can't get enough organic traffic just by writing on my blog alone. How to Write a Referee Report by John Greco. Guest blogging is pretty easy and most articles only need to be between 500-600 words. Write about how to use them, manage them, develop them and optimize  Learn how to write pitch emails for guest blog posts that editors want to read. You need to learn how they write, what topics they seem to cover and how in depth their posts are. Every guest post you write should have a purpose for your business – unless you’re strictly doing it for fun. Writing guest posts that drive results means landing opportunities on websites that are known to have an audience that aligns with your total active demand—even if those websites are lesser-known. com are usually pretty long. Not all guest posting sites are equal. High-Quality Content. Today Helena Echlin shares her take on giving your readers goosebumps. You just write a post for that blog. Apr 15, 2019 …all of which developed through guest posting for blogs I . Make sure you add value: Don’t write what you want to write. 23: How To Request To Guest Post And Get Accepted When I first came on board with John at EntrepreneurOnFire I knew I had a lot of studying to do. No doubt, it is one best way to grow our business online. com. Many established blogs, including this one, Study the blog. Include A Bio. Here Are Our Writing Guidelines. How to Submit a Guest Post: Your writing must reflect quality, be well written and shows that you are able to write to a high level. And if you looking for even more ways to scare your readers, Continue Reading Guest Post: Helena Echlin on How to Write (& Rewrite) a Tale of Suspense » Clearly state that you'd like to guest post for the blog and offer three potential guest post ideas. Give Proof of Your Skills. You will have a link to your blog. This list contains details of the authority of each of the blogs. how to submit a html guest post, email wordpress posts in HTML. Want to write a guest post on The Non-Clinical PT? That’s great! We’re of the firm belief that everyone has something valuable to share, and you should have a platform to express your voice! In some ways, your author bio for a guest post is just as important as the post itself. To publish your post  Jun 23, 2016 Writing a post for the Hootsuite blog isn't easy. Strategically choose blogs that are popular with your target audience and start guest posting there. Within your post you add a bio and link back to one of your pages. He is a writer and missions mobilizer. When people guest post on your blog, give them as much love as possible. Never choose the first headline that comes to your mind, think out 3-5 unique titles and pick out the best one. The link gets you traffic and helps with Search engine optimization (SEO. Underestimating how long it takes to write a good post. At Siggiblog you are invited to write posts about leadership, SEO, blogging, making money online, business and faith-related topics. To write guest post pitches that not only get accepted, but that turn into great blog posts, you need to think about each specific audience and their unique  Want to write a guest post for Women and Hollywood? Share your voice, your story, and your expertise with the readers of Women and Hollywood. Feel free to check them  Nov 28, 2017 You're smart. Link to a sample of your writing online and share any applicable credentials. The benefits of guest posting  May 25, 2018 Compose, an IBM blog, needs writers who can write about databases. Find the right sites to write for. (You can see some of their responses at the end of this article) Step 1 – Visit the blog and read 5-10 posts. They want you to have a clear picture of what you want to write about, and they desperately want you to deliver the promises you’ve mentioned in your pitch. These tips will help you write a post that will WOW readers However, guest posting is a smart strategy to build your freelance experience. A headline has the power to both attract and repel visitors. xomba@gmail. Thus, you do not own the blog site yourself. 4 steps to formulating a guest post, and how to request to. Don’t recycle an existing post for a different blog. How to write a guest post that attracts leads 1. Your Keyword “want to write for”. Domain Authority: 52 So I thought I'd write a post and put all the details in one place where I could direct people in the future. Once an editor accepts your pitch, it’s time to write your post. The six tips mentioned above are the stepping stones you need to walk on to become an expert guest blogger who can write excellent guest posts. The hosting blog receives content (usually for free), and the writer receives a link back to their own blog, typically in the bio section. Step 1 – Visit the blog and read 5-10 posts. He started by writing a guest post each week, and then progressed  Write Guest Post. The one trick to rule them all. If you think articles about writing or personal development (or personal development for writers) sounds like a good fit for your blog, please take a look at the Guest Post Giveaway page and see if any of the articles spark How you find guest post opportunities is a topic in itself. The first way to go about creating a guest post is to write the post before even researching for a particular blog to submit it to, and the second way of creating a guest post is to reverse that and find the ideal blog before writing your guest post. Pitching a guest blog post is very important; here are a few tips to write perfect blogs to be published. If you are one of the veteran freelancers and you think you have been doing mainstream writing for too long, then try out guest posting. You know SEO has changed. Everyone who writes articles for money should be constantly looking at ways to improve the SEO of their article writing. You want your post to resonate with as many people as possible, so the broader the topic, the better. Whatever may be the reason behind you submitting articles to Technology A La Carte, I assure you that Technology A La Carte is a great  Even though guest posting is not known to give you massive amounts of web traffic, it does have more far-reaching benefits. Depending on how your post is received by our audience in terms of engagement rates, you may allowed to become one of the Main contributors to our blog hence able to submit posts any time without limitation. Guest posting is a mutually beneficial relationship. First, teach us something about the writing craft. Guest posting offers a number of key benefits  Jun 27, 2019 Here's the thing: There are many tutorials that can teach you how to write a blog post. For Advertising please contact: guest. How to write a popular guest post. When looking for places to guest post, your main goal is to find sites relevant to post your own information to say that you are looking to write guest posts on a  May 6, 2019 Learn how to write a blog post, from setting up your domain to crafting your very first article. Writing a great guest post can drive dedicated traffic to your site and help the blogger you're writing for. How-To-Write-Guest-Post. The key to writing the perfect guest post pitch is personalization. This list of 20 top quality writing blogs will appeal to you if you write for, or run a writing blog. Blogging is like growing a garden. Note: If you don’t write in the sports niche and you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts. It All you need is the desire to write, and the willingness to accept constructive feedback (we’re nice, promise!). He lives in Nashville with his wife and dog. I am sure that there will be varying opinions about how to write a referee report. Use "I" as quickly as you can. Category #20 Writing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts. this is often a detailed guide to writing a good guest post for high-traffic bloggers. That love could be in the form of traffic, exposure or brand awareness. First, to provide the blogger’s audience with a piece that interests them. Blogs are articles which writing style applies freedom of free-flowing. Keep your voice. “The more you write for one blog – the less traffic you're going to get as their  Mar 7, 2019 How To Write a Blog — Tips From Our Readers and Users. You have provided great tips on how to write a guest post. How to Write Perfect Guest Post 1. You need to continue publishing as many guest posts as you can. However, maintain your quality of writing and research for success. Your Keyword “submit blog post”. Write the guest post. Depending Every guest post you write should have a purpose for your business – unless you’re strictly doing it for fun. Outline first – Tell the reader what they’re going to get in the form of bullet points at the beginning of your essay. Share your advice and tips with others. how to write guest post