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The concept of an energy vortex comes from the energy from the earth combining with the energy of each person’s inner being. Arizona, Sedona vortex map (renowned spots of heightened spiritual and metaphysical energy. "Richard Dannelley, Sedona vortex authority says that a vortex of earth's energy, "Allows power from the dimension of pure energy to leak through into our dimension. Familiar examples are whirlwinds, tornadoes, and water going down a drain. The vortexes in Sedona are swirling centers of subtle energy coming out from the earth. Gilbert discovers that paranormal incidents plotted on a map are “It's a hidden network of energy lines that run across the earth; it's a  A vortex is a place, usually on or near an interesting rock formation, where people have reported feeling inspired by a beneficial source of energy. Vortex Energy. The energy of this vortex site also includes love, harmony, unity and oneness with all that is. We have already discussed the bottom left vortex in India and China. What is a Vortex? A vortex is the funnel shape that can be created by any spiraling or whirling fluid, such as wind, water or electricity. Schnebly Hill Vortex – the rough terrain leading up to the top of this vortex takes you to one of the highest plateaus in Sedona for amazing views of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. A vortex is a spot where energy is concentrated, and in Sedona it is described as a spot where spiritual energy can be felt the strongest. Vortexes are like a magnet in the sense that one end is positive and the other negative. Make a point to visit them regularly. Sedona is enfolded in spiritual vortex energy and many people experience a lift just by coming into town. Learn how to map vortexes in your area. According to David Childress, “the energy fields across the world are stronger in some areas as compared to the others, and in these areas they form sort of a Vortex, thereby making the energy more useful in its sense”. At a magnetic vortex, people claim to feel a nurturing energy that can help with inward struggles. I was a couple blocks away, close to the major vortex, which is a very sacred place unknown to most. At first, we might think that a spiral is a spiral is a spiral. Be careful which vortex you select to visit, as not every energy center is good match to every person's constitution. We are planning Or is the power of the Sedona vortex simply a state of mind-a product of the visitor's perception- and a result of the desire to find a sacred, natural spot where we can encounter an energy larger than ourselves? Use this Sedona vortex map and conduct your own Sedona vortex tour to decide for yourself. Then, the center vortex shapes the East Coast of China, based off of and emanating from point 13. These powerful eddies of pure Earth  A collection of vortex maps, images, links and videos contributed by various Celtic history, sacred mysteries, earth energies, new awareness (spiritual, health,   The energy of a positive vortex is very yang. Page Bryant defines a vortex as "a mass of energy that moves in a rotary or whirling motion, causing a Vortex technology is a robust on-demand modeling system embedded into an efficient automated computing infrastructure. This energy vortex is said to strengthen spiritual balance and the energy from the vortex is claimed to twist many of the Juniper trees in the area. Learn more | Printable Vortex Map. A major topic in Sedona Arizona is of course the vortex energy. Some believe you can find vortexes in Sedona, AZ by using a map, others say to look for twisted juniper trees, while other say you'll just feel a vortex at your shoulders. Thanks for sending the pictures and the links. Feb 28, 2017 A Seeker's Guide to Crystal Shopping and Vortex Hunting in Sedona they are locations from which intense energy spirals from certain  Jan 31, 2019 The Energy 202: Polar vortex tests gas and electric systems in about 7,000 customers, according to outage maps of various utility companies. The word brings to mind a spiraling energy, such as a tornado or water going down a drain. Dec 15, 2017 A beautiful vortex Vortex Energy Awakening Lay lines and nodes in the grid of the Earth are maps to guide you to vortexes you may need  These multiquantum vortex states, detected by recent magnetization . Road Map to The Oregon Vortex. The energy of a Vortex acts as an amplifier. It’s not easy to figure out what the Sedona Vortexes are all about. As I mentioned earlier there are positive and negative energy vortexes and that Desert Hot Springs is on a positive vortex. Vortex Type: Energy. . We are the largest Vortex retailer in the US and we are getting shipments every week, but the shipments are just small portions of what we have on order with them. Tags : energyvortex. The negative side of the energy vortex in this area is located in the vicinity of Palm Drive and Highway 10. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. The energy radiates in a spiraling cone shape clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the type of vortex. " 7 Vortexes seem to appear at intersections of the earth's grid, or bio-magnetic field of the earth. NOTE: Vortex is currently unable to keep up with demand, especially for the ’17-19 models. Vortex technology is a robust on-demand modeling system embedded into an efficient automated computing infrastructure. The term Vortex in Sedona refers to a place where the earth energy swirls and draws to it’s center everything that surrounds it like a tornado. This resonance happens because the vortex energy is very similar to the subtle energy operating in the energy centers inside each person. The fourth page in this series is Montana Earth Energy Grid which contains photos of rock cairns, Sun Wheels, Medicine Wheels huge rock sculpted faces and information about how the earth energy grids line up across Montana. Up-flow Vortexes, where energy is flowing upward out of the earth; and Inflow Vortexes, where energy is flowing inward, toward the earth. Others want to prowl the 40-plus art galleries lining the streets, or to receive soothing treatments from the dozens of spa facilities. a place or situation regarded as  Sedona spiritual vortexes are powerful energy centers located at sites throughout Sedona, Arizona. Nearby is the Lake Harriet vortex, which is a minor one. There is a whole swirl of vortices around and near the Golden Gate Bridge, and these might be the coming together of several faults--many ley lines follow the great faults and waterways on the surface of our earth. There are different types of vortexes; upflow vortexes are typically found around places such as mountains or mesas and they make people feel rejuvenated, exhilarated and positive. Sedona Vortex/Medicine Wheel Combo. And even those terms are a bit misleading. I'd like to get as much information as possible on where these energy vortexes are said to exist as well as hear about people's personal experiences visiting these vortexes. The Boynton Canyon Vortex can be accessed from Boynton Canyon Trail, from here, follow signs for the Vista Trail. What is a vortex? Sedona vortexes (the proper grammatical form ‘vortices’ is rarely used) are thought to be swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. Contents. Gale, Universal Vortex, Princeton, New Jersey . An amplifier takes a signal or frequency and makes it stronger. Click here for directions to The Oregon Vortex. The Oregon Vortex is a roadside attraction located in Gold Hill, Oregon, in the United States. com. Here's an easy to read map of the world grid. People tend to gather and linger in locations where positive vortexes exist. In fluid dynamics, a vortex (plural vortices/vortexes) is a region in a fluid in which the flow revolves around an axis line, which may be straight or curved. This next picture is a little bit more powerful to me in the amount of energy that I feel from it. For a map on visiting the vortexes, All About Finding Energy Vortex Locations In the US. When I looked  There are many more energy areas than what are found on a Sedona vortex map . Sedona. )   The following is a map of the vortex locations throughout the United States of America. Reviews (337) 367-8344 reviews and information for Dynasty Energy Services in New Iberia, LA. Dogs are attracted by them and may  If you're looking to supercharge your prayers or mantras, perhaps the Airport Vista Vortex will take you there. Jun 24, 2019- Vortexes in the United States - Free USA Vortex Map. A great resource for looking up various vortexes is the page, 10 Vile Vortex Locations As well, seek out the minor chakras - the vortexes that are in your vicinity. Many locals believe there are locations among the red rock spires where the Earth's energy is especially  Oct 7, 2015 An energy vortex is supposed to be just like that except with energy. Efficiency improvements in liquefaction using vortex feed gas precooling. ” She was told energy needed to be brought into the area, but not just to serve the church. Image credit: Mehul Antani via Wikimedia Commons. But vortex earth energy is very different because the energy of a vortex is multifaceted. Sedona Vortex Map  A vile vortex is any of twelve purported particular geographic areas, arranged in a pattern around the Earth. These intersecting strands of Earth's energy are also known as ley lines. An energy vortex is a whirling of energy strongly concentrated at a specific point on earth. Tags : energy vortex. Once on top of this energy field, you are blessed   May 5, 2017 We examine some examples of a vortex to understand why Sedona has long been and certain individuals who claim to be sensitive to the energy of the vortex say it's very real. From the junction of feel the energy getting stronger. The energy field of Sedona spiritual vortexes encompasses a circumference of about 22 miles. Vortices form in stirred fluids, and may be observed in smoke rings, whirlpools in the wake of a boat, and the winds surrounding a tropical cyclone, tornado or dust devil. Jul 10, 2018 Pulse of the polar vortex revealed: A key to mapping future storms in the School of Earth, Energy, & Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth). The ruins and remnants of sacred places that marked energy vortexes were respected as such for generations. The strongest on Boynton Canyon Trail. Sanderson, who cataloged them as the sites of unexplained disappearances and other mysterious phenomena. An international network that investigates all types of vortexes, paranormal vortexes, energy vortexes, ufo vortexes. For some this energy is attractive, while others are not quite sure what to make out of it. Vortexes seem to appear at intersections of the earth's grid, or bio-magnetic field of the earth. It is described as a matrix of connective pathways resembling the human circulatory, nervous, or acupuncture meridian systems. Twisted trees indicate the presence of vortex energy. Have you ever noticed when you’ve walked into an area of unusual temperature change? where its a more vivid colour than the surrounding area? there’s a blurring perhaps or a sense of enhanced energy? Well you may have stumbled across an energy vortex which houses a spirit or inter-dimensional portal. The theory of vortex electron beam electron energy loss spectroscopy ( EELS), or vortex-EELS for short, is presented. The subtle energy that exists at these locations interacts with who a person is inside. If you're will get you started. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Vortex, KY. Whether you believe that energy vortexes exist, one thing is for certain, there is All vortex sites are easily accessible and maps and directions are available at  Jul 12, 2017 No one knows why this is, but it is the reason Es Vedra is an energy center to which is attributed many myths and legends. The result is more power, better power, easier starting and ultimately faster lap times. Maps of vortexes around the world. Picture 2 has three circular vortexes in it. The following is a map of the vortex locations throughout the United States of America. Spirit Portals and Energy Vortexes. It's the yang or "vile" vortex type, of which their are 10, Devil's Sea off Japan, Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island, and others, places where planes and boats disappear. Paranormal hot spots  The Energy of SedonaLocated in the Sedona area are several energy centers There are four vortex sites where the energy is strongest. Modern Interpretation of Energy Vortexes. Most recently, with its nearby vineyards and tasting rooms, Sedona has emerged as a destination for wine enthusiasts. Sign You can customize the The Montana Vortex is a genuine quantum, or gravitational anomaly that may re-define the laws of physics and nature. All of Earth’s chakra points and vortices are connected in an energy grid around the planet. Legend has it that it  Here you will find a Global Vortex Map containing locations that visitors claim are energy vortexes. Hover your cursor over a road on the map to display its name. It makes sense to me because this vortex is located between a rock formation named Kachina Woman and another knoll (which is thought to contain more masculine energy. Feb 20, 2017 Dr. Not only are the portals common, one space physicist contends they form twice as often as anyone had previously imagined. A Powerful Vortex of Energy is Located in Port Townsend, Washington While I was working at a Pottery Shop in Sedona, this lovely couple came in and we had a strong connection with one another. Finally there is what is known as a balanced vortex. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A continuous interaction is believed to take place among the Earth’s major and minor Chakras through an “Earth Energy Field”. Vortexes occur in geometric paterns. These vortices are said to be lines of power where the  The Sedona vortexes are swirls of energy rising from the surface of the Earth that Use these Sedona vortex map links for convenient directions and reviews of  Dec 1, 2017 Sedona has seven energy vortexes where the subtle energy that exists at these locations interacts with the subtle body energy belonging to  Jun 20, 2012 Abstract. Some say the vortex is a result of intersecting Ley Lines, some say vortexes are formed by magnetic energy, and others point out that the energy flow of vortexes exists on a dimension deeper than electricity or magnetism. A Vortex is a place on the planet of increased energy. Unbound Energy Vortices are first seen with Publish 73 and can be found in the dungeon Shame. Some chakra systems contain twelve primary chakras, others fewer, but they refer to a map of the energy circulating through the body, primarily through the spinal column. Vortex information shared by Pete A Sanders, Jr. Deep in the Shining Ones Woods is a vortex vast with strong harmonics and rich with sacred geometries. These entities can then draw off the energy, feed on it and use it to manifest. Well most of the Earths leys are positive but when two of these leys cross or intersect a vortex of negative energy is then created. The spinning vortex creates a pull upon the immediate environment and influences the flow of prana by altering its straight line path. It is like a powerful magnet attracting all kinds of lower vibrational spirit, energy or entity and even sometimes people. Some dams are located on vortices, and often mineral deposits, especially gold, denote a vortex. It’s also home to the mysterious “Keweenaw Vortex”, a place some feel is bursting with natural Earth energy, possibly because of underground rivers in the vicinity. Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon and Airport Mesa. GLOBAL Vortex products are available for any coordinate around the world and have been used to map resource in over 150 countries. Sedona Vortex Map - I have no idea what this is, will have to do some research! My Trip to the Sedona Vortex Sites Back in late 2008 I started figuring out where I wanted to go on Vacation. Spatial map of the local tunneling conductance for the entire disk in the giant vortex state of around zero energy at the vortex core for odd m, and its absence for even m. Energy vortices are whirling pools of energy. A famous example is the Bermuda Triangle. Mainly influenced by Earth Energy: electro-magnetism, ionization, underground water, geothermal activity - to name a few sources; an energy vortex is the "Meeting Grounds for Invisible Energy". As an Amazon Associate We earn from qualifying purchases profounder. Hi Everyone! I wanted to start a thread dedicated to energy vortexes. . ) To reach this vortex, you simply park in the Boynton Canyon Trailhead parking lot (day use fees do apply – to find out what type of pass you’ll need I recommend visiting the The AIRS instrument detects infrared and microwave energy which can then be overlaid on a map to reveal information about weather patterns and overall climate. These on the land hiking adventures can be anywhere from 2 hours to full-day and weekend vortex tours of spiritual attunement! Each of the 6 vortex journeys offered has a unique energy signature. An Unbound Energy Vortex . Situated on 800 acres (3. Researchers have discovered 'magnetic portals' forming high above Earth that can briefly connect our planet to the Sun. Vortex gps locations and areas of high energy and well being. On the map you can zoom in to see the vortex for yourself in  Oct 1, 2016 A Vortex (plural vortices) is defined as: 1. Familiar examples of vortex shapes are whirlwinds, tornadoes, and water going down a drain. This vortex energy is cleansing and purifying. The Boynton Canyon Vortex is a site of balanced energy. Chakra translates loosely to mean ‘wheel’ from Sanskrit, but it more accurately describes a vortex of rotating energy. com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. A small native American sacred spot. When standing in a vortex, the energy will magnify what we bring to it on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Positive Energy Vortexes These on the land hiking adventures can be anywhere from 2 hours to full-day and weekend vortex tours of spiritual attunement! Each of the 6 vortex journeys offered has a unique energy signature. USA Vortex maps. Airport Vortex. Earth’s Energy Field. 1. 8 Questions to Handle A Pro   Jan 31, 2019 The AIRS instrument detects infrared and microwave energy which can then be overlaid on a map to reveal information about weather patterns  Guide-Yourself Sedona Vortex Experience Map Software Created by Master A Sacred Vortex Hoop, the first vortex which will lend you its powerful energy to  Mar 22, 2018 You can't see an energy vortex. These are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. On the map of southern Florida I have drawn the opening arc and the exact Gravity Pull Center, which is at maximum some 10 miles on either side of the physical center, but strongest in the maximum counterclockwise position of North. Tunkel and R. Go another 400 yards to Hwys 179 and 89A, go energy is where the creek is closest to Cathedral the "Vista Trail" sign. As the locals say in Sedona, whatever energy you bring to the vortex (or chakra point) will be magnified. From what I can tell, the vortex thought to be near Hawai'i is not the positive kind similar to Sedona. In this particular video Taka is shining Circa early 90's - CBS (I think) sent a crew to Orcas Island to seek information about the reported energy vortex in front of The Outlook Inn. I'm often asked what is a vortex? Regarding a vortex meaning, I love sharing  Jan 12, 2014 Sedona is a mythical, magic place because of the vortices or concentrated energy spots. primary energy centers, gaia chakras, cradle of civilization, ante-diluvian flight corridor, qigong vortex site tours, southeast asia, river mounds, cliff dwellings, hawaii heiau, lost realms of central and south, america, silk road, pyramids, star stone megaliths of europe, cathedrals, cave paintings, crop circles, mosques, taoist sacred mountains, shinto shrines, vedic and hindu pyramids In Scientific Vortex Information (book, DVD, and Talk) I provide directions to what I feel are Sedona's eight best sites (combination of high energy and easy access). Within my training I learned that the vortices (chakras or energy centers) of the body can be blocked and nearly closed, overextended, distorted, or contain holes and leaks from unhealed injury. 1 Overview. Often, the land will be very beautiful wherever there is a vortex and trees may show twisting trunks and branches, spiraling in the energy field. The vortex energy is not exactly electricity or magnetism, although it does leave a slight measurable residual magnetism in the places where it is strongest. ) Vortexes are a common feature of the unseen world and are found in earth chakras, earth From what I can tell, the vortex thought to be near Hawai'i is not the positive kind similar to Sedona. Their intersection culminates creating high energy vortexes. The nice thing is that the hike from the trailhead out to the rock is utterly stunning, and makes for a great workout to get you focuses on the vibe of the place. The term was coined by Ivan T. Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex. Unbound Energy Vortex. Positive Energy Vortexes The Airport Vortex, along Route 89A just west of the intersection of routes 89A and 179 (the "Y") is said to produce a masculine energy, strengthening one's self-confidence and motivation. Ancient people knew that wherever the earth's energy gathered into a vortex was a sacred place. Chakra points are more lucid and dreaming whereas vortices are clarifying amplifiers. My girlfriend is clairvoyant, and she could see the vortex itself in the picture from Google Maps below. Vortex definition is - something that resembles a whirlpool. My inclination came from pictures mainly. There are two kinds—positive and negative. Sedona vortexes are reportedly areas of concentrated energy rising from the earth. Paranormal hot spots, centers of UFO activity. Note: At this time the 144 Elemental Points of Light project has moved to a new phase, with members of the Earth Energy Healing Network becoming more actively involved in nominating locations and assisting with activations. While Bryant described the vortex locations as electric, magnetic or  Jul 26, 2016 Stability analysis of thermoacoustic interactions in vortex shedding combustors using Poincaré map - Volume 801 The coupling between the acoustic field and the energy released by vortex breakdown can cause  New-Agers have been coming to Sedona for years because of its mysterious spiritual energy, but they weren't the first to believe in its religious power. Ancient Site Vortex. It consists of a number of interesting effects, which are gravity hill optical illusions, [citation needed] but which the attraction's proprietors propose are the result of paranormal properties of the area. Hiking the Vortexes is the most practical, up-to-date guide to reveal the locations of Sedona's vortexes and power spots. A vortex is the funnel shape created by a whirling fluid or by the motion of spiraling energy. Sedona Vortex Map . Because vortices are spinning whirlwinds of energy, this can mean that the energy, the people and the circumstances at some vortices can be a little crazy, too. Mount Shasta is a potent catalyst vortex that quickens people’s awakening into the highest posssible version of themselves, our true, essential, authenic being. MOUNT SHASTA: A POWERFUL SACRED VORTEX. According to Pete A. Many people believe that it is the root chakra of the planet. (1:56). net even warns of potential physical effects: These energy vortexes are said to have been created by spiraling spiritual energy coming up from the earth’s surface, that can facilitate prayer, meditation, and even healing. If you're skeptical, that's okay - looking for vortexes (vortices?) is still a fun excuse for a hike. The center is situation on the South shore near where the rivers converge. Known as the Sedona of Montana for its metaphysical energy. How to use vortex in a sentence. The energy resonates with and strengthens the Inner Being of each person that comes within about a quarter to a half mile of it. Share: Previous Post. from Free Soul, spiritual education program includes how you can find vortexes and understand the energy flow. Tons of tree's with twist. Many visitors have asked for a Sedona vortex map showing where all these renowned spots of heightened spiritual and metaphysical energy can be found. 8 Questions to Handle A Pro Vax Hiking the Vortexes: An easy-to use guide for finding and understanding Sedona's vortexes [William Bohan, David Butler] on Amazon. There are four main energy vortexes in Sedona. Many come to experience the vortex energy centers of Sedona. Vortexes are categorized as either "feminine" (energy entering the earth) or "masculine" (energy leaving the earth). The Airport Vortex, along Route 89A just west of the intersection of routes 89A The Importance of Ley Lines and Vortices. Energy Vortices --Vortex for singular -- also called Power Spots or Sacred Sites, are concentrated subtle-energy deposits located at various geophysical places. The spring is small and at a park: landa park. Find Sedona Vortexes with our interactive PDF guide that includes information on all 4 Sedona Vortexes as well as links to 4 indivdual vortex maps that you can view on your computer or mobile devices. Particularly, grid operators in those regions, ISO New England and PJM Interconnection, will be stressed in meeting the significant rise in power demand. Many people feel inspired, recharged or uplifted after visiting a vortex. Sedona Vortexes A vortex is a place, usually on or near an interesting rock formation, where people have reported feeling inspired by a beneficial source of energy. (To learn more about the flow of prana see: “The Circulation of Prana”. Vortex. " 7. Vortex 10 Map ECU for KTM. Vortex Hunters. Then I was told (by spirit) to go into the church and start opening the energy. Maps to Famous Sedona Vortex Spots. At these magical sites, trees often exhibit this swirling or twisting of their trunks due the powerful vortex energy at the core of a Sedona Vortex. T he Sedona Vortex/Medicine Wheel Combo Tour is the ultimate Sedona spiritual experience combined with a pure Southwestern experience. L. Quartz is known to generate energy and geological areas high in quartz are believed to serve as a conduit for various energies, especially psychic and spiritual. The Vortex 10 Map ECU for Husqvarna is like our 10 Map Ignition and EFI Interceptor rolled into one module controlling not only ignition timing, voltage output, fuel mapping and other engine management functions. Description Vortex 10 Map ECU for KTM. energy vortex sedona arizona | Sedona Vortex Map See more But when the movement of the energy begins to spiral, a special vortex is formed — a hurricane is a good example of this — and the nature of a spiral vortex is determined by the way it moves. A paranormal vortex is an interdimensional portal, a place where psychic abilities are enhanced. 65 km2) along the banks of the Potomac River in northern Fairfax County. A Mountain Of Many Legends Draws Spiritual Seekers From Around The Globe Mount Shasta, in Northern California, is a massive snowcapped volcano surrounded by miles of pristine national forest The Gravity Pull Center Vortex energy also pulled counterclockwise on the southern end of Florida itself. Energy is calm and feels me with gratitude. The Earth Grid Theory States that the Earth Energy Fields are connected with one another by means of a geometric pattern The first vortex is a magnetic vortex. (Note that a parking pass is required at all of these locations. I have been exploring sacred ancient sites in Montana since 1996. Some believe that certain vortexes are negative or vile in energy. At an electrical vortex, the energy is said to be more masculine and energizing. A vortex can be made up of anything that flows, such as wind, water, or electricity. Great Falls Park is a small National Park Service site in Virginia, United States. In 1983, I began to learn about and work with healing the subtle energy fields of the human body. Pete does research, lectures, conferences and leads vortex tours in Sedona. 14 Spiritual Travel Destinations In the United States. 1 Locations have argued that the vortices are linked to "subtle matter energy", "ley lines",  "A vortex is a mass of energy that moves in a rotary or whirling motion, causing a depression or vacuum at the center. and Richard Dannelley in their works Scientific Vortex Information and Sedona Power Spot Vortex respectively, vortexes are labled according to the direction of their energy flow. Welcome to the Vortex google satellite map! This place is situated in Wolfe County, Kentucky, United States, its geographical coordinates are 37° 41' 50" North, 83° 31' 38" West and its original name (with diacritics) is Vortex. The Boynton Canyon vortex is located about 8 miles west of the Sedona “Y”. Energy feels on a smaller scale than Sedona but energy can still be felt. As the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast cope with another polar vortex this week, the record-breaking temperatures will strain the electricity grid. Protect yourself and do your research before you visit. also included the site of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which many visitors claim is a vortex spot. Sanders Jr. The vortex near Bell Rock is supposed to be one of the more powerful, with a peaceful but strong masculine energy-- it flows up, so you'll leave feeling rejuvenated. The five most known sites are: Bell Rock (Upflow - also called Electric, Masculine, or Positive Vortex) Airport Mesa (Upflow - also called Electric, Masculine, or Positive Vortex) It is reported and research has confirmed that in the Western North Carolina area, there are a multitude of mountain vortices, waterfalls, caves, power spots and areas where ancient ceremonies gave birth to a special magic and energy. Comal Springs vortex has been added to the vortex map. In today’s competitive energy environment, low-cost LNG from North America, the Middle East and Russia/CIS is the most economic way for energy-disadvantaged countries and remote areas throughout the world to reduce their dependency on higher-cost and Exploring Southern Utah: The Vortex September 29, 2014 / in NEW ON THE WEB / by Utah Geological Survey Take a break this afternoon for some Southern Utah daydreams with this fun read on The Vortex in the Red Mountain Wilderness. 602 Vortex Dr New Iberia LA 70560. The other type of vortex is known as an electrical vortex. This combination tour gives you your own powerful Sedona vortex experience in the midst of the red rocks with a phenomenal guide who will assist you in tuning into and working with the vortex energy to allow insight Earth’s Energy Field. This large emporium of Earth’s treasures houses all kinds of precious and semi-precious stones for the collector. An earth energy vortex can be electrical, magnetic, or electromagnetic. a mass of spinning air, liquid, etc. Statistics. In picture number 1, we have our straight grid map of China for comparison. , that pulls things into its center. This theory is  United States among spiritual seekers to visit Sedona's “high energy meditation sites. 2. A year later, they returned and looked me up and invited me to come visit Port Townsend, WA where they live. energy vortex map