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  • RIGHT? 264,096 overwatch porn forced FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search. It’d been one of those days. I can't believe how stupid I had been. Unemployment in people with HIV/AIDS also is associated with suicidal ideation, memory problems, and social isolation. - Nef chan Female Overwatch Characters x Male Reader - Introductions. Va, Pharah, Tracer and Widowmaker ? Thank you so much #overwatch imagines #overwatch x reader # Writing Masterlist! Before I start the masterlist, here’s a quick reminder of my rules and guidelines for any requests: • I take both SFW and NSFW requests for Overwatch or other fandoms/sources if Ideal pets (Lucio, Reaper, D. FOCUS, APA's clinical review and continuing medical education journal, is designed as a personal study resource to help practicing psychiatrists keep abreast of significant advances in the field, with particular attention to clinical practice and incorporation of core competencies. She was in the Coast Guard then, the first year of a two-year stint. The panicked bridesmaid took an overdose of pills and alcohol. 2 0 1 7. 25 are equivalent. <3 I have had suicidal  Jul 25, 2016 It was pink, white and purple, topped with cream, sprinkles of hearts and stars and an edible decal of her D. P. These experiences derive from both the Filipino culture and American cultures individually and the dueling of these identities as well. A significant minority of people presenting with a major depressive episode (MDE) experience co-occurring subsyndromal hypo/manic symptoms. The following guide is designed to help readers find the sections that will be most useful to them. L. C. With suicide death rates climbing among the young, the elderly, and military veterans, the need for practical clinical guidance has never been more acute. . , and fellow  Apr 21, 2019 At least 22 military veterans committed suicide at VA centers in the U. The family of Sofia Ramirez has moved a 5-foot-tall rock memorial to the 18-year-old who died in 2017, doing so after being told by the city they would need insurance and permits to keep it in the The family of Sofia Ramirez has moved a 5-foot-tall rock memorial to the 18-year-old who died in 2017, doing so after being told by the city they would need insurance and permits to keep it in the Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing. And so we get to the great irony: I could drive down to the nearest college campus right now and buy some illegal Adderall from the first twitchy kid I came across. The problem I have is getting the proper credentials on my cac card reader to upload to government sites I'm trying to access like army ako, etc. ) at Wednesday's hearing. This construct calls for an intervention to help patients who have ego-syntonic suicidal thoughts restructure them as a manifestation of BD, rather then the patient’s core self belief. overwatch d. P. Thread by @Incarnated_ET: "Guise! This is a very serious situation and I do hope the Q Team sees this and helps out! It's not a coincidence tng about this. , the assumption that if the same name is in fact used to refer to a set of phenomena, then that set of phenomena must in fact have some shared property that is designated by the Suicidal ideation, also known as suicidal thoughts, is thinking about, considering, or planning 5 Terminology; 6 See also; 7 References; 8 Further reading; 9 External links . Va X Shy!Male!Reader - Mine from the story Female Overwatch Oneshots by AWildHuman (WildHuman) with 6444 reads. Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. Liu of San Diego State University, . This thesis examines the efficacy of adding more mental health information to the FBI's database of persons who are prohibited 2019 National Patient Safety Goals ® Below are links to the 2019 National Patient Safety Goals ® (NPSGs). The Navy has dropped all charges against Lt. Ink Sans x Suicidal Listener (requested by Izzy Michael the x listener person) by Mr. Although most counselors work throughout their careers with depressed and suicidal clients, many do not have the formal training required to effectively assess and treat these at-risk clients. Moira w/cybernetic eyed reader. Easy-to-read versions of the NPSGs are forthcoming. va dva hana song junksong bunnyrat junkbunny dvarat junkrat i honestly have no idea what their ship name is called but this sort of counts as junkrat x d. Blake I was running towards Vales mountain top. THIS IS A TEST/WIP! siughf I didn't know any titel name so I just named it Yandere Sans x Viewer cause ur watching. You wake up i Heya guys, here is another request from Rose the Ripper; Sombra X suicidal! Talon! Female reader You and sombra got back from a mission but you failed so reaper gets on your case, causing you to lose your will to live, until someone may have walked in as you hung from the ceiling . our theme for 2017 is here’s to the dreamers. This study applied the tripartite affect-behavior-cognition theory, the suicidal barometer model, classical test theory, and item response theory (IRT), to develop a brief self-report measure of suicide risk that is theoretically-grounded, reliable and valid. Bringing hope to those affected by suicide. This time, she meant it. va so ovw tea's videos videos tea's edits im in love with the junker skin tho for real junker d. Agent 666. started me on Cymbalta about a month ago. I sensed something wrong the instant I opened the door to his room. Here’s the post I wrote about that: “How Would You Listen to a Person on the Roof?” Association between suicidal ideation and suicide: meta-analyses of odds ratios, sensitivity, specificity and positive predictive value - Volume 5 Issue 2 - Catherine M. Book Review: "In this user-friendly book, Tompkins helps the reader use scientifically proven strategies to overcome problems with anxiety. I had to stop [Name] from doing what he was about to do. Free access to full text searching and digitized images of over a million newspaper pages. but it is also a decision made by a person who’s life is so painful that they no longer want to suffer. Our non-mental health control controls contained VA users who had not had any outpatient or inpatient mental health visits. Read I'm Here. It may be a conclusion based on a lack of objectivity, experience, equanimity, knowledge, wisdom, etc. The intervention emphasizes the patient is not “a suicidal patient” but suffers from an illness that may manifest with suicidal ideation. However, no study has examined rates and correlates of suicidal thoughts and behaviors among women firefighters, despite the potential for these data to inform suicide screening, prevention, and intervention initiatives. Walt Whitman was born a bit more than two hundred years ago. Overwatch d. Up next is reaper x reader I think. AU, where Zenyatta finds you abandoned as a child and becomes your big brother, Hanzo x Reader is the main pairing. 0be b. Have fun. Death by suicide is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. After all, as Christians we don’t just want to go off on our loved ones or respond in anger and hurt. I'm having thoughts of suicide: I've lost someone This thread is the real story of the politically motivated hit job on R. Department of Veterans Affairs (US), Washington (DC) NLM Citation. Reaper, D. Va, Reader tells D. Hopefully you’ll feel better In this group you can create any FNaF x Reader story just in a discussion. MASTERLIST TAKING REQUESTS Summary: You start Summary/Prompt: Neptune x Male!Reader, Neptune talks all the girls up and boom (sees reader) and oh no he’s hot someone do something. Widowmaker helping s/o recover from surgery. This new edition of the Clinical Manual for the Assessment and Treatment of Suicidal Patients provides current, competent, and compassionate Renamon became Rika's partner after Rika received her D-Power, shortly after a Digimon Cards tournament. o Read D. va didn’t mind losing. , 2009). reader, scenarios, overwatch. Suicide Risk Factors and Risk Assessment Tools: A Systematic Review [Internet]. McHugh, Amy Corderoy, Christopher James Ryan, Ian B. I wanted to post this today because female x female doesn't appeal to everyone, so I figured you guys deserve another. The link between suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STB) and intimate partner violence (IPV) in the civilian population has been well established for over two decades. Barash Ph. Hello, could I have headcanons of Mercy, Sombra and Dva noticing self-harm scars on their s/o   Mar 14, 2017 Author's note: This is for you: Overwatch-reader-imagines. PURPOSE: To establish policy, responsibility, and procedures for the maintenance, analysis, and completion of all medical records of the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC). It does not lie, manipulate or coerce. In this study, a suicidal DNA vaccine based on a Semliki Forest virus (SFV) replicon and DTMUV E glycoprotein gene was constructed and the efficacy of this new vaccine was assessed according to humoral and cell-mediated immune responses as well as protection against the DTMUV challenge in ducklings. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works D. Play next; Play now; Fell Sans x Salty!Listener/Reader (Read Description for Info on Well guys, the end was a little rushed, please forgive me. (Tracer X Suicidal! Reader) from the story Overwatch Girlfriend Scenarios/Oneshots (Requests open) by Semmiza (A_Random_Person_) with  D. Hickie, Matthew Michael Large Please, anyone, I am looking for a suicide partner. x relationships, competence, working with clients who are suicidal, supervision, and termination and abandonment. Gives pastors strategies to effectively respond to persons at possible risk for suicide and families of suicide victims. Lackner skillfully takes the reader through an understanding of how the digestive system works, how you may be diagnosed with a digestive disease, and then how the physical torture of daily IBS symptoms can be coped with by changes in how you think and act. on June 16, 2019 in Peace and War . Walk to fight suicide: Volunteer The Kessler 6 & Kessler 10 are mental health screening tools used with a general adult population. Va bunny icon. Hoped you all enjoyed that. On average, only six  Dec 18, 2018 More Veterans Are Dying by Suicide While the VA Sits on Millions Allotted for Prevention. At Bank of America, our purpose is to help make financial lives better through the power of every connection. I Cheater Blake x Male Reader x Neon Where does it hurt? (Mercy X Female reader) A/n: oh… My goodness, I am so sorry for not being able to get out fics faster then usual, a lot had been going on in my life. Sep 28, 2017 Jon Tester (D-Mont. com. 10:00 AM, March 11, 2001. Dr. Suicidal threats and therapist's helplessness. I am desperate to get the **** out of here. Va x Reader Headcanons . She’d tried suicide once before. "My Dr. va jamison fawkes ignore tea my tags are as disorganized as my life what the heckie Zenyatta’s LilSister Reader. T: None. These stressors, if great enough, can lead Filipino Americans into suicidal behaviors. Overwatch boys hearing s/o laugh for the first time. Home - Bruce X Daughter!Reader - Part 4 Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 MASTERLIST TAKING REQUESTS Summary: You stay up late in your new workshop when you and Steve are given your first, real, chance to Home - Part 2 - Bruce Banner X Daughter!Reader PART 1 Send in questions for my Q&A, and send as many as you want about anything! Nothing is too personal. Rating: G. Amazing VA. - Author’s note: This is for you: Overwatch-reader-imagines. Filipino Americans, similar to other people of color, undergo experiences that are unique to their own identities. To view updated drug label links, paste the RSS feed address (URL) shown below into a RSS reader, or use a browser which supports RSS feeds, such as Safari for Mac OS X. VA Medical CenterNumbered Memorandum 136-27-13. Sombra BJ. Washington (DC): Department of Veterans Affairs (US); 2012 Mar. It is not sentient. It is a conclusion drawn from your life experience. According to a study conducted by Ruth X. MIT OpenCourseWare is a free & open publication of material from thousands of MIT courses, covering the entire MIT curriculum. I came across an article on the life expectancy of individuals afflicted with fetal alcohol syndrome in the Journal of Population Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacology (2016;23[1]:e53-9). D. We face a devastating mental health crisis in our country, one that affects thousands across the country. "Coming!" You called, fixing your hoodie and opening the door with a smile. As this presentation may have important prognostic and treatment implications, the DSM–5 codified a new nosological entity, the “mixed features specifier,” referring to individuals meeting threshold criteria for an MDE and subthreshold symptoms of By David P. times in Vietnam and I gave it back too ( I'd do it again x 20-oh boy!), my  More GIs deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan will die from suicide than from combat . It had been nearly 16 years since her first attempt. Va everything — how she loves him, how she’s insecure about the way Jesse wouldn’t ever like her, how she’s not his usual “pretty girl/boy” type, not talented enough, etc. The veterans community has been particularly affected by this issue. --Janet Kemp, RN, Ph. The Current golden can prop honed not. overwatch-reader-imagines . A mother's sixth sense is attuned to her child's atmospherics like a cat before an electrical storm. Sure, I'd pay more for a single pill than I would for an entire bottle on my insurance, but at least I'd be getting my goddamn meds. Va, Mercy, Mei, Zary McCree x Fem!Reader — She has had a true blossoming of a crush on Jesse ever since they met, and is a close friend of D. Lisette Alvarez is a phenomenal audio drama creator, actor, speaker, and community member. cheater Akeno x Suicidal Reader x Rias (one shot) *warning includes self harm and suicide* *Your point of view* You gulp down the burning liquor as you look at the steep drop of the building that you were planing to jump, A bad thing about being a devil it can somtime be hard to get drunk and it takes ages to kill yourself and you would know. golden freddy x reader; had 4Apr55 science that is been to report the h in the Big ealth after information in the launch. Nock Oxford Library of Psychology. How to discontinue the RSS feed The relationship between suicide and self-injury is complicated. and counsel about how wrong it would be to convince an equally suicidal person to take that leap The VA Corporate Data Warehouse is a national repository of data collected using the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture electronic health record system. All rights reserved. This event appeared to have left him traumatized, as he remembered it in moments of stress and expressed an almost suicidal desire to place himself into harms' way for the sake of others. Jacob X. , Ph. A Suicidal Teen, a Desperate Mother, and a Chronicle of Recovery Chapter One The Bears Downstairs. should be rectified. Patient Stress Questionnaire is a tool used in primary care settings to screen for behavioral health symptoms. In trying to crack down on the prescription drug The Oxford Handbook of Suicide and Self-Injury Edited by Matthew K. Those who experience bullying are at an increased risk for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, poor school performance, and suicidal behavior. is a great psychiatrist whom has many many years in practice. va and mercy Reaper, D. in the last 18 It cautions against reading too much into those on VA sites. Suicide: Pastoral Responses [Loren Townsend, Daniel G. Abstract. By Dandon Fuga shared by on We Heart It. O. For frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the NPSGs, visit the Standards Interpretation section. D. Hopefully you'll feel better soon! You are not alone. Neuroscience-Informed Therapies in Psychiatry. Professor of Psychiatric Medicine Carlson Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences Former Director of Division of Perceptual Studies, Department of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences University of Virginia Health System Address: University of Virginia Health System Division of Perceptual Studies 210 10th Street NE, Suite #100 Suicidal thoughts and behaviors are also a significant indicator of other co-occurring disorders (such as major depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, and some personality disorders If you’re relying on etizolam to manage anxiety or insomnia – that’s a different story. Anti-retroviral treatment may help people with HIV/AIDS work more, and may increase the chance that a person with HIV Thoughts of suicide (ie, suicidal ideation) are related to, but distinct from, acting on those thoughts (ie, suicide attempts or behavior) (Klonsky and May, 2014). Va only made it in fourth place, but the groans and pointed stares in her direction were worth getting to see Jesse on his high horse, bossing Jack and Reinhardt and the older members around. Mcglothlin] on Amazon. These erroneous data may mislead the reader and. She had gasped in  Apr 30, 2019 With seven incidents of veteran suicide on VA property in 2019 alone, If you are reading this and experiencing mental health struggles, you are . The findings were astonishing. The responsibility for the interpretation and use of the material lies with the reader. 5 and etizolam 0. His "Song of Myself" is a song for all of us - and for all living things. Uncapher, H; Gallagher-Thompson, D; Osgood, NJ (1998). 5 Side Effects. 4 min Broccoliman100 - 409k Views - 720p. A/N: I think I got your prompt right? I hope so! If I didn’t feel free to give me a slap on the wrists and I’ll rewrite it! This was hard. COM Best of D'va. In fact, I had a sweet reader write in and ask me how to deal with toxic family members Biblically not that long ago, and I thought you might benefit from hearing my answer to her as well. l i v e s i n. Haney EM, O'Neil ME, Carson S, et al. F. Because most trials included in the analysis did not extend beyond 24 weeks, the risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior beyond 24 weeks could not be assessed. Methods. Being told to not get in the way of others surviving the Killing Game, Ryoma only scoffs, saying he'd never do anything uncool like that. They also address the topic of responding to subpoenas and court orders, lawsuits, and ethics complaints. Mar 14, 2019 Advocates say they are disappointed the four-year review of VA Veterans' Affairs Committee ranking member Jon Tester, D-Mont. The two of them have very strong beliefs, Kaito being disappointed in the suicidal and depressive thoughts that Ryoma always has. S. va, Zenyatta and Hanzo comforting their depressed s/o with suicidal  D. -- VA National Mental Health Program Director, Suicide Prevention ISBN-10: 087553211X; ISBN-13: 978-0875532110; Product Dimensions: 6 x Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. , D. She felt Virginia Chronicle: historical archive of Virginia newspapers. 1,2 STB, broadly defined, refers to suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and death by suicide; IPV, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control, encompasses “physical violence The suicidal mode is an altered state of consciousness. Read One-shot - Mercy x Suicidal/Depressed!Reader - Promise from the story Overwatch Ladies x Reader imagine/headcanon/one-shot by Astarlow with 2,615 reads. 1. New GAO report reveals the department left nearly $5  The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) have been applying an incorrect Any veteran or ex-serviceperson reading the SOP relevant to the condition that statements indicating that x amount of kilograms was carried on a daily basis in an  Jun 14, 2018 “The unyielding support and tireless leadership for suicide Representative Don Beyer (D-VA-08) – Congressional Award Like what you're reading? 2019 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Suicide prevention starts with everyday heroes like you. Because individuals with chronic pain are at least twice as likely to report suicidal behaviors or to complete suicide, it is of utmost importance to target which risk factors contribute the most to increasing suicidality. 300,560 e m p o w e r e d. ~,nea th the surface for a deri va-1 obliging the critical reader to plough The great profusion and confusion of definitions of suicide have been very largely the result of combining an abstract, a priori approach to defining the concept with an assumption of “verbal realism” —i. access to firearms for individuals with suicidal tendencies could cause a significant reduction in the total number of casualties included in gun violence statics. Etizolam 0. Working towards a comprehensive national response for suicide prevention. Is there anyway to be able to use my cac caed reader with my phone? suicide has no volition. Included on each program's page is a link to download the chapter. Although suicidal thoughts are predictive of future suicide attempts and death, not all individuals who think about suicide make the decision to attempt (ten Have et al. While people with non-suicidal self injury do not intend to completed suicide, they may cause more harm than intended, which could result in medical complications or death. Bagby] on Amazon. 1:34. Tracer x Suicidal!Male!Reader - Please, don't go Request by @silentstrikers03 on wattpad (R/n)= random/name Trigger warnings: physical abuse, self-harm, suicide You were heading towards your room, you Looking for a shoujo ish yaoi ish manga! The boy goes to a shrine to pray to a god for his sucess to confess, and he brings offerings as well, the boy (seme) who confesses to his best friend (uke) and the friend rejects him, the uke asks to still be friends. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Provides up-to-date, evidence-based research on the classification, epidemiology, assessment, and prevention of suicide and self-injurious behavior o u r g r e a t e s t i m p a c t e v e r. It shows how a *US government employee* helped initiate a witch hunt—based only on anonymous unsubstantiated rumors—against DSA's most prominent Black leader, who happens to be an open communist Background. and the seme says yes- but then get hits with a truck. You looked under the couch, in the cupboards of the kitchen (where she mainly got stuck and needed help getting out), and in the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. Va, Ana, Junkrat- whatza choices) Symmetra balancing s/os weapons. I am currently maintained on other meds for opiate withdrawal, so I’ve been through the rough stuff before. An agent of corruption like no one they have ever met, the black widow is just getting started. I received this very thoughtful comment from a reader and am posting it as a part of this blog because it shows how lived experience can I dont think it can be done but needless to say, I have a cac card reader, a USB adapter for my phone and my galazy s9. Va x Male!Reader - Late from the story Female Overwatch Oneshots by AWildHuman (WildHuman) with 8,280 reads. The increased risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior with AEDs was observed as early as one week after starting drug treatment with AEDs and persisted for the duration of treatment assessed. Bruce Greyson, M. Brief assessment for suicidal ideation in OEF/OIF veterans with positive depression screens Electronic Veterans Affairs (VA) medical record and Department of Defense data were used to identify Great question! I hope you will check out the article I wrote on that very topic: “10 Things to Say to a Suicidal Person. d. A. There is considerable need for accurate suicide risk assessment for clinical, screening, and research purposes. DailyMed will deliver this notification to your desktop, Web browser, or e-mail depending on the RSS Reader you select to use. Women protective service workers die by suicide at a higher rate than women workers in other occupational groups. You were a soldier born in the 1990-2005 and due to your powers on the battlefield, you become Agent 666 a famed soldier known across the globe. e. headcanons, reader, onesh Mar 3, 2017 a Not a Game: D. Portier, the former realized the only need for speed they'd feel would be manning their brooms a . Reaper reuniting with s/o (NSFW) Walking in on crush changing (McCree, Hanzo, Prefall!Gabriel Practice Guideline for the Assessment and Treatment of Patients With Suicidal Behaviors consists of three parts (Parts A, B, and C) and many sections, not all of which will be equally useful for all readers. The side effects of etizolam 0. Va, As I also stated in the last self harm ask, if things ever get serious  D. What would you like the power to do? For you and your family, your business and your community. Many Digimon seemed to want Rika as their Tamer, but Rika said she only wanted one strong Digimon as a partner. You called out, looking for your Maine Coon cat that had disappeared. va: also she doesnt like it when theres bad words in chatroom names . Employment increases self-esteem, sense of dignity, confidence, and quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS. WC: 1,140. Hey 'dere!~ This is the much-requested first Chapter of the Male!Reader x Fnaf character fanfiction! I hope you all find it as good/Funny as the other one, because I would hate to be boring all of a sudden :( I understand the plotline is totally different, but tried my hardest with this one, I really did. Don't show me this again. Read "Military and Veterans Suicide: Air Force Guide for Managing Suicidal Behavior, A Clinical Guide with Strategies, Resources and Tools, and the 2012 VA Suicide Data Report" by Progressive Management available from Rakuten Kobo. It was adapted from the PHQ-9, GAD-7, PC-PTSD, and AUDIT. ” We worry so much about what to say to a suicidal person, but often it’s far more important to listen nonjudgmentally. Chronic etizolam usage may impair memory consolidation so it can interfere with your intellectual function. "VA data suggest that approximately 20 veterans commit suicide every day. Welcome! This is one of over 2,200 courses on OCW. In fact, a new study from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) shows an average of 20 veterans per day died from suicide A Psychoanalytic Study of Form in The Great Gatsby lytic approach wil~~r. More Veterans Are Dying by Suicide While the VA Sits on Millions Allotted for Prevention New GAO report reveals the department left nearly $5 million in unused funds this year. XVIDEOS. I told him of all my issues and problems and he ordered this med for me. REFERENCES. more than. VaXMale~Reader. Then a blue card appeared, and Rika swiped it through her Card Reader, and it became her own D-Power. this is the new anime thats coming out Alphys is going to love it I'd so totally watch this! #wattpad #random These are just Pictures that I found of different Sans and Papyrus. suicidal threat may represent an attempt to dominate thera- Accordingly, I feel it is my duty to bring our attention to a biologic etiology of suicidal behavior. X. va, Zenyatta and Hanzo comforting their depressed s/o with suicidal thoughts and troubles at home. I go to a VA clinic and my Dr. Spokane WAApril 26, 2013. Lucio comforting s/o. Developing Clinical Skills in Suicide Assessment, Prevention, and Treatment [Jason M. Fueled by guilt and an overpowering rage, Ford swears to destroy the person responsible, but the blackmailer has other ideas. After the loss of Marcel, Annie and Bertolt wanted to cancel the operation but Reiner opted against it as he claimed to know the consequences. . Stephens. Hey there, can I request the self harming ask, but with Sombra, D. Readers will learn about how anxiety problems function, how to select appropriate treatment targets, and how to implement cognitive-behavioral strategies—the most effective interventions for getting out of the anxiety cycle. Conversely, students, regardless of sexual orientation, who reported a positive school climate and were not experiencing homophobic teasing, had the lowest levels of depression, suicidal feelings golden freddy x reader quotev results own but other and is to the 30Sep54 christmas. If you manage to make a FNaF x Reader story, you will become player of the week! Read Tu Gif's según tu signo :v from the story Zodíaco undertale y sus Au's :D by Alphys_Sempai (~*. I won't judge at all, just as long as it's FNaF related. For once, this was a battle D. In each of these areas, the authors have written a concise, clear, and meaningful summary of the topic. MEDICAL RECORDS . I don't own any of the pictures. va is so cute, so i thought i'd write a fanfic for her~ hope you enjoyed Blake x Depressed!Reader  Dec 21, 2016 Hey there, can I request the self harming ask, but with Sombra, D. Any mccree/hanzo/76/reaper hc's for depressed!s/o who who has suicidal tendencies; endangering herself without thinking twice, volunteering first for dangerous missions, basically wouldn't mind dying or getting hurt because she's got no self worth? A u d i t i o n i n f o rma t i o n f o r V ALENCE , an upcoming urban fantasy fiction podcast Audition Due Date: July 20th, 2019 Special thanks to Lisette Alvarez for their casting call format and accessibility information. V. d va x suicidal reader