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"But there are certain indications when things are going wrong. co. CROFT/2733 £3. A. Prestwich) 4 stud single cylinder 500cc racing engine is powered by a dual float Amal carburetor, a BTH racing magneto, and a double-acting Pilgrim oil pump. lucas k2f amc. bth magneto kc1, kc2, kd1 etc brass base points set in very good condition. Magneto Replacement Body/Housing, as supplied with Sure-Fire/Smart-Fire Pre-Unit Single/Twin/V-Twin Ignition Systems. Sprockets were fitted to a taper on the drive shaft, so timing of the magneto by moving this could be substantially vanad, Buy online, view images and see past prices for A BTH type GA4-K3 magneto. lucas kf1 competition. In Cars, Motorcycles and Automobilia. As with the motorcycle mags, there are quite a few parts available reproduction such as pickups and slip rings etc, whilst others parts can be sourced second hand or made from scratch if required. Its nice to see an early series 1 which are very rare - production starting at sn1000 in 1922 & finishing at sn1329 in 1923. The journal of the VMCC is acknowledged as the source for this material. If it's a magneto and needs to be revived, call your magneto doctors at 1-800-HUNTMAGS. For more information visit www. 005439 How To Repair & Restore Tractor Magnetos & Electrics by N. Magneto Ignition Supplies Ltd. BT-H is often called just BTH, no hyphen. Phone us: +0044 (0) 1908 550 044 Answer: If your bike originally had a Lucas or BTH magneto we will almost certainly Question 5: Can I fit a manual advance lever to my new BTH magneto ? This includes all types of Stationary Engines, Tractors, Boats, Motorcycles and Cars ranging from the most simple generator sets through Magnetos from some of the more obscure manufacturers are shown on this page. It had the use of the patents of GE of the U. lucas lfi. , Fairbanks Morris, Wico, Lucas, American Bosch and other vintage magnetos. P. As an aside, I have at least a dozen magneto testers, but I almost always turn to a Merc-o-tronic 98 or 9800 first when checking a coil. As all affected batteries would have been modified by now, this AD is considered to be no longer requi red. The dnve would invariably be by chain, which could be ad)usted by moving the magneto or pecking it on its support plate. The gears differ from the originals in that they are made from one piece of tufnol rather than having a bush in the centre. BENNER/1288 BTH Magneto 1933 Instruction Manual & Wiring diagrams . This is an index of all the magneto data sheets on Peter Forbes' site. : 0179 KD1 017. J. Magneto tips and hints "It's impossible to properly test a mag without the right equipment," says Stuart. The weight of my '48 cases suggests there is certainly plenty of metal and the BT-H magneto went straight on. - TEd MANY machines have enjoyed a winter's in-door attention, whether it be just minor titivating or a full-blown re-fit, and emerge again for practical use at about this time of year, only to reveal problems in starting which, almost Manuals /, BTH Magneto 1931 Instruction Manual. This redundant system ensures that the ignition will keep sparking even if one magneto fails. 1 & mk2 concentric, dellorto, and jawa complete carbs in stock. www. ca1936. is a small engineering company which has been formed to supply moulded components and spares, including distributor caps, rotor arms, CB covers, etc. Magneto Parts 2016 Catalog page 5 Webster Magneto Parts The Webster “Tripolar” mag was the most popular low tension mag for single cylinder engines. lucas k2f x. We are a Magneto Repair and Restoration Service based in Crowborough, East Sussex. sparesforclassicmotorcycles1. Peter Scott Motorcycles - Magneto Repairs. About 8,100  BTH Magneto 1927 to 1928 Instruction Manual for magneto types M1 and M2 only. It is categorized as a form of alternator, although it is usually considered distinct from most other alternators, which use field coils rather than permanent magnets. To suit Lucas or BTH magneto. BTH MAGNETO CAM RING TRIUMPH PRE-UNIT ORIGINAL NOS SKC. This is what gets done first with a suspected magneto issue. NL: Sales & Repairs of Magnetos for Motorcycles, Cars, Aeroplanes, Tractors and From Lucas,Bosch and also the Bosch D-types all parts are in stock,except a BTH EIC BLV CAV FELLOWS HILL LISTER Lucas MILLER ML RUNBAKEN Joe Hunt Points Type Magnetos Installation Instructions, British Twins to replace a Lucas K2F or a BTH magneto, installation and timing is exactly as noted in . To keep the electrics humming along nicely, magneto specialist Skip Brolund rebuilt the generator and original BTH magneto. The NGK plugs have a good heat range so the suggested grade will usually perform well for most normal riding. BTH Magneto 1927 to 1928 Instr. Original issue, includes a complete list of serviceable parts used on American Bosch Aviation Magneto types DF18RU-2 and DF18LU-2, identification of parts numbers, description of parts, quantities used and photographs of serviceable parts. /retard plunger skc 24217 122 bth l/h slip ring skc 6307-g1 367 housing plug (small) d5810 123 bth magneto kc1, kc2, kd1 etc brass base points set in very good condition. Combined lighting/ignition Types PBK & PBM (A&B). (J. Old Fashioned Vehicle Parts. - Copper shims that fit behind the manual advance unit, used  Lucas/BTH Manual Advance Magneto Pinion / Drive Gear - Pre Unit Triumph Twins - Alloy. Chrome and aluminium parts are still in good condition for their age, this machine must have been treated with love and care by its previous owners. If this were a later BTH or Lucas magneto there also would have been a safety gap screw to remove (failing to remove it accounts for the characteristic piece broken from so many slip rings). If you have a modified motor or you are competition We can handle all of the typical multi cylinder types Including Bosch, Simms Eisemann Lucas BTH Marelli, Dixie, Mea, IH, Wico etc. 33650 See more like this MAGNETO POINTS COVER SUIT BTH + SOME ML PRESSED BRASS 52mm Id Knurled edge New (Other) If you want magneto repairs - we are the guys! Most of the work we do involves magnetos as fitted to Veteran, Vintage and Classic machines. If you do not see your type, I still may have it in stock. From Lucas,Bosch and also the Bosch D-types all parts are in stock,except a few very rare parts. BT-H Magneto's Ltd is now trading as BTH Components Ltd. Two screws hold each HT pickup, and a bolt presses the points assembly into a taper in the end of the armature. For magnetos, types M1,M2,MC1 and MC2. The manufacturing tooling and moulding equipment was purchased from Independent Ignition Supplies. Fits in place of Lucas K2F/BTH type magnetos. Just the thought of having to work on one runs shivers up many a veteran rider's spine. dl no. 60 Add BTH Instruction Book No. Fairly new to M types help needed petter m type 1 1/2hp 1925 I believe you should be using a crank handle to start this engine if you are using a BTH magneto proof screwed types. The different thickness of crankcase casting I assume is due to variations you often get with sand castings. There are various types and brands of aircraft magnetos and choosing the right one for your aircraft application is Magneto and ATD spares for Lucas, BTH, and ML magnetos. Our extensive Parts List covers all the common Lucas, BTH and Miller Magnetos and Dynamos, and also some of the more obscure ones! We also supply JG Electronic Regulators, Magneto Timing Detectors, ATDs, Cam Rings, and offer Coil Rewinding. LUCAS MAGNETOS-THE MOST CURSED AND LEAST UNDERSTOOD PART OF A BRITISH MOTORCYCLE! The primary advantage of a magneto is that it works independently of a battery. The coil is aprox 2,5cm (1" for the stubborn US that not able to understand metric) in dia and 3 cm long, I have monted the coil at the fixing point for the headsteady in the frame. 3 years warranty on coil, 1 year on labour. here is the link. Although these can make six types of tests, all but one of them — the current required to generate a spark across a 5 mm gap — can be better made with more modern instruments. description bth no. We also have kits for more unusual magnetos, such as the BTH, ML, Magnetos France, Morel, Lucas wader, Lucas KVF, etc. The first magnetos: were mostly mounted on flat supports and secured with a strap. For magnetos types M1 M2 MC1 and MC2. These used spare parts are privately owned and not part of Brooklands Enginecraft business. Purely by way of example, the photos at Brightspark Magnetos wil Contact Us Magneto Spanners, Ignition Spanners etc. , and for cars. 3 Lucas MS Or Early MO Magneto Drive End Plates Vintage Classic Motorcycles I have to correct you there Rickman, for the new selfgenerating electronic magnetos offered by BTH there is tiny miniature coil. If you have queries about lots purchased in this sale, please contact customer services. and access to that company's experience, modifying the designs to suit the British and Colonial markets. Just select the colour code and revs from the drop down boxes on the tacho order page. This includes all types of Stationary Engines, Tractors, Boats, Motorcycles and Cars ranging from the most simple generator sets through to exotic racing machinery. I do my best to keep my prices up to date but occasionally there will be increases due to suppliers' price changes. Our company objectives remain the same which is to give a efficient, friendly and personal service to all our customers. (3) How a Magneto Works Taken from the book “Motorcycle Repair Handbook”, by Paul Dempsey, First Edition, published by Tab Books, Inc, Library of Congress Card Number 76-24787, International Hardbound Standard Book No. BTH AG4, SG4 and MC1 types with contact breaker covers to e nsure positive connection of the magneto switch lead to the magneto earthing spring and bush assembly. BTH CE4 and CE6 gears are now in stock. Why does the magneto have such an aura of the supernatural about it? Electronic Magneto Conversion Posted by pre31 on July 14, 2014 This post covers the modification of a magneto to halls effect sensor and coil ignition, apologies to the purists out there if this modification offends you but it does eliminate magneto and timing problems forever and was developed for a rider not a show pony. C. CRYPTO/2146 £5. Standard type for Featherbeds. There are many variations of impulse couplings in gen eral use, each magneto manufacturer  GEAR-BTH AUTO MAGNETO STEEL. BTH Components Ltd . Please select the category of part from the list on the left. We are happy to modify the magnetos, if required, for example to change the type of pick-up or end cover. biz However, the magneto is a component that is of interest to owners of a variety of classic American, British, and Continental machines. 650SS and right up to e We stock a wide variety of magneto parts at The Green Spark Plug Company. 0-8306-6789-X How Magnetos Work. The last page shows a fold-out of an exploded view of the complete magneto. AS NEW 2010 Honda SDH125-49 in Trou d'Eau Douce - Bel Air, Mauritius. Hand-cranked magneto generators were used to provide ringing current in telephone systems. Mar 13, 2013 Is my googling correct that a BTH is a Magneto designed for 4000RPM + New type "BTH" mags have all the undoubted advantages of  Results 1 - 30 of 81 BTH KD1 Magneto - Rear Bearing Housing Shims. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. British Thomson-Houston Co (BTH) was a British engineering and heavy industrial company, known primarily for its electrical systems and steam turbines. At Sussex Magneto Restorations we can repair, refurbish or restore all types of magneto, for all applications - car, motorbike, tractor, stationary engine, or any vehicle that requires magneto ignition. 15 BTH Components Ltd Plug Types _____ We have had good results with NGK plugs and some suggested types for popular machines are listed below. lucas kxv. Small engines can get away with less spark output. Harley Hummer and or Harley " Hummer " has been adapted as the unofficial nomenclature which covers the span of the small two cycle single cylinder lightweights from the 1948 125cc s model to the 1966 175cc Harley Bobcat model, as the internet world and the auction sites on the internet, such as eBay has allowed a category which identifies the See more Triumph BSA Norton AJS Lucas BTH Magneto Pick Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab See more Triumph BSA Norton AJS Lucas BTH Magneto Pick Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab How Does the Magneto Ignition System Work? The magneto ignition system works by generating a voltage spike through the generation of a magnetic field inside its construction. motors. Magneto Timing • Usually the first thing to be set is the distributor/rotor alignment. In a standard KV-F magneto, if a plug lead came off by accident, the magneto has a pair of built in safety gap screws that allow for the spark to jump a gap ( about 6 to 8 mm) roughly and straight to the body of the magneto. 525") and longer than standard. $12. Only at Spares for Classic Motorcycles 1, the online classic bike part specialists. There are numerous types, but the M (single thick magnet), MM (double thick magnet), K (double thin magnet) and L (triple thin magnet) are the most popular. We supply various magneto parts for a wide range of motorcycles. Only use a magneto tacho for magnetos using points. The very first How To article on OcchioLungo was about rebuilding magnetos. lucas kvf. mu. 89 Add to cart; BTH Magneto 1931 Instruction Manual. 00 add to cart: 110-370: Magneto Washers special thick washers essential for keeping magneto tight on slotted mounting holes. CNC machining and development. lucas k2fc 4-57. This sale is now finished. The condition of the main components of each magneto is given in the table below - whether 'new' or 'good', each magneto is in first-class working order. The compression ratio was set at eight and a half to one to meet the fuel regulations for the 1934 Ards TT. <p>Hi there and welcome to my auction of my BTH Magneto - Type  Lucas workshop instructions - magnetos Excerpt about BTH KC2 from 1956 Triumph TRW Manual AEI BTH AG4 Magneto Manual - Part 1 - Maintenance. Its not hard to find the right magnet or dynamo; Theodole is in: - HOLLAND - - BELGIUM - - ENGLAND - - DENMARK - - GERMANY - A sample of other brands in stock: ENGLISH: BLIC BTH EIC Oil is supplied from a finned 14 pint electron alloy sump by a triple plunger pump. 671. major physical difference seems to be a higher profile presumably for a larger magnet. bt-h. This is our best selling single cylinder magneto, especially good for Velocettes but also fits many Single Cylinder Bikes - SEE the BTH Website for more information. few weeks ago was the possible deadlock in respect of the supply of magnetos. And for all applications, car, motorbike, tractor, stationary engine, or any vehicle that requires magneto ignition. Add to Cart GEAR-STEEL MANUAL. 02. Large stock of spares, including such hard to find parts as new pick-ups for Bosch, ML, Dixie and Splitdorf magnetos. 1377 for KC, BKH, KD and KH magnetos (regrettably not very good quality) Excerpt about BTH KC2 from 1956 Triumph TRW Manual (with good exploded diagrams) BTH KC2 exploded drawing, parts list and US dealer prices. BTH BAKELITE LIGHT . Purchased in Canada, engine in its factory bore, original paintings, beautiful patina. Pictured below are some images and details of items surplus to our requirements and now available to purchase or swap. In this listing of magnetos, all types are listed but some may not be in stock at all times. , 15 Haythrop Close, Downhead Park, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK15 9DD. Magneto Tips Forward: this document is intended as a simple guide containing tips for the servicing and maintenance of Lucas and BTH magnetos – both makes being basically of the same design. Levers Air/Magneto; Levers and Lever Parts used; Levers Brake/Clutch; Levers Decompressor; Levers New 1920-45; Levis Pistons; Levis Transfers and Stickers; Light Bulbs; Lucas Genuine; Lucas Replica; Lucas used; Magazines; Magneto Housing; Magneto used; Magnetos ; Magnetos Bosch; Magnetos BTH; Magnetos CAV; Magnetos EIC; Magnetos Lucas; Magnetos Magneto parts from Spares for Classic Motorcycles 1. Capacitors, which are short-term storage devices, often fail in older magnetos due to dielectric degradation (short circuit) or conductor breakage (open circuit). In addition to Harley-Davidson and Indian (and others), Bosch magnetos also were used on a number of very early British bikes as well as ones made on the Continent. This document contains the following sections: Book, Instructions, Sales Catalogue, Odds & Ends Magneto Book. carburettors . Types of Aircraft Magnetos. At Sussex Magneto Restorations we can repair, refurbish or restore all types of magneto, Lucas, BTH, Bosch, Simms and Wico to name but a few. Basically, if it starts okay from cold, but gives you problems when hot, that could be a sign of the magneto breaking down, or perhaps a failing condenser. We at Joe Hunt Magnetos also work on all types of magnetos, bringing that dull spark back to life. It features a special finned racing head. OK, once that's done, you're ready to order. 27. Address: BTH Components Ltd. Phone Us For Any Technical  Magnetos comprises stand-alone engine ignition systems capable of generating the Some of the earliest magnetos were of the revolving-armature type, but  BTH BAKELITE LIGHT SWITCH; Price 200 €; Article Nr. pal magneto's and pal generators (with external ht coil) from stock. lucas Magneto Service and Repair Here at Deltair we have our own dedicated Magneto Repair shop which we test, overhaul and repair units sent in with engine overhauls or as individual component projects. Results 1 - 48 of 59 Triumph Motorcycle Pre Unit Magneto Manual Advance Lucas Timing . New BTH magneto's using an external coil should be treated as a standard ignition. bth magneto parts description bth no. These Magnetos were OEM for Triumph Pre-unit twins. As I find things out I tend to share then via the web so that others have access to them also. Contact for full details. Free Rudge technical information. TYPES OF IMPULSE COUPLINGS. Unlike a dynamo, a magneto does not contain a commutator to produce direct current. The new company is owned by Peter and Maxine Nugent and Mike Fotherby. lucas ksci. Some of the earliest magnetos were of the revolving-armature type, but difficulties with routing high-tension current out of the revolving armature led to a rise in popularity of other types with stationary coils. S. lucas magneto: lucas fx lucas dk-0 lucas k1 lucas k2 lucas kl2 4 lucas ksa1 lucas ks1. This auction is live! A comprehensive list of the common faults on Magnetos. If any component of the motorcycle can elicit disdain, fear and loathing, it is the poor old under appreciated magneto. $24. The sleeve Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies. The lighting is vintage—no LEDs or mini-blinkers here—and runs off a Lucas 6-volt system. Fast service on most types, all units restored to "as new" condition. lucas k2f 5-54. 5% on the first £2,500 of the hammer price; 25% of the hammer price of amounts in Re: Petter Model M style Petter M types are certainly a great favourite with engine enthusiasts over here, i myself own a 3hp Series 2 "Handyman" model with a parallel sided hopper. --- Ads stats--- Red metallic 49 cc, Petrol 26800 km Manual. Manual & Wiring diagrams. Step one is to test the magneto as a system with the Allen Electrical Servicer then if faulty identify and correct the defective components. A real nice Magneto Base Stud. Magneto ignition - perhaps the bane of antique motorcyclists. It includes contact sets, pick ups, spark plug caps, HT cable, bearings and other parts for your magneto. The need to relieve the casting/magneto body seems to be very random and is not usually a problem. KC2 - AC9, No, 0185854 on ID plate. £60. magneto's. Suit RILEY etc. Overview of Digital & Analogue Ignition Systems. A magneto begins with a double-wound coil of enameled wire, mounted to cut through a This sale is now finished. Product no. The British Thomson-Houston Co. Magnetos are stocked in new, rebuilt, and overhauled condition and offer you the broadest range of options. 5% on the first £2,500 of the hammer price; 25% of the hammer price of amounts in It can be used with all types of magneto and with battery-coil (Kettering) systems. BENNER/1288 £3. 3/8" diameter. Testing a `suspect' Magneto Armature. lucas k2c speed twin. The magneto ignition system is constructed in a U-shaped armature. 18 Add to cart; BTH Magneto 1927 to 1928 Instruction Manual for magneto types M1 and M2 only. Disassembly was quite easy. Made in Tottenham, England. If in doubt, the model of the magneto is normally stamped on the mounting flange. mega. I created a web page about my 1914 Triumph see 1914 Triumph and in the process of learning about it have been on a steep learning curve. Magneto Repairs Service and Restoration. In fact you don't really don't even need a battery. Lucas Magneto Service and Instruction Book Types covered - RS1, MCK, CK1, CK2, CMA, CMAK BTH 4-cylinder Magneto, Type GA 4, counter-clockwise rotation, together with similar Type GA 4-C and another Type GA 4 fitted with Advance/Retard Unit. Yerigan, 184 pages, ISBN 9780982173367, $38. LUCAS MAGNETOS- THE MOST CURSED AND LEAST UNDERSTOOD PART OF A BRITISH MOTORCYCLE! The primary advantage of a magneto is that it  ator due to engine back-firing. 00 add Previously employed by Europe's largest magneto repairers I started initially in the machine shop manufacturing components and after serving an apprenticeship progressed through the workshop until finally leading their workshop repair team for 3 ½ years. Satin chrome. Is my googling correct that a BTH is a Magneto designed for 4000RPM + running for long periods and if so how or what was the change. The camshafts, rockers, and timing sequence are all to a special specification and there is a BTH magneto below which sits a water pump. New replacement magnetos for tired Lucas units on vintage and classic bikes. All appear to have good spark. Very good minus softcover. The cosmetic appearance of each magneto can be seen in the photos below. lucas ldv. Compliance was before installation in an aircraft. Picture of BTH Magneto 1931 Instruction Manual. Arrival at the store of a Triumph Daytona 1972. a large range of spare parts in stock for, pal, bth, lucas sem and marrelli magneto's. list of items under subject: Magneto. $9. lucas k1fc scrambler. lucas kscf. The story of how the foundations of the magneto industry were laid by a few energetic firms ; how the subsidiary manufactures of necessarv materials such as tungsten, enamelled copper wire, varnished silk and OK so the comp mag was more waterproof- I guess the screw on pick up housing etc achieved that, I am holding a Lucas mag with a green background label that says Lucas Racing magneto. Brightspark™ 'Universal' EasyCap™ Condenser CU/220. • Depending on the magneto, the distributor will be indexed to the rotor shaft during initial assembly of the magneto upper and lower housing. Sleeve-inductor magnetos feature an iron sleeve rotating within a magnetic field generated by a horseshoe magnet. Five magnetos, BTH type M1 - F2, Lucas type KSA1, Lucas type AM1, Lucas type MA1 and Bosch type. D. 00 . £65. There are several common faults with magnetos The Capacitor. CROFT/2733. There’s a single restored Smiths gauge: “Just lightly cleaned, so as not to disturb too much history,” says Jesse. the more complicated types required for aeroplanes—a much more difficult proposition. Please contact us with your requirements and a competitive quote. Click on the number of your magneto, and you will be taken to the page with the information. amal mk. 00 add to cart: 110-360: Magneto Nuts 3/8" special small hex (. Some of the brands that we service are Vertex, Cirello, Mallory, M. suitable for all types of magnetos. The left aircraft magneto fires one plug per cylinder, while the right aircraft magneto fires the other. Contrary to popular belief, Lucas and BTH made quality instruments and most mags fail either through not having been serv iced properly, or though age alone. For tractors this is a good ballpark target. One of the first anxieties with which manufacturers of motor vehicles of all kinds in this country were faced a. Specialist in Lucas, BTH, Splitdorf and other magnetos, magdynos, dynamos and vintage motocycle electrics. BT-H Magnetos Ltd, manufacturers of BT-H self generating magneto ignition systems. 00 LUCAS SLIP RING - SINGLE CYLINDER MAGNETO. Here is the quality built BTH KC2 twin cylinder Magneto. Ozwrenches has a large collections of Tools, Manuals and other collectables. Gearboxes can be out right sale or exchange. Find great deals on eBay for bth magneto. If you are interested in consigning in future sales, please contact the specialist department. Also works on Norton twins inc. This has given me a unique knowledge of a wide range of magneto's and their components. The Norman Engineering Company (1919-1964) was a British manufacturer of lightweight . Lucas magneto Type KL 2-1 "refurbished"; Price 425 €; Artikel Nr. Most modern sealed type HT coils don't have this feature, that I'm aware of, so damage could occur. 00. How to service the BTH magneto NEW (From Motor Cycling, 14 November 1940) Bth Self Generating base or flange mounted units are suitable as a new installation or replacement for the the original magneto on a wide range of. 644. If you want magneto repairs - we are the guys! Most of the work we do involves magnetos as fitted to Veteran, Vintage and Classic machines. There were a number of types produced 1) Terry were a manufacturer of accessories of all types. BTH CE4 and CE6 Full speed gears. The magneto used initially was a BTH type MC1, with a Wico Series A (impulse) magneto being used interchangeably on later engines. lucas k2fr racing (triumph) lucas ksa. £15. 00, 7 copies in stock Bosch Magneto Veteran Era . Whilst the responsibility for the collection of purchases rests with the buyer, subject to the terms below, for a packing fee plus the cost of postage and insurance, when time permits, we are able to post small items such as jewellery, small items of silver, individual books, small ceramics, coins, medals etc. /retard cable abutment d5803 121 adv. Aircraft Magnetos Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) is pleased to offer a large selection of Continental Motors/Bendix and Slick by Champion magnetos. Bosch BTH Lucas. . Also there is no keyway so you need to file your own. Classic bike & car electronic ignitions for road & racing. There is a copy of a Terry catalogue at Terry Catalogue This catalogue includes the following two items a) Terry Magneto spanner BA series BA is short for British Association screw threads which were small screw threads. At Sussex Magneto Restorations we can repair, refurbish or restore all types of magneto, Lucas, BTH, Bosch, Simms And Wico to name but a few. LEFT HAND SET ( L ) SO ANTI CLOCKWISE ROTATION WHEN VIEWED FROM THE MAGNETO DRIVE END. James Coyne We hold a large stock of 9hp engines and gearboxes and some 12/4 units. For all orders and enquiries please use the contact details on the homepage. Shop with confidence. A free site dedicated to preserving the heritage of Rudge Whitworth Motorcycles, the home for ALL REAL Rudge enthusiasts. It covered much of the mechanical items, but skipped over the steps of winding an armature and replacing the capacitor (aka condensor) Since then Sten sent me the following information about capacitor/condensor replacement that he has gleaned while rebuilding… Wipac 'A' Magneto Data Sheets. Producing Magnetos in Large Quantities. rewind armature bth types k & m 75 adv. uk General delivery information available from the auctioneer. BTH CE Magneto Rotors and Shrouds BTH CE rotors and shrouds are now back in stock. The Green Spark Plug Company is a family run business with over 40 years of experience. From other Bosch types, and there are many, most are in stock. Demo of K2F following remagnetization and and change to BrightSpark EasyCap. Hi, Can a Magneto guru please tell me the difference between TT BTH and regular BTH Magneto in their make-up, if anything at all. lucas ksc f1. these bth brass points assemblies are getting hard to find so dont miss it ! left hand set ( l ) so anti clockwise rotation when viewed from the magneto drive end. Correct fitment on many pre-unit twins with Lucas K2F or BTH manual  Items 1 - 12 of 81 We Have A Wide Range Of Magneto Parts Available, Including Contact Sets, Pick Ups, Caps And Bearings. If your magneto is not here, or you are not sure, please call us to find out, or email a photo of the magneto. Buy your Rudge spares and rudge parts here! BTH/master/sparkplug 12. Often it is not a magneto issue at all. Design and manufacture of motorcycle parts and accessories. bth magneto types