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  • h. If you didn't see "under review", then the editor is making  Now the review status changed to "Awaiting RE Decision" . 0. 10. Manuscript writing and editorial process. a. B) If I submit an article and it sits at "Awaiting Reviewer Assignment" for a month or two I'm going to inquire with the editor about what is going on. It just got changed to "Awaiting EIC decision" yesterday. Hope for the best! Thank you for a great overview. May 31, 2016 I mean manuscripts submitted through ScholarOne and Elsevier's online However, if its status changes to “awaiting editorial decision,” that  Nov 8, 2017 Initially your manuscript will go through stages such as “Awaiting Admin “ Awaiting Recommendation” and/or “Awaiting Decision” and it will generally only I submitted my second paper through ScholarOne this Wednesday. Aug 2, 2010 review system that is powered by Scholar One Lists: click on “Awaiting AE Assignment . ” Using the Manuscript CentralTM Blue Demonstration Site ScholarOne Confidential & Proprietary Page 3 Making a preliminary decision. Sep 20, 2011 Paper is then 'awaiting admin checklist' by Editorial. navigate to a new screen within ScholarOne Manuscripts – „EIC Immediate Decision. Post-accept. The final submission must be made via ScholarOne Manuscripts by following the 'Awaiting final files' link and then the 'submit final files' link. While referee reports are important to what decision a paper receives from a journal, it is ultimately up to the editor to accept the piece or not. The EEIC will make a decision based on comments and recommendation from the SE. You can check which system is used by the journal you are sending your manuscript to by searching for the journal on Taylor & Francis Online. Know the Journey Behind an Editorial Decision in the Digital Age Last updated May 21, 2018 0 After months of data collection, data analysis, and manuscript preparation, it is a huge relief when you finally submit your manuscript for publication. Select “Submit a new manuscript” and upload the saved decision letter file and select “Decision Letter from ScholarOne” as the file type, as in the picture below. The admissions person (or board) may have reviewed your application package--and may not have but the bottom line is they have not decided yet. Awaiting ED Assignment. The Tracker is available to all the users with access to the document in their Je-S account (Investigators, document owner, others with user access privileges). Rejected e. (URL) . How long should peer review take? Manuscript Central shows my manuscript is still awaiting reviewer selection several days after submission? Is everything ok? Does the journal provide English-language editing? Does Headache provide statistical consultancy? The Pre award Tracker provides information on the progress of a proposal from the point it is submitted to a research council. that they're very systematic about entering every single decision point, I would  Apr 18, 2011 Awaiting Admin Processing Awaiting Reviewer Assignment Awaiting Viewer Scores Awaiting Editor Decision It seems that journals/editors  ScholarOne provides downloadable guides, FAQs, and other resources for authors. For future reference, I’ve summarised the story-so-far for a recently revised and resubmitted manuscript. The case of JAN Brenda Roe Professor of Health Research, Evidence-based Practice Research Centre, Edge Hill University, UK Editor, Journal of Advanced Nursing 20 September 2011 Universidad de Alicante Awaiting Chief Editor Decision\Awaiting EIC Decision\Awaiting AE Decision\Decision in Process\With Editor for Decision\With Mini-hanging Committee. reason . ) Revised manuscript received Within a week to six months from decision, a period dictated by the AE. 編集委員の判定待ち. (e. The American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) is an international organization of educators, scientists and industry representatives who are committed to advancing the dairy industry and keenly aware of the vital role the dairy sciences play in fulfilling the economic, nutritive and health requirements of the world's population. What possible reason would there by to log on prior to that? It makes no sense. You can upload a file if you so wish at this time as well. After the AE is assigned and before a decision is made, the status of a paper in the author's ScholarOne Manuscripts is always shown as "with associate editor". Decision Categories Conditional Accept The contribution of the manuscript is largely in place, and only minor, easily accomplished, low-risk changes are required. 0 Overview 3. [title]Guidelines for Associate Editors[/title] Last revised: May 2019 Introduction 1. BJUI ScholarOne Guide Associate Editor/Consulting Editor 1 Manuscript Assignment 2 Selecting Reviewers 3 Inviting Reviewers 4 Assign Reviewers & Awaiting Reviewer Scores 5 Sending emails to reviewers 6 Make Preliminary Decision 6a Immediate Reject 6b Peer review complete Click on the above titles be taken straight to the section “Awaiting AE Decision” – 15/03/2013: The reviewers have submitted their reviews, which the Associate Editor uses to make a decision about the manuscript “Decline” – 16/03/2013: An email is sent to the corresponding author from the Associate Editor informing them of the decision and providing feedback from the reviewers. Usually MS is way faster than the typical economic journal. So, the status of my paper was "Awaiting reviewer scores" since one  It will take at-least 45 days to two months. Choose 'Editor Center' and then click on 'Awaiting Referee Selection'; C. Each. I submitted my paper to a engineering journal. Viewing Exported Papers . Once accepted, a scientific manuscript editor edits the manuscript for clarity, brevity, style and accuracy. The EEIC will assign the manuscript to the  Learn how to use ScholarOne to submit your manuscript to a Taylor You will need to “view and respond to the decision letter” on your manuscript when you . Your project leaders can manage the entire submission, review and acceptance process with transparency and ease, designating custom workflows to ensure timeliness and quality in supporting the future of scholarly Since about three years, average review times increased from 3-4 months to 5-7 months, at least in the non-top 4 journals. A recent submission to the Journal of Memory and Language, an Elsevier journal has made my hyper-aware of how the way a manuscript’s progress through the Elsevier Editorial System (EES) is indicated. No Answers Yet. Please note that as authors of the Accepted papers, you would be responsible for submitting your Final Files Directly Online to our Production Department by taking the following required steps ONLINE. But less than a month still seems a little quick. Awaiting Decision d. • Request ScholarOne enable and configure the Notification Services for the journal(s). Peer Review in Support of Timely Publication 5. are If the decision on a submission is 'Accept', the author must prepare and submit final files for publication according to the guidelines specified in the decision letter. But as mentioned, the reviewing process to be enumerated will result in a decision in four months. Making an Immediate Decision (EIC). see@thomsonreuters. You may wish to make an immediate decision if you receive a book review, or Awaiting EIC decision (1/2) > >> abugawher76: I submitted a manuscript to a journal and sent out out for external review. EDITOR . no you haven't because you're a hs teacher. Reviewer. Authors who do not have an ORCID in their ScholarOne user account will be prompted to provide one during submission. Find a relevant CMAJ Open article by using a topical search. On occasion, these are edited slightly to reduce the occurrence of typographical errors or where it is felt that some of the language used by reviewers could be perceived to be over-critical and/or likely to cause offence. How do I remove files from the PDF/HTML proofs in ScholarOne Manuscripts? Files can only be added, updated or removed from the PDF/HTML Proofs during the manuscript submission process. The minor revision was some grammatical stuff. The obvious reason is that you want your paper to proceed through the pipeline toward publication swiftly. At the moment, the average time from submission of your manuscript via ScholarOne Manuscripts to obtaining a first decision is around 12 weeks. Scores. You can view the details of any exported papers in your Export History Queue, or search for them by their manuscript ID on the Pre-Production dashboard. Average duration of "Pending Decision"? I would appreciate any insights on: a) What is the average time span before an answer from the editor once a manuscript reaches "Pending Decision" status? How do I check the status of my submission on ScholarOne Manuscripts? Checking the Status of your Manuscript: Log into your ScholarOne Manuscripts account and go to the Submitted Manuscripts queue in your Author Center ; the Status is located in the far left-hand column. The status on my paper went from "Awaiting AE recommendation" to "Awaiting DE decision". , awaiting reviews, awaiting decision), but cannot see the reviewers' reports until the d awaiting decision | awaiting eic decision | awaiting decision | awaiting se decision | awaiting initial decision | awaiting decision mean | awaiting decision ap I have submitted a manuscript to a journal that uses ScholarOne manuscript submission system. On the second day, they had emailed us to ask for clarification , which we had replied the same day. If this is the case your manuscript will still be sitting in the Unsubmitted Manuscripts section of your Author Centre awaiting your attention. The journal will notify you by email once a decision is made; Getting help with your submission. This is the major bottleneck in time to decision. Provided it is a proper journal and not a shady open source one solely for profit, there will always be a formal response to inform not accepted. 3-level journal with three roles: Editor, Associate Editors (Editorial Board) and Referees. You're still in the running. All manuscripts offered a revision opportunity prior to October 17, 2018 may be resubmitted as revisions until October 16, 2020. If the journal does online publishing ahead of print, then you'll get a decision on the date it'll be available online. Manuscript Status Descriptions Corresponding Authors are encouraged to access the status of their manuscripts at any time by logging into Editorial Manager as an Author and locating the submission in one of the queues on the Author Main Menu. 那么问题来了! Thanks for submitting your work to JMIR and we apologize if the process takes longer than anticipated. Further developments in the online submission process help journals provide authors with access to manuscript tracking systems, which allow them to follow the status of a manuscript as it goes through the review process, post submission. Assign. ” 2 . I had submitted a paper to a journal. The Editor informs the authors about the decision of the reviewer(s), sends them a copy of the review, and - if the paper is accepted - instructions for the preparation of the next version. It underwent a major revision and then a minor revision. We can currently see the status (e. Step 6: Make a Decision o From the Dashboard of either the Admin Center or the Editor-in-Chief Center, click the queue “Awaiting EIC Decision. If this is the case your manuscript will still be sitting in the 'Unsubmitted Manuscripts' section of your 'Author Centre' awaiting your attention. One of them says "Under consideration" and the other says "Awaiting decision", and I wanted to ask someone (such as an editor) who uses this software at their journal: It's been sitting at "awaiting decision" because reviewers remain set to "2. Note: If you have multiple revisions outstanding, a Manuscripts Awaiting Revision table Note: After the revision has been accepted for review by ScholarOne  Mar 19, 2013 “Awaiting Initial Review Evaluation” – 09/01/2013: The manuscript is “Awaiting AE Decision” – 15/03/2013: The reviewers have submitted  B. The „EIC Immediate Decision‟ Screen allows the Editor-in-Chief to make an immediate decision . . If the disagreement between recommendations is strong enough, a third reviewer may be invited to evaluate the manuscript. You can increase your profile among authors and speakers, decrease your time-to-market for critical scientific data, and lower infrastructure costs with ScholarOne. ScholarOne. The journal has a commitment to a rapid but thorough review process, a fairly short time from paper acceptance to appearance on IEEE XPlore, and an outstanding editorial board. B) when a decision is made, you get an email notification. The decision to move from our existing internal system to The assistant to the editors-in-chief will copy your comments into the decision letter. Manuscript changed from "awaiting reviewer selection" to " awaiting AE reccommendation" to "awaiting EIC decision" (self. ” Revision your files through the “Awaiting Final Files” queue in your Author Center on ScholarOne Manuscripts. Tracking the Status of a Manuscript. (I’ll request four months, and expect at the outside, five months from submission. · Awaiting EIC Decision and Awaiting Reviewer Assignment: Article is undergoing the peer review, and is waiting for the acceptance of its evaluator(s) · Awaiting EIC Decision and Awaiting Reviewer Scores: Article is undergoing the peer review, and one or both of the evaluators has accepted the invitation and/or at least one evaluation has You're probably really waiting on another reviewer, not the editor. If it has been "under review" for some time, then yes - the external reviewers are done. I still don't have a final decision, but I've just checked and it has now changed to "Awaiting recommendation", so I guess I find out their decision soon. Page. " However, contingent upon settings, "awaiting decision" could mean that there's a recommendation from the assigned editor and it is awaiting final decision. 12. ScholarOne provides comprehensive workflow management systems for scholarly journals, books, and conferences. Pending is another word for "awaiting. I hope EIC doesn't take as long as AE or reviewers! My PI told me back in April that the paper will be published but I thought he was just making a guess based on their reviewer comments and revision. The peer review process. You can also ask your ScholarOne Manuscripts contact to investigate why the paper did not export. When the handling editor is satisfied with the scientific aspects of the manuscript they’ll issue an editorial accept decision. document to guide you through the ScholarOne Manuscripts peer review process. Making a preliminary decision: For each review you will receive an e-mail notification; when all the reviews are completed, you may make your preliminary recommendation that will be sent to the Editors-in-Chief for approval (this decision should take into consideration your own opinion of the paper, as well as the general consensus of the Along with this new, faster submission process has come the idea that the waiting process from submission to decision should take little time as well. queues . The editor’s decision letter will use language along the lines of “I am happy to accept the paper subject to some important conditions. Manuscript Status. Overdue Reviewer Scores. Figure 1 IJMCE review template. You’ve written your article and prepared your graphics; now it’s time to submit your article for review. ‟ Step 7 – ‘EIC Immediate Decision’ The „EIC Immediate Decision‟ Screen allows the Editor-in-Chief to make an immediate decision on a paper, without sending it to peer review. It is showing the status of "Awaiting Admin Processing" since last about 20 days. Note: Don’t forget to also upload your response to the reviewers as well, along with your revised manuscript. The decision on a resubmission will not be "Reject/Resubmit: major revisions needed and new external review required". 査読結果待ち. 13. 1. Our goal is to reach a publishing decision as soon as possible with a goal of doing so in two to three months. But some people simply forget or ignore us. The dashboard has been changed from "Awaiting reviewer selection" into " Awaiting Reviewer We have detected that the browser you are using is unknown. Help Now' link in the top right hand corner of the ScholarOne Manuscripts site you are using. About AIP Advances You have reached an invalid site. Answer Wiki. 表示最后的审稿决定出来了. The journals have full editorial independence from the Society for Medical Decision Making . Submitting a Manuscript to Headache - Frequently Asked Questions. their review, and makes a recommendation or a publication decision, depending on the journal. Stages in ScholarOne Manuscript Processing? so you might go from "Awaiting Reviewer Choice" to an decision directly. g. 2-3 weeks usually earlier. Awaiting. Contact information can be found via the ‘Get Help Now’ link in the top right hand corner of the ScholarOne Manuscripts site you are using. How do I know when a decision has been made on my manuscript? have agreed to review the paper, the paper will move to the Awaiting. You will B. . If that's the case, then I have no idea what's taking the journal six weeks. I submitted it on 30th Nov if that's of any help. Papers that have to be resubmitted are being evaluated by the (same) reviewer as if they were new submissions. Two different journals, but both use the "ScholarOne Manuscripts" software. Learn about the steps to submit your article for peer review. SCHOLARONE MANUSCRIPTS. If you do not receive both of these, your manuscript will not have been successfully submitted to the journal and it cannot be progressed through to peer review. " When an application is pending a decision it means that it's been received by your school and no admissions decision has been made yet. If you have any questions, please speak to your ScholarOne contact. You will see the option of creating a new account or logging in with your existing site credentials. ScholarOne Grants & Awards is an online solution that efficiently manages the grant application process. Media coverage 11. Add a new product idea or vote on an existing idea using the ScholarOne Manuscripts Ideas customer feedback. Welcome to ScholarOne! We are an innovative after school education provider located in Irvine, California. The IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking enjoys a strong impact factor and approximately 10,000 subscribers. ScholarOne Manuscripts does not support this browser at this time. Awaiting AE recommendation The paper received the sufficient number of reviews (usually 2) and, on their basis, AE makes recommendation to EIC. account and create a revision in the "Manuscripts Awaiting Revision" queue  Dec 12, 2016 12 manuscripts awaiting a decision after review). No harm checking with the contact point who liaised with you regarding the article submission as reco In these cases, the handling editor acts as a referee, considering the review comments, re-reading the manuscript, and making the decision as to how the manuscript will be processed. The decision letter to the author (sent by e-mail) is accompanied by the three independent reviews. academicpublishing) submitted 8 months ago by AlternativeOpinion1 All of this happened today and I only submitted the article 2 weeks ago. As a matter of principle, we do not respond to email queries like "What is the status of my submission" because authors can track the status of their submission on their author homepage. Awaiting allocation: The paper has been assigned to the Editor but has not yet been sent to reviewers (however, the Editor may have assigned the manuscript to an Associate Editor – there is no separate system status to indicate this). Using ScholarOne Manuscripts to submit your paper A step-by-step guide. Application awaiting first judicial decision === Скачать файл === Перевод 'final judicial decision' на русский Англо-русский перевод JUDICIAL DECISION I submitted my paper to a engineering journal. we combined available historical data on original submissions with data in ScholarOne. , awaiting reviews, awaiting decision), but Editorial process Pre-accept. For technical support, you’ll find details of how to contact ScholarOne Support directly by clicking the ‘Help’ link that appears at the top of every ScholarOne Manuscripts page. The first one to a total of 6 months but ultimately ended in an Accept (and my first scientific publication, yay!), now this second one has gone to "Awaiting Reviewer Assignment" in 4 days. You may contact ScholarOne directly using a number of methods. 7 Next, you will link your ORCID account to the ScholarOne site. A new page will open to create and/or validate your ORCID. Awaiting AE Recommendation. journal’s. com AN INTRODUCTION TO SCHOLARONE MANUSCRIPTS Editor makes his immediate decision on a submission or asks for recommendations of one or more Associate Editors. The Solution: Use one of the links below to download the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome Peer Review Process The Medical Decision Making journals are a member of COPE, the Committee on Publication Ethics . I submitted my second paper through ScholarOne this Wednesday. We typically assist students from grades 6-11 with reading, writing, history, math, physics, biology, computer science, etc. Author Misconduct 4. Mission Statement 2. Ah, good, congratulations! If you had minor revisions from peer-review than it's most likely a pass and awaiting decision is a formality that they'll do once the semester is back in session. Lists and click on “Awaiting EIC Decision . o Provide the Endpoint details (Receiver created to receive the notification services) • Make sure firewall is configured to accept the http request coming from ScholarOne o ScholarOne will provide the IP Address (If Required) ScholarOne Grants & Awards. you. You will be contacted should there be any follow-up comments or queries. I have two papers under review. • Once complete, click Submit, and your job is done! All manuscripts submitted for consideration of publication in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics will undergo the regular peer review process involving two reviewers, and IEEE editors will make the final decision on the publication of the manuscripts. So, yes, it is always good to write an email after three or four months of unchanged online status, but it won't help very much. Since the average time for the first decision is one month, you should be informed about the decision soon. Good news! CMAJ Open is indexed in PubMed Central and accessible to a wider audience. Assistant (EA) Read editor and reviewers' comments in the decision letter emailed to  First decision on all manuscripts in. Good topics to write about for an essay how to do a systematic review of the literature creative writing group names short-term business plan example. SEE Diu Seng, PhD (薛兆盛) Thomson Reuters Solution Consultant, Southeast Asia diuseng. Awaiting EIC Decision. There is an additional reason, however, that may make a difference. Clarivate Analytics | ScholarOne Manuscripts™ Reviewer User Guide Page 7 Effective Date: 21-January-2019 Document Version: 2. They will get in touch with you if they have any questions or suggestions. Three weeks ago, in the ScholarOne system, it showed "Awaiting final decision". Under 'Awaiting AE Preliminary Decision', you will the list of papers for  Right after the submission, the status changed to "Awaiting AE . Once the validation is complete, the new page will close and you will return to ScholarOne. Because issues of Joint Force Quarterly are planned well in advance of publication dates, it can take up to six months or more for submissions to be scheduled for publication. Manuscripts. ” o Using the pull down menu navigate to “EIC Decision. Dear Editage Insights team, I submitted my article 3 months ago to a journal. The editors-in-chief will then see that it is time for them to process the decision letter. unique. Social Networking Software by Small World Labs by Small World Labs Effective October 17, 2018, invited revisions must be resubmitted within two years (if the decision was made in ScholarOne, the due date is indicated in your author account). It has been less than a month since I submitted. Some authors expect the review process to last 2 weeks and the editor's decision to be known immediately after that. and. 5. Authors are asked to review an edited proof and respond to all queries. Related Questions. ▫ BMJ uses an open peer  Along with this new, faster submission process has come the idea that the waiting process from submission to decision should take little time as well. Web. Under Review c. As we are recently a part of ScholarOne (Thomson Reuters) so that we can suggest you to email  Awaiting EIC Decision/Awaiting Decision Approval - the editor in chief has made a decision, and authors can expect to know the next step within a few days. Editor Feedback: “Reviewers should remember that they are representing the readers of the journal. At Taylor & Francis many of our journals use ScholarOne Manuscripts for online submission and manuscript tracking. After that, the time depends on whether your manuscript requires major or minor changes and, of course, how long you take to respond. Explore what’s involved, below. To learn more about being an editor, check out our Editor Guide. Editor assigns a submission to Associate Editor or makes his decision on a submission by himself. This is a provisional acceptance, pending final checks for formatting and technical requirements. It is against TMI policy to reveal the status of a paper under review. ScholarOne Manuscripts管理员是可以代理所 有用户的,但编辑或者编委(AE-Associate Editor)默 认不可以,很多情况是没有必要。如果是AE送审的 期刊,AE通常是不会关心审稿人或作者使用中问题 的,但编辑需要。 ScholarOne Manuscripts可以将代理的功能开放 The IEEE Article Submission Process. Decision\Final Decision. site. Some people are amazingly fast – I’ve gotten reviews back in 24 hours. address. Editorial decision Within four months of submission. REVIEWER GUIDE. After one week, I wrote to the Managing Editor enquiring about the status of my article, and he told me that he had received the needed reviews, and he is only waiting for the word of the Editor-in-Chief before he communicates the final However, if it has not gone through peer review, but is directly showing the status “awaiting final decision,” then there is a possibility that your paper might be rejected after initial screening by the editor. If the process takes longer than this, tension and stress build. Pending Publication Offer- Only for journals configured to allow publication offers, this means the article was given a decision of Accept but that the author has not yet accepted or declined the publication offer. If you need to add, remove or edit a file after your manuscript has already been submitted, please contact the journal's administrator. The. I'm so sorry - I didn't see this till now. How long does it take to respond when the status shows "Awaiting EIC Decision" in ScholarOne Manuscripts? Update Cancel. Most people finish in a couple of weeks, though prompts we send them via email often remind them to meet their deadline. Authors are eager to hear feedback on manuscripts, and to start improving the manuscript on the basis of that feedback. the. Scholarone awaiting ae assignment Computer programming homework help Outline for a research paper mla format young children and homework . If the editor says the ms needs 2 reviews to make a decision and 3 people agree to review it, the ms will say awaiting ed decision once 2 reviews come back, but the ed is probably going to wait on the third review. at the University of Chicago Decision Research Lab in the autumn of 2011. ▫ We reject about 2/3 all submissions without external peer review. Now it is in the "Awaiting Editors Decision" m Once the manuscript has been sent to external reviewers, you’ll get a sense of how long the review process itself takes because — after the reviews are in — its status will change to something along the lines of “required reviews completed” or “awaiting editorial decision” (and you should expect that decision in the next few weeks Informa Healthcare has contracted ScholarOne to provide support to all of our Authors, Reviewers and Journal Editors. has. 表示审稿意见已经返回,正在等待主编做出最后决定. 編集委員長の採否 決定  Assign Reviewers b. As part of our commitment to provide the best possible publishing service to our authors, referees, Board members and publishing partners, we have replaced our in-house online editorial management system with ScholarOne Manuscripts. Revise ‐ Awaiting revision (upon receipt of revision, paper moves to “Awaiting Decision”). For each review you will receive an e-mail notification; when all the reviews are completed, you may make your preliminary recommendation that will be sent to the Editors-in-Chief for approval (this decision should take into consideration your own opinion of the paper as well as the general consensus of the referees). The Action Editor may decide to make a decision without allocating reviewers. Can someone please let me know what they actually mean? Apr 23, 2018 I have submitted my paper and the system is ScholarOne Manuscript. When you are satisfied with your part of the decision letter, click on . • Once you have made your decision, in the same ‘Awaiting Recommendation’ tab, you can make your recommendation. Typically,. Awaiting EIC decision Taking into account the reviewers´comments, AE recommendation and his own opinion, EIC makes a final decision about the paper (accept – revision – reject). ADM was assigned the very next day. The peer review process can be broadly summarized into 10 steps, although these steps can vary slightly between journals. Save the changes to your ScholarOne user account. If you do not receive this, your manuscript will not have been successfully submitted to the journal and the paper cannot progress to peer review. LOGGING INTO YOUR EDITOR OR EIC CENTER. this instance you need only await their verdict on the  Dec 11, 2017 Does anyone know what it means for a paper on scholarone to go from "awaiting decision" to "awaiting recommendation"? I ask because my  Oct 31, 2017 Awaiting ED assignment plus Awaiting CE decision at Scholarone manuscripts . Two months after that, a descion was made that to have a major revision. 査読提出期限を超過. I am gonna be rejected, right? Probably but not necessarily. PLOS ONE uses two levels of accept decision. awaiting decision scholarone