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351 windsor block -

0 liter, 351/5. This is a stock style setup for the Ford 351 Windsor, featuring the stock 3. Working with leading Ford racers and engine builders, they designed the Iron Eagle Race Series and Sportsman small blocks to solve the shortcomings of production engine blocks used in high performance and competition applications. 8L. The new 335-series engine was based on the architecture of the 429/460 big-block 385-series V-8 family, with canted valves and huge cylinder-head ports, and it also used a 4. Long Blocks: There is a $200 extra charge to assemble anything else you buy from us to your short block. 0 SBC in my car and a 5. This all new Ford Racing 351 Windsor Aluminum Engine Block is the perfect starting point for building serious power. 20 CNC race prepped blocks give you power you can feel and the winning advantage you desire. Starting with a high-mileage, junkyard 5. Although having the same 351-cubic inch engine, the 351W had a smaller block cast compared to the Cleveland and their performance are fairly different from each other. There are 3 holes that you must drill in the Windsor block, however, to match up with the Cleveland water passages. The 351 cu in (5. 0L) V8. The 351W (Windsor) is often confused with the 351 Cleveland, which is a different engine of identical displacement. 500" (351W); Main Size: 351C. It shares the same small block V8 bellhousing pattern and motor mounts of the August 1964+ Windsor engines*. We now call it 'Windsor'. I don't quite understand where the idea that the 351 Windsor block is superior to the Cleveland ever came from. These motors, especially the latter, were outstanding powerplants. The timing cover on the 351C, M is cast as part of the block. (Don't know if a 400C exists). 75 DH-9. W = Windsor, Ontario engine plant and is the 302/5. 0. Throughout the years we have studied the failure points of this 5. It should be noted that the 351 CID Small Block Ford V8 is longer than other Ford engines of the Small Block series. If it's a '69 351W the number will probably be C9OE-6015-B----- How much wider is a 351 Cleveland than a 351 Windsor (intake width) and appearance. 110" to 4. k. The 351 “Windsor” small-block V-8 which was introduced in 1969 was the only V-8 engine ever named the “Windsor” by Ford, to distinguish it from the all-new 351 “Cleveland” small-block V-8 introduced for 1970. introduced their Windsor small block engine family in 1962, releasing the 289 and 302 into the automotive wilderness. Dart Machinery, LTD. 8 L) Windsor featured a 1. ROLLER CAM. It retains original factory engine mounting bosses and bell housing bolt pattern, making it a bolt-in replacement for cast iron Windsor blocks. The blocks are early model non-roller 351w and the standard pistons Icon 4032 forged. BLOCK # F4TE-AA. The 351 cu in 5. 69 Mach 1, REAL DEAL ! NOT a clone. I have heard that the older Marine 351's is good for about 750fwhp. 8L V8 engine that was given the Windsor designation to make it stand out from the smaller Cleveland 335 family, and there is a 351 Cleveland too, but that is a totally different engine. This is the Track Boss intake for 351W applications with 351C heads. So I suppose that makes them all small blocks. If it is a 302 where the distributor bolts down will be even with the top of the block where the intake manifold meets the block. Factory 351w blocks can handle 700-800hp. Though this small block is a platform capable of much greater performance, you can easily modify it to make more horsepower and torque. D. Well, you got your wish with this build of a 550 hp 408ci small block Ford by Ford Performance Solutions featuring Edelbrock Victor Jr. Really none of these is larger than a 350 SBC, so it is reasonable. . Fordstrokers 351W 9. Please ask if you are interested in anything you don't see! Our 5. Each component undergoes a detailed manufacturing process that involves the hundreds of calculated and precision steps to ensure the finest quality possible. Often mistaken for a 289 or 302, the Windsor features an entirely different block which is much stouter and has a taller deck height. If Ford was already building a proven and reliable Windsor 351, why invite problems by switching to an all new, heavier engine of the same capacity? Well, because the 351 Cleveland started as a bigger engine, it could be later stretched to 400ci (6. Refine your results by selecting a recently searched vehicle or search by year, make & model. The Shelby Alloy Windsor block is 45 percent lighter, yet stronger than the factory cast iron version. If you have 6 bolt valve covers then yes it is a Windsor. Not to be confused with   Shop Garage Sale 351W Ford Small Block V8 parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Can you tell me what year model this is along with the - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic The more powerful the normally aspirated combination, the more power it will make under boost. Block identification is straightforward. Stronger  Sep 15, 2015 In the case of the small-block Ford Windsor (including 302 and 351W), that limit is about 300-500 horsepower depending on the block you're  This project serves as an example of a street performance build, specifically targeted at the street rod/hot rod market. Ford Motor Company introduced the Ford 351W engine in 1969 and was largely produced in Windsor, Canada. This popular 5. Whether the kit is intended for stock replacement or racing, various levels of compression will allow for improved performance with emphasis on top-end power and high RPM. As this is an older engine, the block and head are both of cast iron construction, as one would expect. The affordability and availability of large displacement Windsors means that a standard old 351 has gone by the wayside. Enter the 351 Windsor. In 1970 Production of this engine was later moved to Cleveland, but the Windsor motor is not to be confused with the different "Cleveland" family of engines. The Ford Motor Company built the first 351W in the mid 1970s and continued to produce this engine all the way through the 90s. Our award winning techs can help you get the right performance parts for your small block Ford - all at the best prices you'll find anywhere! The Shelby Alloy Windsor block is 45 percent lighter, yet stronger than the factory cast iron version. DIPSTICK IN BLOCK. Ford Short Block - Ford 351 Windsor Short Block, 393, 408, 418, 427, Stroker, at GREAT Prices, Selection, Customer Service, and Low Shipping Rates All From COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE The 351W is named for the factory in Windsor, Ontario that produced them. This short block is balanced to 28oz and ready for your big horsepower street or race car. Our 5. These dart short blocks are capable of 1200+ hp without breaking a sweat. The 351 Windsor also belongs to the Ford Small Block family - not to be confused with the mid-sized-block 351 Cleveland, a different engine of the 335 family. Available in two deck heights, 9. When Ford designed the 351c heads back in '68-'69, they took a look at everything else out there and squished all the best ideas from everything into one neat package. The engine block has a bore of 4. 5 deck platform. Ford 351W Windsor B-4. 5 mm) taller deck height than the Ford 302, allowing a stroke of 3. The thin-wall cast SMALL BLOCK accepts regular sized spark plugs, uses a timing chain in the block, routes water through the intake manifold, features thin main-bearing caps, a very Before the Windsor arrived, the first 351 cubic inch engine found in the Ford F-series was based on the Ford M-block, destroked from a 400 block to make 351 cubic inches. 0 and 5. Labeled as a small-block engine, Ford equipped the 351W V8 in their automobiles from the 1960s until 1995. 5" Deck. in 5. Even though Windsors are related to Ford 289 / 302 small blocks, the 351 Windsor engine is different in many ways. Ford manufactured the 351 in Windsor, Ontario, and in Cleveland, hence the “351W” and “351C” designations. Unless you are looking at making some very serious hp and turning extremely high rpms there is no need for 4-bolt mains or an aftermarket block. 8 motor and have been able to isolate areas that are more prone to breakdown and wear. Sell for $400 Pick up only Located in Ingle Farm, South Australia Phone only 08*****0327 Gumtree messages and emails will not be answered The 351 Cleveland was introduced in 1969yes the 351 windsor is a good motor they will split in half under extreme horsepower and being sprayed with nos. Our 351w Dart SHP block stroker short block is designed for 600hp+ vehicles looking for a strong foundation for high horsepower. If you are worried about cap walk you can use a main stud girdle for extra insurance. We take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of Ford Racing's M-6010-Z351 aluminum alloy 351 Windsor block, which will be the basis for the build-up of a 750-plus hp stroker street engine. Our Ultra Seal cylinder prep is very detailed and time consuming, however it provides ring seal and power second to none. While the heads will interchange with other small block Ford engines, the 351W requires a unique intake manifold. As the public demand grew for more factory performance, the gang at Ford needed to figure out how to bridge their 302 and big block 390. true but you can also stroke a 351 windsor to 408CI I think both ford and chevy small blocks are great seeing asd I own both a 6. The 351W is sometimes confused with the Ford 351 Cleveland engine. 5 inches. (1985-95), but they still don’t compare to a modern aftermarket block. Caroll Shelby Engine Co Bare 351 Windsor Small Block. This system Level 20 CNC Race Prepped 351W Ford block. It is fitted with the  Apr 24, 2017 These new aluminum hemi heads will bolt directly to any small-block Ford from a 289/302 all the way up to 351W as well as Cleveland engines . The Cleveland has some advantages, larger distributor gear, better cam location etc. 5 1970. C = Cleveland, Ohio engine plant and is the 351 small block. Our 351W crate engine uses stock OE heads but has a mild cam to give your old 351W new life. 351 Windsor and Cleveland Identification. , reverse valve engine. But what's most ironic part of this story is that most small block 289 302 Windsor engine parts where in fact produced in the Cleveland foundry and not the so believed Windsor plant. 8 liter 351 Windsor Short Block Engine is on sale. 8L/351 FORD SMALL BLOCK WINDSOR Parts and Accessories. FREE SHIPPING! 351 Windsor. 0) windsor. 115" rough bore), a 9. 9 mm). This is the premium 4 bolt iron block available for 351w based motors and can handle upwards of 1200hp. It is part of the long-running Ford small block Windsor V8 family, which also includes the venerable Ford 302 (5. just what i heard Now a 351 Windsor is really a slightly enlarged 289/302, as it's name implies it comes from Fords "Windsor" engine family (a. 00 x 3. S. This thin-wall cast BIG SMALL BLOCK uses the smaller 14mm spark plugs, has a separate front cover (bolted to the block) housing the timing chain and routing water - so that water does not go through the intake manifold, ATK HP Crate Engines Small Block Ford 351W / 390HP / 420TQ. 351 Windsor Ford Engine Block. The first appearance of these was on a machine known as the Boss 302. The 302 evolved into the 5. M = Modified 351 and 400 for trucks, yet considered a small block Ford Small Block 289, 302, 351 Windsor / Brackets All March Performance's Pulleys and Brackets come clear powder coated, ensuring a maintenance and polish free finish. The Windsor has a taller deck height but big 3 inch mains which are not an asset. Head and Block Construction. Part of the 90 degree small block V-8 family of Ford engines, the 351 Windsor reached its peak stock horsepower in 1969 at 290. Only used on engine dyno. After that, we dropped Trick Flow’s 11R cylinder heads on the same short-block and made 505 hp at 6,700 rpm and 451 lb-ft at 5,200 rpm. 125" bore capacity (finished at 4. Continue to "Narrow Your Results". the 90-degree V engine family). com Get details about the Universal Small Block Windsor/Yates superchargers and where to buy the ProCharger parts for the Ford Carb & Aftermarket EFI. It also had a very distinct firing order that was nothing similar to the standard Ford V8 firing order of 15426378. Turn-Key 427 Small Block Ford Stroker Crate Engine - Hot Rod Series - 500 HP. The Dart Iron Eagle Small Block Ford Engine Blocks put Ford racers in front with these cast from superior iron alloy engine blocks. The 351 Cleveland, on the other hand, belongs to Ford's 335 engine family. 0 HO. Ford enthusiasts have long called the 221-, 260-, 289-, and 302-ci engines “Windsor” V-8s. This motor was originally intended to replace the 390 big block in the 1977 model year, although it made quite a bit less power the 351 Windsor (which is part of Ford's small block family which would become known as the Windsor engines). 2-inch and 9. 351W Ford SVO Motorsport Victor Junior Single Plane Inlet Manifold Suits Ford 351 Windsor V8 (9. The advantages of using a 351W vs a 5. All 289 302 and 351W engines where where grouped in the Windsor familly and ended up being called a Windsor engines. In short, starting with a Dart 351W block,   Jul 19, 1996 The 351W has the timing cover bolted to the block. Find the Ford high performance crate engines you need today! In the case of the small-block Ford Windsor (including 302 and 351W), that limit is about 300-500 horsepower depending on the block you’re using. However, the only true “Windsor” engine is the 351-ci raiseddeck small-block Ford introduced in 1969 as a response to the cubic inch race going on in Detroit. I have a 74 marine 351 and the machinest said he has never seen that much beef in a production 351. 3 in (32. 351-W: Camshaft Journal Diameter in inches that the front edge of the bearing is installed towards the rear from the front face of the cylinder block. Their heads. The 351 Windsor has a wider block than the 289/302 small-blocks, so it requires a wider intake manifold. R The 351W (Windsor) is often confused with the 351 Cleveland, which is a different engine of identical displacement. This Ford 351W long block engine is ideal if you are looking for a mild upgrade from a stock 351W Ford engine. If its a early 351 the build date will be on a pad near the water pump on the drivers side, something like 0A15, which will mean Jan. VIN H. Not to be confused with Ford's 351 "Cleveland" engine, the 351W gets its name from Ford's Windsor, Canada, plant, where it was briefly manufactured. It is not designed for the street. Power that will last with a good tune. He's in the right area, the 6015 is the group number for the block, he just needed the first four alpha-numerals before it to help ID it. The 289 302 351w 351c all use the small block bell, and all of the parts flywheel and back are interchangeable. On the 351W the thermostat  111 Available - RacingJunk Classifieds features & sells race ready Blocks. 020-inch over, fitted KB flat-top pistons to the stock crank and rods, installed  Mar 31, 2016 What kinda power r u guys with the 69 c9 Windsor blocks making. History Ford debuted the 351 Windsor in the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with both two-barrel and four-barrel carburetor configurations. FORD 5. The 351 Windsor, as one might guess, is 351 cubic inches, or 5. 0 inches with a stroke of 3. This product has a 410. These quality built engines are offered in three different stages for ease of finishing an engine swap. 5” deck height block) Part Number M-9424-V351 As new, came off of a crate motor. This search has too many results (15,694) to show them all. The cleveland so called big block is nothing more than a glorified small block motor. have seen this happen with these blocks. DevelopmentThe development of the 351 Windsor started in 1962 when Ford produced their first modern lightweight small-block engine as a replacement for their heavier Y-block. It is refunded upon return of the old engine at our expense. The large 5. SCAT Rotating Assembly Kits - Ford Small Block 351 Windsor,DART,WORLD RACING Blocks - Forged Crank (Series 4340) - (352-468CI) - Competition Hover (or touch) to zoom. The combination of bolt-on mods and boost represented serious changes to the Ford 351 Windsor we secured, but similar upgrades can be applied to just about any popular V8. 8 liter has one of the longest production runs of any Ford engine today lasting three decades, through the 70s, 80s and 90s. Browse our inventory of Blocks today, while they still last! Nov 20, 2014 Starting with a bone-stock 351W truck engine, we bored the block 0. 30 over with only 3000 miles on it. How to Choose Heads for Your Small-Block Ford Rebuild-Covers 221, 260, 289, 302, Boss 302, 351W, 351C, 351M, and 400M Small Block Ford Engines. 00-inch bore and stroke. 6-litre) just as the Windsor 351 was created. Huge ports, big canted valves. Head gasket and block: Head gaskets designed specifically for swapping Cleveland heads onto the Windsor block are available from Ford's SVO department at 313-337-1536. 000" Unless you are looking at making some very serious hp and turning extremely high rpms there is no need for 4-bolt mains or an aftermarket block. The Shelby 351 block is fully CNC machined. Ford Performance 351 Aluminum Cylinder Block with 9. 000"; Deck: 9. In 1970, just one year after introducing the 351 Windsor, Ford introduced the 351 Cleveland—an entirely different engine from the Windsor, but also displacing 351 cubic inches. The Ford Motor Company built the first 351W in the mid 1970s and continued to produce Our 351 Windsor Long Block Crate Engine is on sale. Cast from diesel grade iron and designed with added material in key areas, BOSS block strength is far superior to any Ford OE block ever produced. 8 L)  The BOSS block capability has been proven abound the world – both on the track and Designed to be compatible with the original 302 and 351W blocks and  The 351W, or "Windsor" engine, manufactured between 1969 and 2001, is a member of Ford's 90-degree eight-cylinder engine family. Results 1 - 10 of 508 We have V6, V8, and L4 engine block types, and bare blocks of including Chevy 350 and 454, Ford 302 and 351w, Hemi, Corvette, LS,  Iron Eagle Small Block Ford Engine Block; Sportsman Series; 351C Main Engine Block; Small Block Ford; Bore: 4. In the late sixties when they were developing Windsors, Modifieds, and Clevelands, remember Ford dealers were still doing warranty work on 352 FEs! They called the newest 352 a '351' to avoid confusion. The Shelby block offers the The clevand was cast in cleavland windsor in windsor but they are 2 different engines the cleveland being heavier also it is almost the same as the 351 m/400 or modifed it just has a taller deck hieght (distance between center line of crank and top of block) there was some good hp numbers out of the 351 c way back but nowa days you can build a 351 w that will be way better and lighter The push to battle Chevrolet and Pontiac helped create the 351 engine block. Ford Motor Co. The 351W, or "Windsor" engine, manufactured between 1969 and 2001, is a member of Ford's 90-degree eight-cylinder engine family. Mac Auto Parts 158877 Brand New New Water Pump For 78-87 351 Windsor Block Fits For Ford Bronco 5. I. Wanting a Ford, we selected the 351 Windsor over the smaller 302 for two very important reasons. It was not a replacement engine, but one produced as an entirely separate power plant. 429 460 351m 400 all use bells with 11" between the top bolts. Fordnatics recognize 1969-1970 Boss 302 blocks and most 351 blocks as being stronger than the 5. 2" deck height, splayed 4-bolt mains on 2, 3, 4, main caps and 2-bolt mains on first and fifth main caps, with a maximum recommended stroke 4. Based on Ford's 351W 9. a. 8L size gives some of the most horsepower ever made available to drivers. You can still use all the automotive 351 parts. 4 liter small blocks. If you don't need the performance of a stroker and just need a reliable 351W crate engine, look no further. Looking to start your own engine build? Then why not start with this Ford Performance 351 Aluminum Cylinder Block with 9. 8L The Ford 351W or 351 Windsor is classic American muscle. Ford SB 289 302 351 Windsor Cleveland 2 Bolt Thunder 4Hp Auto Starter Motor Not Anodized The 351W is a Windsor class engine. 351W Blocks For Sale. Ford Engines For Sale . Over 1 Million parts from more than 1000 trusted brands, more parts added all the time. 00 core charge that is due at the time of purchase also. Don't want to push it to the braking point  May 31, 2002 the casting # on the block is D4AE-6015-AA-12 And the smaller date code above the casting# cast on the block is 7M19 Anyone out there know  Feb 12, 2019 The 351-ci Windsor V8 is the largest displacement member of the line of Windsor engines have become the standard “small-block Ford”  Oct 27, 2015 It was a very low-displacement small-block that has very little interchangeability with the 260, 289, 302, and 351W V-8s. The Shelby block offers the Use this Ford Performance Boss 351 Engine Block w/ 9. Vehicles like the Mustang were improved with the installation of this engine. However, the 351 posseses several qualities that make it a desirable block for an engine buildup. That bell is refered to as a big block bell. Pushrod Slot, Ford, Small Block AFR Racing pushrod guideplates offer precise fit and function to keep your pushrods from deflecting under high-rpm conditions. Tri Star Engines has a number of reliable, top-quality Ford 351W crate engines available. 500" stroke. The 351 Windsor was in a league of its own because of its heightened deck block, larger connecting rods and much “beefier” main bearing caps. Although related in general configuration to the Ford 289-302 and sharing the same bell housing, motor Learn more about: Universal Small Block Windsor/Yates at ProCharger. 5" Deck to build the base of your high horsepower Mustang motor to lead the pack at the track! <u>Boss 351 Engine Block</u> Ford Performance has developed this Boss 351 engine block to replace the older legendary boss 302 and 351 blocks. To make sure it is a 351 and not a 302 look at the block where the intake manifold meets the block just above where the distributor bolts down. 750 double pumper Holley, MSD Distributor, MSD Coil, MSD BOX, C6 automatic transmission. 5 in (88. Knowing this, we made sure the 351 Windsor was plenty powerful before adding the Vortech. 351 Windsor. If you can score the whole short block it would easily be good for 450hp with good bolts. The Boss 351 block is based on Windsor 351 architecture with a Cleveland sized 2. 5 mm) taller deck height than the 302, allowing a stroke of 3. 351 windsor engine-Find the Best Deals, Coupons, Discounts, and Lowest Prices. 75" main bearing journal. The extra strength of this setup relies upon a 4340 forged steel crankshaft and set of 4340 forged steel H beam rods along with the Dart SHP 4 bolt main 351w block. They are very similar in strength, main webbing, cylinder walls etc. I have compiled a top ten list of tips to help you with your first stroker Windsor package. the 351 Cleveland and the 351M both based on the 335 engine (It's debated what the "M" stands for, some say "modified" some say "Michigan" some say nothing). It is made on the same factory line as our beloved 5. 351W Block For Sale | 351W Ford Engines For Sale. 351 Windsor block, aluminum 351 Cleveland heads, bored . They will be located on the right side of the block above and behind where the starter motor would mount. of engines the 90-degree “V” family of small-blocks or the “Fairlane” V-8. 750 Billet Main Iron Engine Block Machined. 5-inch, the Boss 351 is designed for Dart 408/427 Short Blocks. This 427ci Windsor is a small block Ford that acts like a big block, and has 500Hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque to prove it. Remind folks that there is no such engine as 351! They are ALL 352s, no matter if they are small block, big block, or FE. Built on Ford Racing’s new BOSS 351 block, the 427 and 460 stroker crate engines are engineered and built to deliver a strong and flat torque curve. 0 SBF in my 91 F250 both are awsome and never gave me any problems and are both are easy to fix and cheap to mod . 000 M-2. Save Big, Shop Now! | Stuccu Reman 94-97 Ford Truck 351 Windsor Long Block Engine 351W Block For Sale | 351W Ford Engines For Sale. The Ford Windsor V8 Engines. An E303 cam should physically fit unless there is something wrong with the block or cam bearings, because all 289/302/351 cams will physically fit in any small block windsor block. Repower a Chevy SS 454 With Heads, Cam & EFI Part 2 Swap an LS into a 5th Gen Monte Carlo Install A Trick Flow Camaro Supercharger Part 1 Install A Trick Flow Camaro Supercharger Part 2 Install A Trick Flow Camaro Supercharger Part 3 Convert Your Carb for E85 Gap And Stagger Piston Rings Olds 455 Find 351 Windsor in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Ontario. The Ford small block 351 Windsor is a 351 cu. The question is how much power will the Windor block handle or would I be better off getting an aftermarket block if so which is a good choice for 1200-1500 rwhp ? FORD 351W 94-97 COMP ENG F. This makes an ATK built crate engine have a superior design over the original engine by incorporating better components when needed. ATK SP10 Ford 351W Short Block 28oz Harmonic Balancer Roller Cam, Call 866-721-2315 to Speak with an ATK Crate Engine Specialist AFR Racing Pushrod Guide Plates Suit SB Ford 302-351 Windsor Guide Plates, Steel, Hardened, 5/16 in. It stood taller, was heavier and had a bigger displacement than any previous Ford small-block. By preserving many of the dimensions and features from the original 289-351 blocks, the BOSS blocks are compatible as replacements for use in just about any vehicle that used a Windsor style engine. I have a 351 windsor block, the casting numbers are D4AE6015 AA6. 5 deck shortblocks are built upon the strength of Dart Machinery SHP, Sportsman and Iron Eagle blocks. List of Top-Rated Carburetors for 351 Windsor Before the Windsor arrived, the first 351 cubic inch engine found in the Ford F-series was based on the Ford M-block, destroked from a 400 block to make 351 cubic inches. race-prepped engine blocks . Level 20 CNC Race Prepped Blocks are technologically advanced. stands behind each product we manufacture 100%. Because this is a single-plane design, it only makes sense for high rpm use. The 351 windsor engine is taller and wider than the 302 (5. Block has been thermal cleaned Ford 351W Block Identification. 8 L Ford Windsor Engine featured a 1. by Floyd Drake III. They'll be along the oil pan rail for the block casting , will be XXXX-6015-X, heads will be above the exhaust ports in the middle. Stronger and lighter than the original this block has a 4. engine block Windsor ford FORD 351 WINDSOR BLOCK d4ae-6015-aa-14 7D13 WCP-14 1977 FULL SIZE FORD. With the benefit of fuel injection and other refinements these engines more than ever, 351 Cleveland heads to a 351 Windsor block. This motor was originally intended to replace the 390 big block in the 1977 model year, although it made quite a bit less power The 351 Windsor was in a league of its own because of its heightened deck block, larger connecting rods and much “beefier” main bearing caps. Getting it's name from the Windsor engine plant, the 351W is a favorite among Ford enthusiasts. Both stock engines. The 351 Windsor crate motor found on this website is an OEM version. 8-liter, we retained the stock short-block, but augmented the induction with components from Edelbrock and COMP Cams. They will not necessarily work in any block (due to machining for lifter hold downs, etc) but they will physically fit. I have a 1973 stock 351 windsor, and I have a line on a 70 or 71 351 cleveland 2 barrel engine. Scat Rotating Assembly Kits - FORD 351 - 357, 393, 408, 418 WINDSOR SMALL BLOCK STROKER KITS - SCAT BRAND - HBEAM RODS One of the requests that we get over and over again is 'More Engine Builds'. 0 H. Should you need additional hp and rpm capability, please feel free to contact us with any specific changes you request. These dimensional similarities led to the add-on identifiers of Windsor and Cleveland, taken from the engine plants producing each version. Would I be happier with the stock Cleveland or use the Windsor as is, and beef it up down the road. heads. 0 (302): Obviously, you get an extra 49 cubic inches of displacement. O. Click right or left side (or swipe) to see more images. 5" Deck from CJ pony Parts! Lighter and stronger than traditional stock blocks, this engine block is ready to be built for some serious power. I failed to ask the important question, if you need an expert answer on the header question go to the classic forums here and they can give you their thoughts Hello I'm just planning my new engine and considering a Windsor 351 based block with forged scat crank, H rods and JE blower pistons capacity of 396ci with 9:1 cr . 351 windsor block