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1982 small date zinc penny value -

Additionally, the Mint also modified the design of the Lincoln cent in 1982 to sharpen the design, creating what collectors know of as the small-date variety. Shop our huge inventory of Numismatic. 5g, and 3. So both versions were made in 1982, but it's easy to tell the difference with a few basic tests. Pennies minted before 1982 were made of solid copper or bronze. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) has certified the only known example of a 1982-D Small Date cent struck in bronze. 1982 Small Date Cents were made in large numbers in both copper and copper-plated zinc at the Philadelphia Mint. 2 cents based on the There is a small market for pre 1982 pennies. For pennies dated 1982 , when both copper and zinc cents were made, the safest and best way to determine their composition is to weigh them. A PCGS Secure Plus is worth over $10,800 in MS67. In fact, 1982 pennies may be of either metal. How much is a small date 1982 penny worth it's in okay condition. 1982 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Zinc - Small Date: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. 5% copper outer layer. Heritage Auction Archives Prices realized from 5,594,459 past auction lots (Great . The only way to do so is by weight. Values may change as more examples are reported and/or pieces sell. The word “penny” and its variations across Europe—including the German “pfennig” and the Swedish “penning”—originally denoted any sort of coin or money, not just a small Check the Date. Jaime Hernandez: As of 2010, the 1982-P Small Date Zinc Lincoln cent has the highest mintage for any U. Call (800) 375-9006 or shop at APMEX. writes: Hi Doc, My six year old son Kyle, just started collecting U. A 1982 Small Date Lincoln Memorial value in MS67 is $2,800 and that’s if it’s in a PCGS holder with the grade. 08g pennies. 5% zinc variety, then your calculation will not be accurate. All of the Cents in the 1982-S Proof Sets are of the Large Date variety, and all are of the old bronze composition (as opposed to the newer Copper-plated Zinc). Before 1982 the penny was composed of 95% copper, 5% zinc and weighed 3. We are proud to offer for sale this 1982-D Small Date Zinc Lincoln Memorial Penny Lincoln Cent Gem BU Red Penny. 92 grams to 3. Copper prices have sharply risen in recent years, and many people are considering saving copper coinage to combat potential inflation. In a modern physics textbook, the mass of a penny was used as part of a word problem. They are known as Large Date/Small Date Type Set. The printing dies were modified with Lincoln's bust, lettering and the date being made slightly smaller. 1982-d Lincoln Cent 1c Penny Zinc, Small Date - Pcgs Ms68 Rd - 600 Value. 8 grams to only 2. Someone found a 1982 copper penny worth $18,800. We made the switch over to zinc pennies in 1982, but before that (with the exception of one year), pennies we're talking about some serious value. I am very curious 1982 ddr-001, 1-r-iv Description: Strong spread East on all design elements, including E PLURIBUS UNUM and the memorial columns. 5% zinc and 2. If the date is 1983 or later , it is made of 97. 9 items 1982 P Lincoln Memorial Cent Zinc - Small Date: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint  9 Jul 2018 “The Philly small-date zinc cents bring the most money – they're the “Values for a lot of the 1982-86 Lincoln cents in the MS-67+ grades are  For Sale Now at Collectors Corner - NGC Graded. 28 Apr 2019 Search a list of auctions and see the realized prices for the coin Lincoln Cent ( Modern), 1982-D Zinc Small Date MS. 1982-d Lincoln . Lincoln Cent Roll Small tear on the inner side of the edge see last photo Reverse to Reverse so can’t tell large or small date but is 1982 zinc as it only weighs 128 grams I do have copper 1982 also Bid as if Copper since they are bank wrapped, if there is Zinc then a bonus but don’t buy expecting it, to The Canadian copper penny calculator only shows what the copper metal in your Canadian pennies is worth (intrinsic value), and will not indicate any numismatic (collector) value, nor any value from the small amounts of tin and zinc in those pennies. Does anyone know if one of this pennies is a 1982 small date they all weigh over 3gr and if so whats your opinion are they worth Images and details for the coin 1982 Copper Small Date Lincoln Penny. What the value of the small date 1982 penny? About 1 cent unless it is a very high grade uncirculated. 0 out of 5 stars. Lincoln penny value is exceptional for the right coin. This change in composition was to help reduce the cost of minting the Lincoln Memorial penny. 30 The other one is a small date the 8 & 2 are smaller that the 1 & 9. 5g, and the other was a 1982 small date 3. Copper returned to the U. For pennies dated 1982, it could be either zinc or copper. if you are wanting "perfect" coins, you should consider purchasing ones that have been graded and certified as such by a third party grading service Information about the 1982 Small Date Zinc Doubled Die Reverse 1 Out of the 50 I've had I found a small date 1982 penny. It was the end of an era for the “penny Large and small date both share zinc and copper planchetsthere are seven different altogether. All of the details should be raised, that's normal. You could too! Everything you want to know about the 1982 D penny - and how to find a 1982 small date penny. 024. Then I sorted the varieties of pennies by date size, giving me the following breakdown of 1982 pennies: A penny is not what you think. Maybe you’ve heard that some 1982 Lincoln Memorial cents are made from brass and worth saving — but you aren’t sure how to tell a copper 1982 penny from a zinc 1982 Lincoln cent. Prices for these transitional cents can reach over $20,000. Some 1982 pennies used the 97. Most of these are sold at face value. Copper/Zinc Cent Plating Errors are Valuable. com. Prior to 1982, pennies were 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc; now they are 97. Ziegler Yours is a small date Zinc cent. 6% zinc, and 2. 1982 D Small Date Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny Value. S. Secondly, 1982 cents can be a large date or a small date. I suggest that you take it to a Lincoln Penny Value-What Dealers Pay The following Lincoln penny value chart shows clearly dealers and collectors pay a premium for better grade coins. The United States Mint recently announced that for the first time in history, the costs of manufacturing both pennies and nickels exceed the face value of the coins. This article will describe how to efficiently collect pre-1982 copper pennies. The statement that the only difference between the two metals is weight is a little off. The price of copper in December 2018 was $2. P = Philadelphia Mint 1909-1982 copper cent values (also known as the penny) are updated daily. 00 mm to 19. At the bottom of the guide is a form you can use to find out the value of your penny! *** - The values provided by this website are for entertainment purposes ONLY. The 1982-D Copper Small Date is a coin that isn't supposed to exist. Then after 1982, the compostion was 97. If your Wheat Cent is close to a higher grade and the much higher value, absolutely have it graded by either NGC or the PCGS grading service. CoinTrackers. We offer competitive precious metal prices on Numismatic and secure 24/7 online ordering. Indeed, from 1793 to 1837, a cent was pure copper. Search a list of auctions and see the realized prices for the coin Lincoln Cent (Modern), 1982-D Zinc Small Date MS. The 1982 Lincoln Cent may look just like its predecessor, the 1981 Lincoln Cent, and it certainly still has the same buying power, albeit somewhat small, at 1/100 th of a dollar. cents from mid 1982 to date are copper plated zinc sometimes the copper plating is missing revealing the zinc core (at only 0. They are not a guarantee of the value of your coins. 25 and up. Mint: From 1837 to 1857, the That year the copper was removed from the penny and zinc-coated steel cents were made for the first and only time in history. 5% zinc and only 2. Slightly pebbled surfaces are typical of these copper-plated zinc cents. 50; 1960 Large Date, 3 cents; 1960 Small Date Over Large  10 Aug 2016 1982-D CENT Zinc, Small Date, MS68 Red PCGS. 1982 p zinc. 8% copper which is then plated with pure copper giving it a weight of 2. 5% copper, rendering them not much more intrinsically valuable than paper money. Below are the mintage figures for the Lincoln cent. The half penny was a fairly short lived decimal denomination, struck from 1971 to 1984. But would any of you know if this worth grading? 13 Feb 2017 NGC has authenticated and graded a 1982 Small Date Lincoln cent that Date Bronze,; 1982 Large Date Brass-Plated Zinc,; 1982 Small Date  Copper plated Zinc and Copper cents were both minted in 1982. However, a very small number of 1982 If any of those pennies are of the newer (post-1982) 97. Small date zinc cent. This page also shows coins listed for sale so you can buy and sell. This one is rarer and worth . Description 1982 1C Cent -- Zinc, Small Date -- Struck on Clad Dime Planchet -- MS66 PCGS. There are 7 varieties of 1982 cents. Now you know there are 4 1982 cents from the Philly mint. 05 copper and 0. Cents of 1982 are the only ones in question. Pick the best Zinc Penny to suit your need at wholesale deals - We have an amazing selection of Zinc Penny for sale from leading brands from Ebay. Since the U. I determined, through trial and error, that the zinc pennies ran from 2. Buy Zinc Penny. If your Lincoln Memorial penny has a date before 1982, it is made of 95% copper. Checking the coin’s weight is the easiest way to determine whether a penny is made from a copper-based (brass, in this case) alloy or the copper-plated zinc composition that virtually all other 1982-D Small Date pennies are made from. 1982 was a year that change at the mint caused a healthy amount of confusion among collectors. 95. 1982 Lincoln Cent 7 Coin Variety Set - Brilliant Uncirculated for sale. Reportedly, some Proof Small Date Cents were struck in Bronze, but none have been seen, and all were supposedly destroyed. The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints each produced these 1943 Lincoln cents. Previous cents were minted from 95% copper but were changed to 0. 25 or so. So I am thinking that (because of the little to only two small dated 1982 pennies) I should keep both Small Date 1982 2. 2 product ratings - 1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent Small Date Zinc Choice BU Penny US Coin small date & large date lincoln cent. Order 1982 Lincoln Cent Zinc, Small Date MS-68 PCGS (Red) at APMEX or call (800) 375-9006. The following mint marks indicate which mint the coin was made at (parentheses indicate a lack of a mint mark): . A pre-1982 copper penny contains about 2. 4 percent copper. Reported by: Richard J. In 1982 the weigh was further reduced from 2. Value of 1982 Zinc Lincoln Memorial Cent. 00 depending on the condition of the coin. 1 grams. Wide inventory of Zinc Penny for sale. copper pennies, and includes an updated numismatic price range. . 1982 was the year that the US government switched from Copper to Zinc. There were no small date Copper cents issued at the Denver mint. In the middle of 1982 the composition of the penny was drastically changed. Search a list of auctions and see the realized prices for the coin Lincoln Cent (Modern), 1982 Zinc Small Date MS. Most 1982 pennies will be large date. In this guide, I cover seven valuable pennies that are still found in circulation today. But the Mint also struck a limited number of copper pennies. Small dates are fairly rare, but not too hard to find. $371. The 1982 D Small Date Memorial Cent is only worth once cent unless it is struck on a copper (bronze) planchet that weighs at least 3. Each coin can be found in mint state with a luster that you will appreciate. These rarities pop up more often than you think! In addition to these seven coins, I reveal some of the rarest and most expensive pennies out there and discuss some of the nuances of numismatics. Also keep an eye out for a bright shiny silvery colored penny. In 1982, the value of copper actually began to exceed the face value of the cent. Lincoln Zinc Cent Value  If you find a 1982-D small date Copper cent, then you have something very rare, as only one has been found so far. But pennies produced in the US between 1909 and 1982 fall in to a different category: at 95% copper and 5% zinc, the metal “melt” value (at current prices) is 247% of its denominational marketplace value of one A penny saved might just be $85,000 earned. Copper My 1982 small date double die zinc penny have any value? Look clean no scratches, small bobble inside the monument doubled reverse,observe a chip on the left side of T. If it's after 1982 then it's zinc. They are not rare. 2% zinc and 0. from copper because the public tended to hoard cents when copper prices 23 Feb 2012 So a penny produced before 1982 is worth 2. com has estimated the 1982 D Lincoln Penny value at an average of 1 cent, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $6. Mint to stamp into finished coins, declined to comment on any aspect of its production or the sourcing of their metal 1982 CENT. Due to the cost of 1982 Zinc, Large Date 1982 Zinc, Small Date 1982-D  Source: 1909-1982 Lincoln Copper Penny Melt Value 1960 Small Date, worth $1. 42 grams to 2. There has been only one example of this coin found in the 95% Copper alloy, that is something to look for! The famous 1982 doubled die reverse appears on a no mint mark small date Zinc cent.   The United States one-cent coin, often called the penny, is a unit of currency equaling one . 20325 cents' worth of copper and zinc, making it an attractive target for melting by people wanting to sell the metals for profit. 59 grams in a pound. None are valuable. Learn more at the Newman Numismatic Portal at Washington University in St. History of the 1985 Memorial Penny A copper penny is worth more than other pennies -- now mostly made of zinc -- currently priced at $0. 1982 was also the year that penny's changed from copper to zinc. However, all of the 1982 Small Date cents struck at the Denver Mint were supposed to be of the copper-plated zinc composition. 13 grams . This frosty Superb Gem exhibits rich orange mint luster and flawless surfaces. These results yielded seven different Lincoln cents being issued in 1982. 08g. Buy & Sell This Coin. penny in 1944, and the Lincoln penny contained mostly copper until 1982. The unique coin was discovered in November by an anonymous collector in Minnesota after he decided to examine a hoard of bronze cents that he had accumulated from circulation. In 1982 they changed the design of the 2 into a different design we call “large date” so it would look better on the new zinc coins. My question is: What is the easy way to tell the differencebetween the 1982 variations… large date, small date, copper zinc? For Lincoln cents, 1982 was a landmark year. 07 planchet so they’re extremely rare, one sold for over $10,000 and the first discovery sold for $18,000. High grade photos of 1982 cents : 1982-P large date copper | 1982-P small date copper | 1982-P large date zinc | 1982-P small date zinc | 1982-D large date copper | 1982-D large date zinc | 1982-D small date zinc | 1982-S proof | help | e-mail When copper reached a record high in February 2011, the melt value of a 95% copper penny was more than three times its face value. Thus, the meltdown value of a pre-1982 penny is about 80 percent more than the face value. 4% copper. It was necessary due to the fact that the old sixpence (with a decimal face value of 2. It gave the mass of a penny to be 3. 5% zinc and plated with a thin copper coating. 1983 and newer pennies therefore don’t have this intrinsic value. Only two have been found struck on a 3. "The copper has such a different sound than zinc pennies do," Henry said. 05% copper in the form of a micro-coating of copper over a zinc core. 1982 d small date copper penny NEW by: Allan My friend has a 1982 d small date copper penny weighs 3. 52 grams , and that the copper pennies ran from 2. The only possibility missing is 1982D small date copper. However, many zinc pennies have been produced since 1982 which are currently worth less than their face value in metal content. Very strong doubling shows on all reverse devices. First and most easily, if your penny is dated 1983 or later, it is zinc. The United States Mint currently makes all one-cent coins on zinc planchets that have a thin layer of pure copper covering the entire surface. 1982 P+D LINCOLN Cent Seven Coin Small and Large Date Penny Set - BU - $7. 1. Results 1 - 48 of 867 1982 P SMALL DATE COPPER LINCOLN CENT ROLL PENNY OBW UNCIRCULATED. If you have a 1846 penny, it is a coronet large cent - a 1846 coin includes three subsets: small date, medium date, and large date: in G-4 condition, their value is - $20; if the coin is in a mint There are several ways to tell if your penny is zinc or copper. These coins were produced in very small numbers, and the dies quickly  Lincoln cent varieties including copper, zinc, large and small dates from 1982. Louis. The second change happened midway through the year. In MS condition the 1982 small date Philly copper AND small date Philly zinc are good coins. So this means that the pennies made before 1982 will have a different mass from those made after 1982. As of December 2012, there have been only four examples reported that we know of. 75. But newer pennies are made mostly of zinc. 5% zinc composition, while others used the typefaces for the date, but most of the digits have been old- style numerals, . Copper-Plated Zinc (1982 - 2008) Some of the cents minted since 1994 show the faint trace of a mintmark, believed to be the result of the letter’s having been removed from the master hub during production of working dies for coinage. 4 Jun 2009 Before 1982, the Lincoln Cent was made on a 95% copper planchet. Any Memorial pennies minted after 1982 are made of a 97. What follows is a rough guide to grading pennies that you can use. Retail prices in MS65 are 25 cents for copper with no mintmark or zinc with a "D" mintmark Coin Value » 1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent Small Date | Large Date In 1982 the US Mint minted several different varieties of Lincoln Cents, some with 95% copper, 5% zinc planchet properly called brass planchets, and some with copper plated zinc planchets 97. The 2 curve, how further from bordet it is, the eight is smaller the W is more defined. Copper had become too valuable to be used for something with so little buying power as the lowly penny. 5 grams and while the size actually increased from 19. For the year 1943, pennies became zinc-coated steel because copper was essential to the war effort during World War II. Read more about this rare penny in “What’s So Special about the 1943 Copper Penny. All 1982D small dates are zinc. Or, perhaps you’re trying to find out about the various kinds of 1982 Lincoln cents and need some help in finding out what these different 1982 penny varieties . Needless to say, many of the early zinc cents have since corroded, making any 1982 zinc cent somewhat difficult to find. After 1982 all pennies are made from an alloy of 99. $17. A very popular coin to collect for both beginners and advanced collectors. Both these are rarer than the 3. 1982 Lincoln Cent Penny Variety Set Copper Zinc P D Small Large Date Rlvs8216 Blank Penny - $8. The only combination of varieties that would be worth something would be a small date copper minted in Denver. So I imagine it would be worth quite a bit. The situation now is even more striking than in 1982. 1 mm, the shape was changed by making the previously round coins 12 sided which is equivalent to cutting off a small amount of metal at 12 points around the edge. Yes that is a small date. 1 Grams, Pre 1982, Combined Shipping 19028 Description 1982-D CENT Zinc, Small Date, MS68 Red PCGS. One of the best ways to distinguish is to look at the number "2" in the date. Free shipping · 1982 D LINCOLN CENT  Results 1 - 48 of 737 Browse your favorite brands ✅ affordable prices ✅ free shipping on 1982 D Lincoln Memorial Cent Small Date Zinc BU Penny US Coin. 11 gram types with the small date the rarest. Yahoo Answers Sign in Sign in Mail ⚙ Help Account Info; Help; Suggestions; Send Feedback 31 Mar 2012 Search a list of auctions and see the realized prices for the coin Lincoln Cent ( Modern), 1982 Zinc Small Date MS. A piece of the other 1982 penny varieties in uncirculated grade is worth $2 to $4. Reply 1982 P Lincoln Memorial Cent Zinc - Small Date: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Your next five options are for entering your amounts by the face value of your copper pennies. 1982 Lincoln Memorial Cent Small Date Zinc Choice BU Penny US Coin 5. 5% inner zinc layer, with a 2. More information about these services below. 11 grams. Copper Transitional Lincoln Cents Sell for Over the 1982 D small date bronze penny sold for $18 800, while the 1983 D bronze cent coin was sold for a similarly I am aware of the 1982 D small date, but has there been any info on 1982 No Mint small date Lincoln Copper Cent. Zinc Penny Discount, Cheap Zinc Penny. Back in 1982, the government realized that penny production was becoming too expensive, and changed the composition of the penny to 97. If the date is before 1982 then it's copper. ” In 1962 tin was eliminated, and in 1982 the penny became primarily zinc Before 1982, pennies were 95% copper and 5% zinc. Is this a 1982 small date penny. After 34 years, a 1982-D Small Date cent struck on a 95-percent copper-alloy planchet has finally been found and confirmed by me. The photo posted is a small date, and you can tell by the way the bottom of the 2 is curved towards Lincoln. I know there has been one found but I think that's all. First of all, 1982 cents can be Philadelphia mint (no mintmark) or Denver mint (D mintmark). The 1982 Lincoln Cent : Copper Content Change. Raw coins do not realize this premium, not even close, so watch out for over-graded coins. 95 zinc the plating is very thin). pennies. 99 Blank Penny Planchet, Copper 3. Perhaps the 2nd poster was thinking of the 1982-D small date copper. 95 grams of copper, and there are 453. 6% zinc and 3% copper plating . The same 2 types are also found in the 1982 copper plated cents weighing 2. A Minnesota collector who wishes to remain anonymous discovered it while sorting through 1982 cents by weight to save the copper-alloy pieces for their melt value. There are billions of each. Lincoln 95% copper pennies. Jarden Zinc Products, the sole company that produces penny blanks for the U. 5 grams. 5% zinc, which was copper plated. What is a 1982 Zinc Penny? In 1982 the composition of US one cent coin changed. 1982 D Lincoln Penny. 0 grams. The 1982 Lincoln Cent circulation release was as follows: 1982 Copper, Large Date 1982 Copper, Small Date 1982 Zinc, Large Date 1982 Zinc, Small Date 1982-D Copper, Large Date 1982-D Zinc, Large Date 1982-D Zinc, Small Date Planchet Identification The most difficult part of identifying these is by planchet. Much like the Copper version, the 1982 Zinc Lincoln Memorial Cent comes in both a large date and small date variety. Thanks. I'll take the copper over zinc any day of the week. 76 a pound, which makes the value of copper in each penny worth about 1. This calculator is only designed for measuring the copper melt value of pre-1982 U. This page measures the pure metal or melt value of U. The 1982 obverse doubled die copper large date penny is also valuable, but it’s worth considerably less than the small date zinc double die. Weight Test Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1982 P D Lincoln Cent 7 Coin Set Copper Zinc Large Small Dates at the best online prices at eBay! Today’s pennies contain 97. If your penny is the Small Cent type, it will be about the same size as the ones we use today although it might be a tiny bit heavier. This 1982-D Small Date Zinc Lincoln Memorial Penny is in Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) RED condition, with great eye appeal and no major marks or visible problems. 5p) continued in use up until 1980 and it also gave merchants the ability to charge for things in nearly as small units as they could previously with the old money. So for the past 30 years, pennies have been made with an alloy comprised of 97. 1982 Zinc, Small Date. Lots of rare dates and mints to discover and now the condition of the older coins is important. As of January 21, 2014, a pre-1982 penny contained 2. Here's the history, according to the U. metal. 30 Lincoln Memorial pennies minted before 1982 are composed of 95% copper and 5% of a zinc and tin mix. 8 cents. One was 1982 small date 2. 5% copper, but pennies minted before 1982 are 95% copper and 5% zinc. It is not a doubled die. $1. 1982-P ZINC LINCOLN Memorial Cent Roll 50 Coins Original Bank Wrapped - TCC - $2. Some of the outer edges of the design show little or no doubling due to the conical shape of the die at the time of hubbing. 1 g and I need to kno how much it’s worth I’m trying to buy it from him because I heard of a guy on news wanting it any info Identifying the 1982 Lincoln cent varieties Jon S. Here's a little about zinc vs copper Lincoln memorial cents, small date vs large date cents, and the 7 varieties of 1982 Lincoln memorial cents, including their value today. With these two varieties, one is not more scarce than another. 1982 was a landmark year for the United States one-cent coin, as the metallic composition of the coin was changed from bronze to copper-plated zinc. These better condition coins have very high old US penny values. How to Tell if You Have a Large or Small Date 1982 Lincoln Cent - Check Your Pocket Change! 1982 COPPER PENNY VS 1982 ZINC PENNY Help with 1982 Penny | 1982 Penny Value - Duration: solid copper and cents after 1982 are copper-coated zinc. 6 percent zinc and 2. Re: 1982 Penny Large and Small Date Hello Grooved, Unfortunately they are not rare or valuable. 1982 small date zinc penny value