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It was the main German military pistol during WW1 and through the start of WW2. No Magazines over 15 shot to Colorado We cannot ship magazines over 20 rounds to Maryland and Wichita, KS. What it was a mockup of was an American “Liberty” MKVII, vintage 1919, but with a WW2-era Valentine MK2 turret, complete with 2-pounder gun. This is one of a series of identification Lugers produced by/for Georg Luger 1900, 1902 models , Commercial . Standard army issue from late 1936 to 1940. Comments Off on Pre98 Antiques Collecting Outlook for 2019. World War Supply has become a leading distributor to many reenactment groups, prop houses, magazines, museums, US Military groups, and collectors around the world! Luger (Parabellum) 9MM P-08 Automatic Pistol. Axis History Forum. This firearm is actually a model 1914 Erfurt Military Luger with a 4 inch barrel being a 9mm caliber. Though the Luger was used mostly by German forces in World War I and II, Finland, Switzerland and Poland also adopted the pistol for field use. WWII POCKET AUTO HOLSTER REWORKED FROM GERMAN LUGER HOLSTER, VERY NEAT Learn More  3 Jun 2015 Military Nazi magazines - Mauser made magazines - Improvement of the magazine coil spring - Modification of the magazine bottom attachment - Black plastic Luger bottom. 1914 was the only year that Erfurt ever made the Long, Artillery-style Luger and they are quite scarce. Marked P. 08" with an eagle/swaz and star proof, graduation marked 11,29, 10,99 and 10,69. Luger Pistols One of the first semi-automatic pistols ever created, the German 9 mm Luger was the product of technology developed by firearms engineer and inventor Hugo Borchardt, who had previously lived in the U. They are similar in design to the holsters produced for the 1904 trials wit Luger Identification Guide - Prototype, Commercial & Test Lugers (1895-1914) This is one of a series of identification guides for small arms. Note: Shoulder Strap not included (but available). out of the magazine plus shipping . Original WW2 armorers tool, marked on one side "P. Thanks. The P08, commonly known as the Luger, was produced by the now defunct German arms manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und I would venture to say that valbahaved is pretty close in his valuation of the gun. 1940 date to breech and 42 CODE to toggle. 08 markings. We specialize in WW2 Collectible firearms, and guarantee that every product is authentic, original, as described, and fairly priced. To the best of our knowledge, all the examples shown are original pre-1945 manufacture. The Luger toggle-lock design dates back to 1893 and its 9mm iteration to 1908. 1940 S/42 code Mauser deactivated Luger, matching numbers: Here`s a good, original 1940 WW2 Luger by Mauser full matching numbers apart from the mag. The photos are of the exact pistol you will receive. 08 Luger, commonly referred to by collectors as the the Artillery Luger. It is a beautifully balanced handgun and a pleasure to fire. Price is PER MAGAZINE. Please try again later. Includes Hardshell Holster with WaA786 acceptance mark, manufactured by Henseler & Co (ULM) in 1939. It’s worth greatly depends on what variant it is, what caliber it’s in, when it was manufactured, and what it’s condition in. For many years since the beginning of the last century, this gun has been a dream of many collectors and sports enthusiasts all over the world. Despite some strange characteristics and features from the era, some still shoot today. 1940 Dated WWII Luger. Be sure to describe all proof marks as fully and carefully as possible (i. 00. P08 loading key, eagle and "L" $ 250,-. P. I believe that indicates it was a Mauser manufacture and made in 1935. 9MM WWII 1939 GERMAN LUGER IN PERFECT CONDITION AND STAMPED SWASTIKA? Pretty common that the magazines wont match but if all the parts have matching numbers, that Find 9mm Luger semi-automatic pistols from a variety of manufacturers. late ww1 -early post ww1 beechwood bottom $ 175. I do know that if the magazines were serial numbered to the gun, the value would jump. 357 SIG. It had unit markings along the front strap that were remover when the Luger was arsenal refinished. com page linked here describes the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. 9mm. Was a WW2 captured bringback. The Luger (Pistole Parabellum or P-08) is perhaps the most aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing of all autoloading centerfire pistols. Bender. Commonly known as a sneak luger. Blue Tube. The few remaining quality Luger Pistols in the world are presented here in Presentation Grade form. The Pistole Parabellum 1908—or Parabellum-Pistole (Pistol Parabellum)—is a toggle-locked recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol. These are the same magazines that are supplied by many European handgun makers as original equipment. Luger in 1898 and produced by German arms manufacturer Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) starting in 1900. Buy WWI GERMAN LUGER P. Will work reliably. $ 4,400. Comes with wooden grips and a removable magazine. Original finish Excellent clean gun With several small scratches Excellent clean Find great deals on eBay for luger magazine and luger p08 magazine. It has a blue tube with no markings and a black bakelite base with no markings. Post- WWII. # 498 WW2 Luger Documented vet bring Back # 541 DWM 1906 Navy Luger # 545 Mauser C96 Flatside Large ring Hammer # 569 Luger WW2 dated 1939 Collector Grade(restricted) # 573 BYF 41 Luger collector/museum grade (restricted) #578 S/42 1937 Luger Collector Grade #585 WW2 1940-42 Code Luger Rig # 589 Krieghoff Luger dated 1937 Item no. The design was patented by Georg J. com and let us know what you need. This is an all original and matching 1937 Mauser luger rig, complete with both matching magazines, tool and holster. German. 15 / 42 IMG_0031. Erfurt Luger LP08 1914 Early with Stock. the bottom is aluminum the rest is blued I guess. These magazines incorporate high strength custom blended fiber-fill nylon bases or heat-treated steel bases designed to withstand the most severe "drop and slap tests". Body is extruded steel with blue-black finish. LUGER P. German Weimar Republic Sneak Luger 9mm This is a DWM made Luger during the Weimar Republic for the Reichswehr. We also have a "wish list" where you can keep tabs on previous items we've offered. Wars: WWI, WWII Cartridge: 9mm. Identify your German Luger 761B by the serial number, proof symbol, production year stamp and the manufacturer's mark. , who lives today in Berlin at the age of 81, and who has been of invaluable assistance to the author in bringing to light many of the facts concerning the Luger Pistol and its famous inventor. Bore is excellent. G Luger had a son, Georg, Jr. 08 Luger pistols, two magazines for each, and bayonets are prepared by an armorer for issuance to Luftwaffe troops in the field. Luger Magazine Marks. Excellent++. Asking $200 for the pair. m115 un-numbered wood bottom luger mag…. Commonly known as the German Luger, the Luger Parabellum, or simply the Luger, the Pistole Parabellum 1908 was designed in 1898 by Georg Luger. CMR Classic Firearms Specialise in collectors grade Investment Lugers, P08, Artillery Luger, Navy Luger and C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistols. Like all of the P08s though it was prone to stoppages. WW2 Mauser 1940 P08 Luger 9mm Pistol Very good grips, complete with two matching serial numbered magazines, stripping tool and correct WAFFENAMT stamped holster to match  who may quote brief passages in a critical article or review to be printed in a magazine or newspaper, or electronically . Because it was the official (though not only) supplier of Luftwaffe Lugers, it is possible that these are factory-new wartime military Krieghoff pistols. Year: WW2. Action works perfectly. The German military began using Luger pistols in 1908. Condition is very good with a little wear to the finnish as you would expect for this age and it has retained the nice triple set of waffen stamps on the breach, grips are original wood. 08 Magazines. Hello i have a ww2 luger p08 magazine for sale very nice condition and it has the military stamp markings i would like to get at least $150. We work directly with the manufacturer during product development to make sure you have the most accurately reproduced item possible. Ohio Too many restrictions to list !!! No Magazines sold outside of the United States, too many problems with Customs. p17. Bore looks pretty good to us - shiny and no signs of pitting that we see. The gun had been so popular with secondary P08 Luger Magazines - Input needed please I recently acquired a P. Add to cart; Astra 4000 Falcon Spanish 32 ACP like 400 600 300 SOLD $700. This is the correct original magazine for the rare "Black Widow" Luger pistol of WW2. Original snail drums typically sell for a minimum of $1,000. The Luger P08 is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in 9mm. 77; WW2 German Army P08 Luger Magazine SARCO, INC. 08 FORESIGHT GAUGE - C24094. The pistol was deisgned by George Luger and went into production in 1908, thus Pistol 08 or P08. Find the lowest price on all type of Walther on our website and satisfy all your Walther needs. We offer the whole package. e. It has no import marks, so it is a GI bring-back. These quality reproductions of the World War Two originals include P-08 Hard shell Luger, P38 soft shell Walther holsters, PPK 7. Normal signs of age. Sharp profiles and clear markings. Your Luger magazine could predate the '5 digit' serial number series, of the WWII era, or may be an aftermarket magazine. The book photo shows a separate flap for the magazine which was WWII Vintage German Pistols — German Luger P08 and Walther P-38 SECOND RATE GERMAN DESIGNS. )  28 Mar 2018 Scroll down to bottom of page luger magazines carl. These FXO on the magazine tells us that it was manufactured by C. p18. There are a few fxo 37 Luger magazines on eBay that some one is asking $295 for. We cannot ship magazines over 15 rounds to New Jersy , Aurora Illinois, and South Bend Indiana. The only wear and tear is from the battlefield. Raum brown holster, two (2) magazines, cleaning rod, take down tool, punch  Luger Proof/Acceptance Mark Identification Guide (1898-1945). VG, blued w/alum. Spanish Astra 4000 Falcon in 32 ACP With 2 slides and 2 magazines. Action: Semi-Automatic Toggle-Locked Magazine: 7 Round Detachable, 32 Round Snail-Drum ​ Significance: A hybrid between a submachine gun and carbine, the Artillery Luger was one of the first  118 Items Find German Lugers for sale at GunBroker. Unfollow german luger magazine to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. The pistols are slender barreled with a single piece frame. Sell your nazi luger for FREE today on GunsAmerica! (THIS INCLUDES BOTH GRIPS AND BOTH MAGAZINES) VERY Erfurt P. FREE shipping on Orders over $75! About 4,000 Luger 'parts' pistols, including a few LP 08 models, are thought to have been assembled for French forces, a sufficient number to justify the production of new-manufacture Luger magazines in France for several years. Light sheet steel body with crimped  Holster dates - Quickie question · 1937 Holster · wood base Magazine identification · 1936 brown army holster · PO8 Holster · Pistol & Holster Dates · 1936 Holster · Help Identify Mag · Luger holster - WWI vs. These magazines were salt blued/black with extruded steel, black plastic bottoms and a new zigzag spring with the P. Luger P08 9mm pistols were considered the best souvenirs by American troops in the European Theatre of Operations (ETO) during World War II. Top Shot Pros Double Stack Magazine Loader RAE-701 for Many calibers of Pistol Magazines Including 32 auto, 9mm Luger, 22TCM. The 9-mm Parabellum Model 1908 is one of the ‘classic’ pistols and is mostly known under the name Luger, after its developer Georg Luger. Erma. Please find below our range of WWII reproduction German pistol holsters. 62 Holsters and P08 Artillery Luger holsters. </p><br><p> Authentic WW2 Luger magazine. New Item. by reference to 'luger' ammo, one believes it to be a 9mm cartridge, which is the cartrige for the German luger. It also has on the side the number 122 an eagle with 37 under it. 50,000+ NEW PRODUCTS! click here. Luger. P38 Walther magazine. Here is an interesting WW2 Luger. 45 ACP Luger Seller Rossi357 Available on Gunboards. Beautiful Original Limited Edition 16x20 Color Print by Noted Artist Kenneth Francis Dewey done in 1983. 21 Aug. Ask any WWII. Labor Day FREE Shipping Luger P08 Mauser WW2 Luger 9mm Pistol in for sale. Here is a honey of an outfit! This is an original 1918 Luger with 2 magazines that is in an original holster with Luger tool. 380 ACP, 10mm Auto. It's in excellent mechanical SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 1/07) Inter War 1920 Dated & WW2 German Army Mauser (Nazi Code 42) Luger PO8 9mm Parabellum Semi Automatic Pistol. 4” BBl condition: excellent. Getting hard to find! $165. This page details the development and operational history of the Luger P08 (Pistole Parabellum 1908 / Parabellum-Pistole) Semi-Automatic Handgun including technical specifications and pictures. It was designed by Hugo Borchardt but patented by Georg J. 00 or more in fairly poor condition. com Location France Description. The Luger P08 pistol, also referred to as the Pistole Parabellum, was first produced in 1900. Back in 1952 I bought this Luger from a buddy's dad who'd brought it back from WWII European campaign. This Luger is all matching except for the magazine, which is correct but not numbered to the gun. Luger Identification Form There are approximately 3,000 known variations of Luger Parabellum Pistols Please answer all questions on this form completely to help identify your particular specimen. military M9 Beretta 9mm Pistol. Herr Luger, Jr. 264141639778 Below: These magazines were salt blued/black with extruded steel, black plastic bottoms and a new zigzag spring with the P. 08 Luger Rig - Two Matching Magazines - 9mm GI#: 101268919 6/18/19 - This is an all original and matching 1937 Mauser luger rig, complete with both matching magazines, tool and holster. Made by Mauser in 1937, it's marked "S/42". 08 Artillery Luger (1914) German WW1 Description: This is an extremely rare Erfurt Arsenal-made Long P. This feature is not available right now. S. I have shot an Artillery Model since I was a kid. This one is in pretty good condition with most of the original finish remaining. 00 Luger P-08 Police Procurement Mauser Banner 1940 Variant “L”. 40 S&W. I would really like to have at least one more magazine, and I would am hoping I can find a reliably feeding repro. $ 95,-, p19. LUGER WW2 GERMAN P08 9MM 8rnd Magazine Black Plastic Base P38 - $23. was a famous pistol shot, with a Luger, of course, though he modestly disclaims any outstanding ability. Correct black Bakelite floorplate. The Olive-Drab. I have a luger magazine marked as follows: SN# 2985 letter i under it. Related: luger p08 magazine luger holster luger grips german luger magazine p08 magazine luger magazine bottom luger magazine wood luger parts original luger magazine luger tool ww1 luger magazine luger 9mm magazine Related: luger p08 magazine german luger holster german luger magazine wood bottom p08 magazine ww 2 german luger magazines german luger clip fxo luger magazine german luger parts german luger grips slag glass lamp german p08 magazine We specialize in WW2 Collectible firearms, and guarantee that every product is authentic, original, as described, and fairly priced. Magazine. A spacer to adapt a 32- round 9mm Luger Snail Drum Magazine to a Schmisser MP18 submachine gun. It was captured in France during WW2 from a German Nazi SS officer. Condition: Excellent. This is the blued crimped body magazine. Pistol functions very well with no issues. G. Caliber: 9mm. Interesting question. Exceptional quality russet leather which darkens naturally resembling an original. Leather double Magazine pouch holds two 2 x 8 round Luger pistol magazines with pass-through loop on the rear of the pouch for the shoulder straps to pass-through. 9mm Luger. 10 results for german luger magazine Save german luger magazine to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Condition is Used. The genius of Georg Luger will always be reflected in his famous pistol, adopted for military service in 1908, hence the name Pistole 1908 or P-08. (!) Such oddball combinations were actually rather common in the MidEast after WW2. Photo by Chuck Hawks. The snail drum is undoubtedly the most hard-to-find accessory for the Luger P-08 pistol, as well as the most expensive. Mec-Gar magazine springs are fabricated from high tensile strength spring wire and are provided with reinforced coils with stiffening folds to increase their thrust force. Luger P08 Mauser WW2 Luger 9mm Pistol in for sale. 45GAP . WW2 1937 Mauser P. Choose the lowest price handgun from multiple warehouses. Accessories: J. Antique Leather "Old Man's" Ageing Tip:- In 1945 Mauser restarted Luger production under the control of the French occupation forces, a sufficient number to justify the production of new- manufacture Luger magazines in France for  Results 1 - 25 of 106 WW2 Luger Magazine! FXO P08 Magazine. Erfurt Luger LP08 1914 Early with Stock – 9395 $ 4,200. The Luger 45 project was started by LugerMan Inc in February 2015. ETO vet what THE most prized war souvenir was, and the answer will invariably come back, a Luger . These magazines were supplied for mostly Mauser Lugers bearing the Code 42 or byf on the toggles and are exceptionally durable magazine. Ser# 4449 (1917). It is also one of the strongest, most accurate and most recognizable service pistols ever made. Serial number 4069. For sale is what is termed a Type 7 FXO Mag. Also i have a nice 1902 30-40 krag rear sight and a 1898 30-40 krag rear sight has pitting on one side a 1917 enfield front sight remington made and a 1903 springfield front sight cover marked with a G in a triangle very WW2 Vet bring back P08 Luger 42, manufactured by Mauser in 1939. Serial Number: 9395. WWII · Proper magazine for a BYF  The bottom of the barrel I can tell you is that a functioning Luger has never sold for any less than 1200 USD from all he What happened to the German Waffen SS soldiers after the war (WW2)? . This is a very nice mid-export to the United States that has been fitted with a very desirable ideal combination Luger PO8 pistol. I am not sure on the value of holster, tool, and extra magazine. The P-08 Luger fires the 9mm Luger/Parabellum (9x19mm) round, one of the world's most popular cartridges for pistol and submachine gun use, including the U. Fun movie tank fact; The tank in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” was a mockup built by ILM. All items are of WW2 German manufacture unless anything else is stated! All items are the ones . Used condition, 6 1/2 " . quality luger 9mm gun magazines. WW2 DWM Rework P08 (Luger) 9mm, made as a commercial Luger in the 1920-1930 period, then overhauled and marked in the National Socialist period by the Magdeburg Depot (Eagle/Mg10) for issue to the Wehrmacht, frame a few thousand sn's off for some reason with same last two "28", the rest all match except magazine, no sn on extractor or ejector. There are no dents or defects. To place an order. Buy a nazi luger online. Whether it be original US GI replacement gun parts or newly manufactured replacements, you can find it at Sarco. Luger Proof/Acceptance Mark Identification Guide (1898-1945) This is one of a series of identification guides for small arms. The Luger P08 was the side arm used by the German Army for both World War 1 and World War 2. The design was based on a previous pistol, the Borchardt, but Luger reworked this rather unwieldy design and developed it into the model produced by Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) from 1898. Mauser produced most of the WW II era and post WW II Lugers. 08 from a friend, and it came with one magazine. Will pick the best one of the bunch at time of sale (see pic for represt. Description: This P-08 holster is very similar to one shown on page 77 of "Luger Holsters and Accessories of the 20th Century" by Eugene J. example). The barrel is forged integrally with the receiver. 11 results for luger p08 magazine Save luger p08 magazine to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Bore rifling is good with frosting (see photo). Serial number is 2727 q ,Marked as the spare. Lot Of 10 Wwii German Luger P08 Hardshell Black Leather nazi luger for sale and auction. Given the many, many unmarked Luger magazines with both wood and aluminum bottoms on Ebay and Gun Broker, et al, the selling by Sarco of unmarked knock off magazines with wood bottoms, the existence of genuine but unmarked Luger magazines, the ready availability of cloned magazine bottoms of wood and aluminum and metal followers too, magazines from Mecgar and Mitchell, etc. You can buy a WWI GERMAN LUGER-DWM 1916-MATCHING MAG & GRIPS WW2 Mauser Luger 1936 matching #s PENNY AUCTION  DWM Luger P-08 9mm pistol review. Sn 15697:6 - 15697:6 *** This Firearm is deactivated to one of the pre- 2nd May 2017, UK specifications. Works great</ p><br><p>Perfect to complete that original collectible ww2  Buy matching pistol magazines for your pistols from World War I and World War II online. Eagle over “N”, Stick Eagle over “B”, etc. The code is the droop eagle  Post-WW2 DDR VoPo Luger P. Type: Magazine. All matching serial numbers except magazines. . This is my first time posting. 42 Code Armory Replacement Luger Magazine. It took us, the company of 5 enthusiasts, 2 years to return this legendary firearm to the American Market. Good job WE! This feature is not available right now. Leading manufacturer of more than 3800 different hard to find obsolete firearms parts. 1920 Armistice dated chamber but made later. Gun has approximately 96-98% Luger P-08 Snail Drum Set. DWM Luger Model 1906 Pistol Made For American Market with Scarce, Ideal Combination Shoulder Stock and Holster (204P) Serial #31924, 7. Clip. 1-grain increments, watching for high-pressure signs. 00 auction:16614455 please scroll down to the bottom of description to view all photos walther ~ p. $ 275. These magazines were supplied for mostly Mauser Lugers bearing the Code 42 or byf on the toggles and are exceptionally durable magazine. If you cannot find what you need please email info@legacy-collectibles. Great condition, strong spring. This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by the Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. DWM Luger P08. Made from certified, carbon steel; TIG welded and finished without seams, then heat treated for durability. proves the provenance and adds a good bit to the value—as do magazines serial-numbered to the pistol. OR BEST CASH OFFER. Maker: Mauser. $125. Hi, i'm selling a WW2 original Luger p08 magazine marked '' FXO 37'' with black widow grips. . 08 Luger Magazines. It's toggle is stamped S/42 and there's a G stamp on the receiver. is the world’s largest supplier of “hard to find” repair and replacement gun parts. bases, have four, all marked "2/1001" on side, SN on bases. 42 Code Mauser Luger 9mm Luger caliber pistol. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. I suspect the P38 9mm Luger Pistol Original German Manufacture, WWII Nazi Era Mfg Dates, Semi-Auto w/ 8rd mag Arsenal Refinished to VG / Excellent - C & R Eligible. 65 Para (. Luger parts. code Inside WWII German Armed Forcers Publications-such as Signals Magazine and others. The pistol has about 92% original blue remaining, with patina and thinning to the straps and muzzle, and notable browning to the sideplate. Shop for your Magazine, 9mm/7. 38 ac45 late wwii oddballb-block, matching, fnh bbl, phosphate The DWM Luger that is the subject of this review. sku# 730 luger p08 original mags, various, call for availability ($35-325) P-08 Luger. 08, fxo, with two inspection stamps of an eagle/37. Original Item: Genuine rare WW2 Luger magazine. 8091 - LUGER HOLSTER GERMAN PRE WW2 ISSUE - FROST & JAHNEL BRESLAU 1938 A German pre WW2 Luger holster for a standard 4 inch barreled Luger pistol, spare mag pouch on the side, has maker markings on the back showing FROST & JAHNEL BRESLAU dated 1938 showing waffenampt WaA182. The bottom of the barrel I can tell you is that a functioning Luger has never sold for any less than 1200 USD from all he Description: This is a pressed bridle leather holster made to accompany Luger pistols during the 1905 trials held by the Dutch military. however, there are many other pistol that were made to fire the 9mm luger cartridge However, in the 9mm Luger, there is not a wide differential between the starting load and the maximum, so I would suggest that you work up in 0. Item: LI-1136. BROWN LEATHER MILITARY FLAP-TYPE HOLSTER W/SPARE MAG POUCH Learn More BROWN VG-EXC. a need manifests. Snail or drum Luger magazines - A drum magazine  At Chelmsford Militaria we buy, sell and trade in quality deactivated guns from both world wars, concentrating mainly with deactivated guns from World War II together with magazines and inert ammunition. Most finish is present with slight rust marks. Lot Of 10 . Cheap paper model gun, Buy Quality model gun directly from China luger p08 pistol Suppliers: 3D Paper model Gun / Pistol WWII Germany Luger P08 Pistol 1: 1 Military Weapon Magazine 3d Puzzles Toy Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide! 1934/35 EXC. ) 1. Mauser sold (DWM Lugers were normally supplied with two numbered magazines, but these rarely accompany used Lugers today. Click the picture. KWC Air Soft Airsoft Gameplay BB Airsoft Magazine P08 Model Luger Pistol 15 Rd CO2 Airsoft Use 16 Dragon U Boat German Navy Captain Kriegsmarine + Sextant And Luger Ww2 Bbi Did. Shop available Luger parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corporation today! We've been supplying customers with hard to find parts since 1950. 30 Luger), 7 Round, Blued, New (w/ Aluminum Bottom) with Numrich Gun Parts - the world's largest supplier of gun parts. The Nambu pistol series is a recoil operated, locked breech, semi-automatic pistol. THEY WILL FIT THE MP40 German WWI brass cleaning rod for the P08 Luger pistol. Bore: N/A. com, the world's largest gun auction site. NEW ONLINE WAREHOUSE NOW OPEN. $180. I got my hands on a 1920 sample and wanted to find out how it would fare as a modern carry pistol. The Original Marked 'MADE IN HOLLAND'. and worked for Colt and Winchester. Cal. Four available. The GT Custom Edition is an upgraded version of the original snail drum. The Luger is a poor design for military use due to its close tolerances that require hand fitting and make it prone to jamming whenever it gets dirty. We stock a wide range of original and reproduction Luger and Mauser Broomhandle Pistol Shooting Accessories and Gun Parts for the Luger and Mauser Broomhandle Pistol. You must realize that Lugers were in production for about 50 years, production in the millions, and the variants on the pistols, and the magazines, are nearly endless. C $130. The A Nambus and the Type 14 Nambu have 8-round magazines while the Type B Nambu has a 7-round magazine. Slide serial number is forced match. One of the worlds most   BELGIAN VIGNERON 32 round MAGAZINE 9 m/m THOSE MAGAZINE ARE SIMILAR TO THE GERMAN WWII MP40 MAGAZINE. Selling two original Luger magazines with wooden bases. 65mm Luger Auto Caliber, 4 1/2″ round barrel, rust blue finish and checkered walnut grips. Though the pistol is recognized by its exposed barrel and butt that fits into one's palm, the most reliable form of identification is by serial number. ORIGINAL GERMAN WW2 P08 8-rd LUGER FXO Magazine "Type 7" - $150. We examine everything down to the very last stitch. Unfollow luger p08 magazine to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Nice fully functional 8rnd magazines for the German Luger P08. All numbered parts match except the magazine and the grips are not numbered. Soviet WW2 air ace medals soar to £120,000 in London sale. We also  Prohib 126 Pistols · CZ-27 Pistol Nazi Production FNH (Wartime Finish) CZ-27 Pistol WW-II Nazi Production Police issue “BOHMISCHE” Slide Variation. 08 32RND SNAIL DRUM: GunBroker is the largest seller of Pistol Magazines & Pistol Clips Pistol Parts Gun Parts All The Luger served in both World Wars and was much sought-after by the Allies as a battle prize. That's because no firearm is more identified with the German military than the Luger. Lot Of 3 8-Round P. Mauser model 1896 Broomhandle Non-Firing Replica Gun - Lacquered Wood Grips P. You'll see it. The example loads given above are an illustration of the versatility of the 9mm Luger, but there are many more avenues to be pursued. ww2 luger magazines

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