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Location and attachment of outlets, ducts and mechanical equipment. com UAE's no. WVSV-S / WVSV-E Variable Air Volume with Sound Attenuator. These attenuators deliver good acoustic attenuation properties across a broad spectrum of sound frequencies while maintaining low air flow pressure drops through the attenuator. All codes, regulations, and ordinances, as well as the installation location, should be considered when the installation is designed. (Stand alone soundboard insulation – no ceiling or wall assembly) ASTM E90-04, ASTM E413-04 STC = 15. Performance data is provided   Noise attenuation Sound Control from PowerContinuity includes: in account local noise limitations; Footprint/ Total dimensions of the completed installation. STEP 5. We also believe clear, precise sounds are good as well. • Air conditioning installations. Install saddle collar around the take-off. DVAC Sound Attenuators are designed to achieve the required performances As set out in the ASTM Standards E477-06a for Prefabricated Attenuators. Silencer Fabric Sound Attenuator DuctSox continues to be the leader and innovator in the fabric ductwork/diffuser industry. This means better attenuation of unwanted energy; road noise, vibration, panel resonances and sound bleed from other cars playing non-DD sound systems. The DVD is an absorption sound attenuator, fitted with baffles. 4dBA and sound pressure 66. Joining two pieces of supply tubing requires a coupling. For example a 60kW generator set has a sound power of 94. Sound attenuators are specially designed for the purpose of reducing noise in any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. A rectangular sound attenuator with circular connection spigots. Installation Instructions Quiet-Duct® HVAC and Industrial Silencers. 1. Learn about the different baffles installation options here at Acoustical Surfaces. • Cooling towers & Chiller Yards. The Waterloo variable air volume damper supplies a controlled volume of air Generating Set Installation Guide . ©2002 ATLAS SOUND LP PRINTED IN CHINA 00302 PP ATS001062 RevB 03/02 ATTENUATOR INSTALLATIONS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS A AT10 (dc) (-PA) (-RM) AT35 (dc) (-PA) (-RM) AT100 (dc) (-PA) (-RM) WIRING Each terminal will hold up to 2-16AWG stranded wire. STEP 4. DVD is used to reduce the sound power level from the air handling unit to the duct system. Economical sound attenuation mat improves the IIC and STC values to meet or exceed IBC code requirements. INSTALLATION The C-clip on this product are only intended for Installation and Fabrication for the Construction Industry. Acoustic baffles can be used in multiple places in a room. Levelrock® Brand SAM-N25™ Sound Attenuation Mat can be used over a variety of subfloors including plywood, OSB, pre-cast concrete, concrete and metal pan decking. 6. Pre-assembled, pre-integrated and delivered as part of the entire power system, these enclosures are designed to speed installation time and reduce costs. Press Releases IAC Acoustics, A Division of Sound Seal, Celebrates 70 years of Noise Control. Click on image to enlarge. By Nick Kaufmann, LEED AP From the July/August 2016 Issue. sound attenuators are suitable for DW 142 class C applications. Cut and install a piece of either 4-inch (100-mm) PVC pipe or PVC coated spiral duct long enough to fit into the collar and be flush with the finished concrete floor. The unit consists of a Waterloo  For cross-talk sound attenuation in ventilation and air-conditioning installations. The Fantom IQ™ utilizes the patent pending FAST™ attenuator system that greatly reduces radiated sound power levels. Intensity See Sound Intensity. C By installing premium. Once the Face Velocity, maximum Pressure Drop and DIL are known, utilize the Ruskin specification data sheets to determine the silencer which will best Sound Seal A leader in the acoustics field offers a comprehensive selection of sound proofing and noise abatement products for use in multiple applications. He has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University. It is only in larger ducts and at higher frequencies the attenuation is considerable. Wiring terminals). 5 Sound Attenuators and Attenuator Ducts Acoustical Tests 1. Sound attenuation in generators is an important consideration when specifying a generator. 0mm of pure butyl rubber, it’s over twice the thickness of most leading brands. 1. print; favorite; share; contact; PDF · trox at youtube · https://www. complete installation of the sound attenuators. 2 Daily Report for Fibrous Glass Ductwork 1. glass and formed with a formaldehyde-free binding agent. When attenuators are loaded onto the shop floor a series Supply and Sound Attenuator Duct General The aluminum supply tubing and sound attenuator is an insulated flexible air duct. - Volume control dampers. Attenuation in lined and unlined ducts at different sizes and frequencies are indicated in the table below. There are 56 hvac sound attenuators suppliers, mainly located in Asia. . Due to the potential of long term operation and the frequent systems operation tests, sound attenuation was required for both the inlet and discharge air openings of the building. INSTALLATION Special care must be taken when installing attenuators to ensure maximum performance is achieved. Rectangular Sound Attenuators are used in ventilation systems and are it accessible for installation in a variety of situations and are recommended for use in  Manufacturer of Sound Attenuator - Rectangular Sound Attenuator, Radial Sound Our trained workforce is able to install these attenuators according to the  Silencer Fabric Sound Attenuator DuctSox continues to be the leader and innovator in the fabric ductwork/diffuser industry. generator sets are available with sound-attenuated and weather-protective enclosures. Then, install it into the 4-inch (100-mm) pipe stub after [NSV] 덕트 소음기 및 스프링방진행거 설치_INSTALL DUCT SILENCER AND VIBRATION HANGERS - Duration: 1:19. Owens Corning EcoTouch insulation is soft to the touch, easy to cut and install. 13 Aug 2018 Engineers installing HVAC systems therefore have to find a way of keeping Noise attenuators, also called sound attenuators or mufflers, are  Sound attenuators ALPHAfon-SA are used in applications in air ducts installations that require noise reduction and low pressure drop. Marley. Installation of DG sets. A. VAW Systems uses a systems approach to applied noise control engineering. What is the role of Sound Attenuators? In ventilation frameworks, sound attenuators are used in different segments, for example, the fans or the fire dampers can be used as sound attenuators, especially the dampers that have noise cancellation qualities. Where multiple sound attenuator units are grouped together in parallel within the duct system they shall be sealed airtight with EC-800 sealant as manufactured by 3M Company or approved equal. *Install the unit with the terminal block on top. The sound calculation is based on the sound power level,  DESCRIPTION The vertical mounting cased bend rectangular attenuator is mainly used to reduced fan & machine noice to meet the required or allowed noice  Primacoustic Voxguard VU Ambient Sound Attenuator with Window The lightweight design and simple mounting hardware makes positioning the VoxGuard  Quick and simple to install, the Semi Flexible Sound Attenuators minimise air flow resistance, providing acoustic and thermal insulation! Application. Figure 4. Sound • Sound Attenuators. In addition, EcoTouch insulation delivers comfort - helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Very good sound attenuation Space the takeoffs at least 6-inch [152 mm] apart and 12- inch [305 mm] from end cap. In 2014 Swegon Group acquired Vibro-Acoustics. Airmaster is one of the leading Sound Attenuators Manufacturers in the region using a third party renowned selection software for a reliable sound attenuator selection process. Sound . The sound wave generated by these sources transfer its energy throughout the duct and to the occupant’s area as shown below. 9dBA) Sound Pressure Ratings: Sound pressure is measured in an existing space with a sound meter, and is the pressure Commercial HVAC Noise Control. Patent-pending self-supporting fibre-migration proof surface lining and end wall solution. Sound attenuators shall be supported independent of ductwork. Plumbing should be designed to allow for expansion HVAC Attenuators. B. <br/><br/> Ruskin has a complete line of acoustical products as well as the experience and knowledge to design products for special conditions. They help in establishing a calmer environment and avoid the annoying sound an air Sound Attenuator Kit Kit: PA-GM13784-KP1 Qty. Sound Attenuators for HVAC Systems Kinetics offers the design and engineering assistance to integrate our line of duct silencers, sound attenuators into a system solution. Commercial Acoustics' sound attenuators are manufactured in many varieties, module sizes and materials, including no-fill models and models that eliminate acoustical fill entrainment into the air stream. v. Sound attenuators are a proven and effective method for reducing the noise generated by fans and other equipment. SA sound attenuators are designed to reduce fan noise traveling along ventilation ducts. Includes skirted black knob. Also referred to as duct silencers, sound traps or mufflers, they are designed to reduce the noise transmitted from a source to the receiver. 2. For runs up to 12 feet [3658 mm], you may use the sound attenuator for the entire run. 14 Feb 2015 if i use "Sound Attenuator" can i go to a high friction loss and small duct size??? and the sound level will be effected or not? MEP HVAC. DESCRIPTION SOUNDSTOP sound deadening fiberboard is a high-quality, cost-effective solution to airborne sound reduction. All other trademarks Attenuator Installations. Inlet Sound. a perfect partner in performance 6 Key Elements of Attenuator Manufacturing Once the Sales Order is generated, this data is stored within a Production Schedule, which manages the production process and also provides labour and material requirements planning. In true DD fashion of bigger is better comes EA-3. At Mi-T-M, fabric sound attenuators abate noise from 14 AHUs ranging from 2,625 to 4,400-cfms. Sound Attenuators LISTED Application Sound attenuators are designed to attenuate noises of fans, air-conditioning devices in ventilation and air-conditioning systems , Air Handling Units, Fan Inlet and Discharge , Generator rooms and HVAC Duct Systems. • Plant room ventilation. In ventilation systems, noise stems from a variety of components such as the fans or the fire dampers. 4. - If sound level and start up speed are not important the set can be noise attenuator on air inlet, about lm long (Sound power value is higher than given for sound pressure, because they are not affected by the ambient. and ordering key are  Manufacturer of Sound Attenuator - Radiator Sound Attenuator, Sound Attunators offered by Power System Sound Attenuators serve as noise controllers as well as let the air pass through the outlet or inlet. The unit of measurement is decibels (dB). Define sound attenuator. The effect is most directly correlated with kW rating and air flow needed for the generator. ENGINEERING DATA SHEET. SOUNDSTOP favorably increases both sound transmission class (STC) and outside inside transmission class (OITC) values of walls, ceilings, and floors by absorbing airborne sound vibrations. DACT stepped audio attenuators. In the cross-talk sound attenuator type TSR, the damping is effected through  The DS2022 return-air grill attenuator is designed for quick and easy installation into ceiling return-air grills in 2x2 suspended ceiling grid systems. Sound attenuators permit the passage of air while reducing noise in ventilation systems. Sound Attenuator DVD. Through the creation of Swegon North America, Vibro-Acoustics continues to provide engineering expertise on noise control, vibration isolation and restraint systems and now indoor climate systems for commercial and industrial applications. A wide variety of sound  BSAB100 : Rectangular sound attenuator with 100 mm thick splitter Installation to rectangular air duct from the flanges at inlet and outlet mouths using bolts  For applications where sound reduction is Sound. Calgary Sound Attenuator Swegon North America is Vibro-Acoustics. Which sound attenuator do I use? NCS Acoustics design, manufacture and install many types of attenuators, including; Rectangular, Cylindrical and Specialist. The top supplying countries are China (Mainland), Turkey, and South Korea, which supply 82%, 7%, and 5% of hvac sound attenuators respectively. Quiet Fan. Solutions IAC Acoustics Quiet Duct® Silencers provide effective, predictable sound and noise reduction for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Silent-Mod duct sound attenuators are available in a wide assortment of geometries, models, and lengths. Soundproofing windows - Buy high quality and reliable soundproofing material for windows. BETEC CAD. A coupling is also required to connect the supply tubing to a sound attenuator. CROSS TALK ATTENUATOR INTRODUCTION Cross Talk Silencers are designed to maintain sound transmission ratings in low velocity air transfer between adjoining spaces. provides innovative commercial HVAC and industrial HVAC products. at·ten·u·at·ed , at·ten·u·at·ing , at·ten·u·ates v. Sound Transmission Class. louver GM13791 2 Guard, air inlet GM13796 2 Attenuator, sound, front panel GM13802 2 Attenuator, sound, RH panel GM13803 2 Attenuator, sound, LH panel GM13804 2 Attenuator, sound, baffle GM13805 Soundproofing insulation is a key aspect in the process of soundproofing a room. Danish Audio ConnecT manufactures a range of High-End stepped audio attenuators for Hi-Fi, A/V and Pro-Audio, used by DIY Audiophiles and audio equipment manufacturers throughout the world: CT2 uses a resistor network built on non-inductive SMD resistors. Soundproof Cow wants to remove all the unnecessary and unwanted noise from your life. manufactures Air Control & Distribution products, VAV Terminal Units, Green Building products, Fan Coil Units, Electric Duct Heaters, Sound Attenuators, Air Handling Units, and Filter Housings. Bulletin 30-55 / September 2010. Air Distribution Sound Attenuation Rectangular Sound Attenuators 3/4 SA 20 - December 2016 - Rev. tr. Sound Attenuation synonyms, Sound Attenuation pronunciation, Sound Attenuation translation, English dictionary definition of Sound Attenuation. Prior to joining SMACNA, he was a regional engineer for McGill AirFlow LLC, assisting sales-staff members, customers, and design professionals with technical issues regarding duct construction, duct design, sound attenuation, and leak-testing equipment. Acoustical Ceiling Batts are available unfaced and Kraft faced (without stapling tabs) for installation on suspended ceilings. 3 Modification of References 1. The sound generating device and system attenuation coupled with the design goals will determine the Dynamic Insertion Loss (DIL) requirements for the silencer. The sound attenuators should have adequate silencing capabilities, low air resistance and be as small as possible. Insertion Loss (IL) The decrease in sound pressure level or sound intensity level measured at a receiver when the silencer or a sound-attenuating element is inserted into the path between the source and the receiver. Attenuator. Find your acoustic transfer grill easily amongst the 41 products from the leading brands (RENSON, CS Construction, ) on ArchiExpo, the architecture and design specialist for your professional purchases. Specialist range of off-the-shelf and custom-made sound attenuators, including rigid and semi-rigid attenuators for MVHR heat recovery ventilation systems. - If sound level and start up speed are not important the set can be noise attenuator on air inlet, about lm long Nailor Industries, Inc. NSV(엔에스브이) 4,504 views IAC Acoustics Duct Attenuator Range of Products We design and manufacture duct attenuators in response to specific requirements from acoustical consultants, consulting engineers, owners and contractors. Calgary Sound Attenuator Quiet-Duct® HVAC and Industrial Silencers. The Silencer is a Fabric Sound Attenuator that was developed to address one factor for fabric duct—noise from the air handling unit. It is a special type of insulation product, designed to be an acoustic barrier that absorbs sound and can greatly reduce noise transmission from one room to another. A wide variety of hvac sound attenuators options are available to you, such as free samples. L. Introduction. INSTALLATION GUIDELINES. linkedin. Project Photos. Click below to watch a video which shows the frequencies too loud. This type of modification can be done after the installation to reduce noise levels. NoiseReducer Sound Control Batts are designed for wood stud interior walls and floors to help you add "the sounds of silence" to any home, as well as helping you differentiate yourself from your competition. (STC) The sound-insulating property of a sound attenuation board is expressed in terms of the sound transmission loss. Extremely low installation height. the width and/or height of the attenuator need to be increased. Choose from three levels of sound-attenuation, depending Sound Attenuators Description. Find here online price details of companies selling Sound Attenuator. SOUND ATTENUATOR 21. The sound attenuators should have adequate   of sound. This range is suitable for dry applications. Installation and Fabrication for the Construction Industry. This type of installation will result in. Always use at least 3 feet [1 m] of the UNICO supplied sound attenuator supply tubing (UPC-26C or 226C) at the end of each run. 84/85) is designed for be sure to install an outlet screen (UPC-88) to prevent objects from falling into the  INSTALLATION DO'S AND DON'TS. MAINTENANCE Under normal operating conditions, FACILE is a maintenance free sound attenuator. R2; Fabrication; Installation; Blog; Pictures. A precondition for sizing sound attenuators is to obtain an accurate sound calculation of the system. About 7% of these are HVAC Systems & Parts, 0% are Sound Barriers. At 3. Then, install it into the 4-inch (100-mm) pipe stub after Sound Attenuator ENGINEERING DATA SHEET A DIVISION OF METAL FORM MANUFACTURING INSTALLATION GUIDELINES Commercial Acoustics rectangular sound attenuators are supplied in multiple modules of many differ-ent sizes for convenience and economy in shipping, handling and installation. 0, the most heavy-duty energy attenuator on the market. 3 Note: Sound power levels are in dB referenced 10˝˙ˆˇWatts. best sound attenuation and lowest pressure drop at the right price. Installation Instructions. Sound Attenuators Application Sound attenuators are designed to attenuate noises of fans, air-conditioning devices in ventilation and air-conditioning systems , Air Handling Units, Fan Inlet and Discharge , Generator rooms and HVAC Duct Systems. When installing attenuator splitters in different ducts, ensure that. Our interior sound control window system helps to provide excellent noise reduction and great performance for soundproofing, including traffic noise. (W. Nailor Industries, Inc. Cut the sound attenuator to the desired length. Sound Attenuation Costs The most overlooked aspect of choosing a sound attenuation enclosure system is that the as the amount of sound attenuation increases, ie the quitter the unit becomes, the larger the generator enclosure will be. As a result you may choose from a selection of standard or custom engineered duct silencers that will satisfy the requirements of each application. The sound level at a receiver location is the sum of all the sound paths for that location, both attenuation created by the heat and coil Generating Set Installation Guide . Typical applications are  Atlas Sound is a trademark of Atlas Sound L . This surface lining comes in two While sound attenuation is an increasingly important design consideration, any changes to fire-rated assemblies must not affect the ability of a system to resist fire. The Honeycomb Attenuator is a highly flexible but specifically The facility is located in close proximity to a residential area. The resilient channel dampens sound waves effectively, dissipating the energy and reducing sound transmission by suspending gypsum wallboard 1/2" from the stud or joist. The sound-absorbing material used inside measurement stations, acoustic attenuators, . Description Part Number 1 Tube, exhaust elbow GM10670 4 Bracket, screen GM13790 1 Cover. IAC Acoustics Quiet Duct® Silencers provide effective, predictable sound and noise reduction for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Rooftop Unit Sound Control. Geareducer®. Sound absorption can be maximized by utilizing sound attenuation blankets within the wall or floor cavity. Also referred to as duct silencers, sound   The rigid sound attenuator (Unico part number UPC-. ) Certifies that the Sound Attenuators shown herein are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal. • Silencers for fans & blowers. Refer to Bulletin 30-50 for the plenum take-off instructions. Sound Attenuation For Exposed HVAC Ductwork. 6 Plenum or Casing Acoustical Tests 1. Quite simply, NoiseReducer Sound Control Batts provide a sound-absorber that fills the void between interior wood studs. 897 products Alibaba. Quiet-Duct silencers (sound attenuators) are used to reduce airborne noise through commercial HVAC ductwork systems, building openings, sound enclosures, ventilating fans and plenum equipment. For environmental reasons, the baffles have a surface lining that effectively prevents the entrainment of the sound-absorbing material. RT Series - Rectangular Attenuators The RT series is ideal for general HVAC purposes and suitable for industrial applications. Sound Attenuator > Round Sound Attenuator selection method, performance curves, Installations instructions, Physical dimensions,. D. The friction-fit installation, light weight and longer length help speed installation and virtually eliminate acoustic performance problems. When sound attenua- pressure drop across the attenuator to a reason-able level automatically ensures that the flow noise generated within the attenuator is insig-nificant compared with the permissible sound power which emerges. They do their job by utilizing acoustical baffles as means for broadband sound attenuation in HVAC systems. Attenuators are best located where duct work passes through walls bridging high to low noise level areas. Current construction trends towards curb mounting of packaged air conditioners with integrated DX cooling require more attention to vibration and noise control particularly in the downflow configuration preferred by many designers to eliminate ductwork outside the building envelope. Note — Specifications, ratings, and dimensions subject to change  Sound Attenuator. For attenuation convenience of rack-mounted equipment in cabinets and consoles, the AT, E408 Series attenuators are available without mounting plate for rack panel installation. The complete process takes under 1 hour. Don't site volume control dampers or fittings too close to attenuators as they can  To comply with a specified noise level, sound attenuators are added to suitable locations in the ventilation system. C. In enclosed rooms, sound masking increases speech privacy by lowering the articulation index, preventing conversations from being overheard. The facility is located in close proximity to a residential area. If you are only interested in using SAP2011 to analyze data (without the recorder and live analysis components), you may skip this section and go directly to Software Installation . Choose from three levels of sound-attenuation, depending Installation Guidelines. Our duct silencers provide the most economical choice for solving the wide diversity of noise control problems encountered in HVAC engineering. To comply with a specified noise level, sound attenuators are added to suitable locations in the ventilation system. Let us provide all the accessories needed to install a residential or commercial ventilation fan. Standard Duct Sizes High Insertion Loss Low Pressure Drop Low Break-Out Noise. If however, extremely low levels have to be obtained, or if the sound power from the fan is relatively low, the flow noise gen- Sound Attenuator UPC-253 Silver 680 Connecting the supply tubing or the sound attenuator to the plenum requires a plenum take-off. Sound Attenuators. com/company/trox-uk- ltd  Business Listings of Acoustic Attenuator manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and brand agents of Sound attenuators in UAE on yellowpages-uae. The acoustic baffles provide excellent attenuation of speech and unwanted noise while permitting fresh air to circulate continuously. Sound Attenuation Batts are available unfaced for friction fit installation between studs or Kraft faced for easy positive attachment to interior wood stud framing. Product Details. The simple process for installing the Honeycomb Attenuator into a crosstalk bulkhead. Our silencers are adapted to your mechanical system – not the other way around. Standard attenuators are available in three models for traditional applications requiring broad band noise reduction. Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Sound Attenuator for buying in  sound attenuation performances of the DZ-2 sound attenuators with built-in K-2 Caution. Supply and Sound Attenuator Duct. Sound power level attenuation in an elbow is caused by sound reflection. The sound attenuator is an assembly that is installed in a duct system to absorb unpleasant sound made by fans. sound attenuator synonyms, sound attenuator 3 pieces exhaust grille for pipe installation, - 66 pieces Fire protection ceiling scoops,  Introduction. Attractive matte black polycarbonate dial scale overlay with adhesive backing replaces the mounting plate. ENVIRONMENT "Environment declaration" is available on Swegon’s website or may be ordered from one of our sales offices. Click to Watch Sound attenuation batt that absorb sound vibrations between rooms Formaldehyde free and soft to touch insulation for interior walls They absorb sound vibrations within the wall cavity and provide excellent in-place acoustical performance. For given face areas, add or subtract the relevant values from all Octave band frequencies to adjust airflow generated sound power levels. ». Solutions > NEXT: Hardware Installation - Sound hardware In the previous chapter we provided a brief summary of SAP2011 features. 5 SUBMITTALS 1. Sound Transmission Measurement of the ability of a wall or floor assembly to isolate airborne sound and prevent it from passing Typical Sound Attenuator Applications. The insulation is designed to prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the duct and to minimize thermal losses to the surrounding environment. The Waterloo variable air volume damper supplies a controlled volume of air, independent of the duct pressure. SMG replaced this Sound Masking system at an emergency Call Center. It will help reduce monthly heating and cooling costs for the life of the home and offers exceptional thermal and sound control performance. All of these duct silencers are passive in design. These silencers may be used in either supply or exhaust ducts, and they are available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16″ diameters. ELBOWS. Intensity With over 50 years of experience, Ruskin is recognized as a leading manufacturer of acoustical duct silencers and acoustical thermal modular housings, providing top quality and unparalleled performance at an economical price. Sound Power and Sound Pressure are different in that Sound Power is a resistance to sound transmitting through them. P. 4 Ductwork and Ductwork Accessories RM Series Rack Mount Option. installation. Acoustic Media. When replaced with our trademark Sound Masking System, we greatly improved the working conditions within the space. silencer. We also undertake sound attenuator manufacturing for projects that require large non-standard sizes for large air volumes. The quietest fan powered terminal in the market is the TFS-F Fantom IQ™. DVAC-Duct Ventilation Air Conditioning Co. If the sound attenuator is placed near duct bends or other Sound Shadow Sound Masking Systems will accomplish all of this and more. That’s why we offer a wide variety of sound proofing panels, sound proofing supplies and sound blocking foam produced by top brands like Udderly Quiet™ and Quiet Batt™. Homepage · Products · Sound attenuators · Circular silencers. SilentFX® QuickCut™ noise-reducing drywall features a viscoelastic polymer between two specially formulated dense gypsum cores significantly improves sound attenuation and is ideal for systems requiring high STC performance. com offers 897 sound attenuator products. We believe quiet is good. Acoustic Benefits Sound Attenuation Batts provide excellent in-place acoustic performance for interior partition acoustic systems. The Silencer is a Fabric Sound  Triple Lock Sound Attenuator (SA) fastened to the core and outer shell then sealed with UL 181 duct sealer to create a flexible, air tight, sound attenuator. The supply and sound attenuator tubing is offered in two Sound Attenuation Batt Insulation Product Data Sheet 2. Consult the General Explanatory Notes in GA-600, Fire Resistance and Sound Control Design Manual, to understand how to add insulation to a system without affecting fire Nailor Single Duct Exhaust Terminal Units are used to modulate exhaust flow from an occupied Units w/ Optional Sound Attenuator. This type of insulation use can reduce and abate harmful noise at the source, including: generator sets are available with sound-attenuated and weather-protective enclosures. While reducing objectionable fan noise, duct sound attenuators can also reduce cross-talk transmitted from one space to another through the ducts to insure office privacy. Unique properties regarding installation height, fire-resistance class, fibre-migration proof design and sound attenuation. For larger wires or home run situations, a small length of wire and a wire nut are recommended. NOTE: Silencer baffles should be parallel to the plane of the elbow. OSA/L - OSAC/P SOUND ATTENUATORS Improving your environment Installation Details and Guidelines for OSA Rectangular sound attenuators are supplied in multiple modules of many different sizes for convenience and economy in transport, handling and installation. 1 Qualification of Installer for Fibrous Glass Ductwork 1. They help in establishing a calmer environment and avoid the annoying sound an air Sound Attenuation Many of our installation professionals are experts at evaluating noise-reduction needs and planning and installing sound attenuation insulation applications for mechanical systems. ”Correct installation” implies that the sound attenuator should be installed in a run of straight ducting having a length equivalent to 4 x D (D is the largest side of the sound attenuator) upstream and downstream of the sound attenuator. 6 QUALITY ASSURANCE 1. IAC Acoustics rectangular and cylindrical duct attenuators provide effective, predictable noise reduction at substantial savings over other noise reduction methods because IAC products are laboratory-developed and tested under controlled conditions. When sound attenuator banks are large, multiple modules are supplied loose for Sound attenuators are a proven and effective method for reducing the noise generated by fans and other equipment. 1 SILENCER TERMINOLOGY OVERVIEW In a HVAC system, the potential noise sources are AHU, terminal units and room air outlets. the ambient sound level, “masking” conversations and background noise. sound attenuator installation

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