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Sharepoint export to excel not working iqy

File Extension IQY is supported by Windows, Mac, and iOS operating systems. The most popular browser in the world nowadays is Chrome and we've had the pain of not being able to use the "Export to Excel" functionality on SharePoint lists for a while I've even implemented HTML buttons in CEWP in order for people to download a pre-saved . Unfortunately the list is limited ot 5K records (it had grown to 15K+ and SharePoint Admin. iqy file. Export Data View Web Part To Excel In SharePoint 2013 / 2016 Scenario. When the user permissions on the list (in my example, the user has Full Control of the list) are greater than permissions on the parent site (no permissions in my case), then the user can do anything the to the list (create, delete, edit, etc. Make sure the external database is still I've got a list created in SharePoint online which i want to use to display data into a PowerBI report. Copy the URL, open your excel then navigate to Data tab. I have a total of 10 yrs of overall experience. SharePoint provides the capability to Link your SharePoint list data to an Excel workbook. Now I have a new list and wanted to do the same thing. If Excel is not installed, the user may be prompted to download the file "query. Next Steps. e. Click the List tab on the ribbon, and then click Export to Excel. You don’t want users to get lost in sea of menus and options. iqy" which can then be opened in Excel. I've been able to do this before, but have upgraded to Office 2010 and WIN 7 since. When prompted, Open the owssvr. iqy file and get the same functionality in any browser. iqy file that you just saved. 5 Ways To Export SharePoint Data to SQL Server. The way it works with export to Excel, what you see in SharePoint is what you get in Excel. Otherwise the end-users have to open the list and click two times in the ribbon. So how does this work? iqy&List={List GUID}&View={View GUID}&CacheControl=1 When I try this I get an error: Cannot complete this action. One of these actions is an export of a central SharePoint list to Excel. problems-when-exporting-sharepoint- list-data-to-excel-spreadsheet-and-fixing-database-corruption/. dll. An Excel Table is created with a data connection based on a web query file. select "From Web", paste the address then go. iqy file and excel throws I conclude that Excel has some permission issue with Sharepoint List because I was access the List through "Https" Protocol. Export to Excel in SharePoint 2013 is not working for Excel 2016 SharePoint Use this forum to discuss topics about traditional SharePoint development for the RTM release version of SharePoint 2013. aspx) or Graphical Summary view!! so make sure you are on "Overview" page to export SharePoint survey data to spreadsheet. Exporting to Excel of a list uses wrong URL. . Another one with only 11 000 items, which I can't export because of the thresold limitation. There are several  I'm not sure about the trick in it but it worked and I was able to export Open this URL and download the 'owssvr. Is there a way to export my SharePoint List or Library The SharePoint data is not stored in the . When I tried to browse the page, I couldn’t find the SharePoint List Ribbon, also there is no option to export the data view to Excel. wait for the data to load then you are done. Depending on your browser, you can save and open, or open the file directly. It will find any tables on the Web page and let you select the ones containing data you want to put into your I have a file that became too big due to phantom bloat, unused range saved by Excel and all that kind of reasons. I find it easier to analyze data using Excel. Duplicated rows usually mean that the IDs do not match; thus, the rows are added instead of being updated. IQY files are categorized ordinarily as Web Files. This is an internet query file format that is compatible with Excel. In Excel, changes that you make to data in your Excel worksheet do not synchronize with the list on the SharePoint website; that is, only a one-way synchronization occurs from the Here is the connetion string from the . Not exactly what you’re looking for, but you can use the Export Table to SharePoint List Wizard to export the spreadsheets to a custom list, and then use Excel Services to access the data within. But, what if we need to export this SharePoint list view items using custom code ? Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. If we click yes - we have blank excel/word document. Trying to get Analyze in Excel working. 2. In it's place a link to the document is available. A TCP/IP reset, ipconfig flush / registerdns fixed that all up. Unfortunately this is not supported. SharePoint provides us with a great way of capturing and managing data which has seen a huge increase in business data stored in SharePoint On Premise and SharePoint Online lists and libraries. iqy file and names it below. Microsoft Office for Mac SharePoint Browser Plug-in; Java Applet Plug-in; SharePoint: O365 SharePoint Online–E-3 license, out-of-the-box SharePoint Sites, lists and libraries. This file will be linked to your SharePoint calendar. I've used the PowerBI Since Excel Services inception (SharePoint 2007) users have been attempting to consume a SharePoint List in Excel Services. iqy file back into SharePoint. Problem. The workbook will NOT refresh new data. Excel Crashes when attempting to open the file with a faulting file "mso. xls export file format. dll is a traditional Remote Procedure Call method to remotely invoke functions in SharePoint. Change the Fast Swing Yards field of the Driver to "325" and click the Save button to  Create a dynamic Excel web query to pull data from the web into MS Excel. Note: If you save the file, the default file name for the first copy is query. iqy file by using Actions/Export to Spreadsheet from the view menu, and then uploaded this . In Installation Options, expand Office Tools, Click Windows SharePoint Service Support OR Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support, Choose Not Available, Click Continue. Document libraries can also be exported to Excel, however, the export will not contain the document. Other Excel files from the sharepoint server continue to force it to crash. ShufflePoint creates Excel reports by leveraging the built-in "Web Query" data If you have not already done so, click Manage Datasources and then Google  Nov 13, 2013 One of these actions is an export of a central SharePoint list to Excel. These instructions explain how to make and use web queries for Microsoft Excel on your Mac. Hi, I have two big SharePoint list. dll) Hello guys, Here I am explaining how to implement the OOB 'Export to Excel ' feature of SharePoint list using RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) with Javascript CSOM code. The columns in the exported table are determined by the current external list view. Used to verify whether Excel is installed for Export to Excel feature. After some research I came across many articles stating creating SPGridView and then using HTTPcontext Response object to write the response into an excel file. - I click open. SPUserMel on Fri, 01 Apr 2016 21:13:31 . The same file, when dowloaded and opened locally does not cause Excel to crash. Check 6 - Open the list in SharePoint - Click "Export to Excel" and download the . The SharePoint chrome can get pretty heavy handed. Replace the [Placeholders] with your environment's information. I get a notification to open an . iqy. Microsoft Office Excel Excel cannot connect to the SharePoint list. Selecting the ISO-8859-1 encoding and Excel format. Sharepoint Export Import List Items. When Export to Excel function on a list from SharePoint 2010 it will not download the owssvr. Not only is it profitable to use Excel as a bulk metadata editor but it also brings some cool integrations with Windows Explorer. We all know that, SharePoint has built in “Export to Excel” option in all the SharePoint Lists. Colleague of mine is facing the below issue while trying to export the SharePoint List which has more than 10 000 items. I've not done a SharePoint-based MSQuery, but hope it's similar: . <something>. Programmatically export records from SPList to MS Excel in SharePoint. The Results. I think they might be a confi - [Instructor] If we have columns and columns…and rows and rows of data, and need to run analysis on it,…the place that I want that data is in SharePoint,…and we can get there. iqy from <site>. These features uses ActiveX controls except Export to Excel. The external data exported is determined by the filters defined on the external content type and in the external list view, and the language settings for the SharePoint site. Hi, I have a SharePoint 2010 Environment that uses https://portal. iqy that was exported as spreadsheet from custom list - MS SharePoint - Spiceworks Sharepoint Export to Excel not working I have been able to use this feature in the past and it stopped working. accdb file and lets you choose where you want to save it. The real key to creating a dynamic excel web query is to create your own ". Recently I came across a requirement where I had to export data of a list from inside a custom webpart to excel. Export to Excel does not work from Google Chrome; Go to the list you  I had a similar issue today with the Export to Excel not allowing The user who is trying to open the (. That being said, since it is a separate product from SharePoint it is not covered Click the Export to Excel in the Connect & Export area of the List tab toolbar. This blog explains different methods to export data from Excel to a SharePoint List. In it's basic form, the ". It can be used to retrieve data from Sh ISSUE: You receive message "To export a list, you must have a Microsoft SharePoint Foundation-compatible application" when trying to export a list from SharePoint. 4. When I click the button in the SharePoint ribbon, it allows me to download an OWSSVR. iqy, and is   Oct 19, 2017 When you click Export to Excel to export a SharePoint list on a Mac, it doesn't open the file in Excel for Mac and instead downloads the query. By now, if you haven't seen Sharegate’s import & export from SharePoint to Excel feature, get ready to be impressed. "Save As" an Excel Workbook, if you need a static copy of the data. Calendar) Navigate to the view you would like to export. I thought it would be easier to add a link at the dashboard. Excel cannot connect to the sharepoint list September 30, 2013 August 27, 2018 - by Bijay Kumar - Leave a Comment In this post, we will discuss how to resolve the issue “Excel cannot connect to the SharePoint list” which usually comes when you export the list to a spreadsheet. dll : Enables synchronization of lists of events and lists of contacts in SharePoint with a messaging application such as Outlook. The Excel connection via . I am attempting to Export a SharePoint list to Excel from a site where I am an Owner of the site. Created a custom list in SharePoint MOSS 2007, Office 2010 (and 2007) for our fleet vehicle listing. . Hello everyone, We are currently trying to get a SharePoint installation up and running, but there is one strange problem: When trying to export a SharePoint list to Excel, Excel will sometimes open the list just fine, and sometimes it will just open a dialog telling me that "Excel cannot connect to the SharePoint list". dll" Modifiers. 3. Sing Yong Hi, Not sure if anyone has answered you on this. When you want to import an Excel sheet do SharePoint, SharePoint will not import the whole document, it will ask you for a specific range that you may want to upload to it. As in the first exercise of this chapter, you can maintain a link between the SharePoint list and the Excel data, but any changes in the Excel spreadsheet are not reflected in the SharePoint list. Export to excel menu is missing in SharePoint survey overview view also? A user has Excel 2010 and is attempting to open an Excel document from our Office 365 Sharepoint server. just navigate to People and Groups. sharepoint) submitted 5 years ago by eaxblack So the export to excel feature is completely ignoring the order of the Task Lists I have on Sharepoint. iqy' file. You cannot export Persons like this, at least in our setup. dll file. This link is a one way street where data updates made on SharePoint will be reflected in the Excel workbook, but any updates made within Excel will not get pushed through to the SharePoint list. One with 20 000 items, that I can export without problem with the export excel button. Please  Nov 24, 2012 Export to Excel functionality in SharePoint surveys is available under the Overview view only! not on any other views like Show all Responses  Aug 13, 2018 I get my URL for the request from sharepoint via an . Office. About DevCentral. Access is great for storing large quantities of data, but it really isn't the best tool for To export the contents of a SharePoint list to an Excel worksheet, just That's because the SharePoint data is linked to Excel through a Web query file. I have a SharePoint 2013 list that is working just fine in the web browser--I'm trying to get the "Export To Excel" function to work but am running into issues. Go to Data -> Connections Connection properties -> Definition In Connection File, select your new iqy file Motivation for this solution to a British olympiad problem. 0 and Excel 2013 and 'Export to Excel' it works fine - the file downloads as an . After the export has been done it is possible to remove those columns from within Excel, but I don't know of a way to prevent them from being generated during the initial export. In SharePoint 2013, I created a Data View Web Part with an external database connection as a data source via SharePoint designer. is the export to Excel IQY file created and where is The Data tab in Excel 2016 for Mac. This spreadseet is then also saved into the SharePoint online site. Because you can't copy the hyperlink on the "Export to spreadsheet" link on SharePoint lists, here is how you can create your own hyperlink. Also, make sure you have added the sites as Trusted sites. Select the owssvr. Apr 21, 2016 Detailed Instructions on how to Export any SharePoint list to Excel. …If I have a list in SharePoint…and want to send it to Excel,…I can click the List tab on the ribbon,…choose Export to Excel, and it says…this site says You can export the contents of SharePoint lists, the results of a survey, or document libraries to an Excel spreadsheet. iqy can connect via excel, I do not see, why it should not work with any other tool. Otherwise the end-users have to open the list and click two […] Using the list export feature is a very simple and easy way to manually get all of the content in your lists and move it. Open the list. I tested the following SharePoint actions using Safari on our MacBook Pro. First shows the report has data. If you update the information in Excel it will be overridden by the information in SharePoint when the sync takes place. Then open Excel and Data->Import Data. A workaround here is to use SharePoint list Get items action, then use the Create CSV table, you may tak a look at the template below: Copy SharePoint list items into a CSV each week If here you would like to export filtered items from SharePoint list to Excel, then you may take a try with the Export to Excel feature in SharePoint, which allows to export the filtered View from SharePoint list: Export to Excel from SharePoint (Edited, it seems you have issue using this feature) Or you may take a try with some powershell scripts. Other IOS devices (IPhone, IPad) should not be expected to provide equivalent Error: SharePoint List – Cannot Edit in Datasheet, Export to Excel, or Import Spreadsheet Several months ago users started reporting an inability to edit lists in a datasheet, and to import from or export to Excel. Check the database server or contact your database administrator. When we export the sharepoint list into excel, the synchronization I was also getting a connection issue when opening the word docs, but that was a networking issue where the network adaptor said it didn’t have internet (yellow triangle), but internet was working so browsing to SharePoint online was getting confused. SharePoint List Export to Excel in Java Script Client Object Model using RPC (Owssvr. iqy is associated with Excel in your system: . This is the easiest way to export sharepoint users in excel. I am clicking on the export details button in a report. For each Office program that is not an Office 2010 program, select the item and click Change, Choose Add or Remove Features, Click Continue. By Jim Gordon, co-author of Office 2011 for Mac All-in-One For Dummies Most IQY files can be viewed with Microsoft Excel from Microsoft Corporation (the only known affiliated software application) and associated with the Internet Query format as it's primary file type. If you update the information in SharePoint it will sync with the Excel file. When it download it will download as owssvr. Here's a look at what you can (and can't) do when working with Excel data and SharePoint lists. iqy) file can. Open this file and Excel will launch and prompt you to choose where to load the data (Table, Pivot Table or Pivot Chart) and choose the location to load it (an existing worksheet, new worksheet or new workbook). Since this does not come OOTB, I had to do some initial research in trying to find an ideal solution. Once in a while you may run into a situation where the feature just won't work. Earlier I have manufactured power conditioning equipments like UPS, stabilizers, inverters I have done sales and service in all the states of India. This is working as expected as the internet query connection is not  Apr 14, 2010 In this tip we look at how to export SharePoint data to Excel. When I open a list on my desktop running Windows 7 using IE 11. I have an excel form, I want my users to be able to open the form, fill in appropriate data, then click the save button. The classic SharePoint experience shows a ribbon above the list, not a command bar. For one of our customers I had to create dashboard with a few shortcuts to SharePoint actions. Only the web query (. Unfortunately no. iqy file - Run the following command line: Windows 64bits (x64): If you have a list of appointments in Excel and you want to append them to your SharePoint calendar follow these steps: In Your SharePoint calendar click on the Calendar tab and select Open with Access; SharePoint creates an . Check out these other SharePoint tips. Export the SharePoint list items shown in the current view to Excel to work with Important: Export to Excel is available only when list items are not selected. SharePoint List Synchronizer for Excel 12 When you save the file, it must be in the XLS format (Excel 97-2003). When the button is clicked, the data in the form should be saved to a new file and then the original form should be reset (clear all values) for a new set of data entry. Keep in mind there are other methods out there to pull content from your SharePoint site but this way is just as effective. The export to SharePoint process uses a two-step wizard. You also have some Import/Export tips which involve Excel. Excel and SharePoint 2007 offer interactive features that simplify many collaborative tasks. user does not exist or is not unique” Error When a User is Disabled in  SharePoint 2013: Exporting a SharePoint list to your local computer might not be something you do In the Connect & Export section click Export to Excel. Nov 3, 2018 clicking "Export to Excel" button in SharePoint Online) into PowerBi list credentials work fine, so I wonder whether problem is with iqy code. This often means we have the requirement to report against this data. See 3 attachments. When I click on export and it saves to my desktop, the report shows up as blank. iqy), it is really hard to make it to work. I have an Office Online server installed also. second shows that that the report format, and third shows the blank excel file. There is a similar idea submitted on this, see: Recurrent export of SharePoint lists to Excel . Hi, My name is Sushant Khambekar working for Microsoft SharePoint as a SharePoint admin. There are few downsides to this method though such as permissions are not retained. I have made a . I get my URL for the request from sharepoint via an . Thank to previous posts on that board tackling that issue, I was able to find how to proceed to reduce the file back to its normal size. Press this button and the browser will download a query. When you export to Excel in SharePoint, you are indeed creating an iqy file but the Excel file that is created doesn't actually need that iqy file to fetch the data. This normally works just fine. dll instead of owssvr. To export data to a list, make sure you have necessary permissions in SharePoint Site. Interop. There are cases where after you create the excel sheet, you would like to share it the team or set of peoples. Unfortunately I do not know of a way to not include those columns in the export, they are also generated with the default export to excel option as well. A handy way to get the list and view GUIDs is to go into "Modify Columns and Settings" then Now I would like to have this in SharePoint as a list, so I can share it with others. The iqy files are used for Internet (Web) Query files, text files that contain data source (data source: A stored set of "source" information used to connect to a database. What does above sentence mean??? Basically if you are a SharePoint developer OR user then you might know that we can do Import/Export between SPList and Microsoft Excel. " re: How to Export Users inside group in Excel in SharePoint 2010 It is not working for me, my list contains some lookup columns, is it the reason or something else, please let me know how can we export list data having lookup columns. An Excel Web query allows you to bring data from a Web site into an Excel worksheet. If you use the XLSX format (Excel 2007+), the synchronize menu won't be available. I've connected the list into an excel spreadsheet through the Export to Excel option in the ribbon. The codeplex project doesn't work on sp2013 After checking and verifying, I can only export to excel 2013, external lists exports in sp2013 only supported for excel 2013, also when installing the office 2013 suite verify that you selected the install all components (run all from my computer) and just the standard installation From a sharepoint list, I chose Actions -> Export to Spreadsheet, saved the owssvr. click the yellow arrow beside the word "Group" then import. Making and Using Excel web queries Web queries bring tables from the web directly into Microsoft Excel. I've installed the OLEDB package. Quick Start - Excel reports using ShufflePoint. I've been having some quite annoying problems dealing with the Export to Excel functionality on a SharePoint 2016 farm. Connecting the list to Excel. One click is always better than Export to Excel functionality in SharePoint surveys is available under the Overview view only! not on any other views like Show all Responses (Allitems. I open the excel sheet in the Main menu Data-->From Web---> connect to the SharePoint site it ask the credentials after providing the credentials of user then try to import February 17, 2012 SharePoint, SharePoint 2007, Tips and Tricks Owssvr. Go to the List Tools > List tab and click the Export to Excel option. iqy" file. Basically I click the Export to Excel, it prompts "Do you want to open or save owssvr. Export to Excel Not Working in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016 by Zubair Alexander · February 21, 2017 Export to Exce l is a useful SharePoint feature. In Excel spreadsheet, select the data range and Format it as a Table; While still in Excel, highlight the table, then choose Export from the top ribbon, then Export Table to SharePoint list; From the pop-up that appears, specify the URL of the site you are importing to, then give the list a name, then hit Next. Investigation If we login as web-server's admin user and click "Export to Excel/Word" - we have correct documents without any warnings. If you are unsure whether or not you are using a SharePoint list as a data source, you can verify By default, Sync excel with Sharepoint list was available with the previous version of excel, but the synch feature is not existing in the excel 2010 version onwards for which in Google, add one synchronization reference should be uploaded in the excel file which is not working. When I try to edit any columns, I am shown: "The xxxx column is a read-only column that cannot be modified. ). Please share some ideas on this issue that I posted. A better way to work with external data connections. A It's not always going to be better, and it's not always going to work, but it's worth a try, especially since a simple web query could boost your productivity! Excel Web Query ". I will explain why and I will also provide a workaround using PowerPivot. not find a thing and if the . The iqy file extension is associated with with Microsoft Excel, one of the most popular and powerful tool you can use to create format spreadsheets, graphs and much more. iqy" file is simply a TEXT file with three Exporting to Microsoft Excel (Report Builder and SSRS) 01/09/2017; 18 minutes to read +1; In this article. I may need to dig into the details, but it seems like when you run saved query Excel failed to authenticate with SharePoint. Do you want to open the file now?". Save the owssvr. Goal is to share the list with directors, but only info that their dept Trouble Importing . Exporting to EXCEL Spreadsheet Exporting to EXCEL Spreadsheet not working on Deployment Server Ya I am using Microsoft. Here is what I've run across. I get the following error: Initialization of the data source failed. iqy file, opened this file, and tried editing entries in Excel. You can only synchronize changes in the SharePoint list to the Excel spreadsheet. DataView Webpart (DVWP) is a very powerful tool that comes with Sharepoint Designer that can be used for displaying both internal and external data. SharePoint 2013 Export to Excel feature ordering by "ID" column instead of maintaining task/subtask order present on site Task List (self. But if I put in the url into any browser, I get an "This site is temporarily not available" instead of the usual xml answer. com. When users click on it, it does bring up the data in Excel - but without the headings repeated each page, with the columns spilling onto a second page (width-wise), etc. deleted the difference plus. iqy file and beyond that nothing happens. Ok, the title isn't descriptive enough. Export to Excel does not work from Google Chrome; Go to the list you want to export to Excel (i. The synchronization process is still handled by Excel and SharePoint, and it is done using the ID column, which may not appear on the list (on either Excel or SharePoint). xlsx). One of the biggest improvements to working with external data connections in Excel for Windows in recent releases has been the Connection Manager. We are a community of 300,000+ technical peers who solve problems together Learn More For one of our customers I had to create dashboard with a few shortcuts to SharePoint actions. Using IE11 and Excel 2013. For any SharePoint list, when I click on the 'Export to Excel' button on the 'List' ribbon, I am prompted to download the owssvr. ShufflePoint creates Excel reports by leveraging the built-in "Web Query" data import feature. A handy way to get the list and view GUIDs is to go into "Modify Columns and Settings" then Because you can't copy the hyperlink on the "Export to spreadsheet" link on SharePoint lists, here is how you can create your own hyperlink. In the Open or Save dialog, click the Open button to open the owssvr. iqy works fine, as usual. OK Whenever I save and open the IQY file it will create but it won't synchronize. Excel to export Excel Scenario: Export SharePoint list view items to an Excel Sheet using custom code. In this instance, we wanted to show multiple lists on one Wiki Page, but we also wanted the users to be able to export the list data to Excel. It simply does not work. You will not believe how many times we get asked this during the course of a SharePoint development project! As a Microsoft product, SharePoint has a natural association with Excel, so much so that almost any content stored within your SharePoint site can be easily exported to Excel. Oct 2, 2018 Learn how to import and export data from SharePoint and Excel using built best Excel based template in the world wasn't going to solve all their problems. 1. The Reporting Services Excel rendering extension renders a Reporting Services paginated report to the Microsoft Excel format (. I’m sure you can build a custom service application that extends this capability. I tried it with a PBIX uploaded from desktop. There’s a big Export to Excel button in each list. So you can just share the file and if people have credentials to access the SharePoint list your file is linked to, they will be able to just right-click the table, and select This is where we can utilise the out-of-the-box features to connect the SharePoint list to the workbook. it will excel is working fine, list data is exported to excel then. StssyncHandler : Owssupp. No Excel add-in is used, and you have the full capabilities of Excel at your disposal. In previous versions of Outlook, I regularly exported some of my Outlook Calendar, Contacts and Mail data to Excel files to work with it from there or imported data into Outlook from Excel. SharePoint 2010 Export list Items to Excel, wrong url in iqy file. iqy" Files. SharePoint: 2010 I have been querying (polling) a Sharepoint and exporting the results to XL for weeks problem-free. It's not always going to be better, and it's not always going to work, but it's worth a  Jul 20, 2017 We can easily export the content of a SharePoint List View via the UI, I describe the solution for a situation if you work locally on the server, but it The script below assumes the extension . How to show live data from a SharePoint list on a Powerpoint slide. One of the requirement that we had was the ability to export the data from DVWP to excel. iqy Internet query file which is then picked up perfectly by opening it in Excel 2013. FWIW, here are some specifics: Office 2010 32 Bit; Windows “Can you export this to Excel?”. iqy file I receive when clicking "Export to Excel" in the SharePoint 2013 ribbon: - you open the . But out of curiosity I thought of diving into the OOB export functionality of SharePoint list. Others are able to export from the same list so it doesn't appear to be associated with the list in use. However I was able to export the complete List without any issues. And for Export to Excel feature, since Excel for Mac does not have a good support for Web Query(. I am afraid currently this is not avaialble through Microsoft Flow. You will also notice the file extension for the export is . Feb 13, 2009 In this article, I will show you how these two products work together. As I was warned I saved a copy of my last export. Excel will open; click Enable to connect to the SharePoint list. This is  Feb 21, 2017 Export to Excel is a useful SharePoint feature. iqy) file should be also added in site or  The excel file that you exported is connected to a view, not to the list. Click on OK. sharepoint export to excel not working iqy

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