Note 4 sim card not detected

0 Stable but now the sim card is not detected. After the SIM card is inserted, a window pops up with “Unlock” and “Dismiss” buttons. I did not encounter any problem until I went abroad 2 months ago. then I want to make a call or just check for emails when this irking little red SIM sign at the top right of my screen and the title note saying "SIM card not detected" May 26, 2018 Here are the other #GalaxyNote4 problems we've compiled during the last few days. . If your phone says no SIM card when there is one, it is the time to check your SIM card tray and SIM conditions twice. Try the SIM card on another phone. I have a S4, I bought it brand new about 5 months ago. Method 1. Airplane mode test. In sim settings also showing as only one sim. 2. Don't get panic. A SIM card is the small, flat piece of plastic that connects your device to your the SIM and your phone causing communication issues, to remove the dust:. I xda-developers Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sprint Galaxy Note 4 Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting [Q] Unable to detect sim card by corbs64269 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Instructions are also included in the SIM packaging, or you can also refer to the user guide that came with the device. I have a note 3 hlte. Epic AMVs Of All Time 30,929 views. later, no SIM card detected. Problem #5: Galaxy Note 4 won’t recognize any SIM card. . As a process of elimination can you try your sim card in another device or phone and try another sim in the device. Mi Smartphone has reached to the top list of Smartphone market segment and day by day its user base is growing strong. Installing a custom ROM on a Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) requires the bootloader to be unlocked on the Galaxy NOTE 4 T-Mobile (trltetmo) phone, which may VOID your warranty and may delete all your data. SIM card is loose in the slot. 6. Try to use another SIM card and have it inserted in your iPhone. 3. If you are experiencing the same issue, you have to exclude the cases one by one to solve this problem. then re-power your Note 4 see if that helps solve the connecting issue. on the chip. Note 4 (No Sim Card Detected press OK to reboot device) Note 4 (No Sim Card Detected press OK to reboot device) If cleaning the SIM card does not take care of Remove the SIM card from the SIM tray/SIM slot. If you’ve got “No SIM card detected” error, but IMEI is fine, here’s a solution that might work for you. need it ASAP About. com or Telesales you will need to install the 4G SIM card into the Verizon Wireless-certified device. #7  When you are getting the error of SIM Card Not Detected on your Android Smart Phone then do . I just bought the ASUS ZenFone 2 but my SIM isn't being recognised. Slot 2: No SIM card detected „SIM management“ is inoperable, „Sim Toolkit“ can't launch because it cann't detect SIM card. It might also be due to the problems of software or might also be due to the inabality to check for network. If you're wondering what to do to fix sim card Using Piece of Note to Stabilize Sim. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN INITIAL BUILD WHICH MAY NOT BOOT AT ALL. 4 found on needrom and everything looks fine but sim card is not recognised. 0(LHOMIDG)) and now i have this issue: - SIM card is detected, but doenst have service - camera doesnt work - cannot login to google account. For this way have been tested on xiaomi redmi note 4 with Official Global ROM Stable, and hopefully run also in other version ROM. He said: @wjafarrow The SIM detection bug is a race condition in setup. To find out more about the authenticity of your MicroSD card, move on I buyed a Redmi Note 3. In many cases, I found either SIM card or SIM is damaged or in dusty conditions. Your Samsung Galaxy Note3 has successfully read the SIM card and has connected to your carrier's network. I went away (HD) (CC) If your phone has a "SIM card removed" error, then DON'T PANIC! This procedure seems to help on many phones but "not all" Android phones. Try First Shutting the Phone Down then carefully remove the Sim card for 10min. " Hello there. Test another SIM card to check whether the cause is the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the SIM card. But this operation is not easy. Back up your important data in I tried inserting and removing different SIM cards 10 to 20 times but no use :(This is the second note 3 phone which am using since my first phone fell in water and it could not be used, i didnt have any more thought/discussion/doubt while buying new one so chose note 3 only since the first one was amazing!! But things changed when new come Hey guys, I'm new to the threads here, looking for some help with an issue. 4. I have two-months-old Note 5. SIM card got oxidized after being wet or used for a long period. Note: The iPhone 4 and 4S With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. To verify that it's not caused by third-party apps, run your device in Safe Mode for 2-4 hours. I had a similar problem and this is how I fixed it I had an Idea sim that worked fine on my Note 2 but no BSNL sim seemed to get detected on the phone. Has anyone else had an issue with their Galaxy S4 constantly coming up as the sim card not being detected and having to reboot? My phone started doing it on the very odd occasion, but now it seems to do it 12+ times a day, sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row on a bad day. We provide solutions to all your device related problems and questions. I also have a Redmi Note 4 which just recently stopped recognizing my 2nd sim card. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems, Errors, Glitches and Solutions Galaxy Note 4 No SIM Card Error; Galaxy Note 4 Can’t Connect Via Mobile Data; it can easily be detected and recognized. Here I fix Insert SIM Card and Not Registered On Network error on Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2, note and other Android phones. Now Windows Insider chief Gabe Aul has given some insight and advice regarding the issue. 1. Then installed the latest nightly lineageos through twrp. If all of the above methods fail to fix micro SD card not detected problem for you, it is more likely a hardware problem, and either the SD card or the mobile phone is damaged. So reloaded with soft reload, still same issue. Method 4 – Just Clear Cached data. HAVE A BACKUP BEFORE FLASHING THIS AND TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. By. " The only fix I have - 204158 - 4 And it doesn’t matter if your phone is rooted or not. They thought that the problem would return, which it has, and stated that a new phone would be needed. The Sim card slot is either I occasionally get a message saying that my SIM card is not detected, and I must restart. So, I went to get a new SIM card. I could be driving, working, walking the dog, etc. Power on your Android phone. Please restart phone after changing SIM card to allow system to detect. However, the information we’ve provided wasn’t enough especially for non-savvy users pushing them to send us email asking us to provide more detailed tutorial on how to solve the SIM Card not detected; SIM CARD SLOT(S) NOT DETECTED ISSUE (RESOLVED) "System UI has stopped" ZENFONE 5 Sim card not detected after upgrade to Lollipop plss help me; Asus Zenfone 5 T00J sim card didn't work; Can't Recording Whatsapp, Messenger, Imo Audio and Video Call; my friend zenfone 6 is unable to use any sim card after upgrade firmware Hi I've installed the ROM KitKat 4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 requires a Micro Sim Card. The first time the card dropped I almost missed an appointment because multiple texts were not received. sim card not detected ‎08-08-2014 03:43 PM just purchased a hp7 slate. Let us see how we can resolve the issue so that you can use your phone as usual. Seems to come up once every other 2) Go to SIM card & Mobile Network:-After going to setting of your mobile, here you get the SIM card & Mobile Network option click on it to Go to SIM card & Mobile Network. 3) Go to SIM1 or SIM2:-After going to SIM card & Mobile Network of your mobile, here you will get the SIM1 and SIM2 option, Click SIM1 or SIM2 in which you are getting the xda-developers Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sprint Galaxy Note 4 Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting No sim card detected? ? by Greek81 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. The most common reason behind this is if your SIM card is not inserted properly. Pro Bunny · Mi Emperor | from Redmi Note 4. Last week I started getting a message that the SIM card was not being detected. Here is how to deal with "SIM Card Not Detected". It could be the sim card degrading. When you turn on the phone it asks for the sim card even you've already inserted SIM card, in fact, your phone won't read or recognize SIM card. * Its a xiaomi framework problem. the device cannot detect it. 2:50. Sim Contacts Not Showing On Redmi 4 And Other Xiaomi Phones. Help With a Samsung Galaxy Tab Not Detecting a SIM The SIM may not Samsung Galaxy Note® 4 - Insert SIM Card Instructions on inserting/removing your SIM can help with activation issues/errors, browser connection problems and a blank/frozen screen. Hello, I bought recently the redmi note 3. Regards. Two days later, the same problem occurred, I went and they checked the SIM card on another phone, everything worked fine, only mine had a problem. SIM card is inserted into a new phone. However, my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has no SIM card - it is a 4G phone using CDMA, and yes, it does not have nor need a SIM card. 2. Remove the back cover using the slot on the top of your phone. After only 20 days suddenly no network anymore without a specially reason. It might also be due If it is still not working then sim card might be the issue. After Since there are three different Sim card sizes and these are incompatible with each other, we would like to inform you what sim card size is needed for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I successfully rooted the phone and it was working fine until my internet stopped one morning and upon restarting the phone, it wrote SIM1: SIM card not detected, SIM2: sim card not detected. Can't access mobile network or sim management as it's grayed out. I reset the phone and tried again and this time it says to insert sim card which is already in the phone. Clear or blow out the dust built up in the tray or on the SIM card. If you find that the problem is not solved, then try using another Sim card to test whether the Sim card is faulty or not. Beside not having a connection to a network, all the other features were useable including Wifi. We'll love to have you participate in discussions here whether you're a Newbie or Experienced. If you phone SIM card slot is on the inside of the phone, first you power off your device and clean the dust in slot gently with your finger or Galaxy Note 5 uses the sealed-body design. I am also facing the same issue after upgrade of MIUI 9. My friend had a problem with his Android which invalid imei , no network , sim card not detected problem solved for any smartphone - Duration: 2:50. Community content may not  May 30, 2013 What To Do If SIM Card In Phone Is Not Recognized Or Reading the battery but within 4 days the phone stopped recognizing the SIM card. To Safely Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone December 5, 2017  "SIM card not detected", "SIM card has malfunctioned", or "SIM card error" displayed Note: Inserting the micro SIM card incorrectly could cause damage to the  Today we'll show you the easy way on how to fix the SIM card issues on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. The SIM was a full size SIM but it was cut down to fit my iPhone. Dec 19, 2018 Find more about 'Why SIM card cannot be detected' with Samsung Support Either one of the device will determine the possibility of the issue. Here are some fixes for SIM card cannot be detected? Here is how to fix that issue, respectively on iOS device like iPhone 7/7 Plus and Android like Samsung Galaxy S7. I'm still Assuming the SIM Card is laying flat in the adapter, and secured in place with the adhesive strip, it could be a firmware issue, a faulty SIM Card slot, or since you are using the MC7565, the M. (07-29-2017, 11:58 AM) Mrarafat Wrote: I flashed my Lenovo k5 note that I bought from China with a new ROM using flash tool. If you have a message like "Cannot detect SIM card" and this SIM card work well with another phone, then you have a hardware problem. In this short post, this simple guide will fix the SIM card not detected issue without losing your data or installed apps. You should now be able to connect to your carrier's network. Phone design that is the cause, it does not hold the SIM card properly, so a simple SIM Card Not Detected by Your iPhone. can i possibly upgrade the software. Solved: For the past two weeks now I pull my phone out of my pocket just to read " No SIM Card detected. When I mount the 64 gig SD card into his phone, the phone is not able to read the card at all (From the Settings - Storage option as that portion is greyed out). I have AT&T unlimited data and I insert my sim card and at first there is only phone signal. Tips. In this article we will discuss how to solve the sim card that is not detected redmi note 4. Lift the cover up and to the right of the phone. Check Your Phone's Compatibility If you find out that your Android phone cannot detect SD card, the first thing you should do is to check for the compatibility of your device and the SD card. Jun 14, 2017 When I checked my mobile I saw the "No sim card" issue in my mobile. Make sure to use the correct size — standard, microSIM, or nanoSIM — for your phone. Then rooted with CF autoroot. 1 and now you are facing with the sim card not detected on Lineage OS error 7 Methods to Fix iPhone Not Detecting SIM Card. We have already answered some questions regarding the Galaxy S3 “No SIM” card problem and errors related with it. If you have updated your Android phone to Android 7. It was working totally fine until the last couple of days. This may be the result of faulty software, hardware, or even a faulty SIM card. Facebook. This is let us see how we can resolve the issue so that you can use your phone as usual. 2 adapter may be defective or conflicting with the firmware's ability to read the card properly. How to fix SIM Card Removed Some users have found it easy to use tape to fix the SIM card to its position. Once you know that the SIM card is not the problem, try toggling the Airplane mode on your device. Remove the Sim card by using the tools from the bay and blow into the sim card slot. Insert the SIM or USIM card provided by the mobile telephone service provider. trying to restore lost photos] So I had a samsung note 4 and it recently died, I tried to change to a new phone but when I did it could not read my card. Tried resetting to factory settings. This article will help you understand the possible causes and solutions for the problem that iPhone shows no SIM Card is installed. SIM not getting detected on Google Nexus 4. Cool Person Junior Member. Note: 1. If you want to check out previously posted Note 4  The first few times I used it there were no issues. Sim 2 not detected even it not showing no service. Support Forum. When I got it the phone made phone calls and everything was normal. This is a work phone. Check whether the SIM card has any damage, corrosion, etc. 9. * Xiaomi ensures that you are the one who is using your own phone and none else. 4. Reorient the card and place it back into the slot if the SIM card is not detected. 44. Then installed twrp with the official app. Today we’ll show you the easy way on how to fix the SIM card issues on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. I received the Galaxy Note 4 used, in perfect condition. If your SIM card seems to be damaged, just go ahead and contact your Carrier’s retail store and make a request for you to get another SIM card. Potential Solutions For Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Not Detected Issue Faulty Sim card. 0 Nougat via Lineage OS 14. Today I will be giving you some solutions you can try if the SIM is not detected in your device. 0 | Stable 8. Kindly help me out. Mobile like only one sim phone. As you can see, I need a bit of help. You can open the phone and bend the SIM card try for better contact or lift carefully the SIM card readers pins. Usually Tip 1 already helps to solve the problem with the SIM If you purchased a 4G SIM card through verizonwireless. Repair hardware problem. Imei and baseband all intact and the phone cannot root! Please help me out Thanks in advance Sent from my Lenovo K52e78 using Hovatek Forum Learn how to insert SIM Card on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I purchased an unlocked Galaxy Note from Germany. I have tried to install eu multi language rom for extra language (dutch). I am I hope you guys are having a great time on community. Samsung note 9 have 2 sim slot, which slot should i use to unlock the region lock? both slots have to make 5 minutes call to unlock it or only 1 slot will unlock both sim slots? example: say i put my local sim card in the counrty of origin in slot 1, make a call back to country of origin 5 minutes, than it will unlock both sim slots? or i have Samsung Galaxy Note 7 User Guide. Your SIMs password, usually like 4 digits. If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is not detecting its SIM card, you will not have access to its associated mobile network. You by accident dropped the phone on the ground or somewhere. you may have to replace the Sim Card if you continue seeing the issue but on your SD card there a thing you can do if you have a Card that's removable. Feb 20, 2019 Does your phone say SIM card not detected. See the below photo and please note that it was taken with a webcam so the  If the network mode is set to an incorrect type, it might result in phone not recognizing SIM card to  But recently I changed my sim card from T-MOBILE to Play and my phone doesn't I have att and tested other att sims; all not recognized; but my coworker's MINT (Tmobile) sim Side note: im using an old s5 (G900A) and am considering installing Lineage. If a certain SD card is not detected by your Android device, try swapping it with a basic one to see if the problem is solved. Twitter SIM cards not detecting ,Mi Community - Xiaomi. Power off your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, remove the SIM card and gently clean the chip in the SIM card. Whatever the reason, a solution needs to be found quickly. 8. The Hovatek Forum is a free Tech. Once the card is recognized, format the card in the Android . How To Pin Folders, Websites, Settings, Notes, And More To The Start Menu On Windows 10. 0 in my note 4. Solution 4: Toggle Airplane Mode. If the first one doesn’t work for you, try the second method. Hi, I had the same problem and tried everything (inserted a new sim, cleaned It had nothing to do with the sim card, it's a hardware issue. In order to fulfill the basic functions of our service, the user hereby agrees to allow Xiaomi to collect, process and use personal information which shall include but not be limited to written threads, pictures, comments, replies in the Mi Community, and relevant data types listed in Xiaomi's Private Policy. it was working perfectly an hour back. Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Not Detected. If it is still not recognized, the SIM card itself is faulty and needs to be replaced by the service provider. If you I'm having the exact same issue. 1 Check SIM Slot on the Phone if Phone Says 'No Sim Card' In many cases, if your smartphone is not detecting your SIM card then there's a high chance that you may have inserted the SIM card improperly which is why your phone cannot recognize the SIM card. SIM card doesn't insert properly. Sim card isn't loose. I did the latest stock rom flash with odin. Hi Mi Users, Hope You Are Fine. Troubleshoot issues related to SIM card not detected or cannot be read on your Samsung Galaxy S7 This article helps troubleshoot SIM card not detected or cannot be Feedback: In this case, we recommend you to check the SIM card because it can be due to the SIM card or SIM slot/tray. Try cleaning the chip on the card carefully with a soft cloth @KirstyPi. Note: If you lose data due to factory reset, please try recovering data from Android after factory reset. In most of the popular phones, clearing cahed data resolves no sim card detected issue. Reinsert the SIM into the tray. It also highlights the points to be kept in mind if you experience such a problem of iPhone not reading SIM Card in future. Loaded the new version manually and still the SIM card were not detected. Check if the handset is able to detect the SIM card or not. 1. Solutions to Samsung Galaxy Not Registered On Network and No Service SIM Problem. thanks How to Fix SD Card Not Detected on Windows 10. Actually Galaxy Note 5 SIM card slot is located on the top of the phone (see Galaxy Note 5 layout). Now firstly topup your sim card by at least 10 rupees. I read about this piece of Jugaad on some site and it worked, heres how it works: take a sm Slot 1: No SIM card detected. There are many reasons why SD card is not detected on Windows 10. It was not an succes, now i have installed a fastboot rom (MIUI Global 8. I have used it without any problem with MIUI and Resurrection Remix worked fine as well - just a few days ago it stopped recognizing the 2nd SIM, the first one still works. Reinsert the Sim card after restarting your phone. it does not read my 4g sim card because it only supported only 3g sim card. Out of nothing I realize my Z10 (STL100-1) does not detect my SIM card. I have changed SIM card. 1,suddenly stopped detecting my sim card, the message in the notification bar flashes between -no sim ca redmi note 4 mtk my sim card not detected anymore. Test for a malfunctioning SIM card. Calling emergency number gets „Out of service area“. There are various reasons why your Android device won’t read the SIM card. If you keep another SIM card , install it to your device and check whether If the SIM card is still not recognized and read after performing the  Apr 6, 2016 This article shows how to fix no sim card sim card removed not Take a “Post It” note or any other type of sticky note and cut it to the size of the  If the SIM card is not getting detected due to some software issue, restarting may take care of it pretty Note: Do not apply excess pressure on the slot as it may cause permanent damage. And Sim card not detected. Everything else works just fine (including WiFi) except I can't get SIM card to work and get signal. Only steps ive done after posting the msg is, update prl and profile. For this just go to Settings -> Storage & Memory -> Storage -> Clear Cahed data (On Android nougat). Make sure that you have positioned the card properly. How to Fix SD Card not detected on Android Phones Follow the different guides below one by one and check which method suits you the best. HI, it appears that my redmi note 4 with china stable 8. If you insert your SIM card into your phone and it is unable to connect to your carrier's network, restart your phone, take out and reinsert the SIM card, and turn it back on. If so, clean it carefully. I cannot afford to own this phone if it doesn't function reliably. The SIM did work in my faulty iPhone 4S and I could make phone calls and send texts and access the internet via 3G. SIM card cannot be detected after software update. If you encounter any of the issues listed below then you might have a SIM card that is Check if the SIM card has any issues in Settings → Maintenance → Checkup Please note Several issues with the Fairphone 2 (owned for 4 months)  SIM card not Detecting ,Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum. I occasionally get a message saying that my SIM card is not detected, and I must restart. One way to test this is by inserting a SIM card from another cell phone that you know works fine. Step 2: Dismiss the SIM Card Lock Window. Get unlimited access to videos, live online Step 1: Insert a SIM Card to Galaxy Note 3. What To Do If SIM Card In Phone Is Not Recognized Or Reading Recently our Samsung phone was subjected to getting wet by being left in the rain. Powered off completely and waited for a few minutes and powered ON, still same issue. Fix SIM Card not detected on Infinix, Samsung… What we need to do is to quickly clear your device cache partitions to keep it fresh and clean. Firstly, you can insert a SIM card which is unapproved to Note 3, for the SIM card is not issued by the local area or the corresponding carrier. This is very annoying because each time the message appears I have to restart my phone. #4. Have you found a solution yet? Hey guys, this is my first post here and unfortunately a sad one :( Received my S4 on Saturday and have been loving it ever since, great piece of tech! Until about lunch time today it was working great, but now it seems to not be able to recognize when a simcard is inside it. I also use a Thinkpad Tablet - X1 Gen II which I purchased a couple of months ago. Any Vodafone Highstreet Store can look at the device and if necessary sim swap to replace the current sim card. Sim card not detected or Sim card removed problem is common in Galaxy S5 because its users are using this phone for quite some time now. Don't attempt to insert the SIM card while the device is powered on. So, the SIM card slot is not under the back cover as in previous generations of Galaxy Note devices. It is not recognizing the sim and cannot find the carrier. Note: Do not bend or twist the back cover Re: Moto G4 SIM card not detected/dissapears ‎09-21-2017 03:24 PM So, maybe a temp fix, and fingers crossed but I took the sticky end of a Postit note, cut it down so it was smaller than the sim card, and it only took a small bit to push it in the slot, the postit not hung over just a bit and I stuck it to the phone, so far so good, to me it Solve SD Card Not Recognized on PC; Part 1: How to Fix SD Card Not Detected on Android? Section 1: Why SD Card Cannot Be Recognized 1. Solved: I have a Note 4 and I keep getting a "No SIM card detected, please restart your device" error. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. 10-17-2014 09:00 AM more for $165 DONT USE THE INSURANCE TO FIX THE SIM CARD NOT Note: If the SIM card was unlocked, then you can follow this guide to get it unlocked. I've tried everything and it doesn't work. John Edwards says: "I have tried to solve the problems by following steps in Section 1 and fixing your SIM card issue. If you do not have Micro Sim card, you have to perform the following options. Sim card is always inserted in a slot. Finally, disabled Roaming and reloaded it and the SIM detected, but it took time after the device came up (almost 30 seconds). This was originally tested on latest Official Global Stable ROM, but might also work on other ROM versions. [SD card not recognized in phone or computer. Credits: 16179; Device: Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm; Online time: 817 Hours; Send PM. With the passage of time, the slot could loose and the Sim card is not fixed completely inside it. I suppose it's those windows updates that interfere with its operation. SOLUTION 4: CHANGE THE NETWORK MODE. If your Galaxy Tab can't detect its SIM card, you won't have access to your mobile network. So basically the Sim card doesn't get detected. But I'm  May 14, 2019 The No SIM card error usually occurs when your SIM card is not inserted properly . Please help I really want to use lineage. Note 10 rumors- Will you be buying a Note 10 if they SIM card not detected. How To Fix Headphone Symbol Stuck on Redmi Note 4 And. any solution to this problem. Hi My friend just bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3 (Export Set). Usually, the problem is due to debris in the SIM card port, or wear and tear on the SIM card itself. The first method has to do with old software updates which might contain bugs related to the SIM card. 7. IMEI works fine when using *#06#. Doing this can be really helpful for you to determine if the problem is with your SIM card or not. Jul 18, 2019 4. Try Another SIM Card. Hello All this is my first post Here was what was happening with Rogers Samsung Note 4 SM-N910W8 The first two days before it would not detect a sim card,it would rebooted itself on a low charge and a few times it would not immediately turn on when the power button was pushed but moments later. If you have a standard Sim Card Home How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Not Detected. But it does not work for my device. I have tried all I could yet no avail as I can't use SIM card in the phone. Slightly wipe the SIM card with a soft cloth without damaging any of its parts. Bhavesh Sondagar - January 28, 2017. Choose the . Some possible causes could be that you didn’t insert the SIM card correctly, or your Android device is experiencing a software issue. I did have the sim card replaced by the carrier. It would still turn on but the screen did not look right. I went into the sprint app and it showed these needed update as well as a system update (which im waiting to do later). ” sanchaita_dey, Sep 7, 2017: after the recent is update, my phone has all of sudden stopped detecting my airtel sim card. I started getting “sim card not detected” error once in awhile and now started getting almost every day. For more information, please refer to the 4G Instructional Video. If your iPhone still says it has no SIM, your SIM card could have a hardware problem. The same SIM works in different phones. One of the most pervasive issues when upgrading to the Windows 10 Mobile Technical Preview is the SIM card not being detected. I tried in a computer by inserting the micro sd into a mini adapter and putting into the slot on my laptop and it doesn't read either. 0. I own a GIONEE P2 mobile phone with MTK6572 processor and android 4. 5. installed ROM for Samsung note 4 mtk 6572. Others have used a piece of paper to apply pressure on the SIM card so it does not move from its position. Solution 4: Toggle Airplane Mode . Tap “Dismiss. The SIM card might be making a poor contact and needs to be cleaned. 5. Worst upgrade and worst phone. After flashing the phone sim card is not working. I installed twrp 3 and changed ROM to the Miui global 7. note 4 sim card not detected

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