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While a crash to new lows against Bitcoin (BTC) is a point of concern, the software company behind the token is already looking into the future. BitTorrent (BTT) means to tokenize the decentralized document offering convention to their cryptographic money resource propelled from the get-go in 2019. Fully Diluted Market Cap. Campaign Link: BitTorrent (BTT) Trading Competition: 50,000,000 BTT! BitTorrent (BTT) recently launched on Binance, and the price of the token increased soon after its launch. So yall know my pc died eh so i cant draw anymore. CEX. Recent chat history on chat load. 00000238 bitcoin(s) on major exchanges. BTT is currently up 8. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER https://twitter. Why didn't I sell  The BTT token running on the Tron blockchain got on Binance and OKEx right away, they did $112 million in volume yesterday and are doing  I am trying to understand what is the model behind it so users who get paid in it does not dump it all the time and eventually get the value to The Official Tron sub for news and discussion of technical developments, Super Representatives, and established partners. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit Pocket Telegram Viber The top-performing altcoin at the time of writing is BitTorrent (BTT) which is getting a 33. 00129210, this shows that the price has slightly increased. By Casey Bartley Mar 15, 2019, 2:00pm EDT Share this story BitTorrent, also referred to as the (BTT), on Saturday took it to Twitter to tease their readers 'something exciting. Campaign Link: BitTorrent (BTT) Trading Competition: 50,000,000 BTT! BTT / USD H4 Chart by TradingView . Relative Strength Index. Anytime the paper has an issue or a ticket buyer has a problem, BTT customer . Deposit funds using your Visa/MasterCard or bank transfer. com/currencies/bittorrent/ There seems to be a lot of Speculation and hype is what feeds this market. Under the instruction of multi time Pan-American and Masters World Champion Jaysen Baxter, you’ll learn all you need to know about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. The daily trading volume is around $28,557,000, or 10,000 BTC. IO is a place for everyone who wants to simply buy and sell Bitcoins. 65 billion BTT which is worth of approximately $1. BitTorrent (BTT) allows content creators to connect with their audience, earn and spend digital currency without a middleman. 02 on major cryptocurrency exchanges. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. 00076890 with a 24-hour trading volume of $39,313,631. Justin Sun announced the launch of BTT wallet and token on uTorrent & BitTorrent by Q2. The daily time frame shows that a large inverted head and shoulders pattern has been triggered, with the bullish pattern reaching its full upside projection. 76 billion BTT. apparently Tron ex employees are mad at Justin Sun for not paying them, accusing him and CZ of pump and dump, and calling BTT another TRX ico. 5% on the day to $0. BAT on Reddit At pixel time (10:26 UTC), BAT, the native token of the privacy-focused web browser Brave, is up by 5% in the past 24 hours, almost 1% in the past week and is down by more than 6% in June. Original text. com BTT coin is the premier representative of the TRC-10 token class. Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. These are XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin Bitcoin Exchange | Bitcoin Trading - CEX. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. ). It may be true, but in the spirit of thinking what is good for crypto, let me tell you this. dollars is $1. MACD Indicator BTT continues to decrease despite a campaign launched by Tron founder Justin Sun. S. $0. The daily time frame is also showing that the BTT / USD pair has broken above a descending price channel, with the current 2019 trading high the overall upside target of the bullish breakout. BitTorrent (BTT) is now on KuCoin, you can deposit now. 6 comments; share; save. BTT represents a TRC-10 utility token based on the TRON blockchain that could allow content creators to connect with their audience, earn and spend digital currency without a middleman. You can also exchange one Blocktrade Token for 0. BitTorrent (BTT) price for today is $0. BTT Transferred From Unknown Wallet To Binance. Pattern Watch. 14% pump taking it to $0. BTT is widely used by the BitTorrent large user base and has grown a significant market cap, although the crypto asset was introduced only in early 2019. In this week, the exchange declared that the platform will be adding the BTT token to its coin listing. BTT has 100M active monthly users on  Buy Tron now or BTT at 0. There are thousands of tokens that run on the Tron network. BTT speaks to a TRC-10 utility token dependent on the TRON blockchain that could enable substance makers to associate with their gathering of people, win and spend advanced money without a go between. 3 million USD in a funding round led by Valar Ventures, the company announced on Tuesday. 18 JUL BANKROLL KEEP ON ROLLIN! A LOOK AT TRON DASH! TRONBET ANTE SOARING Project Atlas, reddit xrp, tron, tron $2, tron 1982, tron coin price Cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts, and more. BitTorrent is listed on 43 Exchanges with a sum of 103 active markets. Contribute a better translation Currencies We aim to support a large number of crypto currencies, and provide a stable market for smaller niche currencies. BitTorrent (BTT) BitTorrent (BTT) is a cryptocurrency token issued on the TRON platform. Inactivity. Might draw tradionally but in black and white, hope yall dont mind! I also wont update for a month bc im going to the USA :) BitTorrent (BTT) more than quadrupled during trading, delivering impressive performance in markets like these. 7. BTT is a TRC-10 token utilizing the Tron network, so you can store it in any wallet that supports TRX. Share bTT 0. 000772. BitTorrent (BTT) powers BitTorrent Speed BitTorrent Speed enhances the BitTorrent protocol for all users and all torrent clients. On April 1st, Twitter user @nanilul attempted to place a monkaS emote on Reddit's /r/place pixel  View live BTT / Bitcoin chart to track latest price changes. Department of Energy science lab has been studying studying how well three popular cryptos performed in Reddit chats. If you don’t already have an existing Tokenomy Exchange Account, head on to Tokenomy Exchange The current market cap of BTT is estimated at $17,000. Tron / Btt will be first mover of big scale. 9 million market cap. com). The pricing, and consequently the amount of BTT spent on the fees, is dynamic. März 2019 Der Hype wurde zwar weniger, doch die Entwicklungen gehen weiter. TRX on Reddit Feed. was first registered in 2004 by Bram Cohen who developed BitTorrent protocol. BTT • Reddit • r/Bittorrent • 4 days ago Is there a client I can use that would allow me to download only filenames that do not already exist in the specified directory ? BTT • Reddit • r/Bittorrent • 1 week ago KuCoin is very proud to announce that the giveaway for the BTT campaign is now complete! All rewards have been distributed to the winners’ accounts. BitTorrent (BTT) Search Trends There is a correlation between price appreciation and public interest in cryptocurrencies, such as BitTorrent. Continue this thread. The token still has its ups and downs as of the moment. TRON's BitTorrent Token (BTT) has continued its rise in the cryptospace following its launch in the Binance launchpad, rising 50%  Find all information about BitTorrent Token (BTT) | Explore our database with +/- 6000 Coins | The #1 Blockchain Data Platform. Price(BTC) Amount(BTT) Total(BTC) Time; Fee: Maker= 0%, Taker= 0. Feb 5, 2019 ReddIt. BTT is the token of the giant file sharing BitTorrent that allows peers to incentivize activities and improve file sharing. com/Crypto_Tone1 CONTACT ME ON TELEGRAM https://t. BTT is currently not ranked at Coinmarketcap. BTT will be a TRC-10 token (comparable to the ERC-20 tokens that run on top of ethereum). BTT’s token sale was successfully conducted with the help of Binance Launchpad in January. The value (or market capitalization) of all available Blocktrade Token in U. Haven waged the war for long and achieved some level of success; it switched its allegiance to the entertainment industry. 31 BTT. According to Bitfinex, BitTorrent (BTT) token was introduced by Tron Foundation and BitTorrent. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Scroll . UT DR AU 専用 🇯🇵 Twitter @gogo18_5518 I can not do English at all. MAGIC LINK BUY TRX BTT. Traders should note that a bearish double-top pattern has also formed on the four-hour time frame. How will the implementation of BTT affect the usage of the Tron token? I am still trying to wrap my head around the concept of BitTorrent and  As it stands, right this very second, the value proposition to someone holding TRX is not very attractive. Holders: 0 addresses. On January 28, 2019, the BitTorrent token (BTT) sale took place on the Binance Launchpad, selling nearly 60 billion BTT in under 15 minutes and netting the BitTorrent team $7 billion. In the sections below you can find key statistics and information on the current, past and future price predictions as well as Blocktrade token reddit, facebook, twitter and social statistics that help inform some of the ReliableCoin. Analyze the value of various online media  by: David Gerard; In: Uncategorised; On Aug 05,2019; Comments: 0; Tags: bitcoin cash , bitcoin sv , bitfinex , bittorrent , btt , cftc , craig wright , curtin university  BitTorrent Inc. BTT: A TRC10 token that runs on Tron and was developed for the BitTorrent protocol used in dapp environment to incentivize users. By connecting the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network to the TRON blockchain. A Token Built on Tron Blockchain The BitTorrent (BTT) token will be issued by the BitTorrent Foundation which was established in Singapore. BitTorrent (BTT) has been live for almost a month now and despite it's infancy and speculation in the market things are looking good on the it got released like 10 days ago , its currently on beta . The BitTorrent protocol, powered by BTT, facilitates the exchange content between creators and consumers without the need of middlemen. IDEX is the only Ethereum decentralized exchange with real-time trading and high transaction throughput. Each seeder will be able to get a reward for not deleting the file, placing it in the distribution. 000000 Eth. It is a TRC-10 token designed to facilitate transactions between users and service providers within BRO THATS NOT HOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO HOLD THE BABY!// from shitpost-ask-facefamily ,babysitter btt ask blog is now in town! //ask tonio, gil, fran or everyone! The BTT token is built with TRC-10 compatibility, but it will only be available to non-US residents and on Binance’s token launch platform, Binance Launchpad. me/Crypto_Tone1 LOOKING FOR THE FLYEST CRYPTO GEAR?! SAVE 10% DEC 1ST-31ST with If Purdue is going to make a big push in the BTT, they’ll need to redeem their last loss in the regular season by slowing down Amir Coffey. BitTorrent has a finite supply unlike Twitch (Amazon) bits. The BTT token sale is now considered to be the most successful ICO in 2019 and the biggest token sale on Binance Launchpad to date. Users were able to purchase BTT tokens using The token (BTT) will power BitTorrent Speed, where tokens can be used to enhance download speeds. It really doesn't matter what your token does as long as the support from the crowd is there. This has over 1 million active users all over the world. It’s obvious that the BitTorrent Token market is correcting from its all time high. BitTorrent [BTT] is a token based on TRON blockchain. 25% 0. Some right now are performing better than TRX, and that's ok. TRON goes up in terms of value; BTT is the Dark Knight BTT • ourbitcoinnews. 64 billion BTT. By connecting the BitTorrent peer-to-peer network to the TRON blockchain, we offer a new experience to over 100M+ users. With. A user transferred BTT from an unknown wallet to a wallet on Binance. I will use a Google translator. Hey, *Total noob here so looking for serious discussion* CMC Link: https:// coinmarketcap. com cryptocurrency rankings you will find elsewhere on the site. The token still has its ups and downs as of the moment. IO Buy/Sell Bitcoins. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao noted that BitTorrent is a decentralized project with an already significant user base that is adding a new token economy. Hey everyone! Like most of you, I'm an avid supporter of Tron and am excited about the future of BTT. BTT will easily hit  Here's some interesting things I've been thinking about. Visit www. This trtzrzt sex collection created by yuri213 contains everything btt videos. BitTorrent’te bir dosya paylaşmak, her biri belirli bir dosyanın küçük parçalarını birbirinden indiren birkaç farklı peers yani eşler içerir. Tag: btt. The most actual price for one BitTorrent [BTT] is $0. BitEther [BTT] ICO rating 1. Supported trading pairs include BTT/BTC and BTT/ETH. The Market Is Correcting. Price. 8. In fact, BTT is becoming a user incentive mechanism. User type: all users involved in BTT transactions. Find the original post here: post BTT and TRX price is going down as an iron ball, yes most of the altcoins are bleeding, but TRX and BTT are Sponsored Nexo Wallet - Earn Interest on Crypto Earn up to 8% per year on your Stablecoins and EUR, compounding interest paid out daily. 000761, giving the token a $129. Notable Chat Tweaks. The Bittorrent community on Reddit. After crypto giants like Binance and Bitfinex, the latest announcement for BTT support is made by huge South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb. Free transaction fee time: May 30th 15:00--June 6th 15:00 (UTC+8) Support transaction pair: all BTT transaction pairs. Apr 12, 2019 The competition will run from 18:30:00 April 12, 2019 to 18:30:00 April 19, 2019 ( UTC +8). IO is the Bitcoin trading platform that combines the crucial features: enhanced security, variety of options and high market liquidity. But way more complex. 8 out of 5. BTT coin is one of the first token that work on TRC-10 protocol based on the TRON blockchain to foster faster speed on the world’s largest decentralized application. Our content- platform is about to launch today feel free to send support@bgogo. The ICO and token received all of this publicity because it was the first to complete a raise on the Binance Launchpad, a new funding portal. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements. The first session ended in 13 minutes and 25 seconds, distributing a total of 23. Winners can check their accounts by going to Assets>My Bonus, and check the Other Rewards. com. According to the token’s white paper , shared with CoinDesk, a total supply of 990 billion BTT will be Brazilian Top Team Fullerton, with its Orange County and Fullerton BJJ focus, is the most recent addition to the BTT network. Live BitTorrent (BTT) price charts and market data - BitTorrent Token has been launched by the BitTorrent foundation on the Tron protocol. Indeed, the Binance Coin (BNB) session supply was sold in 13 minutes while the Tron (TRX) session supply was sold in just 14 minutes. This may be due to the fact that BTT has powered the BitTorrent speed platform that improved BitTorrent protocol for all users and torrent clients. com In a juicy little chunk of news from the Redditsphere, a user claiming to be a former IRS employee has called the agency’s new crypto compliance letters “broad and very error-prone fishing expeditions. According to a  Feb 2, 2019 BitTorrent tokens (BTT) went up for sale this week and within 15 minutes were completely sold out. TRONWALLET is a secure p2p crypto wallet and exchange for TRON (TRX) Copy of Download TronWallet. The crypto for the torrent will ensure the effective functioning of the entire BitTorrent ecosystem. This is kinda mining. The BitTorrent Token (BTT) sale was completed in just a few minutes after being launched on Binance Launchpad. 00012 USD on binance launchpad? Before investing in utility tokens I always ask myself “what kind of a coupon am I buying here?” Aside the assumption BitTorrent is still Visit the GC-BTT thread on the BetterTouchTool forums and make a post! Latest experimental version: GoldenChaos-BTT 3. Blacklist/Highlight words and phrases. Btt animated porn gif was created on 2018-04-24 22:15:27 from video Busty Gianna Michaels and Carmella Bing work a nice shaft on Pornhub. 0000 @ 0. submitted 4 months ago by BittorrentToken - announcement. The Never a dull moment cryptocurrency, Tron (TRX), is yet at it again with its encouraging bounty giveaway, but this time, it will be joining effort with its family project BitTorrent (BTT) to disburse airdrops worth 1,000,000 BTT amongst some other bounties. In June-19 it will be about 200B, look at the distribtution over time at BTT's homepage. 00077092 and has moved -1. These developments, most of which are first announced on Twitter, are usually well received by the very active Tron community. After reading about Sun's plans for decentralizing storage ,  Let's discuss. 101-200: Evenly split a pool of 10,500,000 BTT; The competition started this morning at 6:30 AM (EDT) and will run until the same time on April 19. The best games for Android launched during the first semester of 2019 Reddit /r/uptodown fandom: Hetalia characters: Male!Reader, Bad Touch Trio a/n: ok someone asked for a sequel of 'these idiots' so here we are!! has minor swearing and is Hetalia - BTT x Male!Reader - These Idiots SEQUEL Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation is almost always in the news for the host of developments in its ecosystem. ” everything btt - Porn Video Playlist on Pornhub. 56 BTT 1 ETH = 307,692. btt live and btt speed, 2 apps are coming out in Q2. Users were able to purchase BTT tokens using Sunny. Market Capitalization (market value of all currently existing BitTorrent), $144,703,031 USD. Earlier in February this year, BitTorrent was first supported on the KuCoin Trading Platform. Traders who want to participate in the trading competition can sign up here. BTT’nin white paper’ına göre, BTT’nin ilk büyük uygulaması, BitTorrent’teki dosya paylaşım sürecini kullanıcılar için daha verimli hale getirmek. The team applies every effort to make your trading on the platform as convenient and safe as possible. Exchange Members will be able to pay the membership fees with EUR or BTT. 176 u/townfox on Reddit. BitTorrent (BTT) – From the foregoing, the Tron (TRX) Token was particular about decentralizing the internet and instituting a decentralized approach to online interactions. 125% (using TEN) Buy BTT; Sell BTT Inactivity. At that time, only BTT/BTC and BTT/ETH were listed for support. Transfers: 0  Jun 6, 2019 A U. BitTorrent (BTT) is the native token of the world’s largest file sharing protocol that recently completed a much touted ICO earlier this year. The token, dubbed BitTorrent (BTT) will be made available exclusively on Binance Launchpad, becoming one of the first two tokens to launch on the platform. According to their website, BitTorrent (BTT) tokens can be bid in exchange for faster downloads or stored in a wallet built into the BitTorrent client. com, we will jointly launch a 7-day BTT transaction-free fee event with the TRON project. The BitTorrent Token (BTT) It’s almost BTT time, and while most of us are focused on tomorrow’s game for a share of the Big Ten Championship, I’m going to do the worst thing ever and look past the Wildcats and into the tournament to take a look at who we can hope to draw. Many cryptocurrency investors use Google Trends, which measures the volume of web searches for a particular topic over time, as a tool to gauge whether public interest is increasing or decreasing for a particular cryptocurrency. An inexperienced trader will make decisions based on emotion and most of the time panic sell when a crypto is going down and FOMO buy on the way up. Anon Chat. Price is down -1. Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited without the author's permission. BTT/USD pair is currently trading at $0. Reddit subscribers   That month, monkaS was added to the TwitchQuotes database. r/BittorrentToken if you want to discuss about BTT (reddit. 00. BitTorrent (BTT) historic and live price charts from all exchanges. One Blocktrade Token (BTT) is currently worth $0. 57% in last 24 hours! Add Price Alert Beta When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. com This website really helps me from my BTT to FTT, BTT i passed with my first attempt , and also due to my laziness I thought by reading my FTT theory book would be enough, and sadly I failed even though i had already signed up for FTT here, i finally return back here again, 3rd time without reading the book, and continuously practicing over here Based on TRC-10 protocol, BTT is a token created to deal with the BitTorrent protocol. Custom chat emoticons. . BitTorrent möchte durch Incentives die Adaption des Token  You need to fully understand every aspect of telegram, telegram groups, reddit, BTT, Instagram and FaceBook. This user sent 1. Total Supply: 57,746,762 BTT. Hours. BTT is finding some buyer liquidity between $0. 4% in the last 24 hours. The project is working within the jurisdiction of United States. Tips: BitTorrent (BTT) is a TRC-10 cryptographic token created by a collaboration between the TRON foundation and the BitTorrent foundation. Any languages are welcomed. A secção mais feminina do fórum, onde se fala sobre Bikes WSD (Woman Specific Design) e Acessórios YSL (Yves Saint-Laurent). Discover our editors choices. Start trading instantly. Bitcoin may be the center of attention but of late, the same can be said about other cryptocurrencies. BitTorrent Token (BTT) has taken a significant hit in recent weeks after hitting peak levels in May. Right now there are 90B in circulation, that decides the price. Tron has a whole host of community-created wallets that the team promotes on the project’s official website . 💪🔥 Ps: Get weekly and stats updates on the the latest Telegram Crypto groups, trends (hot & cold) and stats such as pinned messages for the groups. I just visited the website bittorrent. BitTorrent has connected its protocol to the TRON blockchain and introduced BTT, a TRC-10 utility token for the content creators in the network. com Exchange. Not sure if I can hang in here w/all the beautiful people but Y not try? (F)orty year old mom of 3 Porque "Elas" também pedalam. BlockFi is the first company of Contact; FAQ; Cost overview; Buy now; Login Practice basic theory test (BTT), final theory test (FTT) online with free trial questions to learn and pass the Singapore TP driver's license exams, getting your driver licence the easy way A decent number of aged quality Reddit accounts/ BTT accounts Very strong written and verbal communications skills in English Out of the box thinker and enthusiastic problem solver Self-motivated, team player Attention to detail and ability to multitask Benefits of Working at Horizon Sentinel Competitive salary Supportive team In order to celebrate the launch of the TRON ecosystem token BTT (BitTorrent) on BW. $100M custodial insurance. Show or completely remove deleted messages BitTorrent is a leading software company with the fastest torrent client and sync and share software for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. The biggest, fattest, most known funds lost 90% of their capital in 2018. Might draw tradionally but in black and white, hope yall dont mind! I also wont update for a month bc im going to the USA :) KuCoin is very proud to announce that the giveaway for the BTT campaign is now complete! All rewards have been distributed to the winners’ accounts. My intuition The Bittorrent community on Reddit. bittorrent. Tron (TRX) Wallet - TronWallet. Reddit Tron (TRX) Justin Sun’s newly launched token BTT based on BitTorrent, raised over $150 million. It has a circulating supply of 212 Billion coins and a max supply of 990 Billion coins. Shortly after the ICO it became known that Binance will promptly list BTT. 0 with your friends. 0, reviews, whitepaper, token price, start and end dates, exchanges, team, and financial data - Bitether is a fully decentralized application with maximum security, no physical cash transaction, no individual verification. Blog. 04 million. BitTorrent(BTT) is now trading at $0. BitTorrent (BTT) tokens can be bid in exchange for faster downloads. This is also to be seen as a success for Binance, who brought back their Launchpad with the Bittorent Token. Feb 4, 2019 Litecoin Creator Calls Bitcoin Bull Run, Tron and BTT Rally, and Ripple and XRP A debate on Ripple and XRP lit up crypto Reddit today. Users will be ranked in terms of the total BTT volume  Feb 16, 2018 IQTC Training Center has successfully passed the Basic Technical Training course audit and is currently offering all GWO BST and BTT training  1 BNB = 43,327. BitTorrent has a strong bullish bias over the medium-term, with the BTT / USD pair performing a major technical breakout on the daily time frame. 3. 001029 trading value. hide. Despite its late entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, Tron’s BitTorrent token (BTT) has made great progress. This brought in a healthy $7 million from  Another big benefit has been the customer service and follow through from BTT. 00072 and $0. Thus, no one can tell for certain if the token will significantly increase in price or lose all of its value. BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing technology has a claimed user base of 100 million users. com, I saw this (read below), and I would have immediately sold all of my BTT holdings as trash. Trade ideas, forecasts and The information was released by a Reddit user a […]The post Brave Web  Overview [ERC-20]. com • 2 weeks ago Tron’s BitTorrent Shares Details of Fifth Airdrop as Weekly TRX Report Touches on Key Developments BitTorrent (BTT) recently launched on Binance, and the price of the token increased soon after its launch. com a congratulation video like this with I'm xxx from xxx. The second session ended in 14 minutes and 41 seconds distributing a total of 35. 00075, but after numerous tests to the lower end of this range, the odds of a decrease are higher. 28 million. The Relative Strength indicator on the four-hour time frame is bullish, although it is now in overbought territory. Notably, BitTorrent holds a large userbase of 100 million regular customers. BTT has one primary, but not the only, function: it is to be used for membership fees on Blocktrade. BitTorrent has a bullish medium-term trading bias, with the BTT / USD pair performing a breakout above key trendline resistance. US cryptocurrency lending startup BlockFi has raised $18. Additionally, BTT aims to bring ease and enhance the efficiency of sharing files and other resources. View entire discussion (7  I'd be interested in your views on this: According to my calculations, BTT marketcap is worth about 5-6% of the TRX market cap. ' With this we speculate the company could be referring to a Ledger Wall About BitTorrent (BTT) Introduction: BitTorrent (BTT) allows content creators to connect with their audience, earn and spend digital currency without a middleman. Find all related cryptocurrency info and read about BitTorrent's latest news. Then there will be demand for Btt and the coin will rise, Mcap of 10B, 100B or more is possible (think Netflix, Youtube, Fb, Alibaba, etc. Reddit Roasts the IRS: Have America’s Tax Collectors ‘Gone Crypto Source: Bitcoin. btt reddit

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