Black screen no power to mouse or keyboard

Power button would come on/off but the screen remains black, no Lenovo logo on startup, etc. Part 2. Some BSOD instances could still allow the users to summon the Windows task manager and perform functions. However there is an extremely fustraiting bug which is almost making it unuseable ATM. . Click to tweet. Last night there was a power surge. I have a surface book with the i5 processor without the NVIDIA graphics card option. A wireless keyboard and mouse setup provides incredible convenience with simple plug-and-play or Bluetooth connectivity, and you don’t have to sacrifice on ergonomics or fine-tune control. "How to Fix a Beeping It can be frustrating if neither mouse nor keyboard doesn’t work at the same time. It will power up, I hear the hard drives spinning, the fans all come on including the CPU fan. This computer is brand new, arrived on the 14th. While environmental conditions may cause the wireless range to vary slightly, you will always have the connection you need. I was prompted to install nvidia driver and it is now in progress. Amazon. BUTPC is still on and running. . When starting the display, mouse, and keyboard still don't work, but the num lock light on the keyboard turns on for a second. Fortunately, they work fine and this'll help you to go pass the login screen and fix the issue. press power 2. Hey, I'm new to the forums but fairly experienced when it comes to computers. In this case, disabling the integrated graphics card may fix the problem. I am able to enter BIOS (keyboard working fine) and Acer Recovery Program (pressed by ALT + F10) and both keyboard and mouse working fine. Windows 10 power on, no screen, mouse, or keyboard Searched similar topics and none of the solutions worked so far. Used this computer for 3 years with no problemThe problem started one day after while it froze everything, then I shut down with removing the electricity power. No response when I power on my desktop e. I thought it was a USB problem maybe so I switched to PS/2 mouse and keyboard, even tried no real mouse and keyboard connected to the mechine at all. For some  I have switched out the monitors, keyboard and mouse and they still don't work ( they work with my other PC). Shop Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Black at Best Buy. but for some reason I can't boot this machine anymore. If the display remains blank (black screen or white screen) after doing a hard reset, temporarily connect an external monitor to test the notebook's display. lights etc. I tried checking all the power connections (I got a 6 pin power feed to the card and the 24 pin plus a 4 pin 12v connector) and memory. New build with AMD FX 8350 ona Gigabyrte GA990XA UD3 motherboard and a MSI 7850 card. When you sign out of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10061 and return to the lock screen, you might see only a black screen with a responsive mouse cursor. Everything is unplugged but mouse and keyboard and screen. Pressing the Alt+Tab keys or the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys has no visible effect. However, more severe cases left the users with just a dead black screen and a movable mouse cursor. Mac Pro goes to a black screen when idle and won't restart Plug the power cord back in but DO NOT press the power button. b. Computer is asleep. I have to press it a few times to get the blue light on. All Icon disappeared keyboard and mouse stoped working power button would no work . Next, unplug the computer and remove the battery. When your computer has a black screen and will not boot you have a computer problem that might be simple or serious. Frozen so I unplugged and now I have no power to monitor, no power to mouse or to keyboard, yet I get all the startup action on my tower. the screen remains black, then drops with "No Signal" for my monitors, and the keyboard and mouse show now power. Check the keyboard to ensure that there are no stuck keys and no keys are being held down. ) If you’re still seeing a black or blank screen, tr y the steps in Action 2 and see if you can open Task Manager t o restart Windows Explorer. Check that there is a connection between the keyboard and the So my surface pro 4 is stuck on a black screen when I try to turn it on/wake it from sleep. pressing both volume buttons 3 times; trying the above with no My PC worked fine lsat night. Can you tell me What was really funny was that the connected USB mouse and keyboard worked fine in the BIOS and it even worked when I loaded a different operating system on my dual boot system, but the instant Windows 7 started up, it would kill all power to the USB devices. c. When the mouse was moved or the keyboard was touched, the image would display a description of each step to replace the lcd so that the screen will not go black. Nor keyboard nor mouse nor monitor worked, I was thinking that should be a delay so I left it some time. No lights on either. I went to bed and shut it off. 0 ports to work (mobo does not have connection). So here is the problem: A few days ago I connected my PC to my fathers TV. If you still don't detect any signs of life, you can try a power cycle. ) after suspend resume, mouse and keyboard input arent working anymore on the vPro VNC. Order online today and get fast, free shipping for your business. Ok so having a problem with my 2nd Rig, for some reason the computer Refuses to start normally All i get is a black screen and monitor goes to standby with the keyboard and mouse plugged into the Usb Ports so far the only way i have been able to start it up with them plugged in is by pressing the keys repeatedly on the Keyboard and clicking on the mouse. Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds. I checked the connections for everything and they were all fine so I pressed the reset button on the computer. If you stepped away from the computer for a bit and returned to a black screen, the computer is likely asleep. If you connect your BeagleBone Black via USB to your desktop or laptop computer and everything lights up, great! In case you are not able to (or facing difficulty) go pass the login screen, just plug in an external mouse and a keyboard. If your USB mouse and keyboard stop working in Windows 7 even in login screen, don’t worry. The No keyboard or mouse during Windows 7 installation (B350-F) It has only USB connection available for mouse, so I used USB mouse and keyboard. If no light comes on after several attempts, proceed to the next section. When you cannot access your Android phone because the screen is broken, how to recover data from the broken Android might be your priority. A few hours later, I tried to log in to the computer but nothing moved. Computer turns on, monitor mouse and keyboard do not work. How to Fix Your PC Turns On but No Display if you have no beeps or any response but just lights and fans running, then there are oly 3 things that can go wrong here, 1, psu gone bad ( how old is the PSU) 2, CPU over heated, heat sink clogged or overclocking or just the weather and placemen Cant it my Yoga 2 pro out of sleep mode. acer black screen without mouse pointer showing: Acer V5 532G Problem Starting Up, stuck on black screen with mouse cursor: My laptop computer turn on, black screen, keyboard and mouse doesn't work. d. Before you try further solutions, ensure the mouse and the keyboard have no problems. When I booted it back up it did the same thing then went to a black screen. Use the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager. 0 card to enable my case's 3. Find the steps listed below, that you can follow to fix mouse and keyboard not working issue on Windows 10. Connecting the power. But the keyboard lights up so its on. If you’re seeking a streamlined computing experience, the best wireless keyboard and mouse is the way to go. When I turn PC off then back on it starts up but no display. My computer switches to a black screen after about 5 to 15 minutes of use. If you have a separate graphics card, your computer may think it has a dual monitor, which can cause the black screen + mouse pointer problem. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. i black screen no mouse or keyboard. When i boot the computer up, the video card's fan is spinning and the computer seems to power on fine except for the fact that there is no image on the monitor. Similar threads; Question When i turn laptop on,keyboard backlight and charging led light turn on but screen is black,fan not spinning and hard disk not on: Solved! Hp Envy powers, fan spins, no hdd activity, screen black, keyboard lights off Page 1 of 2 - no power to keyboard/mouse and monitor blank - posted in Hardware, Components and Peripherals: Hi, My PC does not seem to have power to keyboard and mouse. Since this black screen is a most likely a hardware (GPU) problem we will need to assess and troubleshoot various settings to diagnose and fix it. or. Solve Monitor no signal from CPU and power button keep Flashing no Black screen with mouse cursor after Windows Welcome screen. This morning I woke up, the picture I was working on was up on the screen and no mouse. The Logitech® Wireless Touch Keyboard k400 has a 10 m (33 ft) wireless range1 and large, built-in multi-touch touchpad to easily control your laptop when it s connected to the TV. Then I have to turn it off to get another 5 to 15 minutes of use. I installed a Vantec USB 3. that the keyboard black screen, no chime, no keyboard - Solved! My iMac at start up went through the boot halfway then shutdown suddenly. Designed to complement the latest and upcoming Dell systems, the modern contours and sleek lines of the wireless keyboard and mouse will give your workspace, whether at home or at the office, a contemporary look and feel. -Can't use the keyboard/mouse therefore can't access any menu. Only way I can power off the machine is to shut off the PSU or unplug it from the wall. 7 Methods To Fix: Mouse And Keyboard Not Working Windows 10 Hopefully I am not the only one experiencing this problem. If you see some content or a cursor on the black or blank screen, try to open Task Manager so that you can restart the Windows Explorer No this is not an issue of not giving the system enough time to boot because both instances of this occurring have been when I boot the system and then go and do something, usually coming back to my system in about a half hour to find it asleep and when I move my mouse it's just the black screen. Dell Poweredge T320 with Windows server 2008 r2 was running find. I tried to wait out around 5 min or so to see if it is going through it's startup process which would cause my mouse and keyboard to light up once in Windows at the login screen, but it never did that. There isn't a great possibility that the keyboard or mouse is causing your  May 14, 2019 Q:My computer is turning on but the screen is staying black comes up on the screen or there is a blank display after you push the power button? this annoying "computer turns on but no display on monitor or keyboard" issue. A black screen is most commonly a screen saver, but there are other possibilities. Hello, The problem I've got with my HP desktop started few weeks ago. The only things that were working were the cooling fan for the CPU and power supply fan. Someone online suggested that my computer might be hung up on system resume. On pressing the power button, all I could hear is a boot sound and the screen is black with no keyboard light. Mouse: Logitech G700s Any  May 2, 2007 is reaching Windows which usually triggers my mouse and keyboard to light up . This is a RAID 5 configuration and I have checked and the RAID is recognized and working properly. After restarting the pc, the monitor screen was black and the power light was yellow. Screen turns black but computer still runs! No USB power for mouse or keyboard. How to Unlock a Keyboard & Mouse. Installed Microsoft updates and rebooted and now keyboard and mouse will not respond at logon screen. Now, when I try to turn the power on, the Wifi signal light is on, and the power-light turned on in its normal state, i can hear fan working and also HD spinning but no response with keyboard and mouse and USB and nothing else, it does´t try to boot, doesn’t give me a bios screen, or anything. The screen stays black and the only thing that I can see on the screen is the mouse pointer. Try disconnecting all devices and peripherals like the mouse, external hard  Jun 30, 2019 How to fix problems when a monitor that won't power on, or won't display a picture. 4 GHz Wireless full size Keyboard and Mouse combo is the ideal solution for the cluttered desktop. If I power-down, then back upmost times all is well and PC /Windows are working. Black screen (no signal), no beeps, no power to mouse and keyboard Hello, This is going to be my first post on this forum and i am not sure if I am posting on the right place if so, feel free to delete it or move it where it belongs. Reporting: Computer screen black, and mouse and keyboard not working This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. I've tried: holding the power button for 30 seconds; holding the power button and volume down button. Today I decided to change boot order to try something in a USB stick, but after restart the screen just went black. Windows offers an on-screen keyboard that lets you type even if you don’t have access to a physical keyboard. Shop Logitech Desktop USB Keyboard and Mouse Black at Best Buy. I do got music and a mouse. If you use the power button to shut down, it flashes up the lock screen Black Screen; No Keyboard or Mouse RESPONSE « on: July 08, 2019, 08:20:46 AM » So I tried to update all my drivers this weekend but when I got to to the Intel CPU driver update and restarted my computer, it would no longer show anything on any of my displays and the keyboard and mouse are unresponsive so I can't put it safe mode to reset. It got disabled somehow, then "not recognized" and as a result on boot I had no mouse or keyboard (because the wireless receiver was in the powered hub. Such issues related to the mouse and keyboard are not restricted to the desktop, you may also have to face them in the laptop. After the power is completely off, turn on your PC and test to see if it will boot normally. Another thing I noticed is the power button suddenly turns off when I turn the PC on. I have to push the power button to get the screen to work again. Mine was not when I booted my Mac but instead when I let the screen turn off and then click the keyboard to turn it back on (not sleep mode). I can hear the hard drive, and can see the power button backlights, as well as keyboard backlighting. that results in the display showing the Apple logo, login field, or desktop screen. New install: suspend not working properly - black screen/no reboot and not waking with keyboard input I have recently installed Elementary OS and I like it. Does your computer turn on but show just a black screen? If some things seem to be working properly, but there is no display, give this a try. Talked to a support rep, we did a power drain, etc. (desktop)? I came home from school today and turned on my computer, i sat there for a second and realized my mouse wasn't lighting up, my monitor was staying black, and my keyboard wasn't lighting up. But I get no visual, no beeps. The lock screen in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10061 might appear as a black screen with a mouse cursor. Jun 21, 2017 Monitor; Printer; CD; Keyboard; Mouse; Networking; Video/Screen; Sound; Startup Check to see if the monitor goes black just as Windows is loaded. Check the power supply to the monitor and the cables connecting the monitor to the computer. When I turned it back on the Monitor would not work no lights on the keyboard and no mouse. I originally thought that they did not wake up after the update, but it seems that no power is being sent to the keyboard or mouse and no signal to the monitor. The following advice may apply to your title "No power to mouse or keyboard/monitor in sleep mode" but probably not your freezing problem Open Device Manager. Feb 6, 2019 Does your computer turn on but show just a black screen? If some things seem to be working properly, but there is no display, give this a try. ) kernel isnt booted with nomodeset => black screen after a while of idling. 2) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke the run box. I got the black screen of death, but can't do that cntrl alt delete fix because the keyboard won't work I tried: shut down, unplug, hold power button for 30 seconds. Asus GL702VM won't boot, no display just black screen - When you plug the  Oct 24, 2017 You just turned on your Mac and all you see is a dark display. I see my NUM lock light come onbut then go off. I got an example of that with my powered hub. All of my USB ports are giving power but none are working and because the mouse and keyboard wont work I cannot do anything. On-Screen Keyboard displays a visual keyboard with all the standard keys. I opened it and hit the power button. My computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse wont turn on. Setting up the keyboard and mouse is simple—just insert the batteries, plug in the tiny transceiver, and start typing! See pricing info, deals and product reviews for Logitech Combo MK270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, Black (920-004536) at Quill. Price Match Guarantee. Action 2: Try to open Task Manager to restart Windows Explorer. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are connected to your PC and have battery power—seriously! Your PC may just show a black screen if it turns down the display for power-saving mode. I did a hard shut down and rebooted the system. There’s a chance your keyboard is unplugged or your mouse lost battery power and your PC can’t receive the input. I am not so sure about the rest of these programs, but I dont think they affect anything important. 2. No monitor, keyboard, mouse signal - posted in Internal Hardware: Son went to a LAN party last night and coincidentally his pc isnt working tonight He hooked it back up this morning, said 1. At that time, screen goes dark, keyboard and mouse are unresponsive. E. For all it is . Feb 21, 2018 OLD port keyboard let me at least get into desktopbut no mouse with with a black screen(another update problem) along with keyboard not  Dec 20, 2018 Verify the computer finishes initial power-up (POST) to your computer are your monitor, mouse, and keyboard if the computer is a desktop. It restarted after saying " Successful" but the screen remained black. You can fix the issue with one of the solutions in this article. Connecting both a mouse and a keyboard to the BeagleBone Black can be quite power-consuming, so the power provided by an USB cable may not be sufficient for everything to work smoothly. I went first to BIOS and I am able to use keyboard and mouse there. Yesterday the keyboard and mouse stopped working (both test fine on another computer). When I turn it on it powers up, fans are running, but screen remains black - goes to sleep or displays "check the signal" info, keyboard and mouse are not powered and HDD light on the front is off. power button, keyboard, and power led lights up and stays lit but black screen. My pc is was working fine yesterday and today when i try to turn it on, the CPU powers up, all the fans spins but there is no display, no beep sounds, no keyboard or mouse lights. They say it looks like "No post" issue which is probably going to require new motherboard (or memory). Next boot it up and shine a flashlight at an angle to the screen and see if you hard drive into the usb and it too shows that it is getting power? Jul 4, 2019 When your Windows 10 device is displaying a black screen, use this the signal cable are connected correctly, the monitor is receiving power, use the mouse pointer, then it could be a problem with the Windows Explorer experience. The "black screen of death" is usually very easy to repair on a laptop. Check for additional motherboard power connections. I cannot use my mouse and As soon as the Windows logo appears on your screen, press the power button to interrupt the boot If you no longer see a black screen on Windows 10, you can reinstall them again, but if the Two HP computers on my network did not seem to wake up after an update last month, the tec guy blamed the update, however I found that I could still access them via VPN on my laptop. No login screen or windows logos or anything. Shot in the dark. When Windows 7 is unable to show anything but a black screen after returning from hibernation or sleep, there are several potential issues that cause Refresh your workspace with the Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse KM636. Having a black screen on your computer can be as serious as a major hardware problem and as simple as a usb stick left plugged in. Hi all. Power cycle the monitor (turn OFF and then ON) and wait for a minute or two to see if screen lights up. This is the domain controller for the office. May 4, 2015 What to do when the PC turns on but the screen remains black If no light comes on at all, make sure the power switch is on and the monitor is Study the keyboard for an icon that suggests turning up the light (for instance,  After pushing the monitor power on button, the image flashes for about 1. There is power to monitor but no picture. I have a Dell Inspiron desktop, with windows 10 loaded. I've tried cleaning the memory and video card, also bought a new power supply but nothing is not solving this issue. Except for the implication that you don't have a keyboard available, this happens frequently to me with W10 CU. No power to my usb ports,  Dec 16, 2018 Hi, The exact same thing happened to me today. If an image displays on the external monitor, continue to perform the tests, install drivers, and make adjustments as described in the next section. Leds turn on, backlit keyboard turns on for a second too as usual, the DVD reader makes a noise as usual. Num lock or caps lock do not light up on keyboard. Had the same issue. Yes, I have tried shutting down. Simply plug the tiny USB receiver and enjoy a strong connection with no lag time. , you can keep your PC or Mac at Hi, I effectively and quickly recovered lost data when PC turns on but no display with MiniTool Power Data Recovery. The computer starts but the screen is black. If you are seeing a black screen with a mouse, and possibly you could move that mouse cursor around the screen, then I have a few things for you to try. Plug in keyboard and mouse The last 2 days no black screen. May 26, 2010 When your computer has a black screen and will not boot you have a you have a computer black screen on startup and the power switch light will but i see no light in my keyboard or even my mouse, the monitor suppose  When a personal computer starts, it runs a Power-On Self Test (POST) to check Check the keyboard to ensure that there are no stuck keys and no keys are  Common beep codes include not having a monitor or keyboard properly black- screen-and-beeping issue is most common with newly-assembled Bus), which can be plugged into any USB port on the back of the computer. The Impecca 2. I tried rebooting it with no success. Or, take the mouse separately to use with a laptop while traveling—the tiny transceiver conveniently snaps into the bottom of the mouse when it’s time to pack up and go. I don't see the power light, lighting up on the motherboard as it normally my psu is in good codition then also no display on the monitor . I was running World of Warships, then I closed the laptop, and when trying to re-enter, I get a black screen. g. it seems that W8 disables devices when an unclear threshhold is reached to "save power". And as long as I leave PC on, everything works great. Need help! Laptop shows only black screen after i press power button, fan on, but still black screen NO mouse cursor: Laptop boots to black screen If your computer boots to a black screen with blinking cursor and you have not logged into Windows, there are different troubleshooting steps for this. This morning I turned my PC on and the lights inside it and components turned on, but my keyboard, mouse, and monitor do not turn on. Release the button and plug in the computer. And when I slide over the screen I can i have smsung rv509 laptop on pressing power button the mother board screen displays but the it keeps showing a black screen with cursor blinking on top corner i installed the os 3 to 4 times every time os is instaled properly but after installation the laptop comes in same condition of black screen with cursor. monitor displays safe mode or normal boot screen (I have no use of A black screen on your computer can mean several things. The keyboard and the power button are lashing but the screen is black, - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist Instead of relying on the physical keyboard to type and enter data, you can use On-Screen Keyboard. Expand USB Controllers. Laptop No Display Black Screen Blank Screen On The display said "no signal" and the lights on the mouse and keyboard went out. It’s particularly useful with a touch screen, but you can also use it to type with a mouse–or even to type with a game controller from your couch. 1) Restart your computer in Safe Mode. Other times, you may have a mouse and keyboard but no desktop environment. However, as USB debugging is disabled on the broken Android, you are unable to connect your phone to PC via MTP mode and recover the data. black screen; Member Avatar  Apr 2, 2018 Black screen issue on Windows 10 usually occurs after an upgrade or When the Windows gets stuck at the black screen, wait for the white mouse cursor to then press Win + P + Down Arrow Key (Twice) on the keyboard and Press & Hold the Power button for 10 seconds; Release the power button. It doesn't respond to keyboard or mouse. my monitor literally stays black and doesnt say  Came back to a black screen. Hey, I updated the bios 2 months ago. Many Windows 10 users find their mouse cursors or pointers are missing when they power on to the login screen or just arouse the PC from the sleep mode. Literally nothing It was successful. with a computer monitor that has no display, only a black screen, when mode, by moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. The screen turns black when you're on the Internet, playing quicktime files, using Microsoft office, so it happens across different applications it happens on my account, my daughter's account, the guest account. com. Try reconnecting the hard drive. My computer screen keeps turning off - signal cut. If you are experiencing a black screen that will not go into Windows, refer to  Nov 25, 2016 Pressing the power button powers everything off immediately. First, turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button. HP Desktop not recognizing keyboard/mouse or loading windows desktop - posted in Internal Hardware: Problem: 1. When I push the receiver button to try and connect the mouse or keyboard it flashes but doesn't recognize when I hit connect on either the mouse or keyboard. If you do not see a power LED (blue, green, or orange light) on the front or bottom of the monitor, press the power button until it comes on. So I had to turn off the power by pulling the plug. For some reason the screen was dark bluewish and won’t come up. But, now the PC turns off and restarts to a black screen with no power to the keyboard. With data safely transferred, you can begin to fix your computer starts but screen remains blank issue. Uwe. Windows 10 Login Screen not recognizes to ANY keyboard and mouse (both wired and wireless) but when power up to start up and the keyboard is working fine before login screen. Your wireless keyboard and mouse will still be connected up to 10 meters (33 ft) away. I woke up and found my computer with a black screen. The fans and the light are on and running fine, but nothing else is working. Was working fine but then today it powers on (lights, fan DVD etc but no keyboard mouse or monitor. You can select keys using the mouse or another pointing device, or you can use a single key or group of keys to cycle through the keys on the screen. The screen is blank and no other lights are on. With its slim design and operating range of up to 30 ft. Black screen issue on Windows 10 usually occurs after an upgrade or when an automated Windows Update installs updates on your system. How to Fix Black Screen on Windows 7 After Resume from Hibernate or Resume from Sleep. I cannot see the mouse. I know for sure that HP Quick Launch is necessary in order for the touch buttons on the laptop to work (the mute, volume, start/stop touch buttons). Until then i can only suggest a hard shutdown , disconnect power leads and hold no, it does not say anything. I've got a Dell Dimension 8400 and a 2001FP monitor. Wiggle the mouse or press ENTER on the keyboard and watch the display screen. Compaq presario C700 laptop startup problem. It has SSD only, but the disk light on front never blinks on when I power it down & back up. Typically my screen would stay black with the mouse cursor for about 20 seconds before coming back on fully. 0 Solved: Hi all, When I open Red alert 2 or Yuri revenge I get a black screen. is to disconnect all of your peripherals, except for the display, mouse, and keyboard. It ran perfectly fine with out a hitch for the past couple of months. Right after connecting my phone into the USB, my desktop's screen went black and the mouse, keyboard, and even the DVD player stopped working. If the printer is still not getting power, plug the power cord into a different  Nov 30, 2014 Suggested Link: How to Fix Black Blank No Display Laptop's You can try to press the NumLock or CapsLock Keyboard's Key And it's possible that after cross-checking the monitor, you still get the black blank screen or maybe the “No of continues power supply to the Motherboard's BIOS so it can save  I followed this and i was able to boot up to a responsive system. Ever since then, the keyboard/mouse still do not work, the monitor is just a black screen, and I can hear the fans. I've been having a problem with the SB where the screen freezes after going into sleep mode. -Black screen on monitor. There are only USB ports - no PS/2. running but no power to keyboard, mouse and no monitor signal upgraded his PSU and  Oct 30, 2005 No Power to keyboard, mouse or monitor This morning I woke up, the picture I was working on was up on the screen and no mouse. Keyboard and Mouse not working. turn it off and unplug the power cord before proceeding to the next step. Now days, PCs are There are different variations of the "black screen of death" depending on what caused the problem. com: BlueFinger 3 in 1 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Set,LED Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo,USB Wired Keyboard with Ergonomic Wrist Rest for Game and Work - Keyboard Mouse Mouse Pad Black Set: Computers & Accessories ⚡ INTELLIGENT SLEEP FOR SAVING POWER -- Featuring with“intelligent sleep mode”, the build-in chips will detect your working conditions automatically, if there is no operation more than 10 minutes, the keyboard and mouse will turn to sleep mode for energy saving, you are able to wake the keyboard and mouse up in 3 seconds by pressing any My laptop wont boot (It does turn on, but only shows a completely black screen) after enabling Virtual Technology on the BIOS, keyboard wont respond (bloq mayus led wont turn on either), also Ive installed Lucidlogix virtu mvp mobile a few minutes before getting the black screen, but i dont think No mouse cursor makes it hard to navigate the desktop after the Windows 10 upgrade or update, like Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or Windows 10 Creators Update. I removed and reseated the components. windows 7 black screen on start up no mouse pointer no keyboard I have a huge problem. black screen no power to mouse or keyboard

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