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Top AI personal assistant apps for Android (2017) of these AI assistant apps for Android. If you own an Android device, you might want to turn on “OK,  28 Sep 2015 Android: Google's voice commands are pretty amazing. You can use it to make quick phone calls. Cortana requires a bit of initial setup, which I'll go over in more detail below. There are several voice controlled virtual assistants on Android that let you take over your phone with Voice commands. Here are the steps to enable Google Assistant on your Android smartphone without root Best Siri Alternatives in 2019: Personal Assistant Apps for iPhone. Google keyboard comes preinstalled on every Android phone and it’s pretty good at recognizing the words you speak. Learn how to use Cortana on Android. Intelligent conversations Available for Android and Apple. What are the 5 most renowned Android personal assistants based on AI? Check them out as follows: Google Assistant. Top 5 best AI assistant apps. IBM Watson is perhaps one of the purest expressions of AI as a virtual assistant. Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging & Voice; This is the second app on the list. Period. It features a utility to read aloud the contents of text messages. But that's not the only factor behind the uptick in mobile voice recognition, says Tuong Nguyen, Caller Name Announcer Pro. 3. iPhone owners are two taps away from Amazon's voice assistant that surpasses Siri. Transcribing recordings by hand is not only a lengthy and mundane task, but it can also do more damage than good. Check out eight of the best translation apps for travel in 2019. With the app you can create categories and phrases, which are placed on buttons. Now, you can also have an AI voice assistant app that will be the best virtual personal assistant, you could have ever found. 26 Apr 2018 But for a quick fix, many effective personal assistant apps can be downloaded It's very similar to the Apple and Android options but is quickly  13 Mar 2019 The Google Pixel 3 is the best small Android smartphone, but it's not the voice- activated assistant without prefacing each statement with "Hey  12 Mar 2019 Voice recognition is a standard part of the smartphone package Google's latest speech recognition works entirely offline, eliminating that  8 May 2019 Millions of people routinely say “hey” to voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, even Apple lin 2017 applied for a patent for an “offline personal assistant. Indigo Virtual Assistant is another great option if you are looking for a simple yet efficient Android Personal Assistant. Saiy is a Fully Customizable Voice Assistant that Works Offline [XDA Spotlight] For years, the big names in mobile tech have played a massive game of “One-Up. AppMgr III does more than just moving apps, it also can freeze apps, and do other management tasks. Without a doubt, Google Translate is one of the most popular and robust translation apps available on your mobile. And it's becoming more popular all the time, thanks in large measure to the improved speech recognition capabilities of today's mobile phone platforms, such as Google's Android and Apple's iOS. The fastest and easiest way to get the information, entertainment, and communication services you want, Hound is built for your busy life, allowing you to get what you need and move on. Now it’s coming from inside the phone. Features: Voice commands, dictation, AI assistant, Android app for  2 Apr 2018 Google Assistant tips and tricks: How to master your Android assistant Assistant has a voice, meaning Assistant can actually talk back to you, and yes, it' ll . Braina is a multi-functional AI software that allows you to interact with your computer using voice commands in most of the languages of the world. In most of the Android smartphones, long pressing the Home button triggers the Google Assistant and it is the most convenient way found among the users. Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant, which grew out of Google Now, and is available on a range of recent Android devices and now the iPhone. Unlike others, she uses complex machine learning algorithms to compute directly on your Android device . Indigo is named after the main Indigo-themed interface of the app. a senior director for Android, explained that this Google Assistant on phone or tablet. The assistants featured here will be able to voice dial, send text and emails, search information on web, update social media status, manage contacts and reminders, check in with Foursquare, find local shops, etc. You can now use it on other operating systems as well, including Android. Eva is a good Siri app for Android but it has a very cramped interface. Millions rely on Any. More you use the  18 May 2018 Saiy is an open source voice assistant that can work offline. the best voice assistant app Google Voice. do, the best to-do list app for your Google Assistant, that makes it easy to organize your life and get more done. Check some best practices to identify songs using Google Assistant. EVA – Voice Assistant. By default set Google as voice assistant in your android phone or tablet. Here's everything you need to know. But that's not the only factor behind the uptick in mobile voice recognition, says Tuong Nguyen, The closest you can get to a trusty pen-and-paper duo on Android is a good offline note-taking app. Dark Sky's predictive weather notifications will keep the rain and snow from catching you off guard. 1. Hound is the best way to search using your voice. Earlier available exclusively  9 Aug 2018 Saiy is an application that provides an offline voice assistant that has the purpose Saiy is available for Android for free supported by optional . Here are the best personal assistant apps for Android! Looking for an offline voice assistant for your Android smartphone? We've taken a look at five of what we think are the best available. What constitutes the best API will largely depend on what you're going to be using voice . Released in May 2016, Google Assistant is arguably the best personal assistant app for Android. I can say that using voice commands with my phone’s built-in microphone has never been reliable experience for me and the Bolt completely flips that. This is work like your virtual personal assistants, they will do your daily tasks like answering the question, calling, sending messages, GPS, news, weather report and more tasks. Tap Assistant Assistant voice. The world's fastest and only offline virtual assistant. You can employ this application to call people, form emails or texts and then send them to the required recipients. Intuitive Siri's Not Even the Best iPhone Assistant Anymore. So, we have picked a list of best Android assistant apps which are reliable, and Translate voice - Translator, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator are probably your best bets out of the 7 options considered. Install Bestee and meet your new best friend. Be it an assistant to give you the answers you need, to launch your apps for you via voice command, or to get an A. Like other assistants, you can ask it for stock, weather, and other general information pulled from the web or dictate notes. This app is also a very smart driving companion, that displays all apps you run on your car dashboard. Try saiy ? I tried it once and found it good. iReparo for Android is a Android can be a good assistant iReparo for Android 1. Recommended Reading: Siri Alternative Apps For Android – Best Of. susi https:// www. If you want a caller name announcer app that can also act as a caller ID, then you should check out Caller Name Announcer Pro. " Learn how to control what information you see and hear on your lock screen. Saiy - Voice Command Assistant cheats tips and tricks added by pro players, testers and other users like you. The Android app lets you take your tasks on the go and offline,  8 May 2019 Updates include driving mode and offline speech recognition version of Android, Google announced a list of changes to its popular virtual Launched with the voice command, “Hey Google, let's drive”, the google pixel google pixel xl google pixel 2 google pixel 2 xl or mi note 4 which is the best phone. Voice text app for Android allows users to set customized voice commands. How We Chose the Best Voice Assistants Compatibility. text- to-speech and voice-to-voice translation on iOs and Android devices. Nowadays, almost every people know about it. Best SPY phone application that you need How to use google voice offline? Offline Voice command android | Google voice offline - Duration: 4:03. Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant for Android. Authored by: Brittany McGhee 2 weeks ago. If you are done using the Google Assistant and considering a better, third-party one to rule the area, Microsoft’s Cortana is the best option. There are dozens of smart speakers on the market, and picking the best one keeps getting However, K&J Software, thinking outside the box, have developed an Android app called Voice Control, which lets you launch apps on your device via voice commands without requiring any internet access whatsoever. Still, Voice Assistant may be worth giving a shot if you have a particular need the app says it can fill. On your phone, it should be able to access apps and accomplish simple tasks. Unfortunately, when you need to transfer this information to paper, things aren’t quite so simple. Step 6: Tap Assist app. You can also ask it a question and this app will work on it and find your answer. This is what I meant when Most Android phones have Google Assistant built-in and can do all of the same commands that the Bolt can. General  19 Dec 2018 Mycroft is an open source voice assistant built for Linux machines, can be It was built to run on Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Android phones. Best Free Voice Recognition Software for Windows 10: Cortana Cortana is an AI assistant that’s included with Windows 10 devices at no extra charge (iOS and Android apps are also available). Voice Assistant. How to master voice control on Android: Going beyond Google Now. Is Google voice recognition offline library is available to use in android apps. it seems like offline voice support might be limited to just the US or devices with English as the primary language However, the rollout has been pretty slow and people are still waiting for the Google Assistant to arrive on their smartphones. I think this question is already answered here: Offline Speech Recognition In Android (JellyBean) Can we create our own dictionary of words & commands with wake up word. The voice-to-text on Dragon is excellent but it does come with a ton of other features that you may or may not need. iReparo for Android. Google Assistant and Apple's Siri started out as the voice dialing features on Android phones and iPhones. 24me. Another app that is known for its speech recognition (and accurate transcription) is Dragon Mobile Assistant. Here is a screenshot of Google assistant offline commands: google. First things first, this app supports 30 languages. Braina (Brain Artificial) is an intelligent personal assistant, human language interface, automation and voice recognition software for Windows PC. Utter is one of the best Voice controlled Virtual assistant you would find on Android. Some users swear by the Voice Assistant, while others report bugs or other let downs. Indigo Virtual Assistant. You'll still need to use Siri on your iPhone or Google Assistant on your Android phone. Siri Alternatives: Best Voice Assistant Apps for Android. Instant, offline virtual assistant. ” Best offline Android apps: no internet, no problem. 24me, rated as one of the top 10 productivity apps on App Store, is a clear-cut way to manage your day. in/amp/s/www. Assistant apps are the options that you can use to boost up your mobility or AiDelight: The offline voice assistant that can control WiFi Something I really enjoyed about AiDelight is how well it integrates with my existing music library. Only the Pixel smartphones integrated the all-time listening, offline music recognition feature to help users with unidentified songs every time. Google Translate. Voice Recognition APIs for Longform and Offline Processing. CPCR » Articles » How to Turn Off ‘OK Google’ Voice Assistant in Android. Download HulloMail Free SmartVoicemail App. As you might have guessed, there is a workaround if you cannot wait for Google Assistant to arrive on your smartphone officially. Just start with: "Hey Google" Play music and videos with your voice Navigation app that combines the best of offline and online features to create the ultimate navigation experience. Siri is a well-known personal voice assistant app for iPhone. Like its competitor you can ask anything includes sending text messages, setting up an alarm or meeting, making calls or anything that one could do as an assistant on mobiles. And you also get voice-guided GPS navigation with precise directions and street names in the offline version. co. xda-developers. Eva also has the tendency to sometimes read very quickly making it hard for a non-English speaker to understand. Utter is one of the best  What if instead of looking for information, it came to you instantly? Sherpa uses powerful Artificial Intelligence Algorithms based on probabilistic models that  9 hours ago Google Assistant is more useful than you might think, assuming you One of the best things about using Google on your smartphone is the voice commands. Being a proactive Android user it deserves the absolute attention, the reason being the unavailability of Siri for Android. Google Assistant is the AI-powered software you talk to when using a Google Home speaker, or when you long-press the Home button in recent Android phones. On your Android phone or tablet, touch and hold the Home button or say "OK Google. The rest of the Android smartphone users need to use the Google Assistant or Google voice search manually. They got an Android app as well : https://f-droid. The Best Workstation PC Builds of 2019. Cortana by Microsoft has become the most popular voice assistant app. With iPhone 4S introducing Siri, an intuitive voice assistant, Android competitors have also come up with plenty of interesting voice to text applications. HulloMail is an influential app which offers best features, especially for commercial users. plus the ability to synchronize your work with Android or iOS devices. AIVC. HulloMail is one of the best voicemail apps 2019 that is available for free download and smart in features. 21 Jan 2019 Here is how to do a music search on your Google Pixel or Android As the feature is completely offline, Google does not send any data or voice to their Check some best practices to identify songs using Google Assistant. iTranslate Voice 3. ‎Speech Assistant AAC is a text-to-speech app designed for people who are speech impaired, for example due to Aphasia, MND/ALS, Autism, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy or other speech problems. Extreme – Personal voice assistant Android. CoA – Cortana on Android. 1 Feb 2018 The voice-control, voice-assistant revolution is pushing us to talking to objects at our Google Translate is the first to come to mind — and for good reason. 23 Mar 2017 The best part is that almost every Android user can now have a virtual assistant on their respective smartphones. #1. Dark Sky (Android) Best daily weather app. Ever wished for a professional translator without the hefty price tag? iTranslate Voice 3 enables “magical” voice-to-voice communication across languages. com/saiy-offline-voice-assistant- open-source/amp/. Google's voice-powered assistant can perform a range of tasks and the best part is that it's no longer relegated to Google-built devices like Google Home or the latest Pixel phones. Its offline maps come packed with super-useful information like upcoming speed limit changes and Dynamic Lane Assistant to guide you into the correct lane – again, very handy for those driving in a foreign city. They help you keep track of important things and make your life a little easier to manage. . Here are the best personal assistant apps for Android! For me, personally, I have fallen in love with this app: Extreme The personal assistant - Android Apps on Google Play It is true that the app still  28 Sep 2017 for Android users. It gives quick and direct access to apps like Google assistant, messaging apps, and other utilities. It handles voice search (both online and offline) spectacularly and, also. 27 Feb 2018 If you're looking for a Virtual Assistant app that works nicely in offline, then try It's really great as a new one and perhaps, could be your next best friend app – 'Bestee' for Android which works fine in both online and offline. 1. Lyra is the only personal assistant App you need. convert voice recording to text android. Even so, we think that Vlingo is your best bet for a well-rounded personal assistant for Android. It is the award-winning voicemail Android app that easily manages voicemail messages on the phone. There are plenty out there; indeed, we have a dedicated best note-taking apps list , but my Download Voice Writer Voice Text app. This app is hit or miss if you judge by user reviews. Best Voice Recognition Apps for Your Smartphone. This app is similar to Google voice search. Update: Our previous pick for the best virtual assistant for Android was Vlingo, now Dragon Mobile Assistant, an app we really like (and mention later) especially for pre-Ice Cream Sandwich Note: We tested out the Android apps on the Nokia 7 Plus, running Android Pie, and the iOS apps on the iPhone XR, running iOS 12. Here are the best driving apps for Android! Apart from Google Assistant, there are a lot of other assistant apps available in the Play Store for Android users. Follow accurate voice directions, avoid traffic jams and get speed limit & speed camera alerts. google. You can even enjoy the service while being offline. Now there are dozens. 9 Jan 2019 We compiled a list of the best PC software that you can talk to in 2019. Your smartphone shouldn't be used while driving, but some apps can be helpful. The real assist. Other ways to reach your Assistant Best voice recognition software of 2019. Simply speak into your phone and the app will translate, and speak, that sentence into one of 42 languages. Whether it's in a compatible Android Auto vehicle, or with just your phone, your Google Assistant is there to help you on the go. In the Google app, go to Settings and then Voice. you can talk to, there’s something for everyone here. If you try to issue a voice command when you don't have an internet connection,  The Voice Access app for Android lets you control your device with spoken commands. Step 5: Tap Assist & voice input. This is Best personal assistant app android 2019 and this app will help you in understanding conversation in English and it will give you everything that you expect from it. Aptly named Assistant, this great personal assistant app for Android brings a virtual assistant to your device. For that you will need the Google Now offline voice recognition. But of course, there are also apps like Evernote and ListNote that feature voice-to-text. Plus the app uses the kind of voice you’d expect to be associated with a virtual assistant named Get the Google Assistant for hands-free help Your Google Assistant is ready to help when and where you need it. If you are worried about privacy this may be the best voice assistant for you. Manage your schedule, get help with everyday tasks, control smart-home devices, enjoy your entertainment and much more. " A guide to "Ok Google" settings helps set you up for a good hands-free experience  24 Feb 2019 So, here's our pick of the best offline GPS apps for your Android or iOS phone in 2019: and Dynamic Lane Assistant to guide you into the correct lane – again, And you also get voice-guided GPS navigation with precise  8 Jan 2017 Siri is a digital Voice Assistant of yours when using iOS running devices. Simply speak into your phone and the app will translate, and speak, that sentence into one of 42 The Echo kicked off the smart speaker trend a few years ago, but Amazon's Alexa speaker is no longer alone. Say a command, such as "Open Gmail. 29 Jun 2019 Voice recognition is a technology that has definitely come of age over the . Voice assistants help out a lot in daily life. With a smartly designed UI, the app features voice alerts for calls and SMS. Oh, one more thing: 9 of them are even free! So choose your favorite today to make your Android become your best assistant! So here is a list of best personal assistant apps for Android. Simply speak into your phone and the app will translate, and speak, that sentence into one of 42 ‎Speech Assistant AAC is a text-to-speech app designed for people who are speech impaired, for example due to Aphasia, MND/ALS, Autism, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy or other speech problems. Don’t be thrown off by the cute looking assistant shown in the screenshots, this app brings some serious firepower when it comes to voice assisting. Now, however, some of them work even when you're offline. Both cylinders listen for the “Alexa” command, after which you can issue your voice commands. AppMgr III is especially useful for Tracfone Android users because of the limited internal space on many of the phones. You need your voice assistant to sound human, and there’s some setup involved in getting there. A convenient app manager that can let you move apps to your SD card to free up space. But it’s time to try some of the best personal Assistant Apps for Android like Siri that are the greatest invention of Artificial Intelligence for Android OS. But is there Siri for Android? Lets discuss the best alternates. To make  16 Feb 2013 How To Change The Google Assistant Voice [Android] s latest features to good effect, you'll have to make sure that the official Google Search  19 févr. 8 min read 8 min 278 Shares 278 53 comments 53. downloaded a language for offline speech recognition. Siri isn’t the only digital voice assistant in the market. This app lets users send text messages by their voice. With these buttons you can create m… Looking for an offline voice assistant for your Android smartphone? We've taken a look at five of what we think are the best available. Voice Answer is an assistant that works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 0 and up, you can also talk to the Google Assistant when your phone is locked by saying "Ok Google. "Accurate translations" is the primary reason people pick Translate voice - Translator over the competition. Utter! is a voice assistant app that lets one control almost every aspect of their Android device via voice control, including functions that require root access. In the top right, tap your profile picture or initial Settings. Technical ( voice assistant) If you, or if you aren’t, no problem. Alexa on iOS: Siri's Not Even the Best iPhone Assistant Anymore | WIRED Siri's Not Even the Best iPhone Assistant Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store Open Google Play Store and search Smart Voice Assistant Download Install Smart Voice Assistant and start it Well done! Now you can play Smart Voice Assistant on PC, just like Smart Voice Assistant for PC version. Step 7: Choose Alexa and tap OK. Weather forecasts, flight information, app controls, personal Which is the Best Voice to Text app for Android? Many people don’t know that Google keyboard comes with a speech to text conversion tool and they waste their time in searching for the best voice to text app. This is not possible with Google voice recognition. ”. iReparo for Android is a professional data recovery tool for Android phone and tablet. Head on over to the Play Store and give it a try yourself! AppMgr III. Both systems let you take calls, make calls, play music, and answer texts on your phone, whether at home, in the office, or in your car. But it has the best feature list and is quite reliable. Easily stay connected, get things done, and enjoy your time on the road with hands-free help from your Google Assistant. For me, personally, I have fallen in love with this app: Extreme The personal assistant - Android Apps on Google Play It is true that the app still needs some work but it has too much potential to leave off of a list like this. You don't have to watch Luke Cage, but you should, it's good. " In the bottom right, tap . Ask a question or add answers, watch video tutorials & submit own opinion about this game/app. ” iPhone buying guide and favorite Android phones; Hungry for even more Siri out for the ultimate test drive; which AI has the best sense of humor? 7 May 2019 The next-generation Assistant will process requests up to 10 times faster with your voice, multitask across apps, [and] will even work offline. That’s where dictaphones and voice recording apps come in handy. Amazon Alexa assistant will be able to access your apps in use system, your device information or Check out eight of the best translation apps for travel in 2019. Now you’re device use Alexa instead of Google assistant on your android device. If you want to give rest to your fingers from typing your messages, you can use the best Android applications for converting your voice to text . Plus, while Amazon can brag about having the best third-party support with over 10,000 Alexa skills, most of Snips lets you build your own voice assistant to embed into your devices Romain Dillet @romaindillet / 2 years French startup Snips is now helping you build a custom voice assistant for your device. is able to predict users’ needs. Each offers great features and can be helpful on a daily basis, come and take a look at their pros and cons before downloading. Saiy - Voice Command Assistant hack hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. How to Turn Off ‘OK Google’ Voice Assistant in Android. Tons of people drive everyday. Find the best restaurant or bar in town. You can use Google Assistant to trigger apps While some, like Evi, target the general personal assistant market, others like Voice Assistant and Personal Expense focus on more specific features, such as speech-to-text note taking and The Google Android App Now Supports Limited Voice Commands For Offline Use. commands that would work without an internet connection anyway, but this is a pretty good starter list. These are some of the best personal assistant apps you can get your hands on right away. Well, TalkType Voice Keyboard is another best app which you can use on your Android today. Unlike others, she uses complex machine learning algorithms to compute directly on your Android device. You can also make it read out the contents of messages sent via SMS. Regular map updates. Voice Answer is the next generation voice assistant app for your mobile device. I. The value of a voice assistant hinges on the number of things it can control. Whether it's because you're travelling, have poor data We will here review some of the best Siri for Android apps which can be a good alternative of Siri for Android phones. It’s Google’s Siri, if you like. and offline voice packs of Japanese, Korean and American English. So here we go. With these buttons you can create m… #HOUND Voice Search & Assistant. The Huawei Mate 9 and HTC U11 are the first smartphones to ship with Amazon's voice-enabled Alexa app. Once you have this app installed on your phone, all you need to do is insert a voice command and Google will display the related data on your smartphone. That puts iPhone and iPad owners just two taps away—one to open the Amazon app, the next to activate the microphone—from a voice assistant that doesn’t just rival Siri, but surpasses it in significant ways. There are also less expensive chargers out there too. Best Language Translation Apps 1. Alexa’s popularity should already be giving Apple fits. virtual assistant that will allow you to interact with your PC via voice . 16 Feb 2013 There are several voice controlled virtual assistants on Android that let you take over your phone with Voice commands. Compact maps of over 200 countries were specially optimized to take up less space on your phone. This app is generally one of the best car apps for Android. It’s basically a keyboard app which offers voice input feature. Tip: On phones running Android 8. org/en/packages/ai. It uses Google Voice Search’s backend to interpret your voice and change them to actions. Presenting to you, Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant. Each offers great features  24 Feb 2019 Ever since Siri came out, the Android world has wanted one like it. Read More for best Personal Assistant AI Apps. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision. 2. Although, Cortana has made its place among the various famous voice assistants like Siri by Apple, Google by Google Inc, and more. Choose a voice. 4. Alexa is the name of the voice assistant whose artificial intelligence undergoes continuous development in Amazon’s large data centers, and it takes the form of the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot in your home. This Open-Source AI Voice Assistant Is Challenging Siri and Alexa for Market Superiority Matt Hunckler Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This Siri app for android is not only fast but provides ample guidance. 12 Jul 2019 Our picks of the best Android apps in 14 top categories, on the other hand, can just open up the Virtual Assistant, which keeps a running dialogue of the help . The three big mobile operating systems each have their own personal voice assistant: Apple’s iOS 9 uses Siri, Android Lollipop/Marshmallow has Google Play and Microsoft’s Windows 10 uses Cortana. Ever since Siri came out, the Android world has wanted one like it. Alexa is Amazon’s equivalent technology and what you talk to when using an Amazon Echo smart speaker, or a Fire TV remote control. Every year Microsoft comes with a new version of windows packed with some advanced features. The app is extremely responsive to your Voice commands and even greets you with a message when you launch it, Voice Assistant. Do you like chatting? AIVC is a superb voice-powered virtual assistant, interested in chatting Google says that breakthroughs in how its voice assistant processes language have enabled faster, smarter voice interactions—even offline. You’ll find this feature useful when you’re driving a vehicle. Best speech to text app. Voice commands, dictation, AI assistant, Android app for remote control of Google Assistant is a smart voice search function that provides you with what you need to know, when you need to know it, hands-free. Google Assistant on speaker or Smart Display Microsoft's new voice-enabled virtual assistant, Cortana, is a lot like a blend of Siri's personality and Google Now's predictive capabilities—but the best part is it's baked right into the taskbar in Windows 10. Update: Check out our new pick for the best virtual assistant for Android. The tool relies on Baidu’s Deep Speed 2 which is much better compared to Google’s recognition system. 2017 Il est actuellement le seul assistant disponible sur Android capable de Samsung travaille de son côté sur une amélioration de S Voice, qui  28 Mar 2019 Our top 5 speech-to-text cloud APIs that convert voice to text. But Utter is the most advanced Voice Assistant or Android Personal Assistant that you will ever use, and if you get past the exhaustive voice command list and complicated interface. best offline voice assistant for android

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