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and Points with a Multimeter using an ignition coil from the Johnson H or T Series . Tests bad. The resistance measured should be infinity or the maximum reading possible. I have had them stop charging totally, and also had them send the voltage too high (which can fry other components). If the reading is good on the Stator but low on the white Wire, the timer base is usually bad. but would like to know if their are any cons. If that is the case, I am pretty sure the rectifier is dead as I have run the engine without connection to a battery, a number of times! Rectifier/regulator sure seems to be a problem. If the engine fires, replace the rectifier. wowokl0l. Buy NEW VOLTAGE REGULATOR MERCURY OUTBOARD 60HP MARINE 30-120HP 883071T 883071A: Voltage Regulators - Amazon. Mercury and Mariner branded 30-60 horsepower outboard marine engines OMC 60 HP Outboard Ignition Parts. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases If the rectifier,regulator goes bad will u lose spark to the sparkplug? for another bike as oppose to $180 for a new rectifier at the time. connect the connector on the rectifier,restart the engine (make sure it has a good ground at the rectifier to block) set the meter on 20 volt scale D/C ground the ground lead on the block and probe the B+ terminal shoud have 13 to 15 volt d/c. 1. Any of the individual diodes might be open when forward biased, or one of them might leak current when reverse biased. Symptoms of Bad or Failing Points & Condenser If your vehicle runs rough, the engine will not fire, or the vehicle will not start at all, the points and condenser system may be failing. Visually Check the Stator, Trigger, Rectifier/Regulator and Flywheel: Cracks, burned areas and bubbles in or on the components indicate a problem. Symptoms: running on one or two cylinders of three ( when I unplug . Should it go to the repair shop? The shop will do a good job but they’re always busy and the repair will probably take two weeks —remember your out of town guests want to go fishing Symptoms of a Bad Alternator, alternator problems Symptoms of a bad alternator include hard or slow cranking when you try to start your vehicle, lights that seem too dim, and of course the red BATT, ALT, or GEN light glowing on the dash. The following information is presented for the use of MASTERTECH'S customers as a courtesy by CDI Electronics. Open field. It may be a diode, or it may be a number of other things. I went to turn back towards my dock and ski just shut down electrically without notice. Bad Stator Fix--Don't Buy a New Stator for Your Engine! Create a Battery-op Ignition System for Less Than $50: The cost of a new stator can be hundreds of dollars. A faulty or failing stator can cause one or more symptoms. is this the problem or could it still be rectifier and or CDI . Mercury produces an extensive line of outboard motors. Anyway, my stator was bad. Of course it's possible that there may be two bad regulator-rectifiers. Otherwise, replace the rectifier. Radio won't power up, of Johnson and Evinrude Outboard Rectifier 3 Wire Bullet & Ring Connectors *Do Not Use Maintenance Free Battery. Any time the motor is running it is making voltage and if for what ever reason it looses contact with a battery,(loose cables, green terminals, bad battery) the rectifier will burn out and quit charging. Connect the red wire of the multimeter black lead of the outboard rectifier. Once started, a car should continue to run even with a really bad battery if the alternator is charging. One of the first symptoms of an issue with the voltage regulator is dim or flickering gauges. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Mercury Marine is an international motor boat company based in Lake Forest, Illinois, providing motors for private, commercial and government craft. A blocked outboard fuel line prevents fuel from getting to the motor. Connect the red wire of the multimeter red lead of the outboard rectifier. On my SE the regulater rectifier went bad it was over charging the battery. Mercury Rectifier Troubleshooting The rectifier can remain in place, but all wires will need to be  Johnson Evinrude Outboard Ignition Troubleshooting Tips CD units are caused by low battery voltage and/or bad ground connections. Buy Switchbox for Mercury Outboards 3 and 6 Cylinder replaces 332-7778A12: Boat Engine Parts - Amazon. The outboard has two unused wires leading from a stator coil under the flywheel which I'm pretty sure would be used for the battery charging circuit on the electric start model. What are some symptoms of a failed or failing voltage regulator? Does it slowly go bad or does it just stop working? Will the car still run with it going bad? I was thinking maybe my recent electrical issues may be related. Disconnect the rectifier. It can be tested but that requires specialized test equipment. Tested battery, fine. 23 How it works 7. Would it's failure cause the engine to go into 'limp' or 'rpm reduction? This problem has been getting progressively worse until it occurs with the engine on muffs and at start-up. 3. O. General Troubleshooting A complete description on crankshaft position sensor, camshaft sensor, cylinder temp. In addition to the boat repair forum we also offer OUTBOARD PARTS, My guess is its a bad rectifier since it doesn't seem the power is flowing through. Signs of a bad voltage regulator in a vehicle include dimming or pulsing lights or a dead battery. Powerpack is the next most likely culprit. In both cases, reliability is far better than it was in decades past, fuel efficiency has increased, and problems like smoky exhaust and ear-splitting sound levels are ancient history. outboard motor. Re: Symptoms of bad rectifier? The stator under the flywheel is a two fold component. 2. Put the red Your regulator is bad, yellow to yellow on the regulator is 100-400. . I hope any of you fellow Max owners can help me with this. They provide voltage to your switchbox or CDM's. Regulator / rectifier units tend to be combined and can fail in a few ways. Regulate your voltage with a CDI Electronics Regulated Rectifier Re: Mercury EFI outboard problem Post by mrbassin0614 » Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:31 am Ok so the bulb doesnt stay hard after youve been running it for a while. I always assumed that if a rectifier tube went bad that the fuse would blow and the amp would be dead. The rectifier is a combination of diodes (usually 6). I have just read in an outboard maintenance book that a rectifier runs the risk of being damaged if the engine is run without connecting it to a battery. Symptoms: Started a few months ago with what appeared to be a failing battery, turned out to be not charging at idle, only charging at speed. I found lots of info on the web . This can be caused by a weak battery, dragging starter, bad battery cables or a mechanical problem inside the engine. I have a '93 Max, and up until just the other day, had no problems with it. the symptoms of Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Pressure Regulator Check related link below . May 30, 2012 Symptoms of a low battery are that it simply will not crank the engine So, to be clear, running with a bad rectifier can do serious damage to  May 11, 2012 Does this specify if the stator is not sending voltage to the rectifier, or that the rectifier is What else can I do to determine which one is bad? Visually Check the Stator, Trigger, Rectifier/Regulator and Flywheel: If engine won't rev up and shakes real bad, the S. Apparently its for 2002 and 2003 30 to 60 hp engines. A friend told me it could be a bad rectifier. go and look for cracks in the bulb or around the hose, sounds like it could be sucking some air i am not an outboard mechanic or anything but i have had my share of fuel line problems. Prices include shipping in the continental US. Thanks for the help! A voltage regulator maintains an even flow of electrical power to an automobile's electrical systems, including the headlights, dashboard components and the stereo. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. The original tach would only rev to 1400 or so. Outboard Spares Response What Happened to My Boat Motor? 10 secrets your mechanic may not want you to know. I know this is an old thread I started but I hate threads that don't have a conclusive end. Bad diodes are a common cause of alternator failure. Until recently the easiest way to tell the systems apart is by looking at the plugs that connect the stator to the regulator. Providing its customers with quality outboard boat motor ignition parts for Johnson Evinrude Mercury Mariner Force Yamaha and Chrysler at great prices. Faulty wire grounds are a very common problem, but can sometimes be difficult to track down. Being in one housing, it looks like one thing, but it's still two, doing two different functions. I'm trying to figure out why. Disconnect the Yellow wires from the rectifier and retest. W. The resistance measured should be between 0 and 1 ohm, or the rectifier needs replaced. A quick test of these diodes determines whether the bridge rectifier requires replacement. A cranking speed of less than 250-RPM will not allow the system to spark properly. Without a good stator, your engine will run poorly or not at all. my buddy has a 1985 70vro. Your outboard stator is the "powerhouse" of your outboards ignition system. Mercury Outboard Ignition Switch Wiring Diagram. how to test regulator rectifier yamaha. By Jeff Hemmel, Photos by Tom King. The system will simple turn off, later after the part cools it can turn back on and operate until the condition (circuit drawing too much power) retu 2. Go onto almost any boating website and see threads like "What new outboard should I buy?" the negative comments on E-TECs almost always mention EMM failures. $12. The stator has 2 tapped coils, one feeds each switchbox. Posted by polaris800 on Monday, February 19, 2007 7:30 PM Give me some feedback. Using the prescribed testing method fromt he Mercury service manual. Testing Mercury Rectifier. the 89 is listed as a 6amp and the 85 is listed as a 9 amp. For I have a 1989 Mercury 80 horsepower outboard on my whaler and I just burned up my second rectifier in the last three months. Over Voltage Will Occur. Low voltage symptoms are weak fire or weak erratic firing of cylinders. There is one thing that many people do not understand pertaining the the charging systems on outboard motors, especially the smaller ones. How to pull start your electric start Outboard when you have a flat The battery voltage goes down on my bike all the time, however after a full charge it's okay for a couple of days. Bad regulator. What are symptoms of a bad CDI box? A bad cdi, will cause no spark if its completely bad, but if its going bad can cause misfires, random stalling and rough running, like alot of backfiring and stuff. If you have 27 volts a/c. Engine fails to run and has no spark. But WHY have they failed - and why are they still failing? I have yet to see a reason given and dealers shrug it off a just "bad luck". I was at home replaced the battery again was checking the voltage it was all All, My outboard is not charging. It is very easy to troubleshoot and if there is something wrong, normally the symptoms are dead batteries or reduced charging current and low voltage, less than 14 volts. FUNCTION. Usually a faulty instrument voltage regulator will produce a few symptoms that can alert the driver of a potential issue. cdielectronics. The whole purpose behind testing the rectifier is to discover whether there is continuity in the circuit and whether current can flow in one direction or both directions. The test involves the use of a multimeter. Even non E-TEC owners ask me if I've had a "black Reasons for Fouled Spark Plugs One of the most common issues with two cycle outboard motors occurs when the spark plugs become saturated with gasoline, and foul out. It generally starts with a partial blockage, where playing around with the fuel hose and pumping the primer bulb will get the motor to start or keep it running. It is a fact of life: parts will eventually go bad. Also, chances are that you have had some start-up or voltage issues. now will not start at all, have tried good battery, adjusted valve clearances, tried good coil, new plug, compression is good. i run a bosch fuel pump,humminbird gps/depth finder 787c, hydralic jack plate,trim, I am pretty sure I am not charging the battery much going down the lake to my fishing hole, The only reason I am bringing this up, I recently pulled the battery (new battery) to do some Hello fellow riders, I've burnt out my regulator/rectifier twice now. Most Mercury Outboard Stators perform two important functions 1. Regulator circuits may contain a “crow-bar circuit” which trip if its current rating is exceeded. Jul 17, 2008 DIY Outboard Motor Repair Guides. 90. with the engine running at approximately 1200-1500 RPM. Open gas cap in case any pressure is in there, then re-tighten. Check the cranking RPM. Scroll down to the bottom for more info. When it seems like no amount of replacement plugs can fix the issue, it might be due to a number of factors. Your stator is  Boat Motor Rectifier & Regulator Assy 6J8-81960-00 for Yamaha Outboard It is easy to assume that the issue is a bad battery because of symptoms such as  Jan 6, 2014 Regulate your voltage with a CDI Electronics Regulated Rectifier. They are usually designated by amperage out put such as a 22- amp or a 32-amp system. Never had one fail and give out AC instead. Confirming that it is indeed the regulator rectifier that requires observing and checking certain symptoms. Johnson - Evinrude Outboard Charging System The gauge is new,the wire from gauge to rectifier is new. No sound is coming from the amp, arrghh! So I'll have to stop by Guitar Center after work and get a new rectifier tube. restart the ski several times to confirm and if everything worked, Rec is bad, This is the Rectifier test. What Are Signs of a Bad Voltage Regulator? Warning lights, unpredictable engine performance and dimming or pulsating lights are all signs of a faulty voltage regulator. I need to install running lights, and would like to avoid using a battery. Yes, its been in storage for awhile but it was running well when you left it. Check the gap on all the spark plugs. There is no voltage regulator on your motor. While there is a lot of fairly deep technology involved in the Virago Charging Systems, the basics are pretty easy to follow. A simple test on rectifier/regulators (except OMC rectifier/regulators without cooling fins on the bottom) can sometimes be a time-saver. The symtoms are that within 3 to 5 hours after a new rectifier is installed, the tach on the boat will quit working. I notice that my outboard motor tends to stumble or misfire when accelerating under load if the spark plug gap is greater than the specified or recommended spark plug gap. 27 volts you have a bad stator. Checking all of the grounds on your motorcycle can be done quickly if you know where they all are. More How To. Chart B shows the more stable voltage and current reading on a regulated rectifier. Replaces: Johnson / Evinrude #s 445091, 445114 Installation Most regulators also contain a rectifier circuit which is used to sense electrical pulse and provide a signal to the tachometer to read the motor's rpm. L. Checking the voltage with the rectifier disconnected at the stator plug lead to the discovery. The voltage regulator provides power to the gauges, and can cause it shine dimly or flicker if it has Your engine's charging system consists only of a rectifier assembly and the stator under the flywheel. When the parts fail or begin to show symptoms of failing, it can have far-reaching implications to the viability of the automobile. If you have electrical equipment that won’t turn on, that could also indicate a bad voltage regulator—the regulator could either be letting no power through or letting through too much and damaging the other components. The diodes are part of the rectifier assembly that converts the alternator’s AC output to DC. If not, either both switchboxes or the stator or a couple of coils is bad. Disconnect the yellow rectifier wires and repeat your test — if you get spark now, replace the rectifier. If the engine has spark, replace the rectifier. CDI’s Regulated Rectifiers is a direct replacement for Johnson/ Evinrude and applicable to many Mercury Marine outboard engines. By Dave Poche Modern outboard coils consist of two windings around an iron core. A rectifier on a motorcycle does the same thing a regular rectifier does: It converts alternating current to direct current. My mechanic said it was likely the tach itself, b/c it appeared to be getting the signal from the motor (I believe he said rectifier / regulator sends the signal). Chart A shows voltage and current reading of a standard rectifier. If any of the above symptoms are evident, toss it: EVEN IF THE ELECTRICAL VALUES ARE CORRECT, it's toast. function could be activating. Seems reasonable as the rectifier is cold and removed when I tested it and it seems shot. Remove the gas supply line from carb and put the hose end into a catch bottle. 1988-2004 18 20 25 hp Mercury Mariner Outboard Rectifier . A bad ignition coil sometimes causes a vehicle to not start at all. Symptoms of a bad ground can range from a completely dead bike to electrical components working intermittently. Results 1 - 48 of 40663 Bad Coil Symptoms in an Outboard Motor by Gary Proulx . The purpose of the rectifier on an outboard motor is to force the current to flow in one direction only, using diodes, which are like one-way electrical valves. The rest of the stuff is cheap enough that it shouldn’t be a major deterrent. If that doesnt do it, clean the carbs. The motor will continue to run fine. 4. The severity of the symptoms of a failing ignition coil varies depending on which ignition coil is failing. July 14, 2010. You may notice Typically, the DVA readings for Yamaha and Suzuki will be close to that of Mercury Outboard. Burnt marks or discolored areas on the battery charge windings, indicate a possible problem with the rectifier. The battery and/or its connections often cause the rectifier/regulator (and in rare cases, the stator) to become faulty, thus often creating more than one faulty component (Example: Bad battery The ignition coil is responsible for taking power from the battery and relaying the power to the spark plugs. Identify the markings on the bridge rectifier. Those who have outboards with unregulated charging systems along with  Buy Rectifier/Regulator Fits Mercury Mariner Outboard 12 Volt 6 Wire NEW: the one with burned wires and had to order another as it turned out both were bad. The coil assemblies of Mercury outboards (which are often referred to as "the stator") are somewhat infamous for being the source of I have recently replaced the original regulator-rectifier with a used part because in the charge back circuit there was a 900 ma short to ground which was draining the battery. Probably something is off on my charging circle and I blame the regulator. Brand New. sensor, MAP sensor, intake air temp, closed throtle position switch, neutral switch, ECM relay & 02 sensor. No spark on one plug spark plug coil was bad change it new plug still no fire. Usually 1 whole bank goes out when the stator is bad. "Okay, boat & motor are 11yrs old. thanks www. Ask the experts on our Yamaha Outboard Forum for repair issues, diagnosing problems, links to diagrams, suggestions on buying parts and more. i have a 1989 evinrude 70vro. How do i test my outboard motor to tell if the trigger swithch is bad or if its the switch ,it only runs on 2 of the 4 - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic Can anybody explain to me why a bad rectifier will give problems in the ignition system. If any of the above symptoms are evident, toss it: EVEN IF THE ELECTRICAL that the rectifier or rectifier/regulator is in good order as well, if it's bad it could  by a weak battery, dragging starter, bad battery cables or a mechanical problem inside . other than the quick start orange leads, is there any reason that i could not try his stator to check the problem? will it work ok without causing problems with the orange leads disconnected? 57580A 1 Mercury Outboard Rectifier See more like this. if not you have a bad rectifier mark A faulty bridge rectifier often causes DC power supplies to fail. The preamp and power tubes look like they are working OK. May 30, 2013 Avoid over-voltage issues with CDI's Regulated Rectifiers | Outboard Motor Parts | Ignitions | Marine Engine Diagnostic System | Stators  Mar 30, 2017 In a lot of cases, a rectifier/regulator also sends the signal to your RPM . Found melted wire insulation to rectifier (red and yellow wires only) replaced rectifier and wires. Dim or flickering gauges. A number of symptoms can develop if the voltage regulator fails to deliver sufficient voltage. If the bad cylinders are opposite in timing, it's the trigger. This is the reason my lights stopped working. SPONSORED. This is the only symtom. com I have a 16 amp system, I have been thinking of unhooking the voltage regulator. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about OEM Regulators at the official West Marine online store. A diode functions by passing current in one direction only. Charging returned at idle, intermittent power loss continued. I rode it to/from work Friday, and it started fine. universal ignition switch wiring diagram page 1 iboats re universal ignition switch wiring diagram you are probably looking at ignition switches for an i o outboard switches require more and different ignition coil troubleshooting tips for mercury & mariner mercury mariner ignition coil diagrams coil packs and repair manuals troubleshooting tips I have a 60 merc 4 stoke, I found this info on the web. The owner's manual does not include 1986 125 hp 85 hp Force Outboard Rectifier 86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93 F650450 See more like this. They can answer questions for any Yamaha outboard model or horsepower. pdf I'm kinda short on play money now and need to know how to test rectifier/regulator part# 582905 on 150HP evinrude. The rectifier can remain in place, but all wires will need to be removed from the rectifier. You could do it if you have a DVA for your multimeter. The rectifier can fail in a way that grounds out the ignition system. This solution completely bypasses the stator by using a 12 volt battery to power the ignition system. The trigger has 3 coils, each feeding 2 cylinders opposite in timing, ie 1 and 4. Top Rated Plus. This ignites the fuel and makes a car run. What are the symptoms of a faulty rectifier on a 96 GSX 787? My ski was running perfect until yesterday evening when it cut out after a few wot runs. If you are having problems with the charging system, you may need to test the rectifier for functionality. The reason you need one on a bike (or a car) is that the bike is equipped with an alternator, which is just a device that Diagnosing Alternator Charging System Problems Over the years Harley Davidson has used many different alternator systems. The serial Voltage should be approximately 150 volts or more (Quick Start units usually have the white Wire tied to ground inside the pack). Be sure that the rectifier or rectifier/regulator is in good order as well, if it's bad it could cause a repeat failure. Converting Your Outboard's Unregulated Charging System. i think the stator is bad. Rectifier testing and troubleshooting . First we have a flywheel (turned by the crankshaft on the left hand side of the engine) which has strong permanent magnets embedded on the inside of it. For my heater blower, I'm not getting nearly enough voltage (3v) and at my radio i'm getting 22V. Removing the stator provided the proof. Symptoms: running on one or two cylinders of three ( when I unplug bottom coil engine dies, when I unplug middle one I can hear a difference but when I unplug the top one there is no difference in sound at all) problems begin to happen after hitting big wave last year. Like all mechanical equipment, Mercury motors can exhibit issues, ignition problems being some of the most worrisome. Disconnect the Yellow wires from the stator to the rectifier and retest. If the battery charge windings on the stator are dark brown, black or burned on most or all of the posts, the rectifier/regulator is likely shorted as well. what are the symptoms of a bad stator or cdi? 02 800 xc. This ignition system produces very high voltages and due care and caution must be practiced in working with it. It sounds to me like your alternator is not charging. Open or shorted stator winding. Replace Regulator Rectifier Fit for Mercury Outboard 62351A1 816770T 8M0058226. power pack, stator, trigger, switch box, regulator, rectifier, outboard motor parts, marine ignition parts, boat parts Mercury Rectifier Troubleshooting . Starts fine every time. Maybe the brushes have worn too short to reach the slip rings. As I have commented on before, a tube amp that buzzes and hums is not a bad thing; the fact that it is making sound at all means that at least the power transformer, rectifier, output tubes, and output transformer are working. Complete testing of a coil often involves resistance testing of its windings but also a test of of the insulation of the coil Would a faulty regulator rectifier prevent an motorcycle engine from starting? kawasaki bn125 2005 model, was running but cutting out when let revs drop to tick over. Is the voltage regulator on a 97 Protege internal or in the PCM? The voltage regulator is built into the alternator. After replacement the drain was eliminated and is not back at this time. Wannabe does not say why he thinks it is bad… no symptoms listed… rectifier does not look toast but those old selenium rectifiers did not work very hard as you surely know. It'll smoke more with the seafoam. Modern outboard engines have come a long way, whether you’re talking about the now-common four-stroke or modern DFI motors. The reason you need one  Aug 26, 2010 Disconnect the wires from the rectifier, regulator. 3 of them I couldn't figure out what was going on. by Spencer Clayton on I'm no outboard mechanic, but I would guess dirty carbs. The bike has been serviced by a very experienced mechanic and other than the R/R issue, the bike runs very well. Disconnect the red wire to the rectifier and see if it run great. Read Comments. DVA test from each yellow Wire to engine ground. The alternator’s charging output flows through six diodes in the rectifier assembly before it goes to the battery and electrical system. With all the things pulling a charge off the cranking battery ( Motor starting – 150 HP, Graph, Livewell pumps,Ect. 60 Degree V6 Optical ignition (OIS 2000) 1991-2003 model years. They charge your vessel's battery(s). But now I wonder, if a bad rectifier tube is the only problem. ) I like to put a charger on it after each outing – sometime i don’t run the big motor all that much to have it keep the battery fully charged off of it. Re: Bad rectifier/voltage regulator? Well, how similar is the charging circuit to a car? I know, I know, it's bad pulling cables and checking charging that way, but if the ski idles on it's own power with no battery and dies with throttle applied, I would assume the regulator being the culprit, not handling the extra demand whatever that may be The regulator and rectifier are two different things that are now combined into one single housing. One motorcycle part, the regulator rectifier, generally gives some additional signals that it is not operating correctly. If it is not charging which it sounds like it isn't the Rectifier/regulator is probably bad, and a bad battery may have caused the failure. Put some fresh gas in it, add a little seafoam to the gas, change the plugs and try it. This may sound like a stupid question, I just dont see how it effects the ignition becouse it isnt even in the ignition system circuitry It has nothing to do with making a spark. Consequently, the higher the charging load, the hotter Symptoms of a bad stator?? By the KTM and was wondering what the symptoms are for a bad stator? is disconnect it from the rectifier and test for continuity. Any sign of rubbing on the outside of the Outboard Motor Magneto Ignitions Introduction Your outboard motor won’t start. I was in a trip and it would bearly start took it to a shop they checked the battery and voltage while it was running everything checked out. Save on power packs, stators, timer bases and other ignition parts for 60 HP Johnson & Evinrude outboards. A series of small coils pertain to the battery charging system and of course are also pertinent to the tachometer's operation. bad rectifier symptoms outboard

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