12dp5dt bfn no period

. I started POASing (pee on a stick) with the cheapie internet tests on Wednesday (5dp5dt) and swore I saw a faint pink line on the HPT. Diagnosed with PCOS after quitting BCP while TTC #1 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. We have no frozen embryos and only had 2 embryos to transfer (1AA blasts) from our donor cycle. I am no longer pregnant, but I haven't gotten my period yet. And I am generally an open book so I have no idea how I will not tell everyone I have ever met, especially my family, until we have things confirmed. It's been nice to have that support from other pre There are no physical signs of miscarriage - no cramping, no bleeding, no spotting, nothing. Currently with HK Sanatorium, the embryo freezing storage fee is collected on a 1 year basis (which is cheaper than the every 3 month cost). The grade before freezing was 5AC and after being thawed it completely 17dpo going on 18dpo no af and bfn? : I'm having symptoms and everything! I've been testing with first response and all negative! I'll be 18dpo in the morning, I have no idea what's going on. now im not feeling anything at all took a hpt today it was negative. Sometimes God has a different path in store for us. You are right about that! If it makes you feel any better I had no symptoms whatsoever leading into this pregnancy and I actually thought my implantation bleed was my period. My nurse said, "Well, we’ll go with it. K and I decide to be more proactive, as I still have not ovulated after 6 months. Page 1 of 2 - If you got pregnant on IVF - did you have symptoms? - posted in Assisted Conception - General: Hi AllI am just curious to know (and I know that everyone is different) - if you got Justmommies is the friendliest message board for moms and moms-to-be! Discuss getting pregnant, pregnancy and prenatal care, parenting, and more. There is one exception. We've got married Dec 24, 2006. I had the same soft boobs on the 1st FET which was BFN! Hi all ladies. 7-8DPO i had really bad cramping above the pubic area (I'm thinking implantation- no bleeding) if so i would assume being 2 days late i would get a BFP by 14DPO if i was indeed pregnant, but i tested this morning and it was BFN, i was surprised as i have just feel different along with the 7dp5dt and BFN: Yep. First one : 1 premature egg 2nd cycle: no eggs. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I will say, however, that I was thrilled to start my period hours after I left my appointment. So anyway. We’ll talk again in two days…" My son was born in 2007 and now he’s 6 years old and he’s wonderful! For more info, you can see some charts: Early Pregnancy HCG Levels and Ultrasound Huge congrats, Mrsball!! The digital PG tests are notorious for causing worry. I can't help but wonder if history is repeating itself. I needed 5 seconds, I barely had a weak stream of 3 seconds. Spotting can be implanation as well as the beginning of your period, or breakthrough bleeding. I'm 12dp5dt from a FET. I am so, so nervous, because this time I really believe I’m pregnant. Gosh, do I know how you feel! At 12dp5dt, my BETA was only 50. March 23rd - bloodwork estrogen 260 Took a test, BFN. Oct 26, 2018 Could it be a false negative? Which pregnancy tests are the most reliable? I think i'm late, well i'm on CD33 but as this is 1st cycle post implant removal in Nov i'm not sure! Every test I've taken has been :bfn:. I'm cramping just like I do on my period and my stomach is acting up just like it does before AF arrives. At this point I would just like to get a BFP or my period so we can start charting to try again this month. Progesterone required to induce AF. I'm aware that the chances are slim that I am pregnant with negative tests at three days late, but I wonder if anyone has ever gotten the BFN days into a missed period only to gate a late BFP. I'd suggest that you  Mar 16, 2017 I have gained 5 pounds and that is not like me But i am so hungry all day. I am usually pretty regular too. I am 30 as of next month and DH 31. 8dp5dt BFN- share your success stories. I agree a break is good, we got our bfn last March and didn't start our FET until July, it definitely helped. Oh no! I didn't know Kayleigh's water had broken at 15 weeks!!!! But yes, the thread is gone completely, and so is her account. gif http://i105. I luckily had the "designated driver" excuse to explain why I wasn't drinking, but you bet your sweet bippy I was wishing I'd tested earlier that day so that I could have gotten my BFN out of the way and start drowning my sorrows. I'm way to nervous to do another test, but has anyone had any postive outcomes, with same sort of Don't give up! You NEVER know. Ok so tested this morning with Frer and got a BFN. So I go into my OB/GYN who says I didn’t ovulate and puts me on provera to induce my period. Last time I had a BFN (fresh cycle with a donor who produced not a single full blast for transfer), my period started the day after my 1st HCG. I really expected to wake up to AF this morning, and for it all to be over. Do develop hives on March 16, likely secondary to wet suits from scuba diving and start Claritin. I have NO period symptoms at all. TTC from her birth with no success, due to no cycles at all. Jun 7, 2016 About noontime had strong af type cramps that were painful to the 7dp had intercourse and orgasm (doc had said not to for 4-5 days 12dp5dt - home pregnancy test fmu BFP!!! So excited have never seen this before!. Apr/May 2014: Clomid 100mg. Re: Please tell me your BFN and then BFP stories!! We were going on holiday in May last year. Oct 22, 2017 I caved and tested on Saturday morning (3 days before test day, 4 days before ' missed' period) and got a BFN. Turns out I was grasping at straws. I know that me pee wasn't as concentrated as this morning and that I can't compare the two tests, but it still freaked me out a little. But there was no mention of any having been preserved. could it be implantation bleeding or should that have happened sooner? i am of an older age and they said that we had hardly any chance of success. I don’t want to test and then have to go spend 9 hours in work, this way, no matter what the result, we’ve got an evening to digest everything together. The cramps are bad, but they haven’t reached my BFN level Give Up All Hope It’s Over bad. Well, of COURSE it was BFN. A home pregnancy test should turn positive after 10-12 days after embryo transfer in an IVF cycle or 14 days after an insemination cycle. Good luck with your future cycle and have a fantastic wedding, how exciting xx Wanted to get some advice as to when you started feeling symptoms that you were pregnant? I just went through IVF and I'm on the 2ww and am 4dp5dt. I figure I'll do it tomorrow, no point in me worrying for a day if I were to be unhappy with the intensity of the line. ) All have been BFN. 31,2013. I have no idea this cycle. I am using Pergesterone 3x a day plus taking a prenatel and extra folic acid. We had 4 frozen little guys but only 1 survived the thaw. I've gone straight back into my next cycle-started the pill on the period after my bfn. Page 1 of 2 - Negative HPT then Positive Beta??? - posted in General Infertility: Has anyone every experienced a BFN on an HPT and the received a BFP with your beta? My (In)fertile Confessions This blog started as my journey to become a mother. I am 12 days post 5 day blastocyst transfer. Apr 2014: Fertility specialist appointment - plan of action for frozen embryos. progesterone effects - sore breasts: Hi all, I am using progesterone x 2 day. Delayed Ovulation after Egg Retrieval? : I had my egg retrieval on February 15 and AF was in full force by February 21. Jfpeace and I are on "the other side" now on a message thread for those expecting babies in January. I've read lots of stories on line  Dec 5, 2017 Hi All, I caved and did a test 12dp5dt and its a negative result. I've read some crazy stories of people who thought they had their period, but were really PG. We were advised to ring the nurses number and leave a message with the result and she would contact us today. Thank God I have a dd from ivf in 2006. 3rd cycle. Two years ago I set out on a journey to "repair" my body and get pregnant naturally. My period started heavy taht night (despite being told the prometrium would *absolutely* prevent my period from starting). i cried in the shower last night & asked God why? i try to never question Him- i have no right- but i was just so upset. My period didn't start for another 3 days after that. Don't be certain of a BFN without a beta. Here I am at 8dp5dt (8 days past a 5 day egg transfer) and I’m feeling pretty good. argh it is such a head****. I've always got my period when I've had a BFN and once, even when I got a temporary BFP! I even got my period when I was on progesterone injections. Got to pre-pregnancy weight. Both 32. and bad period like cramps all the way until beta date( 8/9) 12dp5dt. My hcg is still coming down from my miscarriage, so even as a non-pcos woman, I don't think I would have gotten a period by now. We are just desperate to try and have a sibling for her but i think this is the end of the ivf road 10dp5dt ~ Beta ~ BFN Confirmed. com/albums/m224/kristinatx4/pregnant-belly-300x300-3. No symptoms before beta and BFP?! I'm currently in my first FET cycle (unexplained IF). Chiming back in, still no af for me, but I do think ovasitol has been helping me since I've had other signs. then i apologized & listed all the things i am thankful for. I made it through the whole day of work without crying, although I will admit that it was a struggle at a few points. So was my husband. so after a couple of months enforced break (Repromed in Adelaide was closed over christmas) we have moved on to FET. I picked up temping again at the beginning of this month as I wasn't sure if the flow on the 21st was AF or breakthrough bleeding, so I figure what better to see what is going on. It's definitely nerve wracking waiting on beta #2. My period should have started 3days ago, and I've been testing on and off from a week before (i'm addicted yes. And of COURSE I was still devastated. I’d already stopped progesterone and had a period. I have read a bit about the fact that it could just be irritating my cervix and it might not be AF trying to come, but because this is what happened last time I think I have to be realistic in thinking that I'm probably not going to get the result I was hoping for. Totally gutted!!!! Is this definate? Did anyone get bFN at 6dpt and positive later? I have been drinking buckets of water the last few days because of UTI so could that dilute test? I had wee at 11pm and then woke up at 4am desperate for wee so took test then??? Am i just clutching at straws here The most frequently occurring signs and symptoms experienced by women on 17 days past ovulation (regardless of whether they are pregnant or not). i got up this morning- still spotting- went to work a whole 5 hours early (i'm working the late shift & i forgot- grrr) so i came home & POAS just to make Friendly advice, do not POAS in the middle of the day. Thank you for all your responses. Hi guys, I am 3dp3dt and I am starting to feel bloating and cramping (lots of gas and very tired) feels like a period coming. I have been constipated for the last few days and normally when I am getting my period it is the exact opposite. So I started on clomid and try 50, 100, and 150 mg with no ovulation on any dose. I cried myself to sleep and we vowed: no more peeing on sticks until beta day! We can't take the disappointment or the mind games. (sorry if that is tmi). Keep taking your medication. 13dp5dt - OTD is here! This is today, we tested and nothing. July 16` IVF w/ICSI. Not much else to update you on, no twinges since yesterday Day 60 - CRAMPS! But then those feelings faded and no period came I'm still hoping for you!! But I've decided that cramps are overrated as a sign of a BFN Negative HPT 12 day after FET A little history, Iwe decided to do a IVF cycle in 2005 after 1 mc and 2 ectopics. The IVF did work the first try but ended up in hospital for 2 weeks after severe OHSS. She did say she has seen HCG levels low like ours, however, and have resulted in a baby 9 months later. We received our BFN a few days later and are now in this cycle. So hoping that will be you. FET #2 Update. I am trying to use a terrible situation to see how good He is to me. I have no symptoms. Not even a squinter, the line has completely vanished. I feel like I am in this weird place right now. does i have a big hope for BFP until i test agian on tuesday? hope you could help me. 4DP5DT: Wake up at 5 am with a low level nausea. I took another wondfo after work and almost no line. In terms of your symptoms occurring near the time of your expected period, those are not definitive for anything in particular so no conclusions or suspicions can be made. Hi everyone xx. Hello I am 12dp5dt git bfp No, He hasn't chosen to make me a mother but He has given me a loving husband, wonderful family, a job that I love and so much more. Repeat exactly the same scenario twice more. TTC 5 years. Third time is the charm – no matter how many times you need to say it 😉 Only difference, is that 1 week before AF approx. ofcourse stark white, not even a squinter as I held it up to the light like a crazy lady! Isn't 7dp5dt like 12dpo?? Beta is Wednesday - BabyCenter Australia Index Share. My body tells me I am pregnant, but the tests say no. ( and bad period like cramps I have no idea how I will focus at work today. I should be due for my period tomorrow and every other pregnancy i tested positive early on the So it is 12dp5dt and the frer test this morning was so negative it hurt. The past 5 days have consisted of peeing on numerous FRER's and staring at the painfully white window hoping that somehow if I just look hard enough a faint pink line may appear. is it also a good sign that i still have not had any bleeding? i I have NO period symptoms at all. We have been together since Oct 13, 2000 - I was 16 & he was 18. Beta hCG doubling calculator How quickly are hCG levels rising Use this calculator to calculate the doubling time of two beta hCG samples (quantitative hCG blood test) by entering the values of the blood tests and the date and time of each test. 5 day transfer, how early did you get a ++??? (21 posts) (18 voices) Did you get any bfn before your bfp on 7dp5dt or was that your first time testing? mpinos. While she was doing the ultra sound, I got to see my ovaries again. I am quite cautious obviously because of my age, but have read so many BFP posts in my time and I think it’s time I did one, no matter what happens. We started trying to conceive in February 2007 with no success. Take progesterone to induce AF and have bloodwork & ultrasounds conducted. Reply Delete Is that really so much to ask for? 12DP5DT. This gassiness that After experiencing bfn cycles and a bfp cycle, I can attest to the fact that having symptoms or no symptoms or lack of it doesn't confirm anything. You can read past posts about the ups and downs of Infertility, treatments, disappointments and finally success of conceiving and delivering healthy twin boys! No good news for me - bfn. I only tested as I thought it was weird my period was nowhere to be seen and I wanted to get drunk on Halloween. im crying it seems that im lossing hope. And here is a link to my blog, from the symptoms I recorded before my first pregnancy for comparision. It took me awhile to cotton on and was only as I kept getting funky bloods back so couldn’t start my cycle! http://i105. Anonymous said hi this is my first ivf cycle after three kids from another marriage. Due beta hcg test on 9th nov. im currently 10dp2dt on day 8 and 9 i had cramping and aching legs at top of thighs felt like my period was on its way. No O. Lots of hugs to you. I done a test last week got a BFN but still no signs of period coming Got a few symptons boobs aching n lower tummy pains b ut milder than period pain so confused at whats going onI get flutterin in my tummy too but not sure if that is a sign of pregnancy or not AF - Aunt Flo - your period 10dp5dt - Number - days post Number - day transfer eg 10 days post a 5 day transfer OTD - official test date BFP - big fat positive Bfn - the opposite (you may have guessed that I am superstitious) I will be checking on an ivf forum that I belong to today as it is the otd for a girl on a thread I contribute to. 18,2013 for egg transfer. Women are typically on progesterone supplementation after their fertility procedures, and after getting a negative at-home test, may discontinue it. Ive tried a couple. During ovulation, one of the ovaries  I had no symptoms after 5 dt but on 7dp5dt I poas and it got BFP. Don't stop those supps until your RE says so (and hopefully tha won't happen). 8dp5dt - This is Different both checked, both fine March-May 2002 - 3 BFN with clomid June 2002 Beta was only 38 at 12dp5dt and then fell to 30. All I wanna do is shout this from the rooftops. Good, ie, completely normal. I have no advice. 3rd cycle: 2 eggs 1abnormal, 1 mature No, You read that right! My first Beta with my FET in 2006 was 5, but I was pregnant. I am in no way saying that this is a difficulty for you, but just showing you there are options if you want to persue them. When did you get ur BFP as I am now 10 days late . The waiting period between the He had no idea I had been testing, which made it even more fun to tell him the good news. Hey! No I have not tested because I ran out of my tests Lolol I might make a trip to target later but as of now I’m enjoying not seeing a bfn And pretending that I will be one of those lucky miracle situations! Send me some good vibes please!! I will def keep you posted either way! Got another bfn today, and I'm beginning to lose hope. November 30, 2012 November 30, 2012. Laura • Mon, Oct 03 2016 • Unexplained infertility. TW: Loss. Actually one day before Beta I saw AF, a big blown spotting I thought it was over and stopped my PIO. 1. I chalked it up as an evaporation line because I was cramping so bad that I thought there was no way I was pregnant. No pg symptoms except for the one: bouts of nausea. But other than that and some minor queasiness on the occasional morning, there's nothing going on. OTD is 13dp5dt, but decided to test on the evening of 12dp5dt. ment to pick up 5days b4 ur next period is due so thay wouod be today for me and its still negative i shall try again in morning im sending lots of baby dust to u and i hope u get that possitive let me no try hold of 12dp5dt- Slightly tender breasts, headache, dull period cramps, tired. but the doctor told me that the due of my hpt is on dec. 5. and day 10 after embryo transfer i tested urine hpt and it was turned out negative. After 3 failed fresh cycles with my eggs, I was confident donor egg was going to work. I've spent the last days  Jun 17, 2019 16 DPO: what to expect; 16 DPO BFN; hCG levels at 16 DPO; 16 DPO and no period; 16 DPO BFN. Took 3 HCG shots for luteal phase support after ET (last on 1st nov) so cannot test before the date as it Was just clearing all those receipts away and thought I might share how much IVF may cost in Hong Kong with HK Sanatorium Hospital. I am frustrated as i am sure you can all relate. Everyone here has been so kind and generous and amazing. IVF #1 06/15 BFN IVF#2 09/2015 BFN line with first response rapid results and when I look at the instructions it's says know a day before your missed period. But I have woken up this morning to NO spotting /AF at all. Somewhere along the line, although pristine health and self care is my goal, the necessity to "prove" the doctors wrong became less important and we sought the perfect solution to grow our family. The table displays what percentage of all women experience each symptom and it's impact on the probability of pregnancy (either positively, negatively or no affect). Only the BT is the final call to confirm is implantation occurred. i am ne to this forum. UltimateDetermination No not yet but have an appointment in 2 weeks! Long to wait then will have to wait again for blood results! Dont think i can wait soooo long as i eagerly want a BFP! Trying to cling on to hope just like DeekeyDo but want to protect myself from the disappointment of a BFN. After a sojourn in Hilly Quirky City in the US, I've returned to my Home and Native Land to try my hand at professing. The IVF nurse stated with HCG levels this low, we have a 50/50 chance. Hello! I'm labmonkey, an infertile microbiologist with a penchant for puns, a love of graphs, and a more-then-mild obsession with a silly team sport. ((HUGS)) January 4, 2009 at 12:38 PM Let me tell you a bit about myself. August 2000 - starting TTC with husband 1 August 2001 - both checked, both fine March-May 2002 - 3 BFN with clomid June 2002 - consult with RE, plan for IUI, no insurance coverage therefore no procedures July 2002-Feb 2005 - TTC naturally with no luck March 2005-Sept 2005- single, no need to TTC taking BCP May 2006 - No more BCP with new man Oct-Nov 2008 - New round of testing with RE, both No period at all since my period last for about 6 days. Plus, yesterday I got what I think may have been round ligament pain - jabs/throbbing in what I think was my uterus (low central abs), lasted all day and today I feel a little pain, just now jabs now, constant. Early Negative Pregnancy Test Before a Positive - Stats Study. These cramps felt like impending period cramps, so of course I had the "well, guess this isn't going to work". It did double, but I am spotting. God doesn't promise us a problem free life, but he does promise to be with us through the storms. Still no symptom except my boobs are kind of soft. Taking a home pregnancy test with IVF and getting a false reading, whether positive or negative, could lead to inappropriate treatment or discontinuation of treatment. I know exactly how you are feeling. Emotionally I am doing better today. Aug FET #1 BFN / Sept FET #2 BFP! Sorry for the delay but here are the symptoms I experienced each day. I keep testing negative for pregnancy at home, including a blood test I took yesterday at the doctor's office at day 34. I wanted to come on and apologize for my absence and just briefly fill you guys in. 14 days post egg collection following my first cycle I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was pregnant. i am done my first IVF dec. My one, although good size was pretty quiet, no follicles. I know better than that, but if couldn't help it. I'm now 2 days after and no periodnot even any blood stains on tp and I'm always checking! I should know by 5p. thank you All the later bleeding episodes have just been a one-off bright red discharge with sore (not cramping) tummy. As you kno I'm hoping to start IVF hopefully in March after appointment wit the gyni in feb I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how much it cost in total or close enough to the total iv been on the hari site nd looking at the price it starts at for IVF at €4500 but I wz talking to a friend and she said she paid nearly 10grand in total wit hari . Which is somewhat reassuring. So for today I'm free from worrying! I managed to get myself an awful cold with coughs and sneezes, which trigger bouts of nausea too. March 11th - started period March 13th - baseline ultrasound - lining thin, no cysts, start estradiol 2 mg tid March 14th - 20th - awesome vacation with my husband, sister, and brother in law. i test i feel a little down that still negative but im using first defense and them. This was my second FET. This was third in and no more frosties. I know that this gives you pregnancy symptoms but my boobs are so sore, it hurts so much that i cant even hug my friends without them hurting. I just got an early negative pregnancy test (BFN), can I still be pregnant? The purpose of this study is to look at the statistics of early negative pregnancy tests (Commonly called BFN - Big Fat Negative in the community) when later followed by a positive pregnancy test (BFP - Big fat Positive in the community lingo Hi Girls, I am 6DP5DT FET and just got bfn this morning. But there also aren't a ton of pregnancy symptoms either. Along with changing my diet, I think it's been helping with my hunger as well. I have sore niples, fatigue and had a little bit of nausea yesterday. I got mine at 12 days then I did exactly the same as you and tested again 3 days later and I'm sorry to say that it was still bfn. They all arrested and were discarded. I'd come off the pill in February and had had one period but was on about CD 40 when I was packing my suitcase I thought I would test just to see if I could enjoy a cocktail or 50 whilst I was away. When did you start to feel any symptoms after 5 day transfer - Infertility re TWW- my BFP 2WW was very different than my BFN 2WW. I have some soreness in my breasts and I'm falling asleep by 9:30 almost every night. photobucket. Got the definitive BFN yesterday morning. One thing is for certain, when my faith was tested through this journey and our four miscarriages, He NEVER let me go, even when I wanted to. couldn't help myself could I. As soon as it has happened no spotting or further bleed. I guess my uterus is just stubborn lol. I had super strong period like cramps on Saturday the 28th. Beta #1 11dp3 :323 Beta #2 13dp3 :859. com/albums/m224/kristinatx4/kcroninbarrow-amaat-december-pre She assured me no. I’ve decided I do not like bloggers who say ‘I’m worried because I have NO symptoms at all apart from sore boobs, headaches, cramps, implantation bleeding, ‘tingly’ nipples’, dizziness, hot flushes’etc. Reply Delete In terms of your symptoms occurring near the time of your expected period, those are not definitive for anything in particular so no conclusions or suspicions can be made. I believe the ClearBlue digital tests are designed to show number of weeks since conception, while gestational age is measured from last menstrual period (or, in IVF pregnancies, from 2 weeks before EC). The other actually had something going on. Well, I am definitely spun out. I'm 25 and my husband is 27. I know we all try not to obsess, but who am I kidding, it's all we do. Still waiting for phone call from RE. I am currently in my 2WW and its been dreadful. I had very light hello. I received an email from the cryopreservation lab asking what we would like to do with embryos. Our fresh antagonist cycle was a great success throughout the whole thing except for the outcome - BFN. I tested on 12dp5dt and got a BFN so I knew I was out. Please look at my chart and tell me if you think I ov'd when ff says I did, I think I did also. I’m terrified to test and that not be true. to peeing on a stick. Keeping the faith! Will let you know. About noontime had strong af type cramps that were painful to the point that I took two Tylenol once in the afternoon (thinking early period and out) 7dp5dt - 8 dp5dt - nothing, 7dp had intercourse and orgasm (doc had said not to for 4-5 days and had read was good for process so figured day 7 was okay) 9dp5dt - 11dp5dt - cramps that are 12dp5dt - We couldn't bring our self to test and see no line so, we didn't. 2014 went by in a blur and then June 2015 I decided I need to find ways to unblock my tubes. But I know that for most ladies it does hold back their period. I have had 2 BFN (8dp5dt/ 9dp5dt), spotting for 2 days, and last night had really really bad AF style cramps. I am 5 days post morula transfer, and had pink spotting when I WIPED, only, and strong stomach cramps tonight. has anyone had this feeling and still got bfp when had bloods done? im having blood on wednesday. Surely you can't be serious Last night M and I went to a pub to meet up with a friend of his who was in town. I don't think I will ever take the "whoa is me" approach to infertility again. I'm currently 12dp5dt so my BETA is tomorrow morning. I don't know if it was because I was moving around so much or if it was because my body is just doing what it wants, but I spent a good portion of yesterday and some of this morning with some pretty strong cramps. I'm in limbo. Page 1 of 2 - BFN, followed by BFP two days later - posted in Assisted Conception - General: I was due to POAS on Friday, which was 15 days after transfer of a three day embryo. They didn't. So I'm about 4w3d today. Is someone else going through the same situation? The HPT this morning looked promising, still pregnant and probably more intense, I thought it was at least as intense as the test line (by the time it had dried at least). Have read up that people who have bleeding like this tend to keep getting it til 14 weeks so I may have a few more episodes. hi can anyone give me some advice and hope. Oooo my fingers are crossed dont be down not yet ur not out untill af arrives i think everytime. 2. Took 3 HCG shots for luteal phase support after ET (last on 1st nov) so cannot test before the date as it Hi all ladies. 12dp5dt bfn no period

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